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Chapter 021: Luciel’s denied nicknames discovered by the Valkyrie Paladin Corps

Translator: Tseirp


Upon reaching the dining hall I queued for my meal in sequence. At that moment I felt an uncomfortable premonition.

“Good morning. I will be moving around a bit more today so please give me slightly more than usual. Also you don’t need to prepare a bento for me today.”

“Ara, good morning Luciel-kun. Can you finish such an amount of food?”

“Yeah. I have a feeling that I will not last until lunch if I don’t eat this much.” I exchanged an expression usually said by athletes, took my large serving of food and headed towards the two people sitting down.


“Thank you for waiting.” I bowed.

“I’ve always wondered Luciel, are you fine with eating so much food?” Lucy asked.

“Yeah. Up until two years ago I was skinny and tall but the Master at the Adventurer’s Guild told me that eating is the first step to becoming stronger. It is the same situation now. I continued to eat so that I wouldn’t die but before I was aware of it I became used to this amount.” (TL: The master here refers to Cooking bear Grulga-san.)

“I also have a question. Why do you speak so intimately with the serving lady? She is not an important person just a nobody right?”

“Eh? That is because although there is a need to bear in mind to be courteous to prominent people, there is no reason to look down on others in particular just because they are not as important? Besides I am not great enough to be addressed to with -sama.”

“”So this was what Lumina-sama meant when she said, ignorant.”” The two of them said the exact same thing at the same time. It hurts to be insulted so frankly.

“You are an exorcist and a cleric right?”

“That’s right.”

“A cleric exorcist might be below priests, but you are given the authority and salary on par with the captains of the respective Knight Corps.”

“Heh~. So that’s why the salary was that high.”

“Why are you saying that so carefreely. One day somebody will appear thinking that that attitude is offensive.”

“Hmm. If that time comes I will work hard in the labyrinth and run to the Pope.”

“”Hah~”” Both of them exhaled a grand sigh.

Well actually it should be fine if I can please the maker of the labyrinth (the Pope) whenever it looks like it is going to get troublesome.

Thus, after returning to my room to drink Object X, I waited in front of the sign that warns that entry is off-limits to unauthorized personnel, bowed to the two who came to get me and headed towards the training grounds.


“We shall now resume the morning training. Because Luciel-kun is here today your mission will be VIP escort. Within the time limit if the assault team’s attack hits the VIP then it is the assault team’s win, if the time ends then the defence team wins. Any questions?”

“Yes” I raised my hand.


“I do not think that I would hit so I won’t attack back but could I use magic?”

“Oh right. If we are the escorts then that is within expectations. I’ll allow it. First we will split the defence team and assault team into 5-vs-5. I will be the referee so do not stop until I give the word. From now on think of Luciel-kun as a VIP and escort him.”



It was a simple setup with us walking towards the center from the edge of the training ground.

In this world’s escort missions the escort and the VIP cannot talk with each other.

Of course excluding when there is an emergency situation.

The defense team this time was made up of Lucy-san, Kuina-san, Punea-san who came to pick me up just now, Myra-san with a ponytail exuding a dignified atmosphere, and led by Saran-san wearing an armour with high exposure showing chiselled abs.

After exchanging greetings with them, I found that Myra-san is the type of tight-lipped female warrior, and I don’t know why but I felt that Saran-san with her old man manner of speech has a maiden’s heart.


Just like that I was escorted by the 5 of them and suddenly the attacks came. To be exact I was attacked. Since when was an arrow released towards me.

I was made to bend downwards. I had no idea what was happening but 【By His hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance, with me as the center become my shield to protect my surroundings. Area Barrier.】

While I was in a squatting position the assault team was closing in.

“Advance towards that direction.” 3 people were in charge of defending against attacks while another 2 protected me and we successfully reached the wall.

When only 1 person remained defending was “Times up” called out.


We temporarily gathered towards Lumina-san and the review meeting began.

“Firstly congratulations to the defense team. Assault team unfortunately you guys lost. Well then the points for reflection this time are … ”

The main points said by Lumina-san’s were as such.


Assault team points to reflect on

– Even though the assault team had 5 people, they were too flustered when they could not defeat the disadvantaged remaining 3 man defense team.

– All members were positioned to be at close range.

– They only attacked me at the very beginning, and later only tried to attack me without truly attacking.


Defense team points to reflect on

– Even though they had recognized that the assault had begun, they only detected the released arrow after it had already reached the target.

– They should discuss about the safe routes in advance and prepare multiple routes.


“Luciel-kun do you have any thoughts?”

“I was surprised by the silent arrow that shot past me without me realising it. After that I was squatting down so I could not identify the number of attackers nor their attacks?”


“I see. We’ll keep that for future reference. If anybody else have an opinion raise your hand, what is it Elizabeth?”

“The reason why the assault team lost this time is exactly as Lumina-sama explained earlier. However the greatest reason why we were defeated was because he was there.” She pointed at me.

Likewise the other 4 people from the assault team nodded.

“I guess you are right. For you all who have been assigned to this squad for just a little less than 3 years, usually you all would not lose. But I must tell you that even though Luciel-kun is 17 years old, he is a freak who is already a level V healer.”

“No way, no matter how talented one is as a healer that is not possible.” said Elizabeth and even the defense team joined in at nodding.

“That is why I said he is a freak.” said Lumina-san directly.

“To call me a freak, Lumina-san has been rude since just now.” I murmured a single sentence.

“Ho. I received a report stating that 10 days after registering with the Healer’s Guild you received combat training, 3 meals a day and lodging at the Adventurer’s Guild in exchange for providing free treatment. Was this a false report?”

” … No, that is true but that was because I didn’t want to die. It was just that?”

“To continue even though you were beaten up from morning until night, were you not the oddball nicknamed masochistic healer, zombie healer, masochistic zombie healer?”

“I am sorry. I was only called that because I desperately wanted to survive so please pardon me?” I prostrated on the ground. (TL: He is afraid that the squad will start calling him those nicknames as well.)

“Well putting aside the masochist nickname, while single-mindedly undergoing combat training, I also heard that every day you not only healed the adventurers, you also continued to heal residents for free, or to be exact at a uniform rate of 1 silver coin.”

“No way.” I heard bewildered voices from all around.


“Well because of that, keep in mind that Luciel-kun’s healer ability is already at the veterans level and act accordingly.”


While in a state of not knowing whether I was being belittled or praised, the assault and defense team members were swapped and the VIP escort mission resumed during the day.


“Okay. Let’s stop here. After lunch we will head towards the forest for exercises, gather here again later.”


Thus while having lunch with everybody from the paladin corps, they pried and dug up my past history in Meratoni.

It might be because we were so noisy, somehow I finished my lunch while receiving glares (looks of jealousy, envy, contempt and desire) from the people all around. (TL: Remember this is an all girl paladin corp XD)


“Now then squad, from the nearby forest until the wilderness, we will now begin exterminating monsters. Everybody prepare your horses and assemble.”

『Yes (? … yes?)』 All eyes were gathered upon me who answered with a question.

“Was there something you didn’t understand?”

“Yes. I mean up until now I have never experienced riding a horse.”

” … That is truly out of my expectations.” Isn’t that the same expression as when she called me ignorant? Everybody else had the same expression as well.

“There’s no helping it. Luciel-kun go ask the stable management personnel how to ride a horse and practice. Because when we begin the exercise you might be out of our field of sight so you’ll need to be able to take care of yourself.”

“I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Don’t worry. It’s because I did not consider it as well. You can conduct your horse riding training here. That’s because when our exercise has ended we will return here.”

“Understood. Please don’t worry and set out.”

“Right. We will guide you to the stables. Okay, everybody advance.”


When we arrived at the stables I was introduced to the person responsible for the stables.

“Luciel-kun, this is the person in charge Yanbus. Yanbus, this is the new exorcist who took over the responsibility a few days ago Luciel-kun.” (TL: I’m beginning to wonder if the author has a very bad sense of naming or I just can’t translate the names properly.)

“Nice to meet you I am Luciel. Please give me guidance because I have not ridden nor touched a horse before (During the journey Bazzan-san and co. took care of the horses so I didn’t have the chance). I’ll be in your care.”

“Luciel-sama that makes me fearful so please raise your head. I am Yanbus and have been assigned to manage this place.”

“Well then Yanbus, I will leave Luciel-kun to you?”

“Yes madam.”

“Luciel-kun, work hard.”

After saying just that she gallantly hopped on to the horse beside her and galloped away.

“That looks super cool. Well then best regards Yanbus-san.”


Thus I will ride a horse for the first time in my life.




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