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IS B4C40

Chapter 040: Letter from Shisho and the work to be done from now on

Translator: Tseirp


Yesterday, I was told by the Pope to set out on a journey as a S-rank healer.


“Luciel, as a S-rank healer you need to save the people. I had no idea that you have given so much thought into working hard for the sake of the church, for you to use the words said by the legendary Healer’s Guild founder, adventurer and spirit user Rainstar Gustard.”

Yeah. I totally didn’t have that in mind when I said that.

” … Yes.”

“From today onward, Mardan and Munera will be in charge of the guideline and legislation, Dongahaha will adjust the schedule and Catherine will review the contents.”


“Followed by Luciel. I am delighted by your enthusiasm, but I heard from reports that you are still not completely capable of riding a horse?”

That is the case. That’s why I desire a safe place to live in.

” … Yes.”

“If that’s the case, no matter how much effort you put in for the church, when you go on a journey you would be attacked by thieves and monsters.”

That’s right. Because I am weak.

“Yes. I feel uneasy fighting with thieves and monsters, and because I can’t ride a horse I believe that I would get surrounded and die.”

“It is true there is a chance you will die if you get attacked, but it would be a loss for the world and the church if we keep you captive like a slave in a place to use you for healing magic.”

Thank you very much. I will work hard for the sake of the church within the church.


“Therefore. Even aristocrats take up their court ranks when they reach 20 years old. Even the church also send their personnel out at a certain age, so I will allow you to go on journey when you turn 20.”

… Why did it become so?


“Hence my first order to you is to, of course learn how to ride a horse, and also to make preparations accordingly.”

A command huh. Okay then. I will make my own paradise.

“Yes! I will try my absolute best.”


It seems like the official announcement for my journey when I turn 20 was adjusted to be announced together with the gradual implementation of the guideline and legislature. It would be jointly announced by the Pope and myself.

Along with that, I would likely also have to give guidance to the Healer’s Guild and Healer’s Clinics.


Thus the time limit until my journey begins had been set.


As the only S-rank healer in the world, I wanted to find an oasis to escape from the immense pressure.


I considered how I would spend my 1 year and 5 months.

I knew that my level might not rise if I continued to drink Object X, so I decided to stop drinking Object X.

The other day, I sent a letter to Instructor Broad seeking permission to stop drinking Object X.

In addition to praising me for becoming a S-rank healer, the reply also touched on Object X.


〔I was told that Object X was developed to make new adventurers slightly stronger, but I never heard of that side effect. It sounds like superstition, but you can try to verify if Object X is related to your problem of not levelling up. And it would be fine if your level goes up because of that. Luciel, I have a feeling that you will be significantly stronger than you are now when you level up. That is without a doubt, but it is also not completely true. No matter how high or how strong your physical ability becomes, you still only have one body. If you ever face a direct battle with an opponent of similar capabilities, escape without hesitation. You must never get defeated in battle. Because death comes hand-in-hand with defeat. If you act conceit, your ship to the netherworld would surely come greet you. If you become proud of your battles, I will reward you with the pain of getting slashed and chopped up so come to the Adventurer’s Guild in Meratoni. If you can’t then write me a letter and I will come to you. I’ve told you before but the difference in status is not absolute. Victory or defeat is decided not only by equipment, but also by luck, circumstances as well as compatibility. If you do not wish to listen to my advice, then you can do as you will as long as you defeat me. From Shisho-sama to foolish disciple.〕

Although Shisho worked me hard that day, I am very thankful that he truly understood my inherent nature.

I’m certain that he wanted to drag me back to the Adventurer’s Guild to pound my character back into shape but was stopped from doing so.

It is still fresh in my mind, the moment when I bowed towards the direction of the town of Meratoni as I thought of my Shisho who has a broad view of the world and ponders deeply regarding everything.


“Since then I had not been to the labyrinth nor have I participated in the Valkyrie Paladin Corp’s training, but other than that there hasn’t been much of a change.”

My 1 year and 5 months worth of time was precious.

I considered visiting Meratoni before setting out on my journey, but I still could not ride a horse so I had to seek help from Yanbus-san and Fornoir first. And if possible, I would have also like to have Fornoir as my personal steed.

The other horses all ran away from me. There wasn’t an atmosphere for horse riding as they flat out refused to let me ride them.

Moreover there was the problem of monsters. Unlike the undead in the labyrinth, the monsters above ground make sounds and their corpses do not disappear. Furthermore they have feelings, they could cry and get angry. Monsters that can mimic others and monsters that display cooperation further makes me weak in the stomach.

In addition, the Pope also told me to continue working on healing in the Holy City before the guideline gets enforced. Of course, in order to prevent the healer’s clinic from incurring losses for the time being, it was decided that I only heal once a month but as expected? (TL: I think the author meant as expected the clinics still faced losses.)


“Horse riding, monsters, healing. Furthermore, levelling up, church studies, and training. Ah, I haven’t even taken my meal. How am I supposed to fall in love like this? O many protagonists, please give me strength to persevere.”

I muttered as I returned to my room from the Pope’s room.


『Kon Kon Kon』

“This is Maruruka from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. I’ve come to pick Lucielun-sama up.”

Good. She didn’t use honorific speech. But why did she come to pick me up?

“Yes. The door is not locked but, did something happen?”

『Kacha』 The door opened and I saw Maruruka’s face. She spoke from the doorway.

“Word is that Lucielun-sama would someday travel around the world so from today you would look for companions from each of the Knight Corps. Didn’t you hear that you would be looking at my squad today?”

The development is advancing way too fast.

“I’ve not heard about that at all. Before that, my name is Luciel-sama … no drop the -sama. It would be better if there were more people here so that I don’t have to repeat myself … Just don’t call me Lucielun.”

I faced the door while smiling.

“Well we would have bashed you up during training if you became haughty from your rapidly acquired authority.”

“Are there only battle maniacs in this world?”

“Although my squad ranks first in defence among the Knight Corps, as said by a great man, offense is the best defence. Battles are not fought by numbers alone. That is the motto for my squad.”

Was there a reincarnated person in the past? Wait, now that I think about it wasn’t there supposed to be 9 other reincarnated individuals? I’ve completely forgotten about it. Eh, but I have no idea what’s their name and neither do I know anything about them? So how am I supposed to look for them?

” … ”

“Luciel? Why are you so stiff? Lumina-sama is waiting so let’s hurry.”

All thoughts about the reincarnated individuals and everything else stopped when I peeked at Maruruka’s face. Maruruka-san had hazel-coloured short hair with blue eyes, looked fickly like a cat and had cute expressions. Each and every one of the people in this world are cute so I’m in a panic coping with it.

“Ah sorry. Let’s go.”


I put on my poker face and sealed my thoughts about the reincarnated individuals for now, as I moved towards the Valkyrie Paladin Corps training ground to consider the selection of knights.




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