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IS B4C45

Chapter 045: The new equipment is now the favourite

Translator: Tseirp


3 months would soon pass since that exercise with Lumina-san and the girls.

I have been diving into the labyrinth, participating in the Knight Corp’s barbeque convention formally called an exercise as the purification personnel, and have been caught in the scramble to have me participate in their exercises.

Thanks to that, I now have a strange feeling of having a mournful heart instead of a fearful heart towards the terrestrial monsters.

Thankfully, nobody aside from the Knight Corps know about this so I didn’t get a new nickname like ‘Repulsive Eater’.

Thanks to that, I’ve been able to talk informally with the members from the Knight Corps.

As expected, everybody’s feelings loosens up during meal times. Wait, even in my previous life, I think I was good at sealing many business deals during lunch as well, so maybe there is some truth in this?

As I was thinking about such things, I arrived at the smithy.

That’s right. I was told that my equipment had been completed.


It felt like Grand-san and Toretto-san had completely taken over the smithy as the owner, but somehow the original owner of the workshop seemed happy about it.

Well that’s what happens when you have the prestige, but watching the 2 of them makes others want to work harder, together with the chance to memorize new techniques and, even though they are getting old, the appeal of their amazing technique never changes.

Even though normally he is also in the position to teach, for him to believe that this is a chance opportunity, I admire the flexible thinking of the workshop’s owner.

Because the average sales wouldn’t increase, there are some who would stubbornly reject letting them use the workshop.


Currently, I was stiff from astonishment looking at the equipment made by the 2 of them.


The equipment in front of my eyes were beyond my expectations, to the extent that I looked twice. I trusted the 2 of them and left all the decisions up to them. Instead of my amateur opinion, I believed in that insight that seemed like they understood me.


“Fofofo. Hey, how is it? Amazing right? Apart from preventing miasma and having the ability to regulate body temperature, it also has the effect of masking your magical power and presence. Of course, it is also resistant to blades and magical attacks.”

“Kukuku. Gave you a surprise right? This can become hard when magical power is channelled into it. In addition, it can aid spells and can be used as a booster. If you channel magical power through it, the spell’s effect would increase according to the amount of magical power you pour into it.”


The 2 of them did a good job. They showed an expression full of a sense of accomplishment. But of course as usual I didn’t have a chance to speak out.

I swung my sword, had my butt touched, discussed the range of motion and the position to engrave the magic circles, had my inner thigh stroked, and told them my battle stance. That was what I went through during measurements. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath twice, before asking the 2 of them.


“Firstly Grand-san, I’m pretty sure I swung a sword but why is it that you made a cane? And Toretto-san, even though you made me put on so many sets of armour, why is the finish product not a set of armour but instead the inner wear worn under the armour?”

I couldn’t understand.


“Ah? Oh. This is a sword cane. It was the idea of a swordsman who used a katana. You just have to do this.” He manipulated the cane and somehow it became a sword.


Like in my previous life, instead of an instantaneous change it was more like an illusion. Sword canes have a sheath but this one doesn’t. It suddenly changed into a one-handed sword.

“Were you surprised? The dragon pattern on the handle was specially crafted.”

Ignoring the dazzled youngster look from Grand-san, the dragon pattern was impressive.


“If that’s how it is, then I have a feeling that it’s the same here?”

“Eh? There’s no way it’s like that. But it’s strength should be greater than the armour you are wearing right now? It would be weird if a healer like you is overdressed in public right?”

“This clothes is stronger than armour?!”

“Fo~ It’s because my tension was raised. Also the body touching was … my hobby. ///”

… I didn’t want to know that. It seems like the legendary clan lives up to its name.


I took the transformation sword and tried changing it into a sword and a cane. Yup. I love it. The dragon crafted on the handle looks like the dragon sword used by the father of a certain manga’s protagonist. It looked cool and I was excited to the point of almost wanting to scream out.

“Wait Luciel-kun. I would also like you to try wearing this.”

Toretto-san called out. I noticed everybody’s line of sight and it was time to change.


“How is it?”

“It looks great on you. Even though it makes you look slightly more like an uncle, you should be able to wear it out in public. Fo~.”

“Yup. I was also thinking that it looks great on you. It has a sense of refinement, and if you wear a robe over it, I think you would look the part for a S-rank healer.”

“Also if you add in this sword cane … illusionary cane, it would be perfect.”

“That’s great. Also, here.”

Toretto-san rummaged through his magic bag and took out the full-length mirror.

“Is that?”

“Yeah. Luciel-kun, no, Luciel-chan, it is the Transformation Dresser Mirror you wanted. It looked like I would have had to spend a long time making this set of clothes, so I had it brought over.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Yeah. I had the chance to make something good and got paid for it so it’s a matter for great celebrations. If you have something else you wish to make or if you need maintenance, contact me. I’ll let my underlings know.”

“Me too. That item you asked for is a prototype, so please contact me. Come look for me if you come to the town of craftsmen. I’ll give you plenty. of. service.~”

Brrrr. I had goosebumps but I stuck on a smile and laughed.


I was also told to get Instructor Broad’s permission to drink sake before I came to the town of craftsmen. After that, Catherine-san and I returned to the church. Along the way, I was curious about something so I asked Catherine-san.

“Oh yeah, Just now Grand-san mentioned about production cost for my equipment. How much was it?”

Catherine-san replied with a smile.

“People are happier not knowing about some things. Well we did get a discount and we provided many dragon materials, so it’s about the total of all the magic stones that Luciel-kun accumulated from diving into the labyrinth.”

“Is that so.”

At that time I had no idea what the price of magic stone was and neither did I know how much I had earned. It’s something I learned in the distant future, but I turned pale when I found out.




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