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Chapter 048: Training direction determined

Translator: Tseirp


In the usual spacious room, the concealed female quietly listened to me until the end before softly speaking.

“I see. What you are saying is reasonable. But I had never imagined that you have never entered a healer’s clinic before.”

Including the Pope in front of me, the surrounding handmaidens all had looks of astonishment.

“Because for my case I was in the Adventurer’s Guild since the beginning.”

I informed her that I don’t even have any clue about this country’s healer clinics. If I was to judge the difference between the healer clinics of other countries and this country, instead of listening to the present state and condition of the healer clinics, I would prefer to learn about it on-site.


“I would like to immediately transfer your workplace, but as expected there are no healer clinics in this country that do not know about you, so we might as well send you to the healer clinic belonging to the guy that was the cause for your transfer here in the first place?”

” … Are you referring to the town of Meratoni?”


“That’s right. The distance between Meratoni and the Holy City is less than 2 days worth, so it’s a distance that we can immediately call you back, and immediately receive your report if there is a need to so there won’t be any problems.”


Huh? Was it that close by? Oh well it doesn’t matter. Rather than that, I wonder if it would be fine for me to be active as a healer in that town?

” … Erm is it fine for me to go to that healer clinic?”


“Umu. The die had been cast since the moment you were appointed as a S-rank healer. You will face hardship no matter which road you take from here on out. But if you return that clinic how it originally was then I will …”

I felt that somewhere within that pretty and mysterious voice was the Pope’s true wish.

“Thank you very much. If so then I will convey that intention to the other party. I will entrust my travel schedule to you.”


“I will leave this matter in your hands. That’s right Luciel, one year later, I intend to send you to the Free City-State of Ienith so read up about it beforehand.”


“Speaking of the Free City-State of Ienith, those beastmen succeeded in establishing the Healer’s Guild in their country?”


“To be exact they had originally succeeded in doing so, but problems sprung up from various fronts and it had now stopped functioning. I believe you should be able to create a good environment if you are the one who builds up the foundation there. That is why I wish to entrust the helm to you with regards to Ienith’s Healer’s Guild and healer clinic.


” … Hah?”

What is this person saying?

“Please take the helm.”

I’m not referring to that.

” … I wish for supporters.”

It’s definitely impossible alone.

“Umu. I know so don’t worry. As long as you lay the foundation successfully, you would be able to handle everything else, so I hope that you do not push yourself and take care during your journey.”

I wondered how many hands did she anticipate in advance, like a professional shogi player, or was it because I wasn’t thinking at all? I questioned myself as I nodded.

” … I’ll see what I can do.”


I left the Pope’s room. So the next target for my learning is … was it Botacyl? Or? Oh well it’s something along that line. It would be the healer clinic managed by the healer with that name. And my first travel destination will be the Free City-State of Ienith.

On the map, it is located north of Saint Schull which is opposite the Elimasia Empire and Rubruk Kingdom.


“All that’s left is to prepare the items needed during the journey as well as the place to sleep when travelling, but since I’ll be going to Meratoni I can just ask Shisho and the others.”

It’s important to rush forward when you have a vision of the future. But as of now I’m supposed to be at a step before that.

Although my direction for the near future had been set, for now I will focus on the present by scrutinizing the information that I had obtained and make appropriate preparations. I made up my mind and headed to the Labyrinth of Tribulations.


Currently, my rehabilitation had been steadily progressing and I was now at the 30th floor boss battle ground. This was all thanks to the illusionary cane.

Using this cane that amplifies magical power, chanting purification magic purified the 30 meter squared boss room at one go, defeating all the monsters.

I was amazed when I used it. 「Area Barrier」’s defence was strengthened and its effect  even covered my shield. Although it is only a defensive magic, I was afraid of this overwhelmingly cheat weapon. (TL: Remember, the Valkyries couldn’t even break through his barrier before this)

I firmly defended with my shield and dealt the final blows with my transformed one-handed sword. This was my exorcist role given to me only once a week.


“Knowing that the higher levelled Paladins and Priest Knights couldn’t win against these really makes me think about the importance of compatibility for battles.”

I slashed at the Wraiths that floated over with broad grins asking to be cut down. This repeated endlessly as they properly acted as my source of experience points.

Wraith-san gives quite a sizable amount of experience points, so I had finally reached level 55. But I have never once regretted drinking Object X.

However, I would have died if not for it so I now have 10 barrels of it in my magic bag as protection. The demerit of not levelling up was compensated by the rise in all status parameters as well as the increase in various passive resistance skill proficiencies.

In addition, I’ve seriously considered that the +4 increase in parameters per level up was really low, but in half a year all my statuses had already more than doubled so I was greatly mistaken.

“Status do not win fights. I have no intention of forgetting about that. The ability to draw out the best from the status is a factor as well, and if you do not gradually expand the limiter placed on your brain, you wouldn’t be able to move as you wish anyway.”


I tried asking Catherine-san if that was the reason why a person would lose in a fight even if the values of his status was higher. Her reply was that if I have the spare time to think about such things, I might as well experience it myself in real combat, and she threw me into the Knight Corps joint training where I was viciously beaten up.

“If you cast 「Area Barrier」 the defensive values around you would increase over the top so I will treat it as a foul.”

Because of that, during group combat training, I was strictly prohibited from using 「Area Barrier」, 「Area Middle Heal」 and 「Area High Heal」.

On one side I slashed somebody, and on the other I immediately healed them. Due to that they looked just like zombies, which led to the church Knight Corps being called the Zombie Knight Corps.

I overdid it too much in the beginning, until I was called the Ultra-Sadistic Healer Knight Captain in the shadows. It was just last month that this tear-inducing incident happened.


Ehem. Moving on, the Pope also strictly prohibited me from using 「Extra Heal」 and 「Sanctuary Circle」. I was only allowed to use them when there is an impending danger towards my life or when I judge that it is a situation that I must use it.

I had finally amassed 108 SP but I was struggling every day between inviting Great Luck-sensei’s brother into my skill repertoire or to systematically acquire all the magic attributes. I ‘consulted’ Shisho in the labyrinth before returning. In 2 months time, I will be setting off to Meratoni with Fornoir.




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