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WM V1C0104

Chapter 0104 Operation and the Order of Assassins

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0103-2

Chapter 0103-2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0103

Edit: Hullwill -> Halwill

Chapter 0103 Ryoโ€™s kindness

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0102-2

Extra chapter thanks to BP, RA, JH, GS and JY! Thank you for the support~

Chapter 0102-2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0102

Sorry for the late release!

And an update that I have implemented a dark mode switcher for the site. You should see a small icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Chapter 0102 Slanzewi

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0101

I’m back! Managed to squeeze out one chapter but will have to see if I can get Thursday’s release done in time.

Chapter 0101 Ambush

Translator: Tseirp

Update 06 Jan 22

Hi readers!

Sorry for the lack of releases. I’m outstation at my hometown so I won’t be able to release chapters until next Tuesday. Will release chapters as soon as I have them ready!


WM V1C0100-2

Happy New Year beloved readers! Thank you for the support as always. We’ve crossed the 100 chapter mark for WM~

This extra chapter is thanks to my Patreons.

Chapter 0100-2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0100

Chapter 0100 Disturbance

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0099

Principality of Inbury changed to Inbury Duchy.

Volume 1, Part 7, Inbury Duchy

Chapter 0099 Inbury Duchy

Translator: Tseirp

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