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IS B4C39

This extra chapter is thanks to Nicholas-san and Patrick-san :). Enjoy! The conversation in this chapter is slightly confusing because there are 5 people in it but I’ve tried my best to make it sensible >.<


Book 4: When the S-class healer sets off on a journey, the world finds out about Luciel

Chapter 039: Words from the legendary Healer’s Guild founder? Luciel, tripped by his own ignorance

Translator: Tseirp


10 years had gone by since that S-rank healer celebration … not. Just kidding.

“Luciel-kun? What have you been mumbling to yourself since just now?”

“Ah, sorry Catherine-sama. It’s because some narration suddenly floating into my head.”

“Narration? Do you aspire to be a bard as well?”

“No, no such thing.”

I denied it outright. I already have my hands full with all the weird nicknames.


“Well I’m sure you are tired. At any rate, you’ve finished this guideline just after a month from that ceremony.”

The person who just said that was Archbishop Mardan-sama. A mild and pious old man.

“That is true. But the contents are still a little rough.”

The next person who talked was Munera-san, who has the face of an unscrupulous merchant, but he is in fact the right hand man of the Pope and holds the role similar to a diplomat.

“Yeah. If we release it out to the public like this the healers might go on strike.”

Stated the person with a name that sounded like it was lie but was truly his name, Dongahaha. Although he was reluctant to create this guideline and was a Don for a certain faction, he was cornered to the brink of downfall after the ceremony. (TL: Don as in leader/boss). After that, he had a change of heart? and started going into the line of drafting legislations.

“But, we can’t disobey the decree from the Pope?”

The person who placed himself in the role of the coordinator was the former Priest Knight captain Mr. Bulltooth. After he was injured he channelled his efforts into healing for the sake of the church, and at the age of 41, was the youngest ever to be appointed as an archbishop. Really shows how you cannot judge a person by their name.

“Yeah. Like he said, there would be a possibility of a strike. The healers who have had freedom until now would without a doubt resist the change, and Luciel-dono who led the initiative would definitely become a target for assassinations.”

Unlike of his previous stance of not wanting the reform to happen, Dongahaha-san’s speed of changing his mind makes me wonder if he was now a part of the prudent faction.

“Even though that’s the situation, if we do not rebuild the Healer’s Guild run by the Chuch Headquarters of the Saint Schull Allied Nations, there will be a riot comparable to the one that happened when Luciel-kun went missing.”

Ever since Catherine-san returned to her previous post, she had became a little frightening as she gives off an atmosphere similar to Broad-san. And in addition to that …

” … Hmm? Luciel-kun, do you have an opinion to share?”

She had became an esper, sensitive at perceiving people’s thoughts.

“Do you all know who this guideline was made for?”

“Isn’t it for the patients?”

Everyone agreed.

“That’s right. But it is also for the sake of the healers. When I first became a healer in the town of Meratoni, there were excellent healers that could use 「High Heal」. I have no idea what drove them to reach the point of being capable of using that … but it could have only been achieved with considerable hard work and experience. Isn’t it sad for such a hard worker to be hated by the world? Healers are only human, so it is not strange that they are dazzled by money and greed, but it also tarnishes the healer’s past heritage if they only think of snatching wealth from anybody they find. If healers in the healer’s clinics charge at a lower price, although the earnings from a single patient decreases and it would become busier, the healer’s skill would increase and healers would grow to become an honoured existence. People would want to become healers and it might even become the number 1 profession in the future. Don’t you all want to make such a future come true? I apologize for the lengthy explanation. Just like what Dongahaha-sama said, we will proceed forward by changing the mindset of healers and as Catherine-sama mentioned, we will decide on the line at which we are willing to compromise. As a S-rank healer, I will also do my best.”

“If you had thought about it until such lengths, I’ll agree with you. I will work hard so that I won’t lose to Luciel-kun.”

“Umu. If so, then shall we further refine this guideline?”

“Eh? Why did it suddenly come to that?”

“The role of a S-rank, is to save the masses. You certainly possess the resolution and achievements to become a S-rank healer at such a young age, for you to quote those legendary words.”

Legend? Quote? I have no idea what he’s talking about?


“You used the exact same words that was said by the founder of the Healer’s Guild, Rainstar Gustard.” (TL: The other story written by the author is about this character)

“Let us first begin by passing this legislation through. It is only by joining our hands together would we be able to move the world …”

“Such an exaggeration … or maybe not. Who knows, maybe one day poets would pass on this conference as folklore.”

Eh? Everybody was speaking so enthusiastically. But rather than that, I was more interested in the “As a S-rank healer …” part of conversation.

“Heys, and so my job is to?”

“Hmm. As expected we can’t let you travel alone, we can either create a Luciel-dono squad with a company of knights, or if secrecy is needed we can hire mercenaries or adventurers.”

“There aren’t any in the Holy City but we can also use slaves.”

“With the S-rank healer’s card you can even enter the Elimasia Empire.”

“It has been decided that you would need to report in periodically to inspect your work and make sure you are not doing anything unjust. I hope to start on improving the magic communication bead so I have to contact the Independent Magic City Nelldal.”

… Erm? … Why did it become like this?

“We’ll have to prepare a world map for you too.”

“Before that, Luciel-kun, horsemanship is indispensible if you are to set out on a journey. Because you would be targeted by the likes of thieves if you travel using carriages.”

“If I was just a little younger, I would have tagged along. Such a pity.”

“Most small villages have no healers so they rely on the church for healing. Of course, your salary would be higher than before so work hard.”

“Guys, let us work hard too so that Luciel-dono becomes capable of setting out on journeys.”

“Yes! (Ouu) (Yeah) (Umu)” (TL: 『はい(おお)(ああ)(うむ) 』Pretty much just ‘yes’ in 4 different ways. In Japanese it gives an indication of who says it and their character.)

Thus the specialists in this line of work gave their all to advance the guideline and legislation that had been put together.

Let me say it out loud once again. Why has it come to this?

I could not say the words to deny it quick enough, and could only remain dazed and watched over the heated conference.


Various points were incorporated into the guideline but I will list them out in simple terms below.

– To give an explanation prior to treatment.

– To present them with the fee after the explanation but prior to the treatment.

– To display the pricing plan for healing magic that would be priced according to the healer’s skill level.

– Discounts would be left up to the healer’s clinics but it must be within the allocated price range.

– To ask for the consent of the person who brought the patient in to pay during emergency situations.

Within the legislation, there were contents that allowed for the creation of insurance using adventurer or citizen cards, but this world does not have the concept of insurance so I have no idea if it would be established.

After having created the framework for the guideline and legislation, I considered the schedule to implement it as well as the method to notify all the Healer’s Guild branches, as I listened to the status report of each of the current healer’s clinics.


Even though I was in the core of the Healer’s Guild, in the Church Headquarters, I was clueless about the church as well as the Healer’s Guild.

Thus I was made to learn about the church. People who saw this misunderstood, and thought that I was a pious person at such a young age. Although I could roam freely with my position of S-rank healer, the Pope had conveyed a message saying that it has been decided that I would be sent on a journey when I reached 20 years old.

It was left up to me to decide on how to spend my remaining 1 year and 5 months.

It was only but a little longer before the day the world finds out about Luciel.




IS B3C38


IS B4C40


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