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By the way if there are any resident doodlers out there, help me sketch a image of Luciel if you have the time and the desire to do so :). As of now all we know of him is that he is ~18 years old 185cm tall with silver hair and pale purple eyes. You can draw him in his healer white robe, dragon scale attire or maybe even salaryman suit? or anything you want to anyway :) I’ll set up a fan art page if anybody sends them in to my email With your permission I would like to use it for the content page for Invincible Saint as well as for my blog and maybe even Facebook when I set up a page for you guys to get quicker updates for new chapters. Anyway thanks for reading and enjoy the chapter :)


Chapter 046: Luciel, notices what he is lacking

Translator: Tseirp

“Ooo wow!! Then if I do this? Oo! Ah, my vocabulary is limited~. But it’s amazing!”

I was playing with the Transformation Dresser Mirror without noticing that my voice could be heard just slightly from outside my room.


Apart from my underwear, I tried changing into my inner wear and armour and saving them into coordinates. It was just like changing the clothes on a game avatar. I transformed into my robe attire.

It was simple to use. When the registered owner of the mirror places his hand on the mirror, the coordinate numbers would be displayed. Pressing on any of the numbers will show the fields to register, erase or transform.

Pressing ‘register’ will cause it to memorize your current appearance, and ‘erase’ will remove whatever that was saved into that coordinate. ‘Transform’ will allow you to transform into the attire saved into the coordinate.

Although only 10 patterns can be recorded, the attires or armour can be stored within the mirror similar to how a magic bag works. The mirror functions by using that internal storage to allow you to instantly transform and change attire.

If there is such a technique available then are there also photos and projectors? I hadn’t thought of that so I decided to try asking Toretto-san about it next time.

“It should be fine to configure this Holy Dragon attire and robe as my default right … ?”

But, I realised an important fact at this moment.


“Eh? … Including the default, I only have 3 other coordinates?”

I recalled. Since I entered the labyrinth, I was able to use purification magic so I pretty much wore the same clothes all the way. That’s because it could even clean up to the underwear that I was wearing.

“Hmm? Am I a bit dirty … No, I did purification so I don’t think that I’m dirty. But if I set off on a journey, I don’t think I have any of the necessities of life: food, clothing and shelter, prepared.”


The clothes I received from everybody in the town of Meratoni were almost all destroyed during combat with Instructor Broad so when I first came to the church headquarters I only had 3 sets of clothing left. After that I received my church robe, 3 sets of armour that I bought for the sake of the labyrinth, as well as the Holy Dragon attire that I was wearing now.

I pre-registered 2 of the armour sets but realistically speaking there would be a higher chance that I use the full body equipment I got from the 40th floor.

“Wait a minute. Now that I think about it, I have always tied up my hair and so I’ve never felt my hair growing but … I’ve never cut my hair since coming to the church?”


From then on I sped up my preparation for food, clothing and shelter at once.


Since coming to this world, I’ve only ate what Grulga-san and the obachans cooked, as well as the meals from the dining place … I’ve never once cooked my own meals.


As for shelter, as long as I have the Angel’s Pillow I would be fine sleeping anywhere. But this time I would be moving around, I was told that using a carriage was not feasible, and I would also need to consider the safety of Fornoir (already fully intending to bring Fornoir along).


… I only have a little over a year and a month? Eh? I’m in trouble? The time would be gone in a flash. Furthermore as a S-rank healer I’m supposed to travel around the world, but I don’t even know about the present status of the healer’s clinics. Don’t tell me that I’m going to become a wandering healer who would end up triggering another crisis?


I was panicking about how I was indifferent about the situation regarding my food, clothes, lodging and work. I pulled out a parchment from my magic bag and began writing down all the important things that I thought I need to prepare from now.


“I need to get a grip. It is wrong to not utilize the skills I had cultivated in my previous life to survive in this other world.”


What I learned from my first year of becoming a working adult was, to have a schedule book, to take notes and to greet properly.


I was told that putting that into practice or not would affect the speed of my growth in the future. In this world, there aren’t any information transmission platforms like the newspapers or television so I neglected gathering information.

Although my mind isn’t that bright, why didn’t I realize that sooner? … I took in a deep breath and renewed my resolve.


“Suu Haa~. Regrets can happen any time. I’ll properly do some reflections. But for now I have to advance forward, even if it is just one step.”

Firstly, preparation for my journey. Next, I must grasp the current situation of the healer’s clinics. I have to consult somebody for this, so I headed straight for the Adventurer’s Guild.


Whenever I visit the Adventurer’s Guild it would definitely be treated as a Deviant Saint Whimsical Day, so patients would be carried over. And the old would also come.

After I obtained the Blessing from the God of Healing, whenever I cast 「Heal」 on the elderly who had to use a cane to walk due to poor blood circulation from cartilage and bone thought to be torn or broken, it will be repaired and they could walk home without using a cane.

I and everyone around who saw that were surprised, but they shrugged it off saying that the healing magic of the Deviant Saint is as deviant as the person himself. It’s still fresh in my mind that I shed tears in my heart that day.


“Fuu~. Well then everyone, please be careful of injuries. Because it can be life threatening.”

The people within my sphere of 「Area High Heal」 gave words of appreciation, as I left the underground training field.

“So what business do you have today? I will do my best as long as it is within my power, Deviant Saint-sama.”

“It feels bad to be called Deviant Saint-sama by Granz guildmaster … please stop it attaching sama to my name.”

“You’re really not nice to tease. You also added guild to my name as well right. So what did you come here to consult for?”

“Usually where do the adventurers go to for a haircut? Also, Master Granz is growing a beard but where do the others go to trim their beard?”

Eh? Why is he staring at me like he is looking at a pitiful child?

“So you also have some things that you don’t know. Because the Deviant Saint devotes himself to asceticism right. For beards, you can buy a magic razor from the magic tool shop. There are some who use a knife for that but if you are not accustomed to it you might cut your face so I advice you not to do so.”

“Yeah. I’m clumsy anyway …”

“As for your hair, the blacksmith sells scissors so you can use those to cut it, or there are salons in the city that you can go to?”

Eh? There are barber shops or hairdressing shops? Am I really that clueless? I was shocked and replied.

“Are there anything else? Please tell me one-by-one everything else within this city.”


Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Granz-san is a great person.

Regarding cooking, he taught me where to get wholesale for or to purchase spices, vegetables and meat. He even taught me his own recipe he experimented with as well as the right conditions to cook them in.

In addition, he even wrote a referral letter for me to his recommended blacksmith for cooking utensils and kitchen knife. Naturally he also taught me where the shop was located. And the most remarkable part was the guildmaster’s cooking class.

When we were talking, Milty-san came by and also taught me how to cook and joined the conversation. This slowly became a rumour, that the hard-faced guildmaster gives gentle guidance for cooking.

And so Granz-san was called the kind hard-faced cooking expert immediately after I began my journey.


“Oh yeah Milty-san. Among the tailors here, are there any shops that sell simple and smart designs that will at the very least not be looked down upon by nobles from foreign countries.”

“Hmm~. I do know of one but Luciel-sama should go there with a girl.”

” … Eh? Why?”

“Because the female eyes are sharper compared to male eyes.”

” … Understood.”


So for the shop, somebody female … Catherine-san, Lumina-san, the girls from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. If I asked any of them, would my relationship with them become estranged? But first off, I’m relieved that my worries regarding food was over.

While thinking about who to look for to go together to the magic tool shop and tailor, animal therapy is the best when feeling gloomy so I walked towards the stables to play with animals.

That day, I rode the four year old stallion Malto who bit my head for the first time, but was kicked off after a few steps.

Yanbus-san said only one sentence.

“You are gaining the trust of the horses little-by-little.”

I set my goal to be able to ride all the horses in this stable by one year later, and to set off on the journey riding Fornoir.



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