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Updated 02 Sep 2023

Hi guys I’ve read plenty of web novels/light novels but this is the first time I’m translating one. Please go easy on me and enjoy the series. Do support the author in any way possible!

Book 0: Galdardia reincarnation

Chapter 000 Prologue

Translator: Tseirp


[Status open]. When I said that in my mind, a translucent bluish-white hologram window appeared in front of my eyes.

A status screen was projected just as I wanted to comment ‘The window looks exactly like a game?’.

Job:UndefinedLV:1 (Body level)
HP:200 (Vitality)MP:50 (Magic amount)
STR:20 (Physical Strength)INT:20 (Intelligence, Comprehension)
VIT:20 (Endurance)MGI:20 (Magical power)
DEX:20 (Dexterity)RMG:20 (Magical Resistance)
AGI:20 (Agility)SP:100 (Skill, Status point)
「Altered Destiny」 (All status +10)


[Almost as if it’s a game. Haha… ]

The man laughed helplessly.


Why is he in a situation that seems like it was written in a novel’s prologue? The man stared at his status in a daze as he recalled.


This all began when the man lost his life.

It doesn’t mean that his death had any special meaning.



“The delivery will be next Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you again, director.”

The man was in a business that provided office solutions.


“Same here. Oh yes, would you be there next Wednesday during the delivery?”

The good-spirited director asked in a friendly manner.


“Of course.”

The man nodded while smiling.


“I see. Then next week give me a call before you arrive.”


The conversation ended as the man left the director’s office.


“Okay. Looks like I’ve achieved this month’s quota. With this I’ll be promoted!”

The man muttered with a grin.


After roughly half a year the man had finally secured his promotion from senior staff to assistant manager.


In his current psychological state, he would have skipped in joy if there weren’t anybody around him.

He was in such a great mood.


But as the man was lost in happiness, as if ridding on an elevator, he suddenly accelerated downwards towards misfortune.



As the man walked towards the exit of the building, the string of his leather shoes loosened and he bent down to retie them.

Right at that moment as the man exit the building.


The man heard a noise like a dry gunshot.



Immediately after his surprise, the man felt a sharp pain in his left chest, driving him to his knees.


“Am I in shock from that noise just now? Is it my heart? But I’ve only just entered the thirties…”

The pain passed after just a few seconds.


“What was that sound just now? Did something collapse? Sigh… I probably dirtied my knees.”

As he murmured, the man noticed the eyes around him and tried to stand up but he could not put strength into his leg.


“Eh? This is bad. Don’t tell me the shock from just now affected my strained back? I’ve heard of such cases before. Eh? But even so I don’t feel any pain?”

While the man was starting to panic, the surrounding people stared at him while shouting “Ambulance! Call an ambulance!”


[Eh? Perhaps the sound just now… Ahh I see. That really was the sound of a gunshot.]

The man deduced. At the same time he felt his body rapidly turn cold.


“I see. But I’m a man about to be promoted? All my hard work up until now, I will not die in a place like this!”

The man inspired himself.


But the man could not move. As he knelt, his consciousness gradually left.


During a convenience store robbery escape, the robber shot a bullet to intimidate the chasing store clerk but ended up hitting the man.


It was a warning shot from a convenience store robbery. The man was accidentally hit on the left chest as he exited the building.


The robber could not withstand the pangs of guilt from accidentally hitting the man and surrendered at the police station hours later.




That was the only thing that supported the man.


As if he’d allow himself to die!

He had an extremely strong will.


He was going to invite that girl on a date on the day of his promotion.

That alone was the man’s driving force.


Maybe due to that? Using that strong will, the man regained consciousness.



He himself thought so.

Because he woke up normally.

But the place he woke up at was not normal.


The man woke up in a pure white space with nothing at all.

The man laid there alone.


There were more strange points.

The man should have been wearing a suit, but now he wore unfamiliar clothes.

From which era were these clothes from? He felt puzzled.


If he was shot, he should be in hospital clothes or sleepwear.

But the current clothes seems like it was made haphazardly.


Other than that there was something else he found weird.


There was no change to his body at all.


That’s right. There wasn’t any wound on his left chest that was shot.


The man kept thinking while confused.


Where the heck is this place? What kind of place is it? And who changed his clothes?

Various thoughts floated in his head as he frantically dispelled them while exploring other possibilities.



The man was a salaryman of around age 30.


A bachelor but he had dated and had plenty of friends.


But in recent years he drifted apart from his friends due to his busy workload. The man was thinking of finding a long term love and marriage partner.


As the man decided, he slowly changed his behavior little by little.


Especially this past year his efforts amazed the people around him.


And finally the result proportional to his effort appeared.



A slight change in topic. The man’s hobby was reading.


He started reading when he was in primary school. The books he read in middle and high school added together number in the thousands.


Since entering university he started reading mobile novels. He proceeded on to light novels and without noticing he became a light novel otaku.


Well not an otaku to the degree that he did not miss any light novels or anime.


It wasn’t to the level that would interfere with daily life.


Lately to proceed full-force to be promoted, that hobby was sealed.


[Don’t tell me this development?]

The man did not want to believe it.


But reality is heartless.


{O unfortunate soul. I reincarnated you}


A voice resounded in his head.


[Could you return me to my original world?]

The man asked immediately.


{You’re already a dead body there so there’s nothing to return to in that world}


As he suspected, he died?

[…Then, which world would I go to?]


{A planet called Galdardia. It is a planet made of water and earth similar to Earth.}


[So it is the same as my current world?]

The man asked cautiously.


{It is a world where there are magic and monsters}


[That is impossible for an average person. Of course I am aware that there are such light novels and anime. In the past I somewhat wanted to go to such a world. But now that I have became an adult, I don’t think I will enjoy the adventure.]


{O unfortunate soul. There are 9 other souls with similar circumstances as you. If you don’t stop wasting time, I will reincarnate you in your current condition. If you don’t want that then listen to my explanation}

Those words caused the man to wince and be genuinely scared.


“I am sorry. Please go on.”

The man immediately bowed to the unseen voice.

Is that man a god? He did not expected that he would be threatened so soon.


{As you imagined, you will be reincarnated into a world of swords, magic and monsters. I will only reincarnate you there. I will not interfere in anything from then on. Now open your status by saying [Status open] in your mind.}


[Status open]

The man did as he was told. His status appeared as he recited the phrase in his mind.


Job:UndefinedLV:1 (Body level)
HP:200 (Vitality)MP:50 (Magic amount)
STR:20 (Physical Strength)INT:20 (Intelligence, Comprehension)
VIT:20 (Endurance)MGI:20 (Magical power)
DEX:20 (Dexterity)RMG:20 (Magical Resistance)
AGI:20 (Agility)SP:100 (Skill, Status point)
「Altered Destiny」 (All status +10)
[Almost as if it’s a game. Haha…]

The man laughed helplessly.


Suddenly a hologram window appeared from nothing in front of his eyes. What looked like his status was displayed on it.

[Just like fantasy… Eh? I became younger. Is this a service for me?]


Adapting quickly is the strength of a working salaryman.

Therefore the man has already accepted the current situation.

{The set time limit is an hour. I have decided on your race and age. You can decide on the remaining aspects. You will not have a family name. I will transmit Galdardia’s fundamental knowledge directly into your brain. An hour later you would be automatically sent to Galdardia. O unfortunate soul, I hope you will achieve happiness in your next life.}


『Piron~』 Such a sound went off. Then a mechanical-like announcement was heard.


《God of Destiny blessing obtained (Increased SP acquisition)》


“Th-Thank you very mu..Ugyaaaah.”

As soon as he said his thanks, the mechanical sound rang in his head. His head was wrecked with severe pain as various knowledge that exceeded the allowable amount was planted directly into his brain.


It wasn’t the usual kind of pain, it was a dull pain like being beaten on the head with a blunt instrument.


The man’s cry of pain lessened.


Although it felt as if he experienced it for a long time, the clock in the status showed that the remaining time limit was 59 minutes and 07 seconds.


“Haa…Haa…Haa… The pain just now was not normal at all.”

The man felt that after his head was beaten by a blunt instrument without any anesthetics, something sharp was forcefully pierced into his head repeatedly.


“So I’ve obtained the fundamental knowledge with that. My head still hurts but time is limited so I will try to steadily advance.”


The Galdardia fundamental knowledge the man obtained showed him information regarding the current existing countries, their respective climate and races, the continent’s common currency and common literacy skills.


The man took a deep breath and reluctantly ventured into character creation.



In character creation, he toyed with the initial avatar’s face, creating a European like face with deep scarlet eyes and brown hair.


Name… he couldn’t remember his name? Why?… Then he’ll just combine his MMO names Michael and Lucifer and used the name Luciel.

He stretched his height from 10cm to 185cm, changed hair color from brown to silver, pupils… from scarlet to pale purple.

From the obtained knowledge silver hair and purple pupils were common and they match well so that should be fine.


Remaining time 53 minutes huh.

Knowledge-wise… done. Language-wise capable of reading and writing.

With that he should be fine.

In addition 15 years old is considered an adult so he could start working immediately.

Even so, he wished it was really just a dream.

He did the character creation with the feeling that it was a game.

He did it frivolously.


“The reincarnation location is relatively close to a town compared to the plains, forest and labyrinth. However it is influenced by luck. Skills have levels and the highest level of a skill is X? To learn skills I can either spend SP or work hard to gain them.”


He was deep in thought.

With only that amount of basic knowledge, too much was unknown to him. The element of luck was quite significant.

Skills are split into attack, defense, magic, support, production, lifestyle, research and tamer?

While touching the status screen to look for holes in the system, there were no search systems or hidden screens. It seemed like there was no choice but to steadily find out.


First of all, luck. Although it seemed like a gamble, but even at work securing a customer also depended on luck. Furthermore, without luck, it would end like how he got shot and lost his life suddenly.

While thinking about that, he calculated the SP required for necessary skills.


Support skill → Status → Luck → Good Luck, Strong Luck, Extreme Luck, Extravagant Luck, Devil’s Luck, Absolute Luck, Heaven’s Luck appeared but Absolute Luck cost 100P and Heaven’s Luck cost 500P so they were out of the question.

For now the candidate was Strong luck which cost 10P.


Next he needed magic.

Magic → Magical abilities → Light, Holy, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Dark, Space-time. The four basic magic attributes cost 10P, Holy magic cost 20P, Lightning cost 30P, Light and Dark cost 50P and Space-time cost 100P.


Furthermore other elements necessary for magic usage included, Magic → Chant → Chant Shortening, Chant Termination, Chant Omission, Magic Circle Chant.


But he didn’t have enough. It was seriously bad.

What? Of course he was talking about SP.

There was an overwhelming lack of SP.


Either way he was not expecting something cheat-like from the beginning.


It would have been great if that was the case but this was his reality.


If he used 20P to obtain Holy magic which is capable of healing and support magic, Chant Termination for 20P, Chant Omission for 30P and Magic Circle Chant for 30P, he instinctively felt that selecting those at the moment would be very bad.


Cooking and various ordinary skills were found under the Lifestyle skills while Blacksmithing and other ordinary skills were found under Production skills.


There wasn’t any special skills under Attack skills either.


And there were pitfalls. Even if he chose the Attack skills, it was possible that he might not have the specific weapon to use the skills with.


He had no idea where he would start from, there would be no point in learning sword skills if he will not start with a sword.


Going by that logic, he decided to get the safe choice of Taijutsu (Martial Arts) for 5P.


… In that white space he concentrated sololy on obtaining combat skills to increase his capabilities.

But people who do so are unlikely to live long.

While pondering that, he read through the texts and tried to look for loopholes, ability snatching or copy-based skills. He overlapped and repeated simulations as he chose his skills while still feeling lost.


In the end he chose Proficiency Appraisal 20P, Taijutsu 5P, Extravagant luck 50P, Holy Magic Aptitude 20P, Magic Control 5P.


The remaining time was 18 minutes. He went back to look for any flaws in his choices. While doing so he stumbled upon Job choices.

Upon selection a certain screen was displayed.

<Please select your profession>


Below that various professions were listed.


“It seems like I must select this deliberately? If I did not check then wouldn’t I have fallen into a trap?”


He thought to himself as he browsed through the professions.


Swordsman, Magician, Healer, Thief, Merchant… From the myriad of choices he chose Healer.


It might have been better to choose Swordsman or Magician.

But Swordsman or Magician may not be able to use or even learn healing magic. One can never be too careful.


The remaining time was 9 minutes and 42 seconds… Before pressing the button, he reviewed his skill choices and tried to memorize skills that he will likely spend SP to obtain or work hard to gain.


When he confirmed his choices with more than 3 minutes to go, he appeared standing in a meadow holding 3 silver coins.


A meadow with nothing around as far as his eyes could seen.


“…Don’t tell me I’d receive money equivalent to the remaining time?”

Luciel muttered as he looked up at the sky.


He took a deep breath to calm his stirred emotions.


After calming down, he decided take a look around.

Quite a distance away, there was something that looked like the outer walls of a city.


Judging by the size capable of being seen from such a long distance away, it might be a large city.


Relieved to see a city firmly in the distance, Luciel stayed vigilant towards his surroundings as he moved towards the city.




{I have fulfilled my promise with these 10 souls}


{Certainly. It’s interesting to see if the world would changes little with this.}


{I only sent you mediocre souls. Without souls with high adaptability, they will fall into difficult situations and are unlikely to survive.}


{Well both of us can only watch without interfering, if they all die then we can exchange another bet.}


{…If I feel like it. See you.}

One of the lights disappeared.


{Ahh~ I wonder if it will be interesting this time.}

Muttered the other light as it disappeared.


The God of Destiny handed 10 souls including Luciel’s soul to the other world’s Prime Deity.


The God of Destiny lost a bet with the other world’s Prime Deity and transferred 10 mediocre souls that had no violent tendancies.


The God of Destiny only gave his blessing to the final man’s soul.


It was Luciel’s fate to die but he fought against his fate by sheer will to stay in his present world for as long as possible.


Because of that, be it good luck or bad luck, he was selected as the last of the ten souls.


That was why the God of Destiny gave his blessing to Luciel’s soul. To watch over his future as he passed his soul to the other world’s Prime Deity.


Both the God of Destiny and Galdardia’s Prime Deity had no idea what that blessing would bring about.


And so 10 souls from Earth reincarnated in Galdardia.

Magic Aptitude:Holy
「Proficiency Appraisal-」「Extravagant luck-」
「Taijutsu I」「Magic Power Control I 」
「Altered Destiny」 (All status +10)
「God of Destiny’s blessing」(Increased SP acquisition)


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