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IS B2C15

Chapter 015: The wrongly pressed button and the rumoured urban legend 

Translator: Tseirp


Upon walking out the exit of the labyrinth, purification magic 「Purification」 was suddenly casted on me.

“What are you doing? Is this a prank?”

I was slightly irritated.

“Oh, you are alive. You did not come back even after half a day had passed since you dived into the labyrinth on your first day so I thought that you had became a zombie.”

Was this person putting up an act just in case I am a person who hates people who try to deceive me?

I gently tapped Jordo-san’s shoulder.

“What’s with that expression!? I get it. Don’t look at me with that face!”

“Oh no. Is Jordo-san an esper?”

“Erm, what’s an esper?”

He couldn’t understand me because I used a term from a different world.

『Kohon/Cough』 Even though I look like this, I honed my martial arts skills in the Adventurer’s Guild so I know how dangerous (real) monsters are.” (TL: The () indicates what the speaker meant in his mind. Read without the () to understand what the listener heard. Hahaha misunderstandings galore)

“Oh~ Now that you mention it I have heard of such reports.”

“I have also understood that if I’m complacent no matter how many lives I have it would not be enough.”

“Even so that was your first actual combat right? No matter what zombies (real) are pretty troublesome right?”

“If it’s only to that extent I won’t be delayed at all. The labyrinth was bright as well.”

“Heh~ Luciel-kun is pretty strong. I didn’t advance (to the second floor) at all in the first three months.”

“Well, I intend to fight reasonable so it’s fine. From tomorrow onwards I’ll advance (further down below the third floor) little by little.”

“Ooh. So promising.”

“Oh yeah. Where should I bring this magic stone (illusionary stone) to? To the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“No, please get the store there to buy them from you.”

“Ah as expected. I knew it had to be so. It would be bad if the Adventurer’s Guild know (The Adventurer’s Guild would not buy the stones and we don’t want them to know that there is such a training ground).” I looked towards the shop counter.

“That’s right. (It would be a huge problem if it was known that there is a labyrinth in the Healer’s Guild headquarters.) Wah~ It’s a great help that Luciel-kun can quickly grasp the situation.”

“No no. Is it fine if I exchange the magic stones for points here.”

“Oh Jordo-san. So the newbie is safe.”

A young lady who was not here in the morning was at the counter.

“He’s fine.”

“Thank you for your concern. I am okay because I have slight resistance to such things (horror movies and games).”

“That is amazing”

She praised me while smiling radiantly. I wonder why I felt slightly happy.

“Please pass me the magic stones you’ve collected today.”

She was amiable because of her job.

I knew it.


『Don』Jordo-san and the lady stared with a (slightly?) surprised look at the sound of the rucksack I placed down.

“Then pardon me but please purchase these.”

“Amazing. There’s really a lot. It is not good to push yourself unreasonably. You only have one life.”

“That is right. I understand.”

“Well then please pass me your card.”

“Card? Do you mean my Healer’s Guild card?”

“Ha!? She’s referring to the card you received from Gran-sama today.”

Woah Jordo-san was revived. (TL: He was in a daze until now.)

“Ah I see.” I handed the card over.

“It will be 4,216P in total. This is an unusual achievement for the first day. It has been a considerably long time since I’ve seen such earnings. Well then, what would you like to buy?”

“I have no idea what’s sold here so I can’t say anything.”

“Oh I see. Everything here is up for sale. The most expensive is the finest-grade spell book at 1,000,000P. It is a first-class spell book currently at the top of all spell books.”

“Hahaha. It will be the distant future when I’ll be able to buy that.”

“Other than that there are potions as well as items to prevent abnormal status.”

“I see. Oh that’s right. What about those weapons over there?”

“Those are weapons tempered with silver or holy silver capable of damaging undead. They were all made by dwarves.”

“How much do they cost?”

“2,500P each.”

“Hah? Why are they so cheap?! That’s definitely below the original costs.”

“You can say that. Priest knights or paladins don’t come down here, whereas healers can’t handle such weapons, and even the church can’t sell them through contracts so there’s no need for them.”

” … Even so isn’t it still too cheap?”

“While using such weapons you can’t chant magic right? Moreover if you’re an amateur with weapons you would be surrounded and eaten by zombies.”

Eh? But I can chant? Huh? Didn’t Instructor Broad explicitly say that it’s normal to be able to do so?

” … I see. Do you have a lot of these weapons in stock?”

“I have them piled up like a mountain. At first they seemed to have been sold for 200,000P but now they are just buried in the warehouse as dead stocks.”

Isn’t this the effect of 「Great Luck」 for the first time in a long time.

“I would like both a sword and a spear.”

Yup. There was no way I wouldn’t buy them.

“Wah. The newcomer this time is really a strange child. Yup~. I’ll give you a discount since this your first time so it will be 4,000P. That’s why don’t die okay.”

“I will earn even more from tomorrow. I’m Luciel. I will be working hard here from now on so I’ll be in your care.”

“Okay. I’m Katria. Nice to meet you. Oh yeah. Jordo-san thank you for your hard work until today.”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

I wonder what’s wrong? I felt that Jordo-san had been feeling down since just now.

Maybe he’s shocked that I learnt that the labyrinth was an illusion right on the first day?

Or maybe because he would lose contact with Katria-san?

There’s no choice I’ll try not to aggravate him today.

In this manner my job as an exorcist ended safely.


I asked for the directions to the labyrinth, the way to return as well as the location of the Adventurer’s Guild from the unenergetic Jordo-san.

Then I told him that I’ll be returning first and I boarded the elevator.

Once I’ve ascended using the elevator, I got off at the information counter this time and tucked my robe into my bag before heading straight to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“As expected it’s pretty close by.” I only walked for less than a minute before reaching the Adventurer’s Guild.

I headed towards the reception … no towards the dining hall.

“The architecture is really the same.” And so I reached the dining hall.

“Good evening.” I called out to the waitress that was not present in Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild.

“Welcome. What would you like to order?”

“Yes. Please give me a barrel of undiluted Object X.”

Immediately, silence fell on the lively Adventurer’s Guild usually buzzing with noise.

” … Er, erm, could you please repeat your order?”

“Ah, yes. Please give me a barrel of undiluted Object X.”

At that moment, a man appeared from the kitchen carrying Object X and he placed it on the table with a 『Don』. “Drink.”

[Is this the kind of guy who rushes to drink and cheers(kanpai) others? Well it doesn’t matter.]

『GubiGubi』I drank it down as usual.

The person behind me exclaimed “He’s a monster.”

“Dysgeusia/Taste disorder”

“Isn’t that the rumoured masochistic healer?”

“That’s an urban legend.”

Although the voices all whispered quietly but oi I heard all of that.

“Puha~. Thank you for the meal. Well then could you please prepare this in a barrel?”

“Un … understood. It’s okay as long as you don’t intend to misuse it.”

“Oh right. Why isn’t Object X called Liquid X but Object X even though it’s a liquid?”

“I have no idea. Do you have a barrel to put it into?”

“I don’t have anything that can fit that it…”

“If we prepare the barrels for you regretfully we’ll have to charge you 1 silver coin for 1 barrel.”

“Okay then I’ll have 3 barrels today.”

“Un … understood.”


“It sounded like he said 3 barrels.”

“It’s a monster.”

“Demon race?”

“Not to mention demons even monsters run away from that smell.”

“What kind of lifestyle does he have to nonchalantly drink that.”

“Maybe an extremely impoverished life …”

I could totally hear everything but when I sneaked a peak a while ago they all seemed extremely strong.

In addition they all had good equipment so as to not pick a fight with them, I left without refuting them nor did I even look them in the eye.


Immediately Luciel could guess that he won’t have a home just like the one he had in Meratoni.

However, Luciel who could finish drinking Object X was whispered in the shadows as a person with taste disorder, or as a sage undergoing penance, or as a hero.

And Luciel who would one day be watched over warmly whenever he came over to visit once a month is but another story.


” … The 3 barrels have been prepared.”

The master carried 3 barrels over with a bitter face.

“Thank you very much. Please prepare another 3 barrels next month as well.”

I returned to the guild headquarters while considering what to eat for dinner that day.




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