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IS B3C36

Chapter 036: Once again, the combination of masochistic zombie and devil mentor

Translator: Tseirp


I’ve returned from the labyrinth!! I sealed my thoughts of shouting that out loud as I placed my hand on the door to the shop and opened it.

Immediately upon doing so, a silver wire flew towards my neck. I believe that I was able to react in time at that instant because my mind was still tense from staying in the labyrinth for so long.


『Gakiiin』 Katria-san stared at me with a surprised expression as the silver wire struck the shield I retrieved from my magic bag at that split second.

The next instant, I tumbled backwards down the stairs.


I had no idea how many synapses I lost from that but my head hurt so bad that I immediately applied 「Heal」.

“That hurts. More importantly, I almost died?”

The next moment Katria-san did a flying body attack … or so I thought but instead she hugged me.

“Wha … wha … what’s the matter Katria-san?”

I thought that I wouldn’t stutter. I had always thought that the stuttering done by novel protagonists invokes an impression of a lucky pervert character.

However, because I had almost died and was suddenly hugged by her, the confusion broke my limit so I panicked and stuttered.


“So you’re alive after all.”

“Yeah. The 40th floor boss was a warrior-like monster. Going by feeling, I think I spent multiple months to defeat it. I planned to return after that but this time I couldn’t open the door leading back so I could only advance forward.”

“Thank god you’re safe … wait now is not the time for this. Hurry, go to the Pope … No, go outside the church and stop the adventurers.”

” … ???”

I was dragged along by Katria-san to the magic elevator, left the church residential space and got off at the information desk. I immediately discovered a nostalgic face.


“Eh? Instructor Broad, Grulga-san, and even Garba-san, what brings you all here? Eh, even guildmaster is here, did something happen? If there is anything I can do to help I’ll cooperate?”

“””” … “”””

” ? ”

” … Luciel, do you no longer feel like living?”

“Ku, thank god.”

“Hahaha, where have you been and what have you been doing?”

“Hey people from Meratoni! I’ll let the people outside waiting for him know. Hey Deviant Saint, make sure to show your face later at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

After my reply, guildmaster went outside.


“And so everybody what happened? Ah, did you all come to visit me? I’m happy to hear that.”

” … You … ha~”

“Well Luciel as a person slightly … no, considerably deviates from the norm.”

“Fufufu, and so? Where have you been and what have you been doing?”

Just as I wanted to speak immense cheers were raised outside. Was there a festival today?

“Is there something like a festival going on today?”

The three of them and Katria-san, even the receptionist held their heads in exasperation … Hmm. I’ll answer the question for now.


“Erm, I’ve been undergoing virtual training against the undead in the location prepared by the church. But I became too complacent and due to some defects I was confined within, so I thought that I might as well use this opportunity to train and continued advancing forward. I only returned just now.”

『Gan』 Instructor Broad suddenly appeared beside me and his fist fell on my head.

“Ouch, Instructor Broad, you appear the same as always? Even so I believe that I have grown.”

I said as my eyes turned watery.

“Hmph. Even though you are my disciple, you are a disciple with no talent. You are a 100 years too early to be able to avoid my attacks. You even made me worry because you became complacent.”

“No way~ Well anyway Grulga-san, I’m so hungry that I’m going to collapse anytime soon. Please make something for me.”

“Kukuku, gahaha. Very well. I’ll prepare something for you. Well then let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild. Hey miss. We’ll be borrowing this kid.”

” … Yeah. I’ll be troubled if he doesn’t report but for now it would be better to let you do so.”

“Yup yup. Thankfully you are somebody who can easily understand, miss.”

“Ah Katria-san. Please inform the Pope that I had somehow escaped from the labyrinth and will report to her highness later, and that I have a matter that I wish to consult her.”


“Okay~ Let’s go.”

“Instructor Broad? There’s no need to pull my neck, Garba-san why are you holding on to my legs? Grulga-san as well there’s no need to hold on to my waist, if we walk down the street like this another strange rumour will start …”

“Don’t worry, Deviant Saint Knight-sama. Fufufu.”

“That’s right. Deviant Saint Healer-sama. Kukuku.”

“Hey stop struggling. There will definitely be a new nickname so don’t worry.”


Thus just like that, I was carried flat on my back along the streets of the Holy City like a human portable shrine all the way to the Adventurer’s Guild.


Meanwhile on the other side, with the report from Katria, including the Pope, the forces who did not think well of Luciel showed expressions of relief.

Fundamentally, knights are strong but that does not mean that they have absolute power. Furthermore, the priests, high priests, bishops and archbishops are not people born from the battlefield.

Due to that, looking at the scene whereby the church was surrounded, those who thought of their own death was not restricted to only one or two of them.

From this incident, the individuals who experienced the real horror of Luciel began scheming to either further get closer to their own factions, to not act hostile towards him or to keep a distance no matter what.

While I had no idea what was happening behind the scenes, I was also oblivious to the blessing from Great Luck-sensei who dispersed the hostile forces. I ate the food made by Grulga-san and guildmaster and was made to drink Object X.

And then, the people who could not afford to go to the healer’s clinic overflowed into the Adventurer’s Guild. The Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day was revived.


“I was caught off guard just now but I had worked hard to surpass Instructor Broad. I will not hold back.”

“Che, you’re becoming cheeky, who was the one who taught you how to use the sword and spear in the beginning.”

“I will answer that in the mock battle.”

“Hurry up and come attack me.”

“Here I come.”

I poured all I had into strengthening my body before approaching with a upward slash from below using the sword held in my right hand while I pierced the ground using the spear held in my left to pivot my kick.

The next instant, I was lying on the training ground. Huh? It was completely different from what I had in mind.

“Well although you’ve come to have a decent form, did you think that you have grown stronger?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stand up. I’ll retrain your mistaken spirit.”

“Yes sir!”

None of the adventurers who saw the sight of me confronting Instructor Broad again and again circulated it around … or so I thought.

Word was that the urban legend of the masochistic zombie healer that suddenly appeared in the town of Meratoni was actually real.

The adventurers knew. Broad was the SS rank Whirlwind who had entered his name into the realm of legends.

Besides, to be able to advance forward over and over again without breaking, like a zombie programmed to gravitate towards the living, all the adventurers who saw that scene decided on a new nickname.

‘The Living Zombie’ I only knew of this slightly later.


“Until when do you plan to lay there. I’ll cut your arm off.”

“Hiiiiiii, prepare yourself, Guueeee.”

“Hoh. To be able to afford the energy to act out such a performance, looks like you have become slightly tougher. If so, then I won’t hold back anymore.”


Thus, relishing the scene just like in Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild, everyone felt relieved from the bottom of their hearts that the Deviant Saint had returned.


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