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Chapter 050: Distant heights and welcome party

Translator: Tseirp


The Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day was being held in the Adventurer’s Guild training ground.

Pale light radiated out with me in the center, completely healing fractured or broken bone in an instant. When they witnessed this scene, not only the adventurers, even the healers and Priest Knights who tagged along were tongue tied in astonishment at the magic’s efficacy.

“Is it me or has it become even more amazing than before?”

“Well I have been through various situations. Are these the last for today?”


“Yeah. Wait a moment. Hey newbies, this is the healer that worked in this Adventurer’s Guild 2 years ago. The only guys who don’t know about him are the ones who were not here 2 years ago. I’ll demonstrate to you all how your seniors became stronger so stay and look for a while.”

“Eh? You mean we’re doing it now? What about Grulga-san’s cooking?”

“Well of course we’ll end it when it is time to eat. I’ve told him that we would be late so don’t worry. The main character is always late anyway.”

” … Shisho won’t be convinced otherwise right.”

“Of course. Very well, we’ll start with 「Taijutsu」. Come at me.”

“Here I come.”


I instantly accelerated by circulating the magical power within my body at high speed, set up an 「Attack Barrier」 and performed a tackle.

A 『Don』 sound rang out.

“Not bad for a tackle. But, if you can’t beat the opponent down with it then it leaves you open to attacks.”

An intense pain ran through my back. It felt like he slammed down with his right fist.

“Owowow, 「Heal」”

I endured the pain and healed myself. This time I went to grab Shisho’s legs, and with a push, even Shisho’s body was sent floating. I quickly wound my right arm through his groin and around his waist, and grabbed his right shoulder with my left arm, completing the form for a body slam.

When I was in mid throw, I felt something wound around my neck and the next instant, I crashed head first into the ground.

I instantaneously performed no-chant 「Heal」 in my head. The next moment, while I had my head facing downwards, I saw Shisho’s shadow on the ground and had a bad feeling, knowing that it would be a kick towards my belly. I immediately tensed my abdominal muscles, before something heavy blew me away and I bounced on the ground a few times before stopping.

“Ouchhhh. Why did you drop me on my head. I could have died.”

Isn’t this completely against the rules in DDT? (TL: DDT is a Japanese Pro-wrestling promotion)


“Bullshit. But it looks like your body has strengthened reasonably. Looks like this will be interesting.”

“Oh my god he has entered battle maniac mode.”

“I’ll be attacking first.”

“Ossu.” (TL: Doesn’t really translate well into English. Pretty much a sound made to signal your intent and pump yourself up.)

The instant Broad-shisho disappeared, I had already jumped directly upwards. But the impression of Shisho disappearing should just be because he moved at ultra-speed, and not because he really disappeared.

I observed below me believing that was the case and I saw him for a split second! But it was all in vain as he grabbed my leg and slammed me into the ground, immediately followed by his foot stamping down towards me.

His foot accelerated in mid air, urgh, are the Adventurer’s Guild instructors monsters? I erased the pain from being slammed against the ground with a Heal and frantically rolled to a side.

“Hou. So your reaction time to attacks that you’ve received as usual is different from attacks that you’ve never seen before. This shows the result of your training.”

… How did Shisho’s motivation switch get switched on? Please tell me how to make sure it doesn’t get switched on. As I thought about that, I felt that Broad-shisho was still holding back so I tried asking.

“I’ve levelled up and my status have increased but why is it that I still can’t catch up to Instructor Broad? As a reference, what’s Broad-shisho’s level? Of course it’s not related to combat but as a target to surpass Broad-shisho.”

“Ha, foolish disciple, are you getting caught up in level and status?”

“Of course not. However, I’m just asking so that it would be easier to set a goal, to reach around the same level as Shisho to be able to see through your attacks.”

“A goal huh … Very well it’s 451.”

” … Amazing. It will feel great to overcome such a high mountain.”

“Kukuku. Well then talking ends here. Surpass your own limits and come at me.”



I was thrown around by Broad-shisho, I applied 「Heal」 and had 「Attack Barrier」 permanently on as I continually challenged the mountain named Broad. After about an hour, Taijutsu training ended and soon after swords were drawn and I was thrown into sword training.

The audience became noisy when I got cut but I knew that I would die if I took my attention off by even a split second so I further increased my concentration. Eventually I was slashed quite deeply but I instantly healed using 「High Heal」 so I survived without any problems.


“Well your cut is fine now so let’s go to the welcome party.”



On this day, among the adventurers who saw the training between Luciel and Broad, the concept of a healer held by them was completely blown out the window. And they found out that even healers could become stronger if they went through such a bloody training.

In addition, among the adventurers who knew Luciel, there was a man of the same age as Luciel deep in thought after witnessing that training exercise.

“For a healer to stand out even more than me! I am the chosen one. No matter how good he is at healing, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be defeated in battle.”

Luciel didn’t know that there was such a guy swelling with fighting spirit.


The welcome party was held in the Adventurer’s Guild dining hall. To allow even a bit more participants, the chairs were taken out and it became a buffet style party. I felt that my subordinates were slightly annoyed by this but I attended the party without complaints.


“Hey you bastards, Luciel have returned to Meratoni. With him here you can get your injuries treated quickly on-site. However, Luciel is here to study the healer’s clinic. He will be working in Botacyl’s healer clinic in the day.”

The cheers turned into booing. I was slightly shocked that this world had the concept of booing.

“Although he is not a resident of the Adventurer’s Guild, Luciel has decided to sleep in the Adventurer’s Guild so when you are really in danger don’t be reserved and come over.”

It returned to cheers again.

“Well Luciel, there’s no alcohol for you but say a few words after the toast.”


“Hi I’m Luciel. Thank you very much for organizing this party for us who came from the Healer’s Guild church headquarters. Thinking back, the 2 years of trivial and mediocre training I had here formed the foundation that propelled me up towards a S-rank healer. In the beginning I knocked on the doors of the Adventurer’s Guild because I didn’t want to die, but I was really fearful of all of you adventurers initially, living in fear of dying if I get tangled up with any of you. Every time I applied healing magic, I was afraid of what would happen if I failed so I continued learning so that I wouldn’t fail. From my actions that stem from my fear of dying, I found out that you adventurers shared the same feelings of not wanting to die. As I received clothes and small accessories, I realised that there were many kind people around and gradually recovered from that feeling of fear. Well I did think once or twice that it was a ploy to keep me in house arrest, but without a doubt I feel that this is the place of my origin. I am truly grateful to all the Adventurer’s Guild staff and adventurers who welcome me back. I will strive to return the favour so please support the Healer’s Guild church headquarter members who came along with me in the same way you all support me. Although it was simple, I will end my greetings here. Thank you very much for today.”


“So serious! … Well it’s fine, hold up your mugs, kanpai~!!” (TL: Kanpai = Toast)



After I finished toasting, Grulga-san sunk to the level of searching for individuals to drink that (it looks slightly diluted?) among the Priest Knights, Healers and newbie adventurers who saw my battle, while claiming “He became strong by drinking this”.

Only a single Priest Knight finished drinking it and fell unconscious. Unbeknownst to that person, Grulga-san’s eyes shone with light like he had found a new prey.

I was delighted that my subordinates that were initially discontent about the buffet looked satisfied when they tried the exquisite cooking from Grulga-san.


On the other hand, even here my mental spirit was being shaved thin as the adventurers and guild staffs had various inflated delusions about how I got my Deviant Saint nickname.

“The reason for it must be because he is a weirdo that uses Holy attribute magic.”

“Nope, I think that it’s because he is a pervert that uses Holy attribute magic.”

“Eh? I heard that it’s because even though he splendidly conducts himself like a saint, he has a weird fetish.”

“Really? I think …”


After that, they began guessing about the nicknames apart from my Deviant Saint nickname. The nicknames were spread throughout the party, even Broad-shisho’s Whirlwind and Devil Instructor nicknames, Grulga-san’s Cooking Bear nickname, and Garba-san’s Hermit nickname were brought up and the party got excited as the banquet lasted late into the night.




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