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WM V1C0107

Chapter 0107 Continuous escort request

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0106

Short intermission today.

Chapter 0106 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0105

Extra chapter thanks to the support from my Patreons~

Also, dear readers, if you have noticed, I recently joined the Google AdSense program so there are in-text ads now. I believe these are the least intrusive ads so I hope it doesn’t affect your reading pleasure! Please whitelist my website or do not use adblocks as ad revenue will help to keep this site running and keep the translations coming. Do let me know if you encounter any issues with the ads displayed. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 0105 Ryo driven into a corner

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0104

Chapter 0104 Operation and the Order of Assassins

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0103-2

Chapter 0103-2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0103

Edit: Hullwill -> Halwill

Chapter 0103 Ryoโ€™s kindness

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0102-2

Extra chapter thanks to BP, RA, JH, GS and JY! Thank you for the support~

Chapter 0102-2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0102

Sorry for the late release!

And an update that I have implemented a dark mode switcher for the site. You should see a small icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Chapter 0102 Slanzewi

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0101

I’m back! Managed to squeeze out one chapter but will have to see if I can get Thursday’s release done in time.

Chapter 0101 Ambush

Translator: Tseirp

Update 06 Jan 22

Hi readers!

Sorry for the lack of releases. I’m outstation at my hometown so I won’t be able to release chapters until next Tuesday. Will release chapters as soon as I have them ready!


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