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Finally done. The conversation later is a bit confusing because there’s no indicator of who he’s talking to. Just keep in mind that there are 3 people talking. Enjoy :)


Chapter 009: Appearance of the Botacyl the healing director in Meratoni

Translator: Tseirp

The Healer Guild’s objective was to cultivate talents who could use Holy Magic. The sages in the past dedicated their efforts to establish it in order to develop individuals who could save many others.

Initially, compensation for treatment was paid for in the form of donations.

Instead of money, vegetables or fruits, daily necessities or as long it was given with good intentions, anything was all right.


However after the founders left the world, the healers’ way of thinking gradually changed.


Even though the healers casted magic that could save lives, they felt strong resentment against the grudges and abuse placed on them when the magic failed to save a person, which struck the Healer’s Guild.


Thus the price came to be determined by the healer’s individual discretion and the guild would not speak out unless it was very intolerable. It became a weak presence that only existed to receive donations according to healer ranks and sales from spell books.

The donations were used for the maintenance costs and salary of guild staffs instead of establishment of new clinics or management of orphanages.

Thus accelerated the momentum of healers being called money-grubbers. (TL: lit. translation was the undead/ghost of money)


“Because of that, the next time you leave the guild please allow us to assign escorts.”

” … No way. I didn’t think that I would be resented by people I don’t even know.”

“That’s how it is. But above that you have even more allies. All thanks to the Adventurer’s Guild, the adventurers and their families. Now do you feel the pressure accumulating?”

“Well since there’s no ill intentions to hurt me, it should be fine. If that’s the case then I should train more.”


“As expected Luciel’s thinking deviates in a good way from other healers.”

“It is who I am. But where the hell did that information come from?”

“It’s in the minds of all the folks living in this city and adventurers against all the healers except you.”

“Wow~ Even the residents?”

“Yes. From now on there are conditions if you want to treat injured civilians.”


“What did you expect. There’s nobody in this world who charges nothing for information.”

“Ha~ Although it’s a good thing to treat people, please accept the escorts.”

“Oh. I will entrust that to you.”

“So, do you know who bears a grudge against me?”


“Yes. The managers of clinics who charge high treatment costs. Among them, it seems like the head of the largest clinic in this city Botacyl set you as his sworn enemy.”

“Even though he holds the greatest authority in this city as the university hospital’s chairman, he sets a mere rookie healer as his sworn enemy. Is he a mafia boss? If that’s the case then he’s only a small boss.” (TL: He used the term Don to refer to the leader/boss, the term underworld mafia gangs used to address their boss.)


“University hospital? What is that? Anyway I don’t know the meaning of this ‘Don’ you speak of?”


He picked up on the father gag calmly. (TL: The gag was lost in translation. Pretty much he used the Earth’s term of ‘Don’ to set up a gag.)

“Hey hey are you alright?”

“Ye…yes. Anyway don’t we have any allies in the clinics?”

“There aren’t any who openly ally with us but I think there are some who support us. Those who suggest reasonable prices and not charge exorbitant prices and declare the prices in advance should be our allies.”

“By the way what about my reputation?”

“It is generally good within the adventurers. Good skills and empathetic. Residents also requested to be healed in the Adventurer’s Guild several times.”

“Don’t tell me I’ve already healed residents?”

“Oh were you aware? Talk has been widespread about a healer who, instead of charging exorbitant prices like that guy, uniformly charges one silver coin for each treatment.”

“Huh? One silver coin? Isn’t that expensive?”

” … Even though I’ve already asked Nanaera and the girls to teach you common sense, it’s about time you learned a little more common sense.”

“No no, I am still a fledgling who is just only entering my second year of being a healer.”


My skill as a healer was only average but the location I was at was the best to learn them.

I studied the complete collection of monsters under Nanaera.

My eyes were nurtured by dismantling with Garba.

I studied the complete collection of wild grass under Mirina.

In addition, the Adventurer’s Guild had various genres of detailed books.


Also, unless you were excellent, you would not be accepted as a guild staff, not to mention as a receptionist. All staffs were a collection of excellent talent.

Furthermore, in this world with less entertainment, for me reading was also the time of relaxation. In one year I learnt a variety of knowledge.

Although I stood out due to the combat training, my timid personality was because if I failed the healing requests from the rugged adventurers I might be killed …

While having that thought while chanting 「Heal」, I didn’t miss any image training.


After coming to this world and experiencing it for half a year, I was no longer afraid of the adventurers but I was not arrogant as well.

No, wouldn’t I be able to safely survive in this world if I shrewdly saved the adventurers and people? The result of desperately working hard has led to my present condition now.

The biggest factor was the treatment at the Adventurer’s Guild. In my previous life, the doctors reflected on TV were overworked to death for not even having time to sleep.

Since it did not fall into such a situation, my current life wasn’t painful at all.


“That is true. Okay. To increase the survival rate of my temporary staff, we will be training to use various weapons from today onwards.”

“No, please do not be so enthusiastic. And please stop pulling me, can you hear me? Instructor Broad? Instructor Broaaaaddddd~”

My head and clothes were grabbed and I disappeared into the underground training field. Watching the usual me, the adventurers and staffs sent me off with warm eyes.


Such days continued until one day, when I was getting beaten up by Instructor Broad as usual while concentrating on my 「Taijutsu」 and 「Footwork」 training, I was suddenly called upon by an overbearing voice.


“Are you the guild’s healer?”

[Who is this?] As I was thinking so “Oi are you listening? You the lanky one.”


The people who called out were a man with a rounded stomach and a duo of mercenary-looking men with good physique.


“Who are you? I do not know any barbarians who not only comes over without any appointment but even tries to intimidate me.”

I hate it with all my heart when my precious time is wasted. Because Instructor and the surrounding adventurers had started gathering, I decided to give a bullish response.

“What a cheeky boy. What ignorance to not know who I am. Listen well, I am the head of this Meratoni city’s largest clinic, Botacyl.”


“Rip-off?” (TL: He misheard ボタクーリ(Botacyl) as ボッタクリ(Rip-off). Or maybe he said it intentionally XD. )

“It’s Botacyl. Cheeky boy … I command you, stop your treatment in the Adventurer’s Guild. If you do so then I will hire you in my clinic. I came to say this.”


“That is impossible. I cannot refuse the dispatch request from the Healer’s Guild. Well even if I could refuse it I would not.”


“Oi you bastard. To spurn Botacyl-sama’s kindness … ”

As he said that, the mercenary couldn’t continue his words under the blood thirst emitted from the adventurers.


“I’d say it’s intimidation instead of kindness. I will not fulfill the condition of losing my workplace. You’d better restudy the meaning of those words?”


I was stared at with an amazing glare.

The request to have an escort when I go out looks good.


“Ever since you came to the Adventurer’s Guild, our clinic’s customers have been decreasing daily.”


“Are you putting in effort? Although the clinics are a place to save people, I think patients wouldn’t want to go to a place with a bad reputation?”


“Brat, you dare to claim that my clinic has bad reputation!!”


“Nobody said such a thing. But, I am empathetic to patients, provide quick treatments and clearly set my price. I think they would obviously come to my place?”


“Hah, are you trying to lecture me?”

“Huh? Why can’t I preach to a person whose name I didn’t know until today? Do you even have any idea?”

“This shitty kid, I can destroy a novice healer like you anytime.”

Botacyl’s blood vessel was popping out of his forehead. Did I fan the flames too much?


“If that’s the case, at this great senior’s clinic, how much do you charge for what kind of wounds? And what magic do you use?”

“Listen and be astonished. Including me, my clinic uses the upper-class healing magic 「High Heal」. That is at an unprecedented price of 30 gold coins.”

30 million yen was unprecedented?

“Then what magic do you use for patients with fractures?”

“Of course it’s 「High Heal」.”

“Even though 「Middle Heal」 can treat it?”

“What’s the point of using such a low level healing magic.”

“I think that it can be used by many people to save many patients though.”

“Wrong. Have you heard what would happen if you do unprofitable businesses.”

“Hah~ To be able to chant 「High Heal」, you definitely are skilled right? If patients don’t come to you even so, don’t you think there is a problem with you management?”

“Kukuku. This kid’s talking like he understands everything. I’m angry now. Oi you guys, kill this damn thing.”


Even though he said so, they didn’t move, no they couldn’t move.

It was easy to understand from the intimidating aura by the surrounding adventurers what would happen if they became hostile with me.

It was intimidating enough to even be felt by me when it was not even directed at me.

However, tremendous blood thirst was coming from Instructor Broad standing beside me.

“This is Broad from the Adventurer’s Guild. Botacyl-dono, from how your clinic conducts business, to what kind of evil you’re doing, should I examine every single detail?”

Botacyl trembled under the threat from Instructor Broad.


He screamed and ran away at full speed towards the exit.


“Oo~ Amazing. To chase him away with just blood thirst, Instructor Broad is really amazing. Ah everyone this time I troubled you all.”

I lowered my head.

“Anyway, was that the mastermind?”

“No. That’s just a money-loving villain who charges exorbitant prices for treatment and conducts debt slavery.”

“Why does something like that go unchallenged? Ah I guess it’s useless because there’s no law.”


“Indeed. Moreover similar to people like him, some people do not pay even after treatment has been done.”

So inversely there are many cases like that too.

“In addition to conducting such a fraudulent act to get treatment, they might even sue you for conducting treatment without charging money.” (TL: I forgot. Did they say in previous chapters that it was illegal to not charge money?)


“This problem seems very deeply rooted.”

“It was lucky that you who had no common sense came here.”

“I’m having trouble deciding whether to accept that as a compliment or as criticism.”

“Really? It’s a good thing that you were not bound to the healer’s common sense.”

“Well I’m pleased to be told that I’m needed here. But I guess in the future I will have to be alert?”

“Please leave the support to the Adventurer’s Guild. We’ll gather a few excellent fellows to have a lookout.”

“Thank you. Then let us continue with the training.”


Thus I met with Botacyl from Meratoni’s largest clinic, and could now properly think about the Healer’s Guild, clinics and healers.


On the other hand at that moment, Botacyl who ran away from the Adventurer’s Guild was currently in his private room with the 2 mercenaries and slave leader scattered about in the room.

“Ahh~ That was infuriating. That brat made a fool of me, I won’t let him off easily. Oi, thoroughly dig up any information regarding that kid, regardless of how trivial the information is.”

“That is all good but Botecyl-danna. Isn’t it a bit tough to threaten or restrict that guy? After all he is completely protected by the Adventurer’s Guild. If it’s like that we can’t make a move.” (TL: Danna = Usually used to call young masters.)

“I know that even without you saying it. Just shut up and follow my instructions.”

“Yes yes. But I must tell you first, even if we kill him, the first person to be suspected would be you young master. In this matter, even if young master is not at fault the adventurers will still doubt you.”

“I thought I already told you that I know that.”

“Okay okay. It’s not necessarily good news but the dispatch from the Healer’s Guild should only be at most for one year. That is why I think we should make a situation such that that brat has to leave the city next year.”

“You idiot. Like I’ll wait until then. Even so, I wonder why is that boy working for that stingy Adventurer’s Guild? Oi, you will investigate that brat from both the Adventurer’s Guild and Healer’s Guild.”

“Yes master.” The men left Botacyl’s private room.


“I’ll try to ask the Healer Guild’s head if we can skip that brat’s term of office. However, that would be impossible if the Adventurer’s Guild cannot be convinced no matter how much money is offered. Are there any other methods.”

Botacyl continued to ponder.








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