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IS B4C42

Chapter 042: Level up and new old men

Translator: Tseirp


“Damn, I won’t be able to fall asleep … or that would have happened if not for this excellent pillow-sama.”

Yesterday, I was feeling thrilled for the first time in a long time because I might have  a chance to level up today so I was afraid that I would not be able to catch some sleep.

Nevertheless the Angel’s Pillow is really a cheat item. It invited me to a pleasant sleep and before I knew it, it was morning.


“Well I say it’s morning but it is still quite dim outside.”

After finishing my daily routine of fundamental magic training, instead of going to the dining hall, I took out food from my magic bag and ate in my room.

Catherine-san told me that these were from the obachans from the dining hall, because they said that I might get into trouble with other church residents if I wait in line for my meal in the dining hall.

The church wiki, Catherine-san and Lumina-san, also nagged and warned me about other matters but it would make the meal unappetizing thinking about those so I shook my head and concentrated on the obachans’ cooking.


“All done. Shall I depart?”

I entered the labyrinth dressed in full gear.

“Huh? There are no zombies in the first floor?”

I tried searching around for a bit but there wasn’t any of those monsters that crawls towards you. I couldn’t find any so I had no choice but to proceed to the next floor.

As usual, the labyrinth was illuminated as I advanced without getting lost. At last in the 3rd floor, I discovered zombies and skeletons … and I chose to use purification magic.

“Ha~ It’s terrifying.”


When push comes to shove, I still felt the adrenaline pumping during combat, but the knowledge that this was not an illusion … didn’t shake my spirit and cause me to go into shock. Although, I still felt overwhelmingly strong feelings of fear towards the monsters and I thought back to the time when I was clearing the labyrinth.


“To think that I cleared this in the past … Aren’t I amazing? … No, not good. I’ve heard that one will get old quicker if they cling on to their past glory. The director also said that doing so will make you less hard working.”

As I advanced while thinking about my past life, I suddenly remembered about something important.

” … Ah, status.”

I silently recited status open in my mind and confirmed my status.


All my parameters certainly rose.

Name:LucielLV:2 (1)
Job:Healer IXHP:860 (20)
Holy Dragon Knight IMP:570 (20)
Age:18ST:600 (20)
STR:144 (2)INT:162 (4)
VIT:167 (4)MGI:186 (4)
DEX:141 (4)RMG:178 (4)
AGI:133 (4)SP:2 (2)


” … It is certain that they increased. HP, MP and SP each rose by 20, the remaining parameters all rose by 4 each. (TL: STR only rose by 2 but maybe the author calculated wrongly and intended to increase it by 4). SP increased to 2, if I remember correctly the God of Destiny’s blessing increases my SP acquisition but its only by +1? Rather than that, normally I would only get 1 SP from a single level up?”

I looked at the ceiling as I questioned the God of Destiny, but of course there wasn’t any reply so I decided to cherish the SP I have and save them up. Then, my rehabilitation to be able to fight with monsters using weapons began.


I used my shield to block the slow attack from the undead, as I channelled magical power into my Holy silver sword and slashed them. I was remarkably nervous for such a simple action.


“Broad-shisho, I had been acting conceit all this time. I was a real idiot to dual-wield when I did not have the foundation for it. Even if it’s like a lion hunting a rabbit, I will do my best. I will devote myself to not underestimate the opponent from now on.”

The monsters that appeared remained low in numbers until I finally reached the 10th floor boss room.

“Okay. I’ve reached level 5. Let’s go back.”

Even though it should only be around noon time since I entered the labyrinth, I was already exhausted from the immense tension on my mental spirit. I don’t think that I would be defeated even if I went into the boss room but I will work hard at my own pace. I’ve decided.


Furthermore, I intend to go through more rehabilitation before I enter the 10th floor boss room, or else I might end up panicking like I did when I first entered it.

Reflecting back to that time, I felt ashamed of my recklessness. Along my way back from the labyrinth, I defeated more monsters and my level rose to 6.


“The accumulated 10 SP can be used to increase my skill or status but what should I do?”

Currently the skills that I want are Detect Enemy, Detect Presence, Stealth, Conceal Magic, Conceal Presence/Magical Power, following that I would also like to get Great Luck-sensei’s brother Absolute Luck-dono, but I would not have enough SP to get that even if I reach level 45.

What awaited me as I exited the labyrinth while muttering, was Catherine-san with a resigned look in her eyes, and a small muscular daruma doll-san and a lanky fox beastman.


“Luciel-kun, it is fine for you to enter the labyrinth on your own but don’t you know you have the obligation to report your intention to do so?”

“Ah, sorry. I was too excited …”

That’s right. I was now obligated to inform anybody of my movements if I intend to go anywhere.

The reason given to me were that they might need to find me for the guideline and legislation or that the Pope may summon me.

“Well it doesn’t matter. Truthfully I should have introduced you to them much earlier but this is the dwarf Grand-san and the fox beastman Toretto-san.”

“Hoh. I’m Grand. All of the weapons in the Saint Schull Church are made by me. Anyway, that certainly isn’t the physique of a healer.”

“Fo~ That armour looks stylish as well. Ah, I’m Toretto. I’m the wholesaler for that church robe. Nevertheless that is a fine body. Doesn’t look it belongs to a healer fo~.”

A certain entertainer crossed my mind but I followed up with my own self introduction.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Luciel. I have been aided greatly by the items made by the 2 of you so I am grateful. … By the way, why have you been touching my body since a while ago?”

That’s right. They have been excessively touching every part of me without holding back. Catherine-san looked on with an amused expression and she signalled to me to not move with her eyes so I could only try asking.


“Of course it is because we need to tailor-make the weapons and armour to your skeleton and muscle build.”

“That’s right. It’s not like I want to stoke that cute butt of yours. Even this. is. for. serious. work~”

If you had not guessed from his words, Toretto-san is a man. Even though it’s over my robe but he’s been touching my inner thigh and butt. No, isn’t it just because he wants to touch me? He just wants to touch me right?”

” … Is that so.”

Catherine-san’s restrictive gaze strengthened so I resigned myself to fate.

For another 10 minutes or so I had to take different postures before I was finally released.


“Miss Catherine, this guy has meat in only some weird places but overall you’ve picked up a good one. It looks like he’s been training properly. He might even become the strongest among the healers.”

“Catherine-chan, so what should we use to make this kid’s equipment?”

“Something that the 2 of you had never used before. He is holding on to it but we have no idea if you 2 can use them.”

Catherine-san what are you doing? The 4 eyes that were on Catherine-san glared in my direction. If that’s the case I better quickly take out the materials. That’s what those eyes were telling me. You can really collect a large amount of information from a person’s eyes.

“Have the Pope given her permission?”

“Of course, I’ve received her permission.”

“Understood. It is this.”

From my magic bag, I passed the Holy Dragon scale to Toretto-san and the Holy Dragon fang Grand-san. Their face of anger changed repeatedly between that of disbelief, of expression of joy like a small child, and of sorrow.


“What’s the matter?”

“This is dragon right? To be honest, I’ve never tampered with this kind of material. I have the desire to do so. But I can’t afford to fail.”

“Me too. Even if I can’t fire myself up but I want to use it. But I am insecure about using such a rare material.”

Ah. I see. It is their first time seeing it. It is like in my case, when I’m choosing between fighting or running from a higher rank monster.

“Well even if you fail, I have plenty more of the same material.”


I took out more of the same fangs and scales. The 2 of them began trembling and shouted.

“”If that was the case then take them out earlier!!””

And so my chance meeting with the 2 of them ended.

“Let’s go? We should go immediately.” (Grand)

“Catherine-chan, we’ll be borrowing him.” (Toretto)

” …? Where to?” (Luciel)

“”Of course to our town!””

“Eh? Catherine-san?” (Luciel)

“Ah, it’s impossible without assigning escorts to him, and the journey to your city easily takes 10 days.” (Catherine)


So what should we do in this situation? However before I said anything, Catherine-san opened her mouth.

“We have already finished our negotiation with the blacksmith in the Holy City so you all can immediately begin using it.”

“Then let’s go.”

“Fofofo. It’s time to show my skills.”

Thus while under escort by Catherine-san, both my arms were firmly locked on both sides and I was worried that the suspicion that the Deviant Saint is gay would once again rekindle. However, everybody averted their eyes when they saw my eyes as I was forcibly whisked away, but I felt that they looked at me with pity so the rumour of me being gay was avoided.


(P.S. I guess the level up wasn’t what many of you all expected :p. My thoughts are that the status increase skill he has applies to outside of levelling up. Just like his skills his status might have progression bar as well as he trains physically, uses magic or received damage and his natural status increase is much easier to achieve due to Object X. In contrast, his level up increases his stats by 4 just like everyone else. So he starts from a level 1 with ~160 stats compared to a normal level 1 with 20 stats across the board.)




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  17. so his stats would be around 300~400 at level 50.

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    2.36 Agi/Level
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