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Side Story 2: Meratoni Adventurer Guild’s three heavyweights anxious about Luciel’s future

Translator: Tseirp


Regardless of the type of guild, guilds are open 24 hours a day 360 days a year.

Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild is no exception.

There is a system of shifts split into morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift. However there are some guilds who do not run by shifts as well.

“Okay. Remember to start your morning tomorrow with a run as well.”

“Yes Instructor Broad.”

Luciel returned to the underground sleeping chambers.


“Alright. Maybe I’ll get a drink.”

Broad talked to Grulga who was at the counter. Usually the dining hall within the guild does not serve sake but this was also the privilege of a guild master.


“Yeah. By the way Broad, recently you look rejuvenated.”

“I’m surprised myself. After I began teaching him, my 「Taijutsu」 level became 「Taijutsu VIII」.”

“Heh~ amazing. Even the Whirlwind-sama who climbed up until S rank using swordsmanship and instantaneous movement had his 「Taijutsu」 skill level increased.”

“I’m certain.”

Kukuku. The sound of a suppressed laughter.


“And so? How does Luciel feel about the current environment?”

“He only thinks of ways so as to not die. Well the truth is he is desperately soaking up training so he doesn’t have time to think about anything else.”

“Hah~. The guy have continued drinking the undiluted solution of that but do you know the effects of it?”

“No I don’t. It’s written in literature that a sage in the past made it. Supposedly it can make the body stronger and make it easier for status to rise.”

“So have actual effects appeared?”

“Um, although he is definitely stronger compared to when he first came here, he is still around the level of a F rank warrior.”

“Nevertheless, he’s amazing to continue drinking that. His bad breath  after drinking that should probably be quite harsh right?”

“Ah. I’m the only one around him and the others plug their nose when they get close to him. Well it’s not a problem as long as you don’t approach him after meals.”

“Even my that brother Garba commented on the terrible smell.”

“Well the bad breath disappears 30 minutes after drinking that so somehow others do not notice it and it finished without anyone hating him for it.”

“No wonder.”

For the adolescent Luciel who desires to become stronger even by a little, even though they sympathized with him, the two people steeled their heart and had him drink that.


“Ah, Broad and Grulga thanks for your hard work.”

There, Grulga’s brother Galba came.

“Garba, good job.”

“Don’t mention it. Besides, it’s easier than the guild master’s work.”

“Oh big brother, would you like some ale?”



“Ah. Because the negotiations went well, even if he goes over to the other side, he would no longer be targeted.”

“And the mastermind?”

“It was unusual that the mastermind was Botacyl. However, I was surprised that the slave leader tried a coup d’etat.”

“Hoh. That’s tough.”

“And so what would big brother do now?”

“The Healer Guild’s head seems to be swimming in quite a bit of gold so it’s about time to crush him.”

“Kukuku. It’s finally time for Garba the hermit to act huh.”

As you could guess from this conversation, Garba’s work does not only involve dismantling. Like a detective, he gathers information and evidence in the shadows. In the past he’s even done assassinations.


“I wonder what is Luciel-kun hiding, he always tries his hardest to survive and he’s an oddball to come knocking on the doors of the Adventurer’s Guild because he doesn’t want to die.”

“That’s certainly true.”

“So? In five months, how far can you train him until?”

“Hmm. Since he is still level 1, the most he can do is beat an E rank warrior. However using tricks, he might be able to defeat C ranks. Well although it’s in the future, he still have an allowance for growth.”

” … If he hasn’t change after a few years later, maybe I’ll train him too.”

” … If you teach him then he will die.”

“He’ll be fine. I am different from you who seriously cuts with a single stroke. Moreover I feel that he somehow has a chaotic constitution.”

“Although Garba’s readings are mostly ominous, they are often correct.”

“I wonder when would he fall in love?”

“Huh? Doesn’t the receptionist girls all seem to like Luciel-kun?”

“It’s more like they see him as a little brother. Even though his height and looks aren’t bad, his nicknames are zombie and masochist.”

” … Isn’t that due to the devil instructor and cooking bear?”

“I am just generously preparing meals and that. Don’t lump me together with some battle maniac.”

“Who are you calling a battle maniac. But I wonder … I don’t know his taste but it would be good if we could find somebody who will fall in love with him.”

“He will be fine. And he seems to prefer girls with wonderful smiles and cute gestures.”

“Which is also …”

” … Ah”

“Well lets comfort him if he gets fooled.”



Thus the next day Broad and Grulga treated Luciel a little bit better.






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  5. "He will be fine. And he seems to prefer girls with wonderful smiles and cute gestures."
    "Which is also …"
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    Which is also what? I don't understand. Someone explain.

    • alexorario

      I was wondering the same thing

      • Mustrum Ridcully

        Wonderful smiles and cute gestures are rarely obtained naturally. (In a world without models and celebrities, those would be traits of female con artists)

  6. He's probably referring to someone that looks like a trap.

  7. They didn't elaborate in the WN as well. They either meant it like how bladestorm91 interpreted it as or the receptionist girls who fit that image but think of him as a little brother instead of a love interest.

  8. They are talking about either working woman (prostitutes) or woman trying to trick him (aka want something from him or scammers ect) So in a nut shell they realized that he is easily fooled and may have trouble with woman that will use and abuse him and throw him away. It would in a way be comparable to a woman who has a thing for bad boys.

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  10. Mikleo

    “He will be fine. And he seems to prefer girls with wonderful smiles and cute gestures.”

    “Which is also …”

    ” … Ah”

    “Well lets comfort him if he gets fooled.”


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