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IS B4C47

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Chapter 047: Date, Reincarnated individual found?

Translator: Tseirp


It’s right after yesterday, I’m currently shopping together with a girl named Rosa-san. It has been close to 2 years since I met Rosa-san.

“Luciel-sama, we’ve arrived.”

“So this is Sense Boutique?”

Even from the outside the shop looked like it operates at quite a large scale.

“Hey, let’s go in.”

I led Rosa-san by the arm into the shop. The interior of the shop was wide, bright and had a sense of cleanliness.

“Welcome. Well isn’t it Rosa-san.”

“Long time no see, Anna.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be serving right now?”

“Yeah. But today I was brought along here to help this person choose his attire.”

“Ara, cougar-san?” (TL: Cougar = A term used to call older women who look for younger men)

“What are you talking about. This is Luciel-sama. Around here you would know him better as Deviant Saint-sama?”

“Ooh, Deviant Saint-sama is pretty young huh~. Ara, does the Deviant Saint-sama wish to have his attire made-to-order?”

“That’s right. Ah, nice to meet you, I’m Luciel. I wish to buy multiple combinations of clothes.”

“Ara, so generous.”

“That’s right. Because Deviant Saint-sama is wealthy.”

“As expected of Rosa. Then I’ll call my daughter over. Ah by the way, would the lady be buying anything?”

“I’m fine.”

“Yes she will. Rosa-san don’t be shy. It will soon be 2 years and I hope that you’ll prepare food for me for another year as well.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve been in your care so I wish to return the favour.”

“If so then I’ll take up your offer.”

“Fufufu. Thank you for your patronage.”


We searched for my attire while surveying the inside of the shop. Eh? Rosa-san? She’s the serving obachan. Of course, there was a reason why I brought along Rosa-san, who has an age gap from me like a parent and child, to buy clothes.


Yesterday when I was returning Malto to the stables, I bumped into the girls from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps and I boldly asked them.

“Would any of you like to help me choose my casual wear? Of course, I’ll offer something as thanks.”

The replies were as I expected.

– I don’t know the shop.

– Can’t you go with the church-specified shop?

– I would tag along if it was to the blacksmith or the weapons shop.


Thus I did not go shopping with the girls.

Next, I had an obligation to report in, so I asked the same of Catherine-san, and that was when she introduced Rosa-san to me.

“Rosa-san helped to buy casual wear for me and her holiness.”

“Don’t you purchase them yourself?”

“I only go out to visit to the weapons shop, for meals or at most to purchase magic tools. That’s why I don’t know anything about clothes. Rosa-san was originally the aide for her holiness so she is well-informed.”

“Is that so. I’ll ask Rosa-san then.”



After such an exchange, I ended up coming to the shop with Rosa-san.

In the meantime, my measurements were taken and she selected a few button shirts from a row of neatly arranged shirts. Next, jackets and tunics were chosen and fastened together with a belt, and to complete the set, skinny pants and cargo pants were automatically chosen. She helped to choose everything, even including the boots.

Although even my comments on my preferred colour and shape were rejected, lately I had not had a close look at myself so I left the decisions up to Rosa-san, Anna-san and Anna-san’s daughter.

By the way her daughter was 22 years old, already married and well into her pregnancy. She wanted a 「Heal」 as something like a blessing from Deviant Saint-sama so I obliged.

In a blink of the eye, the attires within my coordinate could last me up to 2 weeks so I paid upfront in full and left the shop.


“Thank you very much.” (Luciel)

“Thank you for buying clothes for me as well.” (Rosa)

“Don’t mention it. Shall I send you back?”

“Hahaha. I’m not that weak. And it will be a waste of Deviant Saint-sama’s time.”

“Okay. Well then take care.”

I bid farewell to Rosa-san and headed to the magic tool shop.


“So it’s here. I’ve heard that lately interesting inventions have been released so I’m feeling excited.”

The magic tool shop gave off an atmosphere similar to the used-book stores I passed by in Jinbocho during my previous life. (TL: Jinbocho in Tokyo is a well-known street for used-book stores, antique and curio shops).

I was suddenly given a surprise when I opened the door.

『Weeelcoome to the Maaagicc Toool Shoopp Commedia.』

As soon as I opened the door, a golem bowed right in front of me and I had no idea where the voice came out from but it welcomed me. Then, the 『DotaDota』 sound signified that somebody was coming over to greet me.

“Welcome to the Magic Tool Shop Commedia~”

The kid that appeared was a spectacled girl with a short-cut hairstyle.

“Ah~ that matches well with the magic tool shop.”

“Yeah. Ah, you mean this? This is called ‘spectacles’. It can let you see far off objects clearly and was also developed for the elderly who have trouble seeing objects up close.”

Eh? There was an other world individual so close by? Or maybe somebody who was involved with one? Well I had already decided on my response.

“Ooo~ Is that so. I’ve heard that there are a lot of interesting things here?”

“Thank you very much. Then I’ll give you a tour.”

The girl joyfully explained all the merchandise one-by-one.


I was confident, that the girl was the owner of the shop and that she was the same age as me. And that all the magic tools here were electrical appliances from Earth that were converted into magical appliances, becoming known as magic tools.

Furthermore, even though I don’t need them, there was a range of tools from the cleaning genre, like dryers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

So I didn’t buy anything? Nope, I went on a shopping spree instead.

Magic stove, magic water filter, magic air-condition, magic heater, magic Goemon bath, magic garbage disposal unit, magic air bed, magic mixer, magic juicer and various other items totalled up to 11 gold coins. (TL: Goemon baths are the usual traditional bath tubs you see in anime, with a wooden cover over it and heated from below. It’s named after the robber Ishikawa Goemon who was boiled to death in one.)


When I bought all the items, she prostrated on the ground with vigor (TL: Prostrated = Dogeza = Orz). As I thought that it would be interesting if I introduced her to Toretto-san the next time, I tried consulting her about something I would like her to make for me.

“Thank you very much. But I still have some ways to go before I am able to make that.”

I heard in detail that to develop something there are various conditions. Apparently it depends on the magic stone’s attribute, her skill level and her Magic Engineer occupation level.

“Wouldn’t this have the skill to perform 「Appraisal」 as well? I’ve tried making that before but I still lack the technical abilities to achieve it.”


While the girl said that with her head hanging down, I continued acting like I had no idea what the item she wanted to appraise was, and remained as the customer who has plenty of money to spend.

I’m convinced that I will meet this young girl Ryina countless times in the future.



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