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IS B4C44

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Chapter 044: Own weapon, Strongest relationship, Survival of the fittest

Translator: Tseirp


I cried yesterday … but it might have been good that I did so. I could reset my feelings after that.

I realised after reading about the legendary protagonist yesterday that when Instructor Broad said that I was weak, he wasn’t only referring to battles.

However, I have 1 advantage over the cheat protagonist. I don’t know if it just wasn’t included in the biography, but I have Shisho, everybody from the Meratoni branch of Adventurer’s Guild, as well as people who held a demonstration for my sake.


I realised this time as well that I do not need to find a solution on my own, that I am surrounded by fantastic people. Well it was also because I remembered what my senpai said, but it’s not like I created a false image of myself on my own accord.


My goal is to die of old age. But I do have weaknesses like I easily get conceited and I have a cowardly personality. I admit that. But what am I left with? The ability to work hard? The will to carry on? Both are wrong.


“It is that I am dependable. Actually I am blessed with good and caring people so I can work hard but isn’t being dependable an amazing weapon? That’s why if I can be relied upon by those who are dependable, it’s a win-win situation. Even if it’s not the strongest, it’s the best feeling.”


Just like that I converted my tears from yesterday into positivity and decided to return to my initial resolution. Of course I can’t really follow my initial intentions of returning to Meratoni so I decided to continue being active in healing people at the Holy City’s Adventurer’s Guild. But I was called out to immediately after I stepped out from my room.

“Good morning Luciel-kun. Do you want to participate in today’s exercise?”

“Good morning. Lumina-sama. Your squad’s exercise? But I can still only ride on Fornoir?”

“I know. You can ride him today so be at ease. Furthermore you will be setting off on a journey in the future right? When you do so, you will have to fight with monsters. There are many other kinds of monsters here apart from those in the labyrinth. It would be better if you get accustomed to them too.”

Somehow, I could only see those girls as battle maniacs lately so it’s a little strange. Even though they are so pretty, did they become like that because their occupation is Paladin? I chose to participate while thinking about that.

“Please take care of me. By the way, do monsters really have feelings?”

“Yeah. Among them there is even one that pleads for its life.”

“The monsters in the labyrinth are way better.”


Why does she have such an awfully good looking figure? I asked about the Valkyrie Paladin Corps because I had not seen them since the joint exercise, while I had that thought in my mind.


“By the way, what is everyone’s level? I became level 11 yesterday.”

“Is that so? It’s fine to boast. The Valkyrie Paladin Corps members are all above 130. Because they had been participating in that training since level 1.”

“If that’s the case then it couldn’t be helped that I couldn’t win against them.”

“Well, yeah.”

“Where do you plan to go today?”

“Don’t worry, we are only revolving around the periphery of the Holy City.”


While we were having this silly little talk, we met up with everybody from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps riding on their favourite horses. Fornoir who was there before me looked like it was telling me to ride it so I mounted it.

“Please take care of me.”

Thus my first exercise started.


So this is horse riding. Running at a considerable speed, I felt like I was swaying back and forth so I firmly held on with the inside of my hips so that I wouldn’t fall off, as I rode while having faith in Fornoir.

However, when someone else spoke to me I didn’t have the leeway to reply. The Valkyrie Paladin Corps in front of me felt puzzled as it was unlike me to not reply, so they looked back. When they saw my horse riding posture, I could guess that they were all laughing.

Just like how my heart throbbed when I first rode on a motorcycle, but with even greater violent swinging, I remained in the state of trying to not fall off until the call to take a break sounds out.

“We’ll take a break for a while here.”

Following Lumina-san’s orders, I dismounted from Fornoir and immediately my crotch felt like it was being suspended? While feeling surprised from that, I applied purification magic on Fornoir as I thanked him.

“Thank you. I’ll try my best to be able to ride better.”


That neigh sounded to me like he was saying please do so. That’s what I felt it was. Yanbus-san said that the horse will feel a lot worst if somebody unskilled rode on it, just like how a motorcycle won’t be able to complain but the tires will wear out and you will need to do maintenance for it earlier.


“Luciel … sama? Just now your posture on horseback, was like a stone statue you know?”


Beatrice-san and Kathy-san said in combination. I noticed that their eyes were laughing but they had straight faces on.

” … There’s no need to add sama in. I am a provisional member but I am still a fresh recruit in the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.”

Upon saying so, I wonder how much they had been holding it in? They burst out laughing right in front of my face and I also laughed looking at that sight.


Was it because it heard the sound of our loud laughter? A minicar appeared … ah, no it’s a forest boar. That’s right. It’s the same as the one I first saw Garba-san dismantle.

“Is … Isn’t that bad?”

I voiced out but the reaction around me was different.

“It kinda looks like it can be eaten.”

“You’ll need to let out the blood. If you do so then there wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Just nice, I’ve brought along a frying pan as well.”

“That’s so like you Elizabeth. If only there’s sake as well.”

“Even though you are the one that can’t hold your liquor. There’s no need to forcibly use your old man speech.”

“Can I defeat it?”

“Instead of you, Luciel-san should be the one who undertakes it right? That’s what I was told.”

“Sympathy is unnecessary. It would be pitiful for the monster if you hesitate and injure it countless times instead.”

“Luciel, show us how much you have grown.”

“I’ll gather your bones.” (TL: Lol I love the girl that always assumes he will die)

“The best place to cut is the scruff of the neck. The head is tough so I suggest you avoid it.”

To say it like it is normal. Is this a punitive expedition and furthermore only by myself alone? I couldn’t make up my mind.

“No no, as expected I can’t win against that. What is it’s weak points? Lumina-sama.”

“It is important that we cure that cowardly heart of yours for the sake of your combat occupation … you should be able to subdue something of that level. At any rate it only charges straight forward and it doesn’t have a breath attack. Go on, do you best.”

She lightly pushed my back but my heart completely withered away.


“I’m off.”

I declared and started walking towards the forest boar.

“Yeah. Be careful.”

Immediately after sending me off, they all started preparing for something that looks like a barbecue.

It charged towards me as I approached it, while I tried my best to not fall into desperation.


“Kuraiya-sama, God of Healing-sama, God of Destiny-sama, God, Buddha, Ancestors, please lend me strength.”

The forest boar accelerated, I estimated it reached about 80km/hr. As I felt terrified at the pressure emitted by the forest boar, I threw a dagger.

I’m a healer okay. And I’ve learned from my experience of being reckless.

The dagger that was filled to the brim with magical power pierced the eye of the forest boar. But it didn’t stop it’s charge.

” ? ! Why? Well I have another one anyway.”

After I threw the other dagger, I prepared my shield and sword … as well as secretly activating a barrier. I planned to dodge the forest boar’s charge and parry with a sword thrust towards its head. But the 2nd dagger pierced the other eye this time, and it pitched forward and fell half a rotation, showing its belly to me before it began convulsing.

” … I’m sorry.”

I apologized while I swung my magic channelled sword downward towards its neck. After doing so, I looked back and saw that the girls were walking to my side.

“Why did you cut off its head when it was already in that situation?”

“I’ll immediately prepare to let out the blood.”

“Lightly grill the viscera. I wish there was sake as side dish.”

“Like I said you can’t even drink that well. And also monsters are different from animals, their viscera contains miasma so without purification you can’t eat them.”




“Luciel, please immediately cast purification on the viscera.”

The girls stared in my direction. I knew at that moment that I had no right to reject them.

Even Lumina-san was mixed in within those glares. Just like an Archbishop from the church whose name floated into my head, I apologized and quoted him. (TL: I have no idea who he is referring to :x)

Lumina-san, even you huh.


Thus in front of the meat-eating girl’s eyes, I wastefully? casted purification and the nominal exercise became a barbeque convention. It was extremely tasty, but it’s my secret that I somehow had sweat spilling from my eyes. (TL: Lol is he sad from knowing that even Lumina is like that, or just because there are so many pretty girls around him that are so savage?)


After this encounter with a wild monster, my stomach hurt thinking about how I’ll have many more from now on, and I decided to never travel on my own.


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