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IS B1C11

Book 1 is finally done!! 🙂 It was a super one book long introduction to our MC but it gave him very good character foundation. Judging from the tentative chapter titles of book 2, we’ll be seeing more action from here on out. 🙂 Thanks for following this series and enjoy! 😀

Also I’ve changed the status table layout. Let me know if there’s any way I can improve on it. 🙂

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Chapter 011: A new journey

Translator: Tseirp

Six months will soon pass since I became Instructor’s disciple after my healer training.

These days, I had completely forgotten about Botacyl. No, I did not have the time to afford to think of such things.


People will feel surprised when a thin layer of skin was slashed at a speed that can’t be perceived, closely followed by the rushing pain and the fear of being injured.

However, in the case when the speed could be perceived but the thin layer of skin was still slashed, the fear of getting attacked stiffens the body, an intense pain will be felt to recognize that the slash had happened, together with the surprise at the technique that could slash precisely the thin layer of skin only.


I was told to say what I want to say so I thought until there and asked Instructor Broad.

“Instructor Broad, why was it that my body, arms and legs were still slashed even though I had already put up my defense.”

“Because you were able to perceive my attacks in just half a year, I was in high spirits.”

Instructor Broad faced the side with a pout. (TL: Google image ぷいっand you will know how it looks like. Hard to imagine him doing it.)

“Please don’t be envious of your disciple’s talent. And an uncle pouting is not cute at all.”

I grinned.

“Then, how about this uncle slash you for another hour.”

“I am sorry.”

I immediately regretted my decision and decisively prostrated on the ground. (TL: Orz)

“There’s no helping it then. It’ll soon be noon so let’s go to Grulga’s place.”

“Yes. Instructor Broad.”


I had realized the gradual changes of my body this last six months.

“Oh. Today you guys are earlier than usual.”

“Yeah. He said that he hated being slashed so there was no choice.”

“Normally you’d probably hate to be slashed right.”

However, as usual there were no changes in my daily life.


“Anyway, when you came here you were so lanky but now your physique has gotten considerably better.”

“It certainly has. If we had the training like we have now when you just came, I would surely accidentally cut off your arm many times.”

“Please don’t say such frightening things.”

“Even if you walked outside, I don’t think anybody would notice that Luciel is a healer.”

“Well, a normal healer would never do combat training like Luciel.”

“It’s a little too late now. Recently, having been slashed by Instructor Broad every day, my fear of blades have weakened as well.”

” … Normally wouldn’t you become more scared?”

“Several times, I had been slashed with a single stroke by mistake, but I did not die so I’ve gained confidence of at least surviving.”

“Sometimes he experienced growth and saw through my sudden attacks, so I occasionally slashed seriously but each time I was seriously worried as well.”

” … Truly the masochist zombie and devil instructor teacher student duo. Common sense was totally thrown out of the window.”

“Devil instructor aside, please stop with the masochist zombie.”

“Just how am I a devil instructor. Aren’t I giving gentle guidance.”

“” … … …””

“The two of you, what’s with those eyes. Enough. Grulga hurry up and give me my lunch.”

“Sure thing.”


Just as we were eating our lunch.

“Luciel-kun. Somehow there’s a letter for you from Saint Schull’s Church Guild Headquarters.”

Nanaera-san brought a letter over.


“Thank you very much Nanaera-san”

Upon receipt of the letter, it was definitely a letter from the Guild Headquarters of Saint Schull’s Church.

“What is it?”

“Even I do not know much about the Healer’s Guild. Try opening it and reading.”

When I opened the letter as told, surprising contents were written on it.


Letter of Appointment

Saint Schull’s Church Healer’s Guild, Meratoni Branch affiliate Luciel is hereby ordered to transfer to Saint Schull’s Church headquarters in the Holy City as a staff.

Although this is unprecedented, it has been decided due to the talent and hard work of someone so young to be able to reach 「Holy Magic V」 and the strong determination to save lives according to the recommendations received.

In consideration of the dispatch to the Adventurer’s Guild, after the end of the dispatch period next year May, you will be immediately transferred.

Pope Fluna Aryudeli de Chaleur


“It’s some kind of letter of appointment. It’s written that I will be transferred to the Church Headquarters.”

“They’ve got us. Didn’t expect them to use this method.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s Botacyl. Because he knew that you are protected as long as you don’t leave the Adventurer’s Guild, he decided to get you sent to the headquarters.”

“Why would he do that?”

“He wasn’t really aiming for your life. He was aiming to stop the treatment you carry out in this guild.”

“So he transferred me to the headquarters just for that?”

“Yeah. In addition, to make sure that you don’t come back anytime soon, because of the pope’s name on the letter, you should be given some sort of title or position.”

“Isn’t that … like a promotion. Maybe this is something like a promotional transfer?”

“It is. This creates some unnecessary trouble.”

“I am sorry for that.”

“It can’t be helped. Luckily we still have another half a year. From now on together with the Spartan training you will be seeing more and more patients in need of healing.”


“For starters, confirm your status and skills.”

I immediately confirmed them.

I have mastered 「Parallel Thinking」, 「Chant Shortening」, 「Sword Mastery」, 「Shield Mastery」, 「Spear Mastery」and 「Archery」.


At that instant, when I recounted the memories of countless number of trainings I had the past half a year, I was so pleased that it was not all in vain that my tears suddenly started flowing and I was teased by Instructor Broad and the others.


From the next day, with regards to treatment, the guild removed the limitations against people with light injuries as well as the patient number limit, resulting in me using vast number of healing magic every day.

After continuously healing until the point of drying up, Object X was transported over. Since Object X recovers MP slightly, the days of drinking it and healing continued.


It was the same during combat training as well. However Luciel didn’t notice that the concentration of Object X was gradually being raised.

Thus I who still remained at level 1, had numerous skills beaten into my body. My one year dispatch period to the Adventurer’s Guild ended.


“Everyone, I had been taken care of greatly. If I had not been picked up by the Adventurer’s Guild, I would not have been able to spend such fruitful time. Truly thank you very much.”

“I will say on behalf of everyone. You have done well. Thanks to you a great number of adventurers’ lives were saved. Plenty of us did not have to stop adventuring and did not have to lose family members.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’m bad with tearful departures. Here, this is a parting gift. Take it. There’s money in this leather bag. This here is a cheap bag but it is a magic bag that can keep up to 10 pieces of anything. Included are some equipment as well so use them. This is proof of everyone’s appreciation.”

” … For such a person like me … sniff. I bon’t beserve zis.” (TL: He’s pretty much crying and speaking illegibly.)

This is bad and … it’s already useless. To receive everyone’s warmth despite me coming over just for myself, my tear glands were breached.


“Don’t cry. Just come back someday and work for the guild cheaply.”

“Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs.”

Meruneru-san laughed while saying so and I left the Adventurer’s Guild with a relaxed mood.


I started my journey in a horse-drawn carriage owned by the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Well then everyone, thank you for the next few days of escort from today onwards.”

“Leave it up to me.”

“Leave it up to me.”

“I’ll defeat whatever that comes except dragons.”


The reliable answers came from Bazzan-san and the others who accepted my escort request this time.

“Even I did not except to be escorted by an A rank party.”

“That’s because Luciel is our lifesaver. Moreover it was thanks to you that we could reach A rank. We scrambled to receive this escort request by Luciel.”

The wolf beastman Bazzan-san said so while laughing.

Looking at them, my image of adventurers since coming to this world had taken a 180° change and I inadvertently thought about how strong stereotypes were.


“I will first need to go through an update procedure in Saint Schull’s church Healer’s Guild so please wait a moment.”

I got off the horse-drawn carriage and entered the Healer’s Guild.


[It’s quiet inside after all~] I thought so as I proceeded towards the counter.

“Welcome to Saint Schull’s church Healer’s Guild, Meratoni Branch.”

“Krull-san, please help me with my update procedure.” I passed her my card.

“Eh? Eeeeehhh?! You are Luciel-kun?”

“Yup. Did you not notice?”

“I wouldn’t notice in normal cases. How could I, even though you were so lanky previously, now you’ve become more mature and athletic.”

“So that’s why. Ah, this time I’m updating my particulars and transferring to the headquarters but I was told to go get a spell book?”

“Ah. It was Luciel-kun who was sent to the headquarters. Wait it’s Luciel-kun? Didn’t you just only turn 17?”

“Yup. Oh, it seems like it was an exception within the exceptions.”

“Ha~. This sister is worn out from all these information that are beyond expectations.”

“Haha. Then I would like to update my guild card and get the requested spell book, together with other spell books not covered by the request.”

“There’s no need for that. Spell books up to AAA rank will be awarded to healers posted to the headquarters.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Don’t you think so too? But actually you would be permitted to purchase them when you reach A rank.”

“Why is that so?”

“From A rank and above, you would not be promoted unless you contributed to a great extent to the guild. It is something like a kind of honorary position.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“Well then I’ll immediately update your card.  … Hah~ It’s amazing that you are posted to the headquarters at such a young age. I can raise you up to A rank.”

“Well then please raise me up to A rank.”

“Understood. … Okay. From now on Luciel-kun has become a A rank healer. Please wait a moment.”

Krull-san went to the back and immediately returned with a number of spell books.

“This is all of them. This time the money for the spell books are no longer necessary and neither do you need to pay for the donation because you now work for the headquarters.”

“I see. Well then when I come back to this city I’ll pop by.”

“I look forward to you becoming someone great and raising my salary.”

“Hahaha. I’ll do my best.” Thus I left the Healer’s Guild after exchanging some greetings.


“Thank you for waiting. Let’s begin our journey.”

Just like that, two years of life had passed in the city of Meratoni and it was time to start a journey to a new location.


Job:Healer IVHP:420
Magic Aptitude:Holy
「Appraisal-」「Throwing III」
「Great luck-」「Dismantling II」
「Taijutsu V」「Danger Perception IV」
「Magic Power Control VII 」「Footwork III」
「Magic Power Manipulation VII」「Parallel Thinking I」
「Holy Magic VII」「Sword Mastery I」
「Meditation V」「Shield Mastery I」
「Concentration VI」「Spear Mastery I」
「HP Recovery IV」「Archery I」
「MP Recovery VI」「Chant Shortening III」
「Stamina Recovery V」「Chant Termination I」
「HP Increased Rate of Growth V」「MP Increased Rate of Growth V」
「ST Increased Rate of Growth V」「STR Increased Rate of Growth V」
「VIT Increased Rate of Growth V」「DEX Increased Rate of Growth V」
「AGI Increased Rate of Growth V」「INT Increased Rate of Growth V」
「MGI Increased Rate of Growth V」「RMG Increased Rate of Growth V」
「Poison Resistance VI」「Curse Resistance VI」
「Paralysis Resistance VI」「Weakness Resistance VI」
「Petrification Resistance VI」「Seal Resistance VI」
「Sleep Resistance VI」「Disease Resistance VI」
「Charm Resistance II」「Blunt Damage Resistance II」
「Altered Destiny」 (All status +10)
「God of Destiny’s blessing」(Increased SP acquisition)
Adventurer’s Guild:E rankHealer’s Guild:A rank

(TL: Green means it leveled up/increased; Red means it is new.)




An update


IS B2C12


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    「ST Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「STR Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「VIT Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「DEX Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「AGI Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「INT Increased Rate of Growth V」
    「MGI Increased Rate of Growth V」
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