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Chapter 007: U-turn

Translator: Tseirp


“Even though my job is a healer, I wonder why I feel more at home at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, I quickly arrived at the Healer’s Guild.

I opened the door but there wasn’t anybody by the door nor was there a voice calling out “Welcome!” as before.


Well it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am troubled by this. I walked towards the counter and called out to the receptionist.

“Excuse me. I would like to update my healer rank. Eh Krull-san? Long time no see.”

“Oh you are the one who registered one year ago. Luciel-kun right? How have you been? Eh, you, hasn’t your physique somehow got better.”

“Yes. I’ve trained a little. Well thanks to that I am doing fine.”

I flexed my biceps.


“I see. Which clinic are you working at right now?”

“Erm, I’m not working in any clinic.”

“EH!? Don’t tell me you didn’t go to a clinic since then?”

“Yes. While training in the Adventurer’s Guild, I lived off the requests from the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“So that’s how it was. Eh, then wasn’t it meaningless to become a healer.”

“Hahaha. If there are people who will protect me for just a little bit of money then it will be fine but the world is not so kind. My motto is to not die. For that reason I desperately honed my self defense skills for a year.”

“Ha~ you really are a weird person. Well that’s fine. I can check your Holy magic skill level when I update your card. The level determines what class your rank will be raised to.”

“Thanks for your help.”

“Once you pay the donation for your rank up, we will pass you the spell books. Please take out your card.”


I obediently passed the card.

“Well then I’ll check if Luciel-kun properly put in effort … ?! Wa … Wait a minute Luciel-kun, what happened to you?”

“Eh? Is there a problem?”

“There’s a huge problem. What kind of reckless training did you do? No, explain to me what kind of lifestyle have you been living.”

Eh? Scary! Somehow Krull-san was giving off a terribly threatening air.


“Krull-san you are making a scary face. It ruins your beautiful face. I’ll talk so please calm down.”

『Kohon』 She coughed and asked “Go ahead?” while staring at me with intimidating eyes.

“Well after I memorized 「Heal」 in this branch … ”

Like that, I recounted my one year’s worth of history.


After I finished recounting everything, Krull-san asked me with a voice void of intonation.

“Luciel-kun are you a hentai?” (TL: Hentai = Pervert/abnormal person. Meant here in a non-sexually manner.)


“Isn’t that a bit harsh? I just didn’t want to die and also that was such a perfect environment made purely for a healer to polish his Holy magic.”

“But that wasn’t a clinic. There, you might start off at the bottom of the pile but you’ll have a chance to build your network of contacts.”

“That is true. But what a healer needs most is the number of Heals right? So nobody would be able to become full-fledged quickly. In addition, I feel that it is wrong to heal just for the sake of money and to receive the treatment fee only after the patient is satisfied. For this one year I wanted strength for self defense because this can’t be obtained with money.”

” … That is right. I’m sorry.”

“Ah I’m sorry for acting all high and mighty. Also just in case, I am neither a masochist nor a pervert(hentai). I only did not want to die.”

I laughed.


“Luciel-kun has such high aspirations. I was just surprised that the child Lumina-sama brought over became so respectable.”

She smiled wryly.

So she meant that she always thought that the child Lumina-san recommended was a strange child?

It was great that I was discovered by Lumina-san but I became … a victim? She deemed that I was a strange child since a year ago?


“Now that we’ve mentioned it, I was not able to meet Lumina-sama even once after that?”

“Oh, that is because Lumina-sama is no longer in this city. She had long since returned to the church headquarters in the Holy City.”

“The Holy City’s church headquarters? Is Lumina-sama an elite?”

“Yes. That why for the time being, if you don’t work hard you won’t be able to meet her. Well then, I can raise you up until C rank but where would you like to be raised until?”

“Before that, could I just purchase the spell books only?”

“You could buy them. However there’s a catch. When you purchase a spell book with a higher rank that your own, the price is normally set to about 10 times the usual price. That is why it is not recommended to do so. It is usually impossible because the costly spell books are normally more than 10 times the price of donations”

“Then, I would like a know the types of spell books I can buy for each rank.”

“F rank is poison and recovery of abnormal conditions like paralysis and sleep, E rank is middle-ranked healing magic, D rank is barrier magic and C rank is multiple simultaneous healing magic.”

“I see. How much would it cost me to get the E,D and C rank spell books?”

“The total would be 1 gold and 24 silver coins but as you are a C rank healer it would be 90 silver coins.”

“Wah, I totally don’t have enough.” 『Don~』 (TL: Sound of shock and disappointment)

“This is your salary. There’s 1 gold and 31 silver coins inside.”

The man who passed me the leather bag was Instructor Broad.


“Eh? Why is Instructor Broad here?”

“Ah. I forgot to pass you your remuneration. Oi miss. Dispatch this Luciel over to the Adventurer’s Guild for a year for 1 gold coin. We will pay for this guy’s salary.”

“Erm, May I know who you are?”

“Ah my bad. I am Broad from the Adventurer’s Guild. As long as you tell the guild master here that Broad said so then it will be fine.”

Krull-san looked at me with concerned eyes.

“Erm Krull-san, this person here is called Broad-san and he is my martial arts teacher. He is not a suspicious person and I am not being threatened so it is all right. Nevertheless what is a dispatch?”

“Luciel, it is an official request to send you to reside in the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Well I have not been beaten up by Instructor yet so I think that it’s fine.”

“It is fine? Really?”

I was slightly happy that Krull-san asked worriedly in an undertone.


“It is fine. It’s not like I am being threatened, and like I said earlier he is my martial arts teacher. I’ll accept the dispatch.”


” … Understood. Well then it is confirmed. Since your one year’s worth of renewal fee has been paid for, work hard to save up until next year.”

“Thank you for the advice.”

The formal procedures for the Adventurer’s Guild to lend me was made.

We then left the Healer’s Guild.


I immediately commented to Instructor Broad after exiting the Healer’s Guild.

“Instructor Broad, I’m really surprised.”

“Thanks to the combat training with Luciel, my 「Taijutsu」 level became 「Taijutsu VIII」. While teaching you everything I know, I’ll also let you learn about the guild’s work. Oh, do properly learn Holy attribute magic.”

Instructor Broad smiled with a smug expression.


I was teased a lot by everyone because I left the Adventurer’s Guild and returned in less than an hour.


After that, I moved to my room.

“This completely belong to me now.”

The ‘Sleeping Chambers’ tag was removed and replaced with a ‘Healer Luciel’s Room’ tag.

The room that was filled with my personal belonging had completely became my private room.


The room had been tidied up, the desk, chair and bed was replaced with new ones and there even was a bookshelf.

The spell books I bought today were placed at the reception counter but I’ll place them here instead.

“I look forward to another year.”

I said to my room.


After I settled down from organizing the room, I postponed training to the afternoon and read the spell books I just bought.


Although there were many overlapping contents, I read for the first time that there was better efficiency in learning skills like 「Heal」 with chant termination after the amount of MP rises, instead of intentionally increasing magic spell power by magic boost skills or chant abridgement. (TL: Chant Abridgement (Shortening the chant) < Chant Termination (Only saying the spell name) < Chant Omission (Don’t need to say anything))

However these books did not state the disadvantages. There was no description as to what happens after you’ve done so. In terms of real life experience, with regards to chants, with 「Chant Omission I」, the consumed MP was eight times more.

There wasn’t any description with regards to this. Therefore, due to my low MP I did not raise the level of 「Chant Omission」. Although I would like to study this more when I have greater amounts of MP…


In consideration of that, even though I have obtained new magic skills, I thought that I should first obtained the 「Reduced MP Consumption」 skill.

Of course, it would be useless if the skill cannot be triggered without increasing my 「Magic Power Manipulation」 and 「Magic Power Control」 skill levels. I aim to be able to use a lot of magic skills.

Although I felt impatient, I worked hard to be able to at least go on a journey.









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