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IS B4C49

Chapter 049: Triumphant return to Meratoni, Botacyl’s approaching crisis

Translator: Tseirp


Today was the 4th day of my journey as I rode on Fornoir towards my target destination, the healer clinic in the town of Meratoni, to understand the current situation of healer clinics as requested by me 2 months ago.

I ordered a set of horse armour from the blacksmith which doesn’t hurt the body of the horse and also made maintaining the riding posture easier. I progressed while occasionally casting 「Heal」 and purification magic on Fornoir.

I set off 3 days ago, following the route that I initially used to travel to the Holy City Schull.

The reason was simple. This time the ones travelling was not only Fornoir and I.

The fellow travellers who accepted my escort request was the guys from the White Wolf’s Bloodline.


“We’ve finally meet again, Deviant Saint-sama.”

“Luciel-sama had instantly became famous after all.”

“As expected of Ultra-Sadistic Healer Knight Captain-sama. We have been waiting in anticipation.”

Bazzan-san, Skyros-san and Basra-san spoke in sequence.


“Please stop attaching -sama to my name, and rather than that please stop using my nicknames. Especially Basra-san, why do you know the newest nickname that’s supposedly only known by the Knight Corps!”

“I heard it from my Knight friends over there.”

Following Basra-san’s line of sight, I saw 3 young Priest Knights protecting a carriage. Riding in that carriage was Jordo-san as well as a couple other healers that were ordered to follow me to Ienith as the initial members.

That’s right, they are my subordinates in name. We had 2 Knights riding on horses, with 1 acting as coachman for the carriage and Bazzan-san as coachman for another, bringing it to a total of 2 carriages and 3 cavalry.

Evidently, before I knew it they seemed to have become friends.


” … I forgot to prohibit him from saying it.”

“Well it’s better than being hated right?”

“I wonder …”


As the 3 of them who made me sulky laughed, we spotted the outer walls of the large town.

“I’m home, Meratoni.”

Although there was still quite a distance, I quietly muttered to myself.


When we approached the gate something felt off. It was inevitable that I felt that something was weird.

That’s because was there a festival? There was an immense crowd that made me think that it was an illusion. The gate looked like it was going to overflow with people.


“What’s going on?”

“Amazing right. This many people gathered to witness the triumphant return of the Deviant Saint healer-sama nurtured by Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild.”

“I think it’s fine for you to feel proud. Well there’s Whirlwind-sama around if you let it get to your head.”

“It’s because I contacted them with this Magic Transmission Bead telling them that we would arrive soon.”


What came to mind was the return of a superstar to his hometown. Is this how it feels like for them? I ended up thinking of it like it was somebody else’s business, as we arrived at the town of Meratoni.


“Welcome home. Luciel-sama, may I have your card?”

The person who called out to me was the same person that was in charge of security when I first visited this town 4 years ago. I dismounted from Fornoir and handed over my card.

“Thank you for your hard work. Here’s my card.”

He politely received it with 2 hands, verified the card before returning it to me.

“I have verified your identity. Welcome back, Deviant Saint-sama.”

Said the guard before somebody cut in.


“Ou. Disciple. I hope that you have not been slacking off in your training?”

“Of course. I could already imagine my future of getting beaten up by Broad-shisho so if I slacked off then wouldn’t I die?”

“Kukuku. If that’s the case then let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild training ground now …”

“Okay. Stop. Welcome back Luciel-kun. Going to the Healer’s Guild and leading the people in the carriage behind you to the inn comes first.”



I was helped by Garba-san and narrowly escaped from being dragged to battle.

“Oi, disciple. Today we organized a welcome party for you all but I expect you to have a Deviant Saint Whimsical Day even in this city after today.”

“Hahaha. Do I look like I would succumb to that intimidation?”

“Hmm? And what are you going to do about it?”

“I will thankfully take you up to your offer.”

“Very good. Then go on over to the Healer’s Guild before coming over.”



Thus my subordinates from the church and I headed to the Healer’s Guild but lots of people called out to me. I endured but I could see that my subordinates behind me were at their limit maintaining a stiff smile.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Let’s go everyone.”

To them this must be an oasis. I opened the door to the Healer’s Guild.


I doubted my eyes. For some reason the supposedly quiet governmental office-like guild had a flashy banner welcoming us. I was even more shocked than when we arrived at the town.


‘Healer’s Guild | S-rank healer nurtured in Meratoni branch | Welcome back, Luciel-sama’


I stiffened when I saw that, and this time it was accompanied by applause. I didn’t want to enter the Healer’s Guild but I had to enter … it was such an atmosphere.

I wearily forced myself to put on a poker face and entered.


“Luciel-kun. No, Luciel-sama, welcome back.”

The person who greeted me was Krull-san.

” … Ah, thank you. Somehow the atmosphere of the Healer’s Guild has changed.”

“Fufufu. Thanks to Luciel-sama, at the age of 30 I became the guildmaster for this branch. It’s the record for youngest female. I never would have guessed that you really succeeded in raising my salary, I’m so happy that I could just kiss you.”


Sorry. I will only draw away from you if you suddenly greet me with such high tension.

” … Ha … haha. I’ll appreciate the thought. Please help me with the procedure for us first.”

“So heartless. Is that the secret to getting promoted to S-rank?”


Thus before settling the procedures my mental spirit was already shaved thin.


On the other hand, in the town of Meratoni celebrating the arrival of Luciel and his entourage, the head of the town’s largest healer clinic, Botacyl, was losing his temper in his private room.


“Why~. Why did they start with this town, and furthermore my healer clinic, to learn about the current situation on-site. Is it because he holds a grudge against me? That’s definitely the reason. Immediately after that the Healer’s Guild guildmaster was replaced. I paid him gold as well, that man must have taken that boy’s money and ran away. Oi, what should I do? Think.”

He rebuked the slaves and mercenary bodyguards in front of him.


Botacyl was restless.

Originally, transferring Luciel off to the headquarters should have required him to work there for more than 5 years.

Furthermore, there would basically be no reason for them to transfer him back to the place that he caused problems in.

And yet Luciel returned in just 2 years.

That’s abnormal.

Most likely he came to frame me after becoming a S-rank.

Ignoring his blood pressure that was rising at a tremendous rate, he desperately thought of ways to withstand that hypocritical Luciel kid.


Including the mercenaries present, all the mercenaries didn’t know anything about Luciel but as one would expect they didn’t consider killing a S-rank healer. Mercenaries are human too and it was easy to imagine how their own lives would turn out if they killed a healer that was so well-liked by that many people.

And then, the slaves who saw the cornered Botacyl began attempting a certain plan.




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