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IS B2C20

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Chapter 020: The Valkyrie Paladin Corps and early morning training

Translator: Tseirp


After waking up in the morning, I was training magical power manipulation after drinking Object X when I heard a knock on the door.

“Yes, who is it?”

“My name is Lipnea from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps headed by Lumina-sama. The morning practice is going to begin soon so I am here to call you.”

“Thank you. I will leave immediately.” For the sake of etiquette I went out after using purification magic.

Although it was written in the spell book that purification magic is versatile, it is even more effective than toothpaste or a bidet, it can remove bad breath and remove the need for toilet paper after using the toilet, a super-versatile magic. (TL: Imagine the expression of people who found out that he uses purification magic to wipe his butt XD) When I opened the door, in front of me was … a woman with considerably long fluffy golden curls and a pretty face with chestnut eyes in a slightly clunky armour that strangely matches her.

“Nice to meet you I am Luciel. I apologize for your time and effort spent on me today.”

“Lipnea from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. Not only is it an order, but general healers are prohibited from setting foot in the Paladin’s training centre so let’s go.”

So that’s why. Even though her words were dignified I somehow could not shake off the warm and fuzzy image.

In that manner I followed after Lipnea-san, opened the door and set foot into the Paladin training grounds.


“It is considerably wide.” It was at such a scale that a 400 meter track could be placed within it.

“My squad’s training ground is on the small side.” Lipnea-san answered.

“Eh? .. Heh~ Is that so.”

“You’ve arrived. Good work Lipnea. Luciel-kun come over here.”

They had already formed ranks, they had 10 people including Lipnea-san, and combined with Lumina-san it was a 11 men squad.

“Erm … there are only women here?” I asked honestly.

“That is right. Are there any complaints?” A question was shot back at me.

“Well I understand that their abilities are several times higher than mine. But it is mentally tough for me to attack women … ”

“I see. You are too ignorant. I’m sorry but there is a training schedule to follow. Hurry up and introduce yourself.”

“Ah, yes. I’m sorry. Nice to meet all of you, I am Luciel, currently working as an exorcist. I was allowed to participate in your training to re-train myself due to my impossible request. I might be a hindrance so please be understanding.”

“Squad, he is an oddball healer that carried out 2 years worth of combat training in the Adventurer’s Guild. He steadily trained because he could use recovery magic. Introduce yourselves to him at your spare time. That is all.”


“Well then after your warm up exercises, we will carry out 1-on-1, 1-on-2 and 2-on-3 combat training. Then let us begin.” and Lumina-san began to run. Following that everyone also started running.

“Don’t stand there at a daze and come along.” said Lucy-san.

“First is just some light running.” said Kuina-san.

“Understood.” I began to run at the back of the group.


For two years at the Adventurer’s Guild, I ran at full power every morning and evening without missing a day.

So honestly, with respect to running I have no problem at all. I might even say that it is effortless. That was what I thought. But reality was not so naive.

“You’re slow. No matter how you claim that you are a healer run more seriously.” I was lapped by Lumina-san, and was also lapped by all the other Paladins.

“Ha, ha, ha” I was running with full force. However the reality was that the girls looked like they were running at a regular pace.

I was reminded that in this world physical ability is influenced by an absolute wall called status.

Regardless of the truly powerful people Master Broad told me about, it is also a fact that it is harder to die with higher physical ability.

After running for about half an hour, I was humiliatingly lapped a total of 8 times.


“Well then form teams and begin combat training. Luciel-kun, I want to know your ability so come at me with the intent to kill using your own weapon.”

“Normally one would use crushed blades?” (TL: i.e. training blades)

“Well. You won’t hit me so don’t worry. Oh yeah~ If you can hit me then I will listen to one of your demands.” She said with a slight grin.

“Let me show you that the differences in status is not absolute during combat.”

Thus I challenged Lumina-san with my two hand sword spear style.

“Seyaa~ Chaaa~ Uraa~”

I suddenly stabbed with the spear in my left hand, using that momentum I spun around and wielded my sword, anticipating that she would dodge those attacks I let out a kick as well. “You are full of gaps you know?” The very moment I heard that, my vision blurred and without realising I was staring at the sky.

“When did you start using that style?”

“Erm since I began diving into the labyrinth.”

“I see, it is reckless to dual-wield without having the corresponding techniques. Come at me again with what you were taught in the Adventurer’s Guild.”


I prepared myself again, equipped the shield that I had left in my room for a long time since I started entering the labyrinth, and began to move according to Instructor Broad’s teachings.

I recalled the training days I had with Instructor Broad.



“Luciel do you hear me, majority of the time you will be attacked by a person stronger than you.”

“Hahaha. I guess that’s how it is.”

“Yeah. The world is not so simple that the opponent would attack you alone either.”


“But, you have capabilities regular combat occupations do not have.”

“Do you mean healing magic?”

“Yes. Furthermore now you can move about, brandish your weapon and use magic at the same time right?”

“Well that is because I was forced to do the same thing for a year and a half.”

“When fighting a powerful foe, chant magic while you deliberately create a large gap and aim for that moment.”

” … But I have a bad feeling about that?”

“Usually you would take advantage of that to turn the battle around, but I cannot clearly say that you have the technical capabilities to do so, and if your abilities are too far apart you might even get countered.”

“That is why I’ve been saying since earlier that I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Deliberately take an attack from the opponent and cast recovery magic to recover while you attack your opponent. I can only think of this method.”

“This kind of desperation attack, wouldn’t it be catastrophic if I take one wrong step.”

“Don’t worry. For the remaining six months I will thoroughly handle you until you completely master this.”

“He … Help me~”

“You don’t want to die right?”

“Yeah. I am certain I will die here.”

“For now it would be dangerous to aim for your vitals so I will first aim for your arms or legs.”

“Eh? I vaguely heard that you will eventually attack my vital points?”

“Prepare yourself.”

” … Erm Instructor Broad? Please answer me. Instructor Broad.”

“Well then here I come.”


~End of recollection~


“Why are you crying? Earlier I intended to throw you gently but does it hurt?”

“No. I recalled my training days (hellish days).”

“I see. The training days (wonderful days) were compelling enough to make you cry.”

“Yeah. Well then here I come.” I set up an 「Attack Barrier」 and poised my sword.

“Come at me from whichever angle you like.”


Holding the shield, I thrust out the sword while maintaining a low posture. Faithful to my fundamentals, I consciously maintained my body axis and footwork while attacking.

None of my attacks hit. While being bare-handed, she slowed down to a speed that I can follow and dodged while still finding the chance to add an attack in.

I somehow defended against that using the shield and continued to thrust my sword out.

I thought that there was no meaning to remain in this state. Thinking of trying the advice I received, I prepared myself and decided to attack while abandoning my body.

“HaAA” I cleaved with the sword from left to right and left myself open to an easy attack to the center of my body. Even Instructor Broad praised me for thinking of this method to make a gap.

“Because Luciel doesn’t have technical capabilities, it did not appear to be done on purpose.”(Instructor Broad)

Just like planned, a fist came towards me.

【By His hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance become the breath of an angel, heal, High Heal.】

As light enveloped my body I swung the sword that was on my right down towards the left at full power.


In conclusion it did not hit. Lumina-san who I could visually follow until now vanished.

“Splendid!” The moment the voice entered my ear my consciousness darkened.

” … up. Wa .. up. I said wake up.” At the next moment I felt an impact on my right cheek.

“It hurtsssss.” I woke up.

When I raised my body both Lucy-san and Kuina-san were there.

“Eh? This is the training ground?”

“That’s right. The morning training has ended so let’s head to the dining hall.”

“Lumina-sama asked me to look after you.”

“Ah~ I was knocked out. Thank you two for waiting.”

I stood up. I secretly casted 「Heal」 on my right cheek as I stood up.

“Anyway Luciel is pretty capable to be knocked out.”

“I was also surprised. I’d never think that Lumina-sama would acknowledge a healer.”

I totally had no idea what they meant. (TL: If Lumina-sama acknowledges your strength she will knock you out >.< lol)

“Before that, there is more training later so let’s quickly go get our breakfast.”

“We are the last so let’s hurry.”

“Ah, okay.” I was rushed by the two towards the dining hall.


Thus morning practice had ended.



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