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IS B2C23

Chapter 023: The provisional enlistment of Luciel into the Valkyrie Paladin Corps? On-the-job training for dual swords

Translator: Tseirp


I woke up earlier than usual, prepared such that I could leave at a moment’s notice, and absentmindedly performed magic training while I envisioned how dual sword technique would look like.

To me dual swords was a technique that could defeat opponents using a large variety of moves and leaves them to your mercy. There should be various other interpretations but my image of it was like that.

A long time ago I once tried to hold a large sword called a Greatsword using only one hand but I wasn’t able to, then Grulga-san saw me and said “Drink this”. Instead of ale he made me drink Object X. Now that I think about it, since then my Object X was no longer diluted but was instead served to me in raw undiluted form.

(※Note: Due to Grulga-san’s kindness, he never had Luciel drink Object X undiluted because he feared even Luciel would faint and lose all his memory. However Luciel unexpectedly finished drinking that so his growth plans were modified.)


While I reminisced, 『Kon kon kon』 I heard the sound of knocking.

“Yes. Who is it?”

“I am Elizabeth from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. I came to invite Luciel-san.” (TL: Elizabeth spoke in keigo = honorific speech in Japanese used to show respect/ used by nobles in social settings)

“I’ll be there immediately.” Was Elizabeth an aristocrat? I prepared myself while I thought about that, finished drinking that and casted purification magic before turning the doorknob.


“Thank you very much Elizabeth-san. Thank you for the trouble of coming here.” (TL: Luciel replied using honorific speech as well)

“It doesn’t matter. Today I will thoroughly carve the techniques to utilize dual swords into your body so prepare yourself.”

” … Did something greatly anger you?”

“You are imagining it. Let’s go.”


She emitted an aura that barred any further prying so we began walking towards the Valkyrie Paladin Corp’s training grounds.


Similar to last week ranks were already neatly formed and everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps were awaiting my arrival.

“Good morning Luciel-kun, good work Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth-san first bowed before she went back into the column.

“Good morning. I will be in your care for today as well.”

I expressed my greetings and was going to proceed to the back but was stopped.

“Ah, Luciel-kun, hold on to this.”

Lumina-san stretched out her hand and on it was a single card extended towards me. I immediately accepted the card.

“Erm what is this?”

“That card represents that you are related to the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. Don’t worry and take it. With that you can enter any area restricted for paladins only without punishment.”

“No, that’s not the issue. The problem is why was I, a guy, even though it is provisional, issued a squad member certificate to the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.”

“I consulted a certain someone, who thought that it would be interesting, so permission was received from above. That’s all.”

“To just say it so simply …”

“If you are a guy then don’t sweat the minor details. If not you’ll go bald in the future. Okay, warm-ups.”

『Kusu kusu kusu』 Elegant laughter awfully remained in my ears but as soon as I looked back, 『Yes』 everybody chased after Lumina-san who had began running and I followed behind.

“That was way too unsatisfactory an explanation~”

I tried my best to chase after their backs.


“Ha ha ha” I adjusted my breathing, exhaling and inhaling deeply.

“You’ve became faster compared to last week.”

“Even so I was still 7 laps behind you all.”

“Considering you are a healer that is quite fast?”

“Why did you end that with a question?”

“Well then. Squad today, excluding Elizabeth and Lipnea, form pairs and battle 1-vs-1, after that pair up with your opponent and conduct a playoff.” (TL: Playoff like those in team sports games like basketball, winner gains a point loser loses a point total up the points for ranking.)


“First Elizabeth and Lipnea do a mock battle as fellow dual sword users. After that have a mock battle with Luciel-kun. However, severing strikes and sneak attacks are prohibited.”


“Now split up and begin training.”

Thus I saw for the first time the mock battles by the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.


With a low posture like sliding forward, Lipnea-san approached Elizabeth-san looking as if she would slip past Elizabeth-san’s right, Lipnea-san used the sword on her left hand to slash at Elizabeth-san’s foot.

While composedly parrying with her own left sword, Elizabeth-san rotated using her left foot and slashed at Lipnea-san’s back using her right sword.

Once again as if reading the move, Lipnea-san lifted and rotated her body, using the momentum from parrying the sword blow she gained distance from Elizabeth-san.

Continuous attacks were sent out at speeds that would be missed if you blinked together with correspondingly overwhelming speed of approach. However the other side also attacked at a similar pace so it was extremely hard to reach a conclusion.

Half way through the dance-like attack and defense, Elizabeth-san who stopped a dual sword simultaneous strike concluded the fight with the sword on her right hand resting at a horizontal position against Lipnea-san’s neck.

Without a doubt the reason why Lipnea-san lost this time was because she attempted a dual sword simultaneous strike.


“What do you think?”

“They were both fast, accurately attacked the opponent’s weak spots and looks like they moved while considering multiple hands and patterns in advance.”

“What about regarding dual swords?”

“Yes. There are more gaps that I imagined. To maintain continuous attacks, movement is limited and attacks can’t be paused. Similarly you can’t let your attacks be stopped as well, there are many existing theories to it.”

“Good. Looks like you paid attention. Also, in other cases feints are convenient but when handling dual swords it would shake the body’s axis so attacks would lack that final decisive push. Well then you have recognized the drawbacks so next will be Luciel-kun’s turn.”

“Yes. I will give it a go.”


First was my battle with Lipnea-san.

Along with the signal to start I invoked magic that increased physical defense, held my shield in front and waited for attacks to come.

Bathed in continuous attacks from above center below left and right, I became like a turtle but somehow could tolerate the attacks.

Comparing with Broad-san, the speed of was not as fast so there wasn’t that much of an oppressive feeling so I could endure it.

I repeatedly looked for an opportunity to match my attack with a gap. I thrust my shield outwards to stop her speed and swung my sword downwards.

At the next moment, I was looking towards the sky with an impact against my chin and couldn’t muster energy into my foot.


“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I am still conscious. Before that what happened at that last moment? The moment I believed I would win I ended up in this pitiful state so I would like an explanation.”

“After you spectacularly defended, at the moment you swung your sword down Lipnea somersaulted backwards and kicked out as she did so which caught your chin. After that your head was swaying about and you couldn’t stand up.”

“I see.” I cast 「Heal」 on my head, returning strength to my legs and I called out “Another match please.”


If Lipnea-san is a continuous attack type, Elizabeth-san is a counter type. She had a wealth of variations, diverting my attacks with a single hand, stopping them with both hands, even sometimes kicking when there was a gap, I couldn’t attack carelessly.

I pretended to attack with a sword but instead thrust out with my shield but “That is a bad move.” The moment I heard Elizabeth-san murmur, Elizabeth-san in front of me disappeared, and I was kicked and collapsed.

And then she slowly thrust a sword onto my back. Thus my second battle ended.

“What was that just now? Why did Elizabeth-san disappear?”

“It is Elizabeth’s magic. Elizabeth explain it yourself.”

“Yes. I am actually a holder of double light and water attributes. Thanks to that I can create illusions. That is why I aimed for the moment a gap appears when you get close enough to me.”

“That was insightful.” I honestly lowered my head.

Thus while the 3 of us battled and Lumina-san gave advice, the morning practice ended.




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