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Chapter 008: Welcome Party and Encroaching Darkness

Translator: Tseirp


I thought that my life would change slightly when I was dispatched to the Adventurer’s Guild.

” … It’s the same as before.”

“Of course it’s the same. That’s because Luciel’s job is just to heal. And you still want to do combat training right?”

“Of course. I must raise my survival rate by even just a little.”

“If that’s the case then hang in there for one year. If you do so then you can survive when you encounter a low level thief.”

“I’ll take up your offer.”

“Then shall we head for dinner.”


Instructor Broad and I moved towards the dining hall Grulga partitioned off.


“Our Adventurers Guild’s healer has arrived.”

I heard that announcement the moment I stepped into the dining hall and was greeted with applause.

“Eh?” Upon checking I found that they were the guild staffs who should be off-duty and my adventurer acquaintances.

“Why are you surprised. If you have been dispatched to our Adventurer’s Guild then you are a temporary staff. Of course there would be a welcome party.”

Instructor Broad said so with a hearty laugh.

“Have a sit.” Grulga-san came out from the kitchen holding a mug filled to the brim with Object X in his hands.

“Erm, do I have to drink that after all?”

“Of course?”

“Understood.” I received the mug and drank it all down in one gulp.


Within the exclamations of “Amazing~” or “As expected he’s a masochist”, there was “In addition to taste disorder, even his sense of smell is broken?”

That came from the fellow adventurers.


I wanted to refute that but I could not find my voice because I was experiencing the backlash from drinking that in one go.


“Oh yes. Luciel you are prohibited from drinking alcohol.”

“What?” I endured the disgusting taste left in my mouth.

“Because this might be too strong such that you won’t be able to wake up tomorrow?”

“No way~” I lamented the unfairness of not being able to drink alcohol in a welcome party.

[Oh, I had not drank any alcohol since coming to this world.] I recalled as I heard, “In exchange, you can ask for second servings for any of the dishes served as well as Object X.”


“As expected, I can’t take any more of that?”

“What, you can properly taste that it is bad?”

“If that’s the case then why do you drink it?”

“He’s a masochist after all.” They whispered. Oi adventurer-sans? I can hear everything?

“Okay. Then Luciel would you please say something.”

“Ah, yes. I’ll be in your care for a year. As a temporary staff I will strive to increase the survival rate of all of you adventurers by even a little. Cheers!”


Thus my welcome party took place.


“Hey Luciel, I have something I’d like to ask.” The B rank Bazzan-san who I helped out previously asked while looking like it was something hard to say.

“What is it?”

“Are you gay?”

“『Goho Goho』What are you asking all of the sudden!! I am extremely normal. I like girls like a normal guy.” (TL: Goho = Sound of coughing/choking)

“Oh. I am relieved. It’s because you are always with Instructor Broad and rarely interact with the beautiful receptionists.”

“Ha~ Even though love is important, staying alive in this world is hard. This past year in order to raise my survival rate, I didn’t have time for love.”


“Huh~ That is too philosophical for such a young person like you. It is also important to do more exhilarating things when you are young.”

“That is true. But, although I’m accustomed to it now, from where I lived nobody walked about carrying their weapons. For around half a year after coming to this city I was living in fear.”


“Hahaha, you have the courage to drink that but are scared of the adventurers. You are really unbalanced.”


“No no, I won’t die by drinking that but if I got tangled up with an adventurer when I just came to the city, I could only image death in my future.”


“I don’t think there’s anybody in this city who would pick a fight with you who advances towards Broad-san like a zombie. Well if anything happens leave it to me.”

“Thank you very much.”

“So Bazzan, is Luciel-kun gay?” The two who formed a party with Bazzan-san, Skyros-san and the man of few words Basra-san called out to him.”

“Ha~ I like woman okay.”

“Happiness escapes as well when you sigh you know.”

“Whose fault is that.”

“Hahaha. Then next time, we’ll bring you out to play at night.”

“There’s that kind of shop in this city?”

“Oo~ you took the bait. Yes there are. Well for Luciel-kun, you stand out so if you don’t disguise yourself, rumors would likely spread in no time.”

” … Please let me reconsider it after all.”

As they saw my depressed expression, the three of them roared with laughter and ordered some ale.

Thus my welcome party lasted until late at night.


The next morning when I woke up, I tried chanting the magic I just memorized.

Middle-ranked healing magic 「Middle Heal」 healed about three times the amount of 「Heal」 while only consuming 1.5 times the MP.

Beginner-ranked whole area recovery magic 「Area Heal」 healed the same as a regular 「Heal」 in a radius of 2 meters around me. My current regular  「Heal」 effects have increased and the MP consumption for 「Area Heal」 was three times that of 「Heal」.

Beginner-ranked barrier magic 「Attack Barrier」 reduced the damage of physical attacks while 「Magic Barrier」 reduced the damage of magic attacks. Both consumed 10 MP each.

Middle-ranked barrier magic 「Area Barrier」 deployed a 「Attack Barrier」 and 「Magic Barrier」 to people within a 2 meter radius from me and was not capable of blocking out monsters.

“Even so doing this in the morning is ridiculously harsh. Area Barrier cost 30 MP. Is there a better way to use this?”

While meditating, I often thought about methods of using magic.”


When Luciel was studying his magic, a shouting voice sounded from within a clinic in Meratoni.

“You bastard, what the heck do you mean by this? Why are both the income and slave numbers half of previous years!!”

A middle-aged man dressed in a white robe with a protruding belly wearing jewelry from top to bottom ranted in anger.

“I apologize. But master, the healer in the Adventurer’s Guild that I mentioned earlier is related to this matter.”

One man stepped out on behalf of the others and answered while lowering his head.

“Then why were there no measures taken. all of you incompetent people.” 『Ga~n』 『Karan Karan』

An expensive-looking decorated cup was thrown towards the man.

The man did not avoid as the cup hit his forehead which began to flow with blood.

The man began to speak slowly.

“It’s an excuse but the targeted healer only left the Adventurer’s Guild 4 times in a year. I could not even get into contact.”

“If that’s the case then won’t it be fine if you went directly to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

” … He has mock battles with the Adventurer Guild’s guild master day and night. In addition when he is sleeping, high rank adventurers were on standby in front of his room so we couldn’t move our hand.”

“Damn it. Both that Adventurer’s Guild and that healer are so damn annoying. Why did such a person appear. Something must be done as soon as possible. Oi! Convene the people under the Healer’s Guild.”

“Yes. ” The man left the room.


Thus people who deemed that Adventurer Guild’s healer Luciel was a nuisance began to appear at last.







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