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Updated 06 Sep 2023

Chapter 004: Training 1 – Talent in martial arts

Translator: Tseirp


“Today my muscles hurt as well huh.”

As soon as I woke up the joints in my body all screamed in pain.


“As I thought this happens when I get carried away.”


For the entire week I had been tormented by muscle aches every time I got up in the morning.

However, I was cause of that.


My muscles did not ache the next day after I finished my first day of training, so I judged that my current younger body’s physical ability was higher compared to my previous life’s body…

And so I got carried away.


“Instructor Broad, while the training certainly is tough, since I do not feel any muscle ache, could you intensify the training?”

I made such a foolish proposal.


“Hou? For a healer say that, I didn’t think that you would have such fortitude.”

Until today I could never forget the eyes of Instructor Broad then.

Those sharp gleaming eyes like that of a hunter spotting its prey.


At that moment, I wondered why did I let it get to my head? I regretted it and began to have a very unpleasant cold sensation run up my spine.


“Do not rest; do not think about the pace, just run as fast as you can.”

From that day onwards I was forced to run at full speed to the ends of the training field.


“How do you expect to defeat monsters with such frail punches? Lower your posture and rotate your hips. Do not stop attacking with just a single strike. You can’t expect monsters to be so weak. Do you wish to die? Huh no response? Does that mean you want to die?


The abnormally intimidating aura was gradually pressed onto me.

The terror from the slowly approaching Instructor Broad was extraordinary.


My body became heavy like lead from the horror as I forcibly punched with my stiff fists and somehow managed to kick with my leg that I tensed like a rod.


I continued to forcibly attack as I could already imagine dying if I did not do so.


However, my attacks were avoided and while he easily handled me, inevitably damages were accumulating in both my hands and feet.


But still training did not end.


“End? Do you want to die? Okay. Then here I come. Kid, don’t close your eyes. Hurry up and defend. Or dodge if you can’t.”


I had difficulty moving due to the accumulated damage. Instructor Broad who knew that started attacking me in slow motion. He attacked me to try to determine my limit.


Switching from attacking to defending, I somehow blocked the attacks but fainted in agony from the pain that was beyond my imagination.


“That’s what you get for defending without thinking. Each attack has a meaning behind it and if you respond wrongly, you will experience that pain. Observe, think and memorize it as if your life depends on it!”


In between training sessions I healed the wounds of other adventurers who visited us.


Under Instructor Broad’s supervision, I cast heal on the adventurers. That time served as my break time.


For me who had been strictly prohibited from using Heal on myself, my current schedule was eight hours or more of stamina building and Taijutsu training from 07:00 in the morning until 07:00 at night with break times squeezed in between.

For that reason I was really thankful for the break times.


At any rate, it was an environment I created on my own.

There was no reason to complain since I drove myself into that corner.


The only thing I looked forward to was the three meals. The meals were very delicious even when compared with that from my previous life.

The cuisine that dog beastman Grulga prepared was different every time, showing that he possesses quite a repertoire of dishes. (TLN: He was changed from wolf to dog beastman in the raws)


Meat dishes ranging from freshly made beef steak to hamburger, stewed dishes like beef stew or pot-au-feu, something similar to yaki udon and other boiled dishes were made. An abundance of spices were used for each and every dish.


Yes. As if to conceal something various spices were used.


In addition, there were no raw vegetables but nutritious steamed vegetable salads were always present during breakfast.


Well, one problem would be the portion size, but I’ll repeat it just like how it was said to me in a matter of fact manner.


“Eating is one of the qualities of an adventurer. Don’t leave anything behind.”


Just like the customs from some culture, it was not tolerated to leave food behind. If only it was just that…

“Here. Drink this as well.”


That was the other problem. I always had to drink that Object X after each meal.

I wished that they spared me from just that.


In that manner, the past week I somehow managed to come to grips with the training without trying to escape.

No, to be exact I would have been caught if I tried to run away.


I believed that I was currently monitored not only by Instructor Broad and Grulga-san but also by the adventurers.


I had no idea why but every time I thought of escaping somebody would call out to me.

“Hey healer, Heal please.”

I did not dare to ignore the tough-looking adventurers who called out to me.


Furthermore that was not the only escape prevention measure.

“Because you’ve been taking care of us.”

Adventurers and guild staffs would say so while giving me presents like clothes or accessories, so my personal belongings gradually accumulated in the sleeping chambers of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Due to that it became harder and harder to leave the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Well I might just be thinking too much.”

I murmured as I recalled the past one week, heading towards the dining hall as usual after completing my Heal, Meditation, Magic Power Manipulation and Magic Power Control training.


“Oh kid. You are early today.”

Instructor Broad was already there when I arrived at the dining hall.


“Good morning. Instructor Broad you are early as well. Ah Grulga-san. Breakfast please.”


“Understood. I’ll increase your portions slightly from today onward.”

Grulga-san disappeared into the kitchen after saying something ominous.


Instructor Broad slowly opened his mouth when it was just the two of us.

“Kid, I will say this clearly at this stage. You have no god-given talent in martial arts.”

Instructor Broad’s serious eyes caught my attention.


“Yes. I vaguely noticed that already.”

I nodded in self-derision. I understood that from the body aches I had this one week.


I couldn’t see through his attacks and couldn’t even grasp the knack of it. That was why I knew that I had no talent in martial arts.


“But kid you have the talent of a hard worker.”

Instructor Broad closed his eyes and muttered while nodding.


“Eh? Ah… thank you very much.”

I scratched my cheek while feeling a little embarrassed.


“As long as you put in the effort and do not give up. If we continue like this you should be able to at least defend yourself.”

He told me as he opened his eyes again and stared at me.


“I’ll be in your care until then.”

“Alright. Once you are done with your meal, we will start earnestly building up your physical strength and add in weapon usage from today onward.”

Along with those words, I felt the glimmer at the back of Instructor’s eyes just like before.


I thought to myself at that moment.

(I might actually die.)

I seriously thought so.


At that moment, Grulga-san came over carrying the dishes. However, the volume of food increased by 1.2 times and for some reason Object X increased by 1.5 times as compared to the day before. I was depressed from the start.


“Hurry up, eat and drink up so that we can start training.”

I had no choice but to hastily eat my meal but when I drank Object X all the food threatened to come back out.

But feeling the intimidation from Grulga-san, I somehow managed to head towards the training ground. Does everybody in this guild have such astoundingly intimidating aura? I thought to myself as I walked towards my training.



“Okay from today onwards for an hour after meals you will learn the Throwing skill.”

After being told so upon entering the training field, a stone similar to ones lying on the ground was passed to me.


“Erm, Throwing skill as in I will throw this stone?”

“That’s right. First we will start with a stone, then move on to daggers and finally short spears.”

The training stone was rounded, quite light and easy to hold.


“Are there any points I should keep in mind?”

“At first, concentrate on hitting the target. Once you get used to that, think about the distance and power before we continue to daggers and short spears. This skill is meant for a healer like you to restrain an approaching enemy. Keep in mind that this is not intended to defeat the opponent.”

So it’s for such a thing. Convinced, I nodded while giving my reply.


Thus began the days I travelled back and forth between the sleeping chambers, dining hall and training field.


As a result, I gradually began to be recognized by the adventurers as the Adventurer Guild’s healer. After a month it reached until the stage where I was mistaken for an Adventurer Guild’s staff.

“Good. I’ve worked hard for a month. With this I can pay for this year’s healer donation.”

The next day after completing training for one month, while I was having breakfast together with Instructor Broad, he passed me 12 silver coins.

“Eh? This money is?”

“Well, you continued to cast Heal on so many adventurers daily. This is a reward from the Adventurer’s Guild.”


“But wasn’t that included in the request fee?”

I wanted to accept their good intentions but sometimes it was just offered to be polite. Therefore I figured it was better to ask first.


“Accept it. But you are still a fledgling in Taijutsu, kid. So training continues today as well.”

Instructor Broad grinned. I had a slightly bad premonition but I decided to accept it.


“Sure. After breakfast I’ll stop by the Healer’s Guild for a bit.”


I went to the Healer’s Guild with the silver coins I just received to pay for the donation.


The town of Meratoni that I had not visited after such a long time had not changed at all.

“Nothing has changed huh. Eh, but I’ve only arrived at this world for a little over a month so it should be more of a problem if something changed? I wonder when would I be able to afford the time to look around the town?”

While murmuring to myself, I entered the Healer’s Guild.


“Welcome to Saint Schull’s church, Healer’s Guild, Meratoni branch.”

As soon as I entered, a female voice called out to me.



I headed towards the counter after greeting her. It seemed like both Krull-san and Monica-san were not around.


“Excuse me. I would like to make the healer donation.”

I told the lady behind the counter.


“Thank you very much. If you wish to do so, could you please take out your Healer’s Guild card?”


I handed over my card.

“Healer rank G Luciel-sama. The tax donation is 1 silver coin for 1 month.”

“Do you mind if I pay the remaining 11 silver coins for the rest of the year in advance?”

“Yes. However for the remaining year, or 11 months to be exact, in the case where you get promoted you will need to pay for the difference in donation. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes. It would not be so easy to promote anyway.”

Ah speaking of that. Was I told I could only be promoted by training in Holy Magic? Did I receive a detailed explanation regarding that?… Well for the time being I plan to continue with my current schedule so I can ask about it next time.

“Here is your card.”

She said to me politely.


As I was on my way back to the Adventurer’s Guild, I thought to myself that the Healer’s Guild feels just like a government office from my previous life. When I just came here, I couldn’t afford the time to feel that way but now I could appreciate it.

There are 360 days and 12 months in a year. 1 week consists of Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Darkness 6 days in total with 5 weeks in a month resulting in 30 days a month. Magical watches similar to watches on Earth are sold as well.

Even though I didn’t really have time to spare now as well but at least it was better compared to back then. I hurried on to the Adventurer’s Guild.



“I’m back.”

Instructor Broad was waiting for me for some reason when I entered the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Eh? Were you intentionally waiting for me?”

The rabbit beastwoman Nanaera-san, human race receptionist Mirina-san and similarly human race receptionist Melneru-san giggled at the back after hearing my question.


“It… It’s just a coincidence. Well let’s go train.”

For some reason the morning training was a little harder than before.


After lunch, Instructor Broad retrieved a spell book from his cloth bag. A list of lower tier Holy magic was written on the cover. He then placed it on the table.

“Now that you have properly returned to the Adventurer’s Guild, you should try to be useful.”

“Am I an infant? Haa~ this is?”

“Only a healer who knows Heal and Cure for poison affliction can be considered as a fledgling. Kid, you can only use Heal right? Study this spell book well.”

He turned away and faced another direction. A tsundere? Grulga-san was laughing but I knew my afternoon training would be a lot more difficult if I did so as well, so I responded.


“This is nice. Thank you very much. I will work hard from now on.”

I declared.



Instructor Broad replied.


“Kukuku. If that’s the case then drink this and go train.”

Grulga-san placed the Object X on the table and immediately disappeared into the kitchen due to the intense odor.


“Hurry up and drink it.”

“Instructor Broad, isn’t it great that you don’t have to drink this.”

I said with a bit of sarcasm.


“It’s because I do not need it. I will go on ahead.”

Instructor Broad said and went towards the training field.


I sighed and endured drinking the Object X before chasing after Instructor Broad.



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