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IS B2C26

Chapter 026: New nickname obtained “Deviant Saint” 

Translator: Tseirp


After I was brought to an area I was familiar with by the Pope’s attendant, I expressed my thanks and walked towards the direction of the dining hall.


“There’s quite a lot of people here.” As I queued, which brought up memories of school cafeterias, somebody called out to me.

“Luciel-kun, after getting your food come sit over here.”

Before turning around, just by listening to the voice I immediately knew who it was.

“Lumina-sama thank you for your hard work. Thank you for inviting me over.”

I turned around and briefly answered with a greeting.


The people who saw that spectacle didn’t think too well of that. Although they did not come pick a fight, bathed in the persistent gazes, I felt depressed from the constant stares.


“Good evening. Please give me a large serving today as well. Ah, also today’s bento was delicious.”

“Ara Luciel-kun thank you. Well then I’ll give you an even larger serving.”

After saying that she personally delivered the meal, which was easily over 5 times more than the other people queuing up, a number of people did a double take when they saw it and looked like they wanted to laugh, but the gazes further accumulated so I promptly moved.


“It’s rare that all of you are gathered together.”

“Yeah. The truth is there are currently squabbles at the international borders between Elimashia Empire, Rubruk Kingdom and the Saint Schull Allied Nations. Unfortunately, my Valkyrie Paladin Corps and the Priest Knight Crops were assigned to patrol the periphery.”

“That means?”

“Umu. I’m sorry but from tomorrow onward the trainings will stop for some time. Of course, I don’t mind if you enter the training grounds to train your horsemanship … to practice riding a horse.” (TL: Lol he is so bad at it that she can’t even say that it is horsemanship.)


Let me restate it? Lumina-san is occasionally rude. Although I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t.

“Understood. I understand that you all are strong but please take care to not get wounded and return safely.”

“Well, when we are not around I think that the person most troubled would be Luciel.”

Maruruka-san said something ominous.

” … ?”

“That’s right. You are always together with us so don’t you think that you are not really held in good terms by others?”

Gannett-san further added on.

“Well true … ”

Since coming to the church headquarters, I have not spoken to any guys apart from Jordo-san, Granhart-san and Yanbus-san.

“You are always covered by bloodthirst.”

Beatrice-san, that is too scary.

“Rest in peace.”

Cathy-san, that is too far a leap.

“No no, bloodthirst have not been sent my way. And I’m not going to die.”


Eh? Why is everybody sighing so deeply?


“It would be best if you undergo special training to be slightly better at reading the signs.”

Lipnea-san gave me an advice.

” … Well, it is just like Luciel-san after all, to be dense.”

Elizabeth is being insensitive? A follow-up advice to me?

“If you die I will pray for you.”

Eh? Why are you so certain that I will die? Kuina-san?

“I will avenge you.”

Myra-san. That’s dangerous. Eh? Or is the situation really that bad? Instead for getting revenge for me, can’t you defend me?

“Luciel, try your best to escape.”

Lucy-san took a fighting pose.

“Where do you intend to run away to?”

Where can I escape to?

“That’s right~ If you enter the labyrinth wouldn’t it be fine since they can’t go in?”

Lucy-san, wouldn’t that just be my usual routine?

“You guys, don’t say such irresponsible things.”

That’s right. Lumina-san please give me some advice. Ah, she diverted her eyes.


“That’s it. Luciel have balls right. You should be able to protect your own balls.”

Saran-san shot out words like an old man but, my life depends on my balls?

“Saran-san, even though your room is so girly, why are your remarks always so vulgar in that tavern old man tone of voice.”

“Shu … shut up. I don’t want to be told that by you Elizabeth who speaks in a princess tone of voice but have a sloppy personality.”

“There there both of you calm down. You are both self-destructing.”

The two finally realised that I am present and sat down blushing, glaring at each other. Let sleeping dogs lie. I pretended to not notice.

“Well despite these reasons, if by the time we return you are still incompetent I will re-train you without any questions asked so be diligent.”

“Yes sir!” (TL: In English)

While still troubled by the problems without any resolutions, in response to Lumina-san’s words I placed my hand on my chest and replied at the top of my voice.

After that, while chatting and having our meals, we finally returned to our respective rooms.


I went towards the oba-chan and kindly requested her to prepare a large quantity of food for me.

After that, in order to replenish that, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Good evening.”

After calling out, I noticed that the waitress was a different one from the one before so I had her call the master out.


” … To come back exactly one month later, did you really finish all of that?”

The master asked me with a startled expression.

“Of course. Ah, I will be going on a slight expedition so please prepare 10 barrels.”

” … Hey are you the healer than came from Meratoni?”

For some reason the master asked. Don’t tell me, an assassination? I was fearful as I replied.

” … Yes. One month had quickly passed by since I’ve arrived here.”

“By the way, do you work as a healer in the Holy City?”

It seemed like it was not for an assassination. But this enquiring gaze, why is it that I had a feeling I’ve seen this before.


“No~, I am currently employed by the church headquarters so it is impossible for me to live in the Adventurer’s Guild.”

” … Is that so. Understood. I will prepare that so please wait a moment.”

He disappeared into the kitchen with a gloomy face.


“That expression, I am suuuper~ curious.”

Now that I’ve noticed, it’s pretty quiet today. Just when I thought about that, I saw injured people? being carried to the underground training grounds.


“Excuse me.”

There were few other customers around so I called out to the waitress.

“Do you wish to order?”

“No, it is the first time I’ve come out in a month but injured people are being carried underground, had something happened?”

“Yes. Lately, it seems that although the monsters have become more active, even high level monsters have appeared so the adventurer’s have been fighting an uphill battle.”

“I see. Is that why the master had that gloomy look?”

“Yes. Many of the master’s acquaintances have been injured.”

“What’s the response from the healer clinics?”

If it is healing, as long as it is not too severe it should be able to be healed?

“Everyone has severe wounds and cannot pay tens of gold coins. Are you telling the adventurers to become slaves?”

Eh? Had I said something terribly rude to this person I just met to warrant such anger? Hmm? Become slaves? Even though we are in the Holy City? My head was spinning round and round thinking about that. For starters I’ll deny that statement first.

“Eh? Nobody said that.” (Luciel)

“Mirinia! Stop it.”

The master came out and helped me.

“But master, this person said to consult the healer’s hospital …”

As I’ve said before, those eyes are not a reward to me.


“If that’s the case, how much would you charge?” (Master)

“Well~. One silver coin per person, the Pope and the Valkyrie Paladin Corps will help as much as possible if I am troubled. I will work hard to amend my unpleasant nicknames.”

” … Then, show me your resolve by drinking this.”

『Don』 A mug was placed down and I began drinking.


“Glug, glug, glug, glug, fuuu~. Let’s go. Ah, firstly please fill in those barrels.”

I confirmed the contents of the barrels with the master and placed them into my magic bag.

“Isn’t that … Never mind, follow me.”

Was he surprised by my magic bag? I wore the church’s white robe and went towards the underground.


The place changed until it looked just like a field hospital.

Those who saw me coming down shot bloodthirsty looks at me.

No, the target of those gazes were not me but instead my white robe.

With just that small detail, a riot occurred.


“What did you come here for. Money-grubber.”

“To dare to come here, fall into hell.”


“I’ll kill you.”

Un. That’s dangerous. It was so scary that with just a little bit more I would have leaked.


“Quiet down you idiots~!!”

The tavern master raised his voice.

The training grounds fell silent.

“This dude, no, this personage is the one known as the legendary healer from Meratoni city Masochist-sama. Even though he had come here to help at just one silver coin per person, if anybody have any complaints they can leave.”

“Zombie healer?”

“Eh, although he looks quite handsome but he’s called a masochist?”

“The masochist zombie healer wasn’t just an urban legend?”

“To only charge one silver coin, he’s just like a sage from a fairy tale.”

“Oi, hang in there, if it’s the Zombie-sama, then you might be saved.”

“Hang in there, Zombie-sama, quickly heal.”

The calls for zombie, zombie and zombie increased.


Damn it, that master had to say my zombie nickname. Wait a minute, in this case the beginning is where it is essential. I fired myself up and called out.

“I have no intention of stealing the customers from the other healer clinics. Today I just coincidentally came here to drink Object X. That is why, I cannot heal you all every time, please do not cause a riot or collide with the other healer clinics due to the higher prices.”

I made sure everyone around understood that.

“One silver coin per person, the Pope and Valkyrie Paladin Corps within the church will help out as much as possible if I am troubled. And stop with the unpleasant nicknames especially zombie and masochist, if not I will not heal you guys. If you all understand then I will begin. Ah, please gather the heavily injured.”


Then, immediately the individuals who collapsed due to injuries were gathered.

While expressing relief that my Holy attribute magic level became VIII after spending half a year, I spun my words.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance become the breath of an angel, shelter everything and heal everyone, Area High Heal.】

Right after chanting the words, a huge ton of magical power was robbed from me but I maintained the magical power control and thought of curing them.

A pale light covered everybody within a 3 meter radius. When their bodies emitted light, like on rewind, their wounds resealed and even bent fractured arms were healed via a principle I had no understanding of.

“Fu~. I’ll begin the next one now.” (Luciel)

“Ah, yes. Oi those next up hurry up.”


With breaks in between, I casted another 2 「Area High Heal」 to heal the wounds.

Unfortunately, even though I healed them, I could not regenerate collapsed eyes or cleaved limbs.

But nobody complained or held grudges towards me who was trying my best to heal.

After my treatment ended, within the silence, they secretly discussed my nickname.


“He said that masochist and zombie are not allowed right?”

“He said that he hated them.”

“But then should we go with ‘sage’? Since he is a healer?”

“How should we do this. He likes combat even though he knows that he wouldn’t win right?”

“If that’s the case then the ‘healer combat maniac’?”

“That sounds awkward. How about because he helps people at a cheap price, the ‘cheap healer’?”

“He would definitely be attacked by the Healer’s Guild if we named him that.”

“Because masochist and zombie sounds good together, it’s hard to change it.”

“Then since he is a fine person, ‘saint-sama’?”

“He’s still young, that sounds too heavy.”

“If that’s the case, since he can drink that, how about ‘healer freak’?”

“That isn’t much different from masochist.”

“Then since he is like a saint but also a freak, then should we call him the ‘deviant saint’?”

“”That’s it!!””

“But, masochist and zombie still sounds the best after all.”

“That’s true.”


After I finished healing everyone, I was bathed in calls of ‘masochist’ and ‘zombie’ resulting in the blue vein on my forehead popping up as I received the treatment fee. I was on the verge of magic depletion, and this time fanned by Object X, I was now bathed in calls of ‘deviant saint’ so I left the Adventurer’s Guild.

Just like that a new nickname was added to my list of nicknames. I flew into the bed, wet the pillow with tears and vowed to the moon that rarely came out that I will work hard to train to be able to complain to the adventurers.



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