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(001) World without a ceiling

Translator: Tseirp

An unknown ceiling … There wasn’t one.

In the first place, there wasn’t even a ceiling.

I thought with my dazed mind.


Where is this?

Or rather, what time is it?

I looked at my wristwatch … this is bad! Isn’t this past the interview time!


… Ha, this isn’t good.

There’s no helping it, I’ll go to Family Eleven to buy sukiyaki ice-cream or kelp boiled tofu pudding before going back.


Eh? Where’s the station?

Or rather …


“Where am I?”


Not only is there not a ceiling, there is neither ground, road, buildings nor sky.


Why am I here?


That’s right, the truck collided and a large number of horses came running out … and then?


I, am I dead?


“Yup, you’ve died. This is your deathbed. The truck running away after stealing 20 horses from a stable had an accident and you were caught up in the fleeing horses.”


I see, so I’m dead. Or rather, that truck, not only did it not see the signal, it was even a horse thief?

If I’m dead, that girl Miri would grieve.

Well, I believe Miri can resolutely live on her own … if she gets taken to our uncle’s house, she would be forced to change schools though.


Haha, if that happens, even in death Miri would be angry at me.

If I get to become a wandering ghost, I’ll have to prepare to sit in seiza position.


Hmm? Didn’t somebody speak just now?

The person who told me that I’ve died.

Who is it?


“You have some nerve to ignore a Goddess.”


Eh? Goddess-sama?


I turned back without thinking due to the captivating voice and I became petrified.

I couldn’t move, like a frog stared at by a snake, like a warrior glared at by Medusa.


An orc in a white dress was there.

Shit, as I had thought, after dying it’s really an otherworld, but to suddenly encounter an Orc from the get go, this is an impossible game.

Although I’ve not received my cheat ability yet.


“Who’s this orc you speak of. I’ve told you that I’m a Goddess.”


The Orc … or not, the Goddess said with an angry tone.

My heart was read!?


“Are you really a Goddess?”


I was half convinced half doubtful so I asked.


“Yeah, that’s right. And so, although you are dead, you are the lucky person within a billion others to obtain this great chance, to have the right to transfer to an otherworld. But you would retain your current age and figure, so it’s not a reincarnation. So what’s your choice? Will you just pass on like this, or will you live a new life in an otherworld?”

“Erm, is it impossible to return to my original world? If it remains like this, my little sister would have to transfer schools.”

“That’s impossible. I’m not saying it to be mean, it really is impossible.”


Ku, impossible huh.

If that’s the case, then there’s no other road to take other than to live a new life in  an otherworld.


“But, if you are transferred to an otherworld the way you are now, you would immediately die once again. I will specially bestow to you the mysterious power called heaven’s blessing. By the way, have you played games? Even though I say games, I’m not referring to Tetris or Solitaire. I’m referring to games like role-playing games.”

” … Yes, several types.”


Role-playing games are literally games that you play a role.

It’s a game where you manipulate a protagonist that’s a hero or swordsman, accumulate experience points to level up to become stronger by inputting commands.

Titles like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy or the Tales series are popular right? (TL: Thanks DK for the titles :D)


“The place I will be transferring you to is a game-like world like those. There are monsters and defeating monsters will let you grow with experience points and items. To begin with, you world’s role-playing games were made after a certain God intervened with the human’s subconscious because it was too troublesome to explain about the otherworld to people transferring to the otherworld like you.”


I was told a startling fact.

In other words, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, no, even those before it like Dungeon and Dragons were also made because of God’s intervention. I’m surprised. Maybe, the authors for otherworld transition novels also received God’s intervention and wrote such novels. (TL: Lol author believes he is the chosen one!)


“And so, firstly, I can increase your ability, but what ability would be good? Although I recommend you choose something that can make you suddenly get a job like a hero or similar ones.”

“No, I’m not really keen on becoming a hero or anything like that. Is it impossible to abruptly get rich or something?”

“It’s not impossible but is it okay? For example, if 100 trillion yen is credited into your Japan passbook, what do you think would happen?”


Yeah, that would certainly be harsh.

The people would be unclear how it was transferred and I would not be able to explain how I got my hands on 100 trillion yen.

In other words, I should give up on asking for something like a huge diamond as well. If I deal with the situation badly, it seems like it would be treated as stolen goods.

The other recommendations that the Goddess presented to me were instantaneous movement or skill snatching, or in other words, famous cheat abilities.

Instantaneous movement would be convenient for trading, but it’s not like it would make me stronger.

Skill snatching is out of the question. To steal skills from other people is too much for my glass heart, and if it gets out I would bear tremendous hatred.


“Are there abilities that can safely increase experience points by 100 times?”

“100 times is impossible. 20 times is the limit.”

“I’ll have that then. Ah, if I have the same 2 heaven’s blessing, would it become 400 times?”

“It won’t. Even though I say 20 times, to be accurate it is +1900%. Even with the same 2 heaven’s blessing, it would be 39 times. Also, I only bestow 1 heaven’s blessing.”


Is that so. Well then, that will be fine.

I told the Goddess “Then, please give me the 20 times experience points ability.”


“Well then, I’ll be going as well so please enjoy your otherworld life. Since there’s no way I’m going to give you any missions in particular anyway.”


The Goddess said that and left.

So my otherworld life is going to start huh.


I will first defeat the slimes around the castle and aim for level 99 … just kidding.


I really feel sorry for Miri, but if I am going to live an otherworld life, I will enjoy it in earnest.


My otherworld life will finally begin.

Finally start.

Begin if you are going to begin.

It’s about time it starts.


Ne, when would it begin?


“Goddess-sama, I somehow don’t feel any sign of transferring to the otherworld.”


… There was no reply.


Nothing happened.


Despite waiting for hours, nothing happened.


Bug? Froze?


Eh, what should I do?




I involuntarily cried.

If I remain in this space with nothing around, my mind will go nuts.


“Oops, my bad … I ended up falling asleep. I am a Goddess.”


She said as she began appearing from her feet. She was a young child.

She was a kid wearing a white robe, with blonde twintails and an unpleasant look in her eyes.


” … Eh?

“Yeah, it’s not unreasonable to be surprised. I will say this first. You have died. But, you are the lucky person within a billion others to have obtained a great chance.”


And then, the child Goddess continued saying the same words as the previous fat Goddess.

Eh, this is also a great chance limited to 1 person from a billion?

Don’t tell me, I’ve been double booked by Goddesses?

I think the probability of that is 1 after 100 decimal places though.


“Finally, I think I will bestow upon you a heaven’s blessing.”

” … Ah, 20 times experience points please.”


Even though I’ve already gotten 20 times experience points.

After saying that,


“20 times experience points is not a heaven’s blessing the present me can bestow … but well, I’ll give you something similar. Well then, I’m going to continue my nap, so it’s fine if you just go enjoy your otherworld life.”


The same moment the Goddess disappeared, my consciousness became groggy.

Ah, there was a misunderstanding.

Well, it was the result of me honestly replying, so it’s fine.

And so, well, would I get 39 times experience points?


Hmm, maybe it would have been a better choice to choose instantaneous movement for my second blessing.


As I was having regrets, I let go of my consciousness.


At that moment, I was not aware.


The heaven’s blessing given to me by the child Goddess was 1/20 experience points required to level up.

In other words, assuming 100 experience points are needed to level up normally, in my case I would level up with only 5 experience points.


Thus, I have, in essence, entered a state of having 400 times easier growth compared to others. But I was not aware of it then.


Author’s Note:

For the time being, I will post the titles for 4 consecutive volumes.

Did you have the delusion that the Goddess would be a beauty?


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