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IS B4C43

This chapter is thanks to Puppali-san πŸ™‚ Enjoy! For some reason this chapter was really hard to translate >.<


Chapter 043: Eye of the artisan, Own position, Luciel learns of the cheat protagonist

Translator: Tseirp


The arrival of legendary artisans in the Holy City’s smithy caused a temporary disruption in its operation. The 2 were no longer treated as blacksmith and tailor but as super stars.

As I observed the chaos, I tried asking Catherine-san who was beside me.

“I was suddenly dragged here but are those 2 famous? It’s such a frenzy that we almost can’t even enter?”

“You didn’t know? Firstly, Grand-san is the guildmaster for the Chamber of Commerce and stands at the apex as the eternal master craftsman within the dwarf blacksmiths certified by the Blacksmith Association. Likewise Toretto-san, even though he acts like that, comes from a legendary family and possess remarkable tailoring skill capable of making that Angel’s Pillow, that only 5 others are capable of.”

” … Seriously? Even just yesterday I was helped greatly by that pillow. Ah, now I have high expectations.”

“I guess you would. Even I am also using that pillow, it’s really amazing.”

“Yeah. Is it possible that that item can be mass produced?”

“Maybe~. There are a variety of them. But they are busy people who rarely have time to spare so I don’t know about that. The fact that you could meet them this time can be considered lucky.”

“There are amazing people all around the world huh.”

” … Luciel-kun, it’s about time you be slightly more aware of yourself?”

“Lately I have set a target for myself.”

“What is it?”

“To live a mediocre life.”

” … Do you best.”



We had that conversation while Grand-san and Toretto-san were being mobbed.


“Swing your sword downwards using your usual stance.”


“Good. Don’t move.”

Currently measurements had ended, and they were examining the range of motion and places to stitch in the braids for the magic circles.

I became an existence like a mannequin, or like a golem who only moves according to commands.


The expression on the 2 of them was unlike before, with eyes that showed their desire to work with all their soul. Those eyes reminded me of the brewmaster I met in my previous life.

He maintains the temperature of the rice and the fermentation temperature for the yeast. He gets up during midnight and work to adjust the temperature by cooling the rice. When morning comes he drains the water from the rice and further steams and cools the rice before adding in yeast.

Those were the eyes of an artisan. It was different from the eyes of the presidents of construction companies when they inspect blueprints to look for anything missing.


These 2 people concentrated their eyes and their bodies moved in reaction to that. That was what I observed.

When all the steps had ended, the sun had already set and the 2 people returned to the expression they had when I first met them.


“Done. Let’s go get a drink.”

“That’s a good idea. Catherine-chan come along too.”

“Huh~ Just a bit okay.”

Without asking for my opinion, the old man dwarf and fox as well as the people who lent the smithy walked towards the dining place.

Me? I was carried over their shoulders like a rucksack, do you have something to say?


I was brought to the dining place but I didn’t drink any sake. The reason why I didn’t drink was because I would think of Shisho if I drank.

Grand-san who asked me that laughed out loud before answering.

“You’ve piqued my interest, Luciel right? From today on I’ll take care of maintaining all your equipment. That’s why if you plan to drink with that Shisho or what not, come over to my place.”

“Arara? Count me in as well.”

After that, while having my back vigorously struck, the night continued on.


When I woke up the next morning, beside me was … of course nobody was there. Because I was sober last night.

While doing my morning stretches and fundamental magic training, I recalled yesterday night’s talk and saved the important points into memory.

– The fact that Catherine-san’s level is 312.

– Catherine-san’s expression when she said that the levels of Shisho and the others might be above hers.

– Grand-san and Toretto-san who said that I would not be able to stand on my own if I relied on SP.

– Everybody’s astonished faces when I told them that I could acquire magic attribute using SP.

– The unnecessary talk about an Earth dragon sleeping in an underground mine.


When I was told to take out my map and showed the location, my heart skipped a beat. But when I saw that the location was without a doubt at that place, my tension fell immediately.

Unexpectedly Toretto-san ventured into a topic that raised my tension again. When this project is done, he would eventually give me a full length mirror. Of course, it is not a normal full-length mirror.

It’s name was Transformation Dresser Mirror. It is an amazing item that is a simplified version of the magic bag. By placing your hand on the mirror you can immediately remove your armour or perform a quick change of clothes.

It can only record 10 patterns into its coordinate but the fact that it can recognize armour and clothes is amazing.

A point to take note is that when it cracks, all the clothing stored within will be ejected out, and weapons cannot be stored in it. Only those 2 points. It is not like it’s a female’s way of thinking, but armour is heavy and stiff. Wearing them all day would be bad for the body.

He made many items with old age in consideration. After discussing if making it was feasible, that was a prototype he made when he had free time.

This meeting must have been brought about by Great Luck-sensei for the first time since a long time. I thanked Great Luck-sensei in my mind. That was all that happened yesterday.


I thought of something my senpai told me in my previous life.

“Do not think that it is because of good luck that somebody did something for your sake. It is obvious if you think about it that it is because the people around you are supporting you. That is why show that you can give your best to do what you are capable of. You can surely change the world like that.”

At that time when I was told that I didn’t understand it, but now thinking back about those words I realised that I am blessed. Apart from the dragons and so forth, compared to yesterday when I am in the labyrinth, I felt like I could move forward slightly more today.


I advanced using the sword and shield until the 10th floor. Although I was still afraid of the 10th floor boss room I clenched my teeth and defeated the monsters using purification magic. The monsters that flocked to me was less compared to before, and I succeeded in defeating them.

After taking a long break, I fought another battle before I returned.


In the afternoon I borrowed Fornoir from Yanbus-san so I practiced my horse riding. After that, I applied purification magic on it together with all the other horses as well. I heard that, including Fornoir, all the other horses had better mood after I did so, so it became something I did regularly.

“Let me ride someday.” I returned to my room after saying that and I read a book.


The title was ‘The Legend of Rainstar Gustard’.

Because of the whole fiasco regarding my S-rank declaration, I decided to read about how he climbed to such heights.

I suspected that he was a reincarnated person as I read about his life.


In summary, he was born to a commoner and worked as a herbalist and shepherd when he was 5. When he was 7 he defeated the monster that attacked the village with a bow and became the village hero. At the age of 10 the orc herd attacked once again but he subdued them.Β  This caught the eye of the Earl of Gustard and the Gustard family hired him for their daughter’s school. Then, he travelled with a horse, which was said to be a pegasus. Thanks to the help from the pegasus, he laid down the foundation for a good friendship with the spirits. After that, he enrolled in a school for aristocrats. He earned full marks for all subjects and the top seat was taken by a commoner for the first time. But then the famous episode involving his meeting with influential aristocrats happened. After that, he took a break from school and was active as an adventurer. It’s said that it was at that time that he started using various magic. The sharp readers might have guessed that Sir Rainstar married the only child Rizaria from the Gustard family and managed his territory while doing his best for the people. ~Omitted~

When he was active as an adventurer, he applied healing magic on those who laid in bed ill and instead of money, he asked for vegetables as payment. This triggered something within him, and after he rose to the rank of SSS adventurer, he created the Healer’s GuildΒ  so that the people in the world would not need to suffer from injuries.


I looked at the book and thought.

“There really are cheat protagonists. He entered the Earl’s house as a son-in-law and increased his own wealth to pay for the establishment of the Healer’s Guild, becoming the top of the Healer’s Guild because he paid for everything, and above that he was also a SSS-rank adventurer? There was even a model episode that happened. He is the real protagonist. How conceit amΒ  I, to declare the same words as such a protagonist, making light of his life.”

That night, I wet my pillow with tears.



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