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Book 1: Healer, knocking on the door of the Adventurer’s Guild

Chapter 1: Healer’s Guild


The weather is great and there is a road so the journey is easy.

[I was mentally prepared for the long walk but … it really is far. It was really scary when I spotted a monster in the distance just now. I really wish they would stop sending people into another world empty handed. The only salvation I have is this rock I picked up that seems easy to throw. Haa~ could I really survive in this world? Ahh~ this is terrifying.]


I continue walking all alone to keep my feelings in check.

I can’t bring out my courage without the cheat abilities of a light novel’s main character.

Even if the standard goblin monster attacks me, I have a feeling I will lose.


Currently, the only thought in Luciel’s mind is to survive.

Only that single thought.


While checking his surroundings, he reached approximately 300 meters from the city and finally feels relieved as he spots human figures. He brisk walks towards the door-like location.


“What a splendid outer wall. If the exterior is so splendid then the interior should be quite respectable as well.”


While commenting aloud, rocky outer walls unseen in my previous life comes into view as I approach the city gates.


Identification is needed to enter the city. I pray to god that I can somehow enter while waiting in order.


“Show me your identification papers.”

Said the gate soldier holding a spear.

He is slightly shorter than me but the thickness of his arms are at least three times larger compared to mine.

I would go down with just one punch from that log-sized arm.


I spun my words while holding that impression of the guard.

“I came from a small village. I was immediately sent out of my village after I became an adult so I don’t have any identification papers. I came to this city intending to work under the Healer’s Academy.

I told the gate guard while adding in some acting.

“Huh? The Healer’s Academy? Please wait a while”


Eh? That did it? I intended to take advantage of the knowledge I obtained but did I just unnecessarily dig a grave for myself?

I felt anxious. Should I run? No. It will be checkmate if I run.


As I was deep in thought, the earlier guard returns together with a woman.


The woman has clear blonde hair that extends beyond her shoulders, clad in a pure white robe exuding a beautiful and dignified atmosphere. I was momentarily fascinated.


“Are you the applicant who wish to join the Healer’s Academy?”


“Yes. I have aptitude for Holy magic and my profession is Healer so I came to the city with the intent to practice.”


“Okay. Then firstly please follow me to obtain your Healer Guild’s identification papers.”

With only that said the woman starts walking away.


I thank the gate guard while thinking just who is that woman? I frantically chase after the woman walking rapidly away to try asking her a question.


“Um, is there no toll for entering the city?”


She replies while smiling.

“Only the Empire requires Healers to pay a toll.”


She continues on that there are other reasons but mainly due to the Healer’s Headquarters situated in this country, just by being a Healer you will be treated better.

In addition, you can be jailed if you lie about having aptitude for Holy magic so it seems like nobody makes false declarations regarding that.


Right after reincarnating in this country, my 「Extravagant luck」immediately worked in my favor. Does this exhibit the merit of having 「Extravagant luck」? I grin to myself as I frantically chase after the woman.


As we walk on a beautiful cobblestone road, I get a feeling that I wanted to walk on similar streets in my previous life. But I couldn’t make the woman guiding me wait so I put away my nostalgia and increased my pace.


The woman finally stops in front of a huge building.


” This is Saint Schull’s church Meratoni branch’s Healer’s Guild.”

She entered the building as she was talking and turns around to say.

“Welcome to the Healer’s Guild”


Ah~ I feel kind of happy.

“Thank you very much.”

I feel slightly embarrassed but I thank her properly.


“Lumina-sama, how may I help you?”

The voice came from a slightly bewitching nubile beauty at the reception desk.


Wait a minute. Did she just address the woman that guided me as -sama (honorific)? Is she a prominent person? If I remember she is called Lumina-san?


“This child here was selected as a Healer during his village’s coming of age ceremony. I hope to confirm this with the Healer’s Guild and complete his identification papers.”

Lumina-san explains to the receptionist as she moves towards the counter.

“Ahh~ I see. Then once again, welcome. This way towards the Healer’s Guild. Here are the documents needed for the procedure to register as a Healer. Please fill them in.”


I hand over the parchments at the counter she leads me to.


On the paper I filled in my name, race and age but feigned ignorance regarding my birthplace.


“For my birthplace is it okay if I just indicate it as ‘village’? Even if the village has a name I have no idea?”


“Hahh? Ah, ‘cough’. Well if you don’t know then it should be fine.”

It was just for a moment but this reception lady … what did she just say? She made such a face? It was fleeting so maybe I am mistaken?


The receptionist resume her smiling face as if nothing had happened. Earlier, the receptionist I handed my documents over disappeared into a room behind the counter.


“Eh? Registration passed with just ‘village’? This is a city right?”

Lumina and the woman she called out to sighs.


“You really are ignorant huh.”

She said that while feeling appalled.


Those cold eyes is not a reward to me. It is simply scary.

“I’ll try my best from now on.” (Luciel)

She lowers her head as she sighs again.


Shortly afterwards the receptionist returns.

“Please flow your magic into this.”


Said the receptionist as she pass me a card.


… It was good that I obtained 「Magic Control 」. Due to that skill I understood how to use magic.


A flow of what appears to be magical power flows into the card. The card then emits light as words float up.


Healer’s Guild Meratoni branch affiliate G rank Healer Luciel


“Here you go.”

I return the card. The receptionist once again disappears into the room behind the counter.


“May I ask what was that for?”


“Ah that was to record your card. With that you can use it at any Healer’s Guild around the world.”

“I see.”

What is the reason for that feature? I am worried for the assumption that there would be travelling.


Well I wonder if I should ask people about that.


The receptionist came back and passed the card to me.

“Thank you for waiting. You are definitely a healer. You have both aptitude for Holy magic and magic control.”


“Do you have any enquiries?”

Asks Lumina-san wouldn’t this be bad if this continues? And so I intentionally expose myself.


“I’m sorry. I have not used Holy magic before, nor can I use magic.”

I honestly tell them.


“What do you mean?”

Isn’t that look a bit too intimidating Lumina-sama?


“Is there a problem? I have not read any spell books and I am the first healer from my village so please let me know if there is anything strange?”


“Haa~ That’s right I remembered you are ignorant.”


Lumina-san believes me. Acting ignorant earlier helped. But somehow … It feels like I am tearing.


“Erm~ I have completed the registration but is there anywhere that I can’t work at as a subordinate worker?”

Lumina-san’s mouth was agape after hearing my question.


“You have three choices. ‘Sparta’, ‘Loan’ and ‘Groundwork’.”

Erm Lumina-san? You have been emitting an intimidating aura since just now?


“Could you please explain the choices in detail?”


“Umu. In the case of ‘Sparta’,  you will chant until your magic is depleted as you study to memorise healing magic. After your magic has been restored from sleep you will repeat the same process again. In the case of ‘Loan’, because there isn’t a specialised Healer’s school, you will enter an ordinary academy and learn magic for three years. However, you would need to return 10 gold pieces to the Healer’s Guild upon completion. Finally for ‘Groundwork’, for the duration of a year you will complete chores while memorizing Holy magic during your spare time.”


The first choice I won’t die but I will be under severe mental stress in a short time.

Second choice is kind of similar to a scholarship. From my previous life’s experience I know that this would be pretty tough as well.

As for the third choice … chores … I am not sure if I would have any free time at all. But this certainly would be the most reliable choice.


No wait. I should be able to endure ‘Sparta’. That’s right. Didn’t I acquire 「Appraisal」 for reasons like this? With this skill I should not get mentally cornered to that degree. TL: 熟練度鑑定 I translated this as appraisal but doesn’t look like it is. Will rename it as more details appear. 


I should be able to manage if I raise my fighting spirit here. I will advance from a Healer newbie into a Healer apprentice. Yes I will aim for promotion. These thoughts give birth to vigour in my heart.


“Please assign me for the ‘Sparta’ course. I would like to make full use of my time.”

I said while bowing down after consolidating my thoughts.


Haa~. A sigh was heard from the receptionist. She spoke when I looked up.

“Lumina-sama, please leave this to us. Well then come over here Luciel.”


The receptionist left the counter and starts walking. I immediately chase after the receptionist, but not before turning around and properly thanking Lumina-san.


“Thank you very much for everything Lumina-sama?”


“It is fine to address me without -sama. Do your best Luciel-kun. I place my expectations in you.”

She saw me off while saying so.


That dignified figure and beautiful attractive smile, needless to say I saved that memory in my brain.


I chase after the receptionist while apologizing for the wait.


“Please practice while reading the spell books in this room. We will bring you your meals in the morning and evening. Then when your magic has been depleted, I think it will be unbearable so please rest on that bed over there. Continue practicing once you wake up. Please repeat that process.”

The receptionist left after informing me.


“Ah, I did not get the receptionists name nor did I greet her. Ku, that’s the fundamental requirement of a working adult. Get a grip myself.”

I enter the room as I hit myself on the head.


The room looks just like a studio apartment. As for the toilet, it is the lid type that appears in period dramas. Instead of toilet paper, there are pieces of some unknown rough material.


Naturally there isn’t a bath tub. In addition, there are no windows as well. It would likely be painful to not know the change in time.


Am I feeling depressed due to the environment here?

While thinking so, I proceed on to the spell books and spell instructional books.


For me this is the best environment to raise my proficiency levels.

I only realised it was so later on.


It is a great place to concentrate without any danger to my life, to have meals prepared for me and to not be disturbed by anyone.


“Yosh I’m fired up. I will remember the magic within ten days. You can do it Luciel.”


I persuade myself towards my goal of becoming a healer apprentice.


Thus Luciel’s healing magic training begins.








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