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IS B3C28

The SS4 chapter will have to wait until I have the time to translate it >.< It is more than 3 times the usual length of a chapter. Either TheDefend picks it up or I’ll leave it until the end of this book to translate. Enjoy :D


Chapter 028: Deviant Saint’s whimsical day

Translator: Tseirp


The battle with Undead attribute monsters continued. Normally it would be impossible with deteriorating health and the bad odour. I thought that maybe there really hasn’t been anybody who had cleared this. However, can’t people like Instructor Broad or Lumina-san who can move at a speed that I can’t follow successfully clear this?

Now that I think about it, it has been quite easy up to here.

Maybe the reason why the previous expedition failed was because of their large numbers being susceptible to skills like confusion or mental collapse?

Maybe that’s why I can advance all alone.


I attacked with a sword, searching for a gap in the opponent’s habits to add in sneak attacks.

“I initially thought that the undead do not feel pain but it looks like that is not the case right? Having a sense of pain, how is sensei’s body holding up? Hmm sensei?”

During the clash of swords, I who obtained cheat equipments blocked the sword with my shield and channelled magical power into my feet before kicking sensei at his left flank.

『Gooo~』 The Specter Knight cried out, before slamming into the labyrinth wall.


It will soon be 3 months since I shut myself in the labyrinth.

For the sake of refreshing myself, I exit the labyrinth once a week to talk with Katria-san and refresh my horsemanship training.

Although I have currently captured the labyrinth until the 30th floor, I had not proceeded to the boss room.


“Thank you for the hard work. How’s your condition lately?”

“I can finally win against the Specter Knight. (TL: Most likely he meant he is able to win without using magic) However, against multiple opponents, if that appears then I think I will still have a tough battle.”

“I see. By the way you don’t intend to class up?”

“Yeah. Thinking of the reward I would get when I someday clear the labyrinth, I still wish to continue working hard.” (TL: I think class up meant like going from cleric to priest etc so he wouldn’t be assigned to be an exorcist for the labyrinth anymore after that)

“Fufufu. You are pretty stubborn.”

“Yeah. Well I plan to enter the 30th floor boss room sometime soon.”

“I won’t say cliché words like ‘Good luck’ but don’t die okay.”

“Haha. Of course.”

“So you’re going in again?”

“No, I have something I wish to buy so I’ll go out temporarily. Oh yeah any news regarding the Valkyrie Paladin Corps?”

“Sounds like they aren’t having any problems. But it seems like it is impossible that they would be told to remain still.”

“Well there’s no way they’ll discard healers to the front lines.”

“Yeah. But those girl’s lives are more valuable than those greedy healers.”

“I am a healer as well but I think so too.”

” … Ara, now that you’ve mentioned it you are a healer.”

” … Hahaha.”

“Lately I’ve heard them call you as Sir Deviant Saint so I ended up thinking that you were a paladin.”

“Please give me a break.”

“Fufufu. So what will you be doing on this holiday?”

“I’ll visit the Adventurer’s Guild, buy some food from the food market after that and once again dive into the labyrinth.”

“Are you sure you won’t become funny from fighting so many undead?”

“No I won’t. Maybe it’s because I have the mental resistance skill?”

“Don’t overdo it.”

“That’s becoming your favourite phrase. I’m off.”

“Take care.”


Within these 3 months I did not meet anybody who came looking for me as an adversary.

Firstly, because my physique had become pretty much like the appearance of a knight, I no longer look like a healer.

Next, because I tied my hair due to it becoming longer, even if they had seen my face when I was with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, they wouldn’t recognize me now.

Well there were pranks done on my room but that’s all there was to it.


Oh, while lost in thought, I’ve reached the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Good afternoon.”

After I entered and greeted, the master came out.

“Oh Deviant Saint-sama. Did you come here for that today? Or is today a day for healing?”

“Why are you always in the kitchen?”

“Ah. I found out that that is running out soon. Also, didn’t you say that you would take a day off once a week?”

“Good job remembering something from a month ago.”

“Keh. If I forget something like that from someone who does so much for us, I would lose my qualifications as guild master.”

“Then why are you at the kitchen?”

“It’s my hobby.”

“Is that so … I’m sorry for the rush but please prepare 10 barrels of that. After that …

“Ah Deviant Saint-sama”

“Ah, good afternoon Milty-san. Please gather the injured people downstairs.”


“I’ll go make preparations as well.”

Thus both of them left for the underground and the kitchen respectively.


Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day. (TL: It is like those national holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day etc.) How did such a day come to be? Since the day the nickname ‘Deviant Saint’ was coined, I accept nomination requests from the Adventurer’s Guild once a month.

The price was set as 1 silver coin plus any information and mock battles with the adventurers. In order to know my own abilities I fought and received advice.

Unexpectedly, it seemed like losing to a healer was humiliating to adventurers, so newbies and low rankers began to desperately train and practice. Apparently due to that the mortality rate and cases of failed missions dramatically decreased.

Currently, I could fight with multiple E rank and D rank adventurers without losing but I would not be able to win either.

If I fought 1-on-1 against a D rank I would win. It was around that level.

Seeing that, those above B rank began training their fundamentals again and apparently even when the monsters became active nobody came back with life-threatening injuries.

Also, it seems that the day before the Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day, everyone takes on high rank requests and lately high rank monsters were being defeated one by one.

Somehow I was the core reason for this virtuous cycle and I have immense popularity among the adventurers here.

The source of all these information were the tavern master-cum-guild master, Granz-san and waitress-cum-assistant guild master Milty-san.

Nevertheless, was the Adventurer’s Guild doing fine with those 2 people as the top? I began to doubt that.


“Oh, Deviant Saint-sama long time no see.”

“Ah, Elitz-dono, long time no see.”

“Have that become slightly of use to you?”

“Yeah. But I still find it difficult to control.”

“Shouldn’t it be a piece of cake with such a high level in magical power manipulation? Also, are you still level 1?”

“Yeah. That’s because I’m still not defeating any monsters.”

“Hah~ What a waste. Even though you are such an outrageous raw diamond to be able to fight to such a degree.”

“I’m only doing this because I don’t want to die. Rather than that, is it true that there is a famous story saying that if you circulate magical power within your body at high speed it raises physical abilities?”

“Yeah. But if you can’t manipulate magical power then there’s no need to try that.”


“By the way, recently that person who lost to Deviant Saint-sama …”


Just like that while talking with the guild’s A rank Elitz, I stored Object X into my magic bag, and once again cast 「Area High Heal」, 「Purification」, 「Recover」and 「Dispel」 onto the people who needed them.

Following that I obtained information regarding Meratoni and the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, did some mock battles and visited the food market. After that I ordered a meal with large portions in the Adventurer’s Guild such that people exclaimed that I have a large appetite, before I returned full of energy to the Healer’s Guild.


“Well then let’s go.” Thus I set the 10th floor boss room as my sleeping ground today and rested there.

Incidentally, regardless of defeating the undead using magic or magical attack, I realised that my Holy magic attribute proficiency increases, and it increases in proportion to my enthusiasm. However reaching level IX, and let alone level X, would be a long term task.

“Once my body’s strengthening becomes slightly more smooth, I will challenge the 30th floor boss.”





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