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This is the side story from Bazzan’s point of view regarding the events in book 1 plus some back story. Enjoy 🙂


Side Story 3: White Wolf’s Bloodline and the eccentric heretic

Translator: Tseirp


At the rest area in Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild.

My name is Bazzan. I formed a party called the White Wolf’s Bloodline.

I formed the party with my childhood friends Skyros and Basra.

I am the beastman descendent of the White Wolf which is revered as a holy beast, as I was the strongest amongst the three of us, the party name was chosen as so.


In this world there aren’t many lands that are liveable for beastmen.

Due to genetics, we possess both body hair that quickly grows longer as well as a tail. As a result ordinary beastmen are shunned by the majority of humans.

Amongst those, companion type beastmen were treated like pets by the humans.


On that day, by chance I came to the Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild to report a B rank mission.

A lanky guy was begging the receptionist Nanaera-chan.

“If that guy acts up I’ll go over immediately.”

“Don’t overdo it. He’s so scrawny he might just die.”

“Anything is fine except for that.”

“I know.”

It seemed like there were others who had the same line of thought as me.


Remarkably, there are various races that work in this Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild.

Well there is the presence of ‘Whirlwind’ who is an existence above the clouds as well as the  legends within the beastmen community, ‘Cooking Bear’ and ‘Hermit-san’, in this guild. Even the despicable Healer’s Guild and Magician’s Guild cannot touch us. (TL: If you don’t remember, Instructor Broad’s nickname is ‘Whirlwind’, Grulga-san is ‘Cooking Bear’ and Garba-san is ‘Hermit-san’)

When I was thinking of such things, Nanaera-chan left her seat and the scrawny man was on his own.

Normally when Nanaera-chan flees a man should chase after her. (TL: Bazzan’s wolf instinct kicking in? If I remember correctly Nanaera is a bunny beastwoman.) And judging from Nanaera-chan’s troubled smile, I thought that this human might be a rare type that can repel beastmen.


After a few minutes, Nanaera-chan brought Broad-san over.

… Is that guy fine? Even while receiving Broad-san’s amazing intimidation he could still explain himself clearly.

“Don’t you think that scrawny guy is pretty strong?”

“Yeah. He can even withstand that level of intimidation. He might possibly be some magician from somewhere.”

My prediction at that time was totally out. No, his courage alone was first-class among adventurers so it might not have been wrong altogether.”


An unusual announcement was released at the Adventurer’s Guild.

The announcement content was that three days later a healer would be staying in the Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild.

Although the novice healer was only able to cast 「Heal」, treatment was uniformly one silver coin regardless of race and gender.

In addition, just by looking at the scrawny physique of the man you can immediately understand.

If you pick a fight, your adventurer rank would be dropped as a penalty.

It would vanish just like that.


The first thing that surprised me was the dropping of rank. This was an unusual VIP treatment. It was even more surprising that it was the ‘Whirlwind’ that ordered so.

Next was the point on regardless of race. Just like I mentioned before, the beastmen were shunned and sometimes refused treatment or hit with an exorbitant price.

We were thankful that it wasn’t so.


“Perhaps it was that guy from a while ago?”

“Yeah. It would seem to be so.”

“A guy that had such great courage was actually a healer. Well let’s take it with a grain of salt.”

“It’s not like it complicates things for Nanaera-chan.”



Thus we decided that that lanky healer Luciel was not just a simple healer.

It was our first encounter with a healer that was unlike any other healer.

Two days later we departed after receiving an request for escort from Meratoni to the Elimasia Empire. (TL: Better name for イリマシア帝国?)


Three months had passed since then when we returned to the Meratoni guild after the expedition ended.

“This time’s expedition was much longer.”

“That merchant was so impudent I almost gave up.”

“Well didn’t he behave himself after we defeated that monster.”

“I guess so.”

“Now that I think about it, do you want to make a bet if the healer is still in the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“That’s a good idea. I bet that he is not.” Skyros was the first to answer.

” … I think he is still around.” It was unusual that Basra chose that choice.

“I also think that he’s not. Basra why do you think that he is?”

“Despite of what the healer wants, I don’t think that ‘Whirlwind’ would let that guy escape.”

“I see. Well then let us bet our drinking expenses later after we finish our report.”



Thus we went to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“I don’t see him anywhere. Kukuku. I’m swimming in alcohol.”

“『Che』” Basra clicked his tongue.


“Ah welcome. White Wolf’s Bloodline-sama, are you all here to report?”

“Oh Nanaera-chan. By the way, how long has it been since that healer from three months ago stopped coming back?”

“Eh? Do you mean Luciel-kun?”

“It’s rare that you attach -kun to a person. If that’s the case then he lasted longer than a month?” Skyros asked.

“Fufufu. Nope.” I had a bad feeling from Nanaera-chan’s bright smile.

“Kukuku. Perhaps he is still showing up?” Basra strangely became cheerful and asked.

“Fufufufuuu. Ah sorry. If you are talking about Luciel-kun then he currently lives in the sleeping chambers underground.”

“””Hah~?””” Our exclamations were surprisingly in sync.


After that, we heard that that healer Luciel genuinely lived in the Adventurer’s Guild and after every meal he properly finishes that drink that Grulga-san gives to all rookie adventurers.

Contrary to expectations, he seemed to confront ‘Whirlwind’ all day and was said to be addicted to training as he had only left the Adventurer’s Guild once ever since he started staying here.

“Aren’t the nicknames taste disorder, masochist and zombie rather amazing?”

“Aren’t you awfully talkative today.”

“Ah. It’s thanks to your money to buy me drinks.”

“『Che』. Well he seems like a good guy so maybe I’ll go visit him if I get injured.”


At that point in time, not only I, but also Skyros and Basra only thought of Luciel as an eccentric healer.

At that time we had no reason to know that a situation would possibly happen three months later.


In a certain mine we defeated a monster. It was a request so there wasn’t any problem.

『Goho Goho』 both Skyros and I were coughing.

In the mine we fought a monster that spat out a mist-like smoke that seemed like it would ignite us if we touched it.

“Both of you we’re reaching soon so hang on.”

“Don’t make such a face. I’m fine.”

“Yeah. Like we would die so easily. We’ll recover once we get some sleep.”

“No, for now we’re going to the clinic.”

Basra was strangely powerful at that time even though he was a magician. We obediently went to the clinic.

However, it was easy to imagine what awaited us.


“I won’t treat that dog. It will be 15 gold coins for this guy.”

“Wha?! There’s no way we can pay such an amount.”

“I don’t care. I’m busy here. If you don’t want to then go home.”

“Please, is there any other way.”

“There’s no choice. You can get the money if you sell that dog to the slave dealer.”

“Don’t fuck with us.” (TL: Pardon the language but it needs to be here.)

“Then leave.”

Thus we were expelled from the clinic.


Skyros and I rested in bed after returning to the inn while Basra went to report to the guild.

I immediately lost consciousness the moment Basra left.


Somehow it felt warm. The sluggish feeling in my body was being taken out. It was such a strange feeling.

“I think it should be fine with this. If it still doesn’t get better tomorrow come to the guild a … ga … in …”

“Are you alright … Thanks kid. Here. 2 silver coins.

“Is it really fine with just this?”

“Yeah. It’s his wish.” (TL: It’s funny that they are talking like he’s not there.)

“What exactly is this healer?”

“An oddball of a healer. I don’t know what kind of life he had until now but he’s training because he doesn’t want to die.”

“Can he gain profit with just 2 silver coins?”

“The person himself said “I’m still inexperienced.”. Well if you feel indebted to him then help him out when he is in trouble.”

After saying so, ‘Whirlwind’ pulled the healer and left the room.


“Basra? Was that ‘Whirlwind’ just now?”

“Yeah. He brought the guild healer over.”

“I see. He said he was inexperienced right? Would my poison state be cured properly?”

” … Bazzan, I will say this first, if that guy, no if that healer-sama wasn’t here you guys would be dead.”

“Ah, yeah. Hah? Is that so?”

“When I went to bring ‘Whirlwind’ and healer-sama over, ‘Whirlwind’ examined the monster and seems like this time the monster we defeated was a variant of the Gasbus monster. Once the poison is inhaled, without appropriate magic or antidote it can’t be cured.” (TL: Better name for ガスバスル?)

“Hoh. Magic is great.”

“I can also use magic but magic by itself is not amazing. It is amazing only if you can correctly use it.”

“Huh? What are you trying to say?”

” … I’ve told you that if it wasn’t for that healer-sama you guys would be dead. How many times do you think he casted healing magic on Skyros and you? He tried casting the detoxification healing magic again again, until the point of magic power depletion but he still continued.”

“Is that … amazing?”

“Normally it wouldn’t be surprising even if he fainted. He dealt treatment while dripping blood from clenching his teeth. And it was only for 2 silver coins? Can you imagine it?”

” … Does it mean he’s my lifesaver?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. If you ridicule that healer-sama I would doubt your sanity. That’s all.”

” … What’s that kid called again? Luciel-kun right. I never expected that there would be such a healer.”

“Hmm? Have you regained consciousness Skyros?”

“Yeah. I heard a voice calling out hang in there hang in there when I was treated and I felt a warm light chase away the darkness.”

“I felt that warm light as well.”

“Properly thank the healer-sama the next time we meet him.”

“I know.”

“Roger that.”


The next day, when we went to thank the eccentric healer Luciel, he only said “It’s because you didn’t give up on living, it is game over when you die.” before he went back to battle with ‘Whirlwind’.

“Is he a saint/wise man?”

“Looking at his asceticism, he might one day become a founder of the Healer’s Guild.”

“I’ll try to return even a little of the favour I owe Luciel-kun if he meets any trouble. I’ll convey that to ‘Whirlwind’.”

“Yeah. The White Wolf’s Bloodline do not forget our obligations.”


Thus I, Bazzan and the White Wolf’s Bloodline, was thankful that we met Luciel and we rooted for his gradual growth. Three months later we became an A rank party.


When the good-natured Luciel was in a dispute with Botacyl and when he was told to transfer to the church headquarters, we couldn’t do anything. But when we were nominated for the escort request, we accepted it for 2 silver coins.

Thanks to ‘Whirlwind’ who put out the nomination request, we travelled with Luciel to send him to Saint Schull.


With this did we manage to return a little bit of favour? When I was thinking about that Basra opened his mouth to speak.

“If we travel with Luciel, it looks like it would lead to great things.”

Following that Skyros also spoke.

“Looks like Luciel-kun really is not obsessed with gold huh.”

“It doesn’t really matter if we take a slight detour.”


We slowly travelled and took 5 days to complete the journey that can be completed in 2 days.

On the way the villages we stopped by didn’t have much money and rarely had healers come by.

There were villages that tried to offer him women but he refused with a straight face and thanked them for the meal and bedding. The villagers were dumbfounded.

Here we were desperately trying to endure from laughing. As I thought Luciel is a real oddball.


As I held expectations that Luciel would one day become a big shot, I drove the horse-drawn carriage towards the town of Meratoni.


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