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(000) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp

Within the room of a family-type apartment.

A room too large for the two, brother and sister, to live in.

A bunch of papers piled up on the table and the mobile phone mailbox was also packed with emails.


“Miri, Oniichan feels like I had became a God.”


I grumbled while looking at the postage and mail that arrived today, announcing to my little sister Miri who just became a middle school student.

The reason why was because people in Japan were praying for me.

They were praying for me too much, until the point that I want to give me divine grace.


“Ah, it came today as well, the mail with prayers.”


Even after excluding the fact that she is my favourite family member, my little sister is cute beyond imagination. After finishing her milk, she poked fun at me while messing with her twin tails.

Miri licked the milk around her lips before storing the remaining milk back into the refrigerator. I didn’t have the energy to tell her to not drink the milk directly from the pack at her age and hung my head.


The prayer mails were, in other words,

『Unfortunately you do not meet our expectations this time, but we pray for Kusunoki Ichinosuke-sama’s success in your future endeavours.』

the rejection notice of employment. The rejection notices will definitely have “pray” written in it so it’s a prayer mail. What easily discernable sarcasm.


“It’s fine even if you don’t get employed. Onii, you are rich right.”

“This doesn’t belong to me. It’s originally the inheritance and life insurance of father and mother, and Miri increased it as well.”


3 years ago, our parents passed away in a traffic accident. The others involved in the accident passed away as well, so they could not determine whose fault was it up until the end, so we could not receive alimony. And then, from the life insurance, we were left with a sum of money that was merely a small amount in comparison to the price of life, but can be called a large sum of money if used normally.


At that time I had just turned 17, the high school 3rd year me didn’t hesitate to dropout from high school.

I earned a living by working part-time jobs. I saved the savings left by my parents and the payout from life insurance for the future tuition fee of the then primary school student Miri. Miri was considerably angry when I decided to drop out of high school on my own.


I thought that we could live like that … but 3 years later, when I was 20 years old, Miri began investing into stocks. Moreover, she used my name without consulting me.

And then, in just 3 months she amassed a fortune.


My middle school little sister was moving money that was in the units of billions.

It was so unbelievable. However, borrowing a name is usually a crime.


Of course, even though it is parked in an account under my name, the money was essentially earned by my little sister. It wasn’t reasonable for me to use it.


Without worries about my little sister’s living expenses, I quit my part-time jobs to work hard at job hunting, but sadly I’ve failed a 100 times consecutively, and the record is currently still updating.


“That’s right, how about working as a caregiver? Surprisingly, it looks like there is a need for male caregivers.”


While looking at employment notices, Miri suggested a job that I had not thought about until now.


“Moreover, Onii is good at caring for others so you definitely should go towards the route of caregivers.”


I imagined myself becoming a caregiver. I still can’t pinpoint the image well.


“It should be troublesome to acquire the qualification for that … only requires Home Helper Grade 2?”

I had a hunch after seeing the common commercial correspondence course. It is a society that values qualifications after all.

Although academic background is important as well.


“You can begin training as a caregiver trainee now in 2016. You can consider the fees as an initial investment okay, initial investment. As a result, even if you grow old, you would still be employed, even the national certification as a caregiver can be obtained after working hard for 3 years, if you obtain that then your work horizon will expand.”

” … You’re surprisingly informed, little sister.”

“Because I spent my utmost effort researching for the sake of Onii.”


While feeling blessed to have a little sister, I also felt that I myself was pathetic.

I would likely reach the bottom of the money saved up from when I was working part-time, once that happens I would have no choice but to borrow money from my little sister.


” … Oh, if I don’t leave soon, I won’t be able to make it for today’s interview.”


In front of the mirror, I adjusted my natural perm hair and checked my recruitment suit.

I precisely tightened and straightened my brown and red stripped tie.


“Ah, ah, yup. Excuse me!”


I practiced for my interview in a loud voice in the mean time.


I could always keep it together up until the interview, but for some reason, I drop it during interviews.

I seriously have no idea why.

By the way, I’ve pretty much read all the books related to interviews and have read up on various other topics.


At the entranceway, it has already become second nature to me to wear my leather shoes as I turned the knob on the front door.


“Onii, buy sukiyaki ice-cream on your way back okay.”


Miri popped her head out from the living room door and requested.


“That kind of strange ice-cream can no longer be bought anywhere.”

“You can get it from the Family Eleven in front of the station.”

“Okay. If I can’t find it then I’ll get kelp boiled tofu pudding right.” (TL: Omg her taste xD)

“As expected of Onii. You understand Miri well.”


Yeah, I know that you are the true Getemonist (Coined word). (TL: Getemono = Strange item, Low-quality item; what he used to describe the ice-cream earlier)

A thing like kelp boiled tofu pudding, she has also began to put caramel sauce into chawanmushi.

It’s fine if it’s only once, I would like to see a showdown between Miri VS Surstromming. (TL: Surstromming = Fermented Baltic Sea herring)

Even looking at Surstromming would leave scars. I’ve got to prepare myself for it.


Wait, why am I talking on the premise that I’m going to buy Surstromming.


I’m not going to buy it. It’s another issue if Miri asks me to buy it, but I don’t have the money to spare to buy such a good for a prank. Since buying that from A°zon-san would cost more than 5000 yen. (TL: Add in ‘ma’  to the ° , don’t know why the author self-censored that haha)


Transiting from the train, I got off at the nearest station and walked on foot to the company’s building.


I only have some time left before the interview. I’ve heard that it’s best to reach the company 5 minutes before the scheduled interview time so I have to hurry.

I confirmed the signal for the pedestrian crossing. Don’t mistake me for a useless member of the society that ignores crossing signals. Since there is no knowing where danger lurks.

Signal is green, no problems!


Or so I thought, the sound from a horn rocked my eardrum. Wondering what was happening, I saw a runaway truck charge towards me directly from my side.

I’m going to die like this!


Looking at the driver, maybe the brakes were not working, because he had an extremely flustered expression.




I promptly back stepped to dodge the runaway truck. The truck passed by right in front of my eyes. I was saved by the difference of a few fractions of a second. That was seriously dangerous.


Fu, I nearly went on a trip to a different world. Just kidding.


Getting hit by a runaway truck and getting sent to another world is something that comes up frequently in the recent novels after all.

Although, well, there’s no way such a thing could happen in reality.


The runaway truck slammed into the pole at the opposite end of the intersection, emitting smoke after coming to a stop.

I wonder if the car wasn’t maintained properly?


Wait, I really don’t have time.

I am obliged to testify after witnessing the scene of an accident, but I myself takes precedence. Fortunately, there are other people at the scene other than me, so those people can testify instead.


The pedestrian signal is flashing green.

Okay, I can still cross like this. It happened when I had that thought.


“Oh no! Unruly horses are running out of the truck!!”




A large number of horses escaped from the truck, snorting violently.

And then, those horses neighed and charged towards me … I was caught up within the panicking horses – and lost consciousness.


Without any time to feel the pain, I died.


No, it still hurt really badly.


Author’s Note:

Thank you in advance.

It would be encouraging to received your comments, review, evaluation and bookmark.


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    • Glaudius

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