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(002) Possibility of unemployment

Translator: Tseirp

When I woke up, this time, it really was an unknown ceiling.

I looked around my surroundings, before staring at the lamp next to the ceiling.

Was it thanks to that lamp that the room was bright?

But, that lamp … the light source was not fire. A ball of light was floating in it.

” … Hmm?”


And then, directly opposite the lamp … there was a huge signboard.

Large words were written on the signboard.


《Read the red book‧Read blue book ‧****》(TL: Italics signify raw was written in English)


The signboard was written in 3 languages, Japanese, English and one that I didn’t know.

In Japanese it told me to read the red book.

But in English, it told me to read the blue book.

Which is the correct one? As I had that thought, I saw 3 volumes of books on the table.


「How to survive in the otherworld」 was written on the cover of the red book.

Way of life of the different world」 was written on the cover of the blue book.

Words that I didn’t really understand was written on the cover of the yellow book.


Ooh, so it was fine to just read the book with the corresponding language you understand on the cover.

I was capable of at least reading the words “Read blue book”, so I tried reading the blue book, but the English within looked like mumbo jumbo to me so I immediately placed it back on the table. It was idiotic to put on airs even though there was nobody watching. Now that I think about it, my English grade was ranked the last after all.


If it was Miri, she could easily translate this degree of English. That girl was even reading the original text of French literature at home.


This time around, I took the red book and flipped through the pages.


【I am a Japanese individual. And I am currently living in this world.】


That was the first sentence written.
【This world is called the Otherworld. I leave this book to you, my kohai, who will be living in this world as well. Hopefully, you will read until the end before venturing out. Note that same content is written in English within the blue book and in this world’s words in the yellow book. 】(TL: Kohai = Junior)


So there are other Japanese people in this world other than me?

Well, I was told that it’s a 1 in a billion chance so there is a possibility of that.

According to the book, an otherworld individual arrives at the pace of one every few years.

There are 3 places where the otherworld individuals would wake up at and these books were placed in all those locations.


【Please try saying status open.】


I said “Status open” as written in the book.


Job:Jobless Lv1
Phy Atk:9Phy Def:7
Mag Atk:4Mag Def:3
Recruit SuitLeather Shoes
【Acquired Titles】
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points


Ooh, something appeared.


Erm, according to the explanations, my name would be assigned as per my Japanese name.


No, it’s different. My name is read as Ichinosuke, not Ichinojo.

Even though it was a common mistake made by my homeroom teacher when I was still a student, this is way too sketchy for a job that was done by God.


Also, for races, if you’re from Earth then everyone is human, but there are races such as Elves, Dwarves, Vampires and Mermaids in this world other than Humans.

I would touch on the part where my job was set as Jobless later.

So even after coming to this world, I’m still jobless huh. It seems like that’s the case for everyone in the beginning, but it still hurts.


The description of the game-like status followed.


HP: Life force. Death when it reaches 0. Gradually recovers.


MP: Mental force. Consumed when using magic. Gradually recovers.


Phy Atk: Physical Attack. Increasing it would increase the damage dealt to opponents when hitting or attacking them with a sword. It would also increase muscle strength, making it possible to carry heavy objects.


Phy Def: Physical Defense. Increasing it would decrease the drop in HP when receiving attacks apart from magical attacks. Increases stamina as well.


Mag Atk: Magic Attack. Increasing it increases the attack power of spells.


Mag Def: Magic Defense. Increasing it decreases the damage received when receiving magic attacks. Also increases the power of recovery magic.


Speed: Increases reflexes, dynamic visual acuity, and footwork. Also makes it easier to dodge attacks and increases attack accuracy.


Luck: Does not increase with level. Have various effects. Effects can be best felt after entering a labyrinth. Details can be found in the labyrinth section.


Incidentally, the average HP of a 20-year-old in this world seems to be around 50, so I am considerably weak.


Upon leveling up your job, you can learn various skills.

Changing job would decrease the status obtained from level ups, but the learned skills would remain.

For example, after reaching level 5 as a magician, increasing Magic Attack by 5 and learning fire magic, the increase of 5 Magic Attack would not be reflected upon changing job to a warrior but it seems like you would be able to use fire magic.


As for job levels, other than defeating monsters, accumulating experience points obtained by doing particular actions would level it up as well.

The particular actions are, for example, commoners paying taxes, magicians using spells, hunters hunting and dismantling monsters, or swordsmen doing practice swings.

It felt horrible that commoners accumulate experience points by paying taxes. It felt like there were various loopholes set up.


Moreover, isn’t Commoner more of an identity than a job?

If being a commoner is an identity, then is the current me below that of a commoner?

Also, is it possible that there are slaves that have their jobs as Commoner? It would also be slightly amusing to see aristocrats have level 80 Commoner jobs.


Titles are obtained by performing specific actions and they give various benefits.

Blessings are mysterious powers given by Goddesses that only otherworld individuals have.

Wait? 20x experience point acquisition and 1/20 required experience points … wait … by any chance, isn’t it something amazing?


Growth that is 400 times that of a normal person?

If that’s the case, then reaching Jobless level 99 would be an easy task as well.

Or so I thought but,


【As an explanation for Jobless, in this world, once born the people would change job into other jobs. The reason is that even if you increase the level of Jobless, your status would not increase and even after becoming level 5, you would not learn even 1 skill. I recommend that you immediately head to the town up North to change into Commoner or other possible jobs.】


So it would be pointless to level up as a jobless huh. I guess I will only level up after I change jobs.


【However, it is recommended that you don’t set out at night. Night time is around the time wolves appear. Rabbit monsters will appear as well, but even an empty handed Jobless should be able to defeat the rabbits. Rabbit meat can be sold or stored as food, so I recommend you defeat any rabbits you come across. You should be able to change your job for free if you mention that you were recommended by me – Daijiro. It should be noted that even though you still cannot read this world’s words, we are somehow able to understand it.】


There were multiple copies of papers with a map of the surrounding area attached there.

It looked like it was fine for me to take one.


There was also a dictionary containing Japanese placed there to learn this world’s words. It was probably written by Daijiro-san.

It sounded like the literacy rate of this world wasn’t that high, but there was nothing to lose in studying it so I also took the dictionary.

Also, although there are otherworld individuals living in this world, it was written that majority of the Japanese people live while hiding their identity.


There were other various things mentioned in the book.

The people in this world believe in 6 pillars of Goddesses.

Also written in the book were warnings that there are plenty of kidnappings, warnings that getting a slave collar placed on you by slave dealers would forcibly make you a slave, descriptions about the jobs and descriptions about magic.

It was truly a helpful guidebook for beginners.


And also, the topic I was delighted about.

There is a magic tool called an item bag and I was surprisingly allowed to take one before leaving. There were convenient items stored within as well.

Items placed into the bag would be housed in an alternate space, the course of time would halt and food stored within would not rot.

There were 3 items bags, but I followed the instructions written in the book and only took 1.


Upon checking the contents, I found a vial containing medicine, 100 copper coins, 100 silver coins and 1 gold coin.

According to the book, 1 copper coin is about a dollar or around 100 yen.


【Lastly, I live in the Magic City Mallegory. I have no idea if I am still alive when you are reading this, but if you are stopping by the city, please come visit. I welcome you. Incidentally, this letter was written in year 379 of the Otherworld calendar.】


The book ended there.

It was written in the book to not take it out of the room. It was also written that the lamp was a magic tool that sells cheaply, so he hopes that I leave it here as well.

Japanese individuals who arrive in the future would surely need this book as well.


“Thank you, Daijiro-san.”


I expressed my thanks to my Otherworld senpai, before leaving from the door at the back of the room.

There were steps outside the door. After ascending the steps, I realized that I was within an enormous tree.


Exiting the large tree, I saw an animal trail. Even though I was within a forest, it wasn’t a lush and dense forest, so sunlight still streamed through and I could see clearly.

In addition, anything outside the tree could not enter. So that’s why there weren’t any worries that the likes of bandits would discover and lay waste to the place.


Erm, according to the map this direction is North. The sun rises from the East … which means it is still morning.

Like words from the Father of Bourbon, it would be different altogether if the sun rises from the West, but there would be no end in sight if I began doubting everything.


I faced North and began walking.

Just as I was considering taking my first step, a cute white ball-like animal with characteristic ears appeared in front of me – a rabbit from the get go!

So the Otherworld rabbits came in such cute shapes.


If I remember correctly, Daijiro-san wrote in the book that it is feasible to defeat it empty handed and that it can be sold.

If that’s the case, I’ll defeat it.


Although it’s cute, this is a battle for survival.


I picked up a sharp rock near me and threw it at the rabbit.

But, just moments before it hit, the rabbit dodged by jumping away.

And then, the rabbit performed a body blow – Ku, it hurts, isn’t it quite strong?


The pain I felt in my solar plexus was roughly that of an attack by the Ace of a Middle school girls volleyball team.

However, even though it would become bruised, getting hit once or twice would not kill me.


Since that’s the case, I attacked again. The rabbit dodged again and performed a body attack towards me but, too naive!


If the opponent is a volleyball then I’ll receive!


I sent the rabbit flying into the air, instead of attacking it, I slammed it with all my might towards a sharp rock.


【Ichinojo Level up】


I heard a voice when I leveled up. It was an inorganic voice similar to recordings.

It was really similar to Dragon Quest.

To check on my status, I silently called out “Status Open”.


Job:Jobless Lv13  (12↑)
Phy Atk:9Phy Def:7
Mag Atk:4Mag Def:3
Sharp StoneRecruit SuitLeather Shoes
【Acquired Titles】
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points


I reached level 13 in one go, but my status completely didn’t change, and I didn’t even learn a single skill.

It looks like Daijiro-san wasn’t wrong.

As expected, I should quickly change job.

It’s not good to be jobless in both Japan and in Otherworld.


Well then, I’ll place the defeated rabbit into my magic bag and sell it at the Adventurers Guild. It seems like there are dismantling skills if I become a hunter, so it would be fine to sell them after dismantling as well. Of course, I don’t know how to dismantle a kill. Since I have not even culled a chicken, not to mention a rabbit.


I’ll head North … and just as I thought of doing so, I discovered a rabbit once again!


This time, I was not caught unaware and easily successfully defeated it.

As a result,


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Jobless skill: 「Job Modification」 obtained】

【Jobless skill: 「2nd Job setting」 obtained】

【2nd Job was automatically set as Commoner Lv1】


Eh? Wasn’t there not supposed to be any skills obtainable as Jobless?


Job:Jobless Lv20 (7↑)
Commoner Lv1
HP:22/22 (10+12)MP:13/13 (8+5)
Phy Atk:20 (9+11)Phy Def:16 (7+9)
Mag Atk:6 (4+2)Mag Def:5 (3+2)
Speed:10 (4+6)Luck:20 (10+10)
Sharp StoneRecruit SuitLeather Shoes
「Job Modification」 「2nd Job setting」
【Acquired Titles】
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points


… Eh?


For some reason, hasn’t my status doubled all at once?


The Commoner status was directly added on to the Jobless status?


Don’t tell me, I’ve found a loophole?

… Even though I’m Jobless, I’ve begun a side job?



Author’s Note:

What does it mean to have an auxiliary Job even though he is Jobless?

That is the first cheat of Jobless.

The next update will be 15 hours later.


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