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Current in progress:
Water Magician
Update: LN vol6 illustrations are up on Discord! (Join here: Discord link)
Latest releases:
27 Feb 2024 WM v2c409
25 Feb 2024 WM v2c408
22 Feb 2024 WM v2c407


Condemned Saint
Latest releases:
26 Feb 2024 CS c25 Part 1
19 Feb 2024 CS c24
05 Feb 2024 CS c23


Invincible Saint
Latest releases:
17 Feb 2024 IS B12C288
03 Feb 2024 IS B12C287
27 Jan 2024 IS B12C286

*Old chapters are being edited
Progress: Ch9


Slow Life Frontier (Caught up to raws)
Latest releases:
22 March 2022 SL Chapter 164


Tseirp Reviews
The Wandering Inn


Growth Cheat

Resourceful Victoria

Monster Eater


Live Dungeon!

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