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Book 5: Rebuilding Ienith’s Healer’s Guild

Chapter 054: Entering Ienith. Still some distance away from the capital

Translator: Tseirp


The Free City-State of Ienith is made up of autonomous city-states free from racial discrimination. Every 2 years, the races elect a representative and there will be another campaign to select the representative from that pool of individuals to run the country democratically.

This time, when I set off towards Ienith, I was granted Fornoir by the Pope. Yanbus-san had the intention to do so as well, and he handed him over with a smile while asking me to take good care of him.

That was 9 days ago. Currently, we were visiting various villages, securing beds to sleep on by applying healing magic. The course was southwards and we would pass Ienith’s international border by tomorrow … that’s the situation.


“With this, everyone’s treatment is done.”

I said to the village elder and a few other self-proclaimed elderly, and I was allowed to return to my accommodation.

“Is it really alright for us to only provide bedding?”

There’s no need to show such a concerned expression … I thought as I decided and spoke out.

“Lately, I have taken to cooking. I still can’t make delicious food, but I’m making them every day.”

“Is that so? If there’s anything you need, just let us know and we will prepare it for you.”

After that conversation ended, I walked towards the place allocated to us for accommodation.


“Luciel-sama, this is amazingly convenient. Even I can operate it.”

The Priest Knight Piazza-san excitedly showed me a magic tool. That’s right, it’s the magic tool of the reincarnated individual? named Ryina. What he was holding on to was her new invention Sparkling-kun.


Placing Sparkling-kun into a pot makes hot water and washes the vegetables. She created it for me because I heard in my previous life that, not only limited to the pre-cooking preparation of leafy vegetables, washing anything before cooking makes it more delicious.


“Because washing them one-by-one is troublesome right. It even boils the water to finish up right?”

“Yeah. This is amazing too. Because it keeps warm at a certain temperature using constant heating power. I definitely want to buy this when I go back to the Holy City.”

I expected so.

“Well, we won’t be returning for the time being but if I have the chance I’ll teach you about the magic tool shop. Well then the food might not taste delicious but I will be making dinner, so can everyone else prepare the bedding?”


The 8 subordinates moved about. By the way, on the journey up until now we had not been attacked by monsters, let alone bandits. The reason why was because the Adventurer’s Guild set off in advance and crushed them all.

As a celebration of the departure of the S-rank healer, the Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Granz-san ordered adventurers to go on ahead up until the country’s border.

“They are even coming to welcome us in Ienith, I’m truly thankful but it’s really troubling … how should I return the favour.”

I cooked while pondering about that.


Today’s dish was pot-au-feu with fluffy bread made by using the liquid from the fermentation of squeezed grapes in a pre-purified bottle. I learnt this cooking method from Grulga-san.

While eating, everyone had fundamental magic training together. Giving each other effective advice on what kind of image to use for the respective magic, we trained on magical power manipulation after we finished our meal.

As expected, everyone was excellent since they were assigned to the church headquarters. There were plenty of them who gave easier to understand explanations and images than me. Every member shared their methods and proactively absorbed the good points.

Just by doing that, my 「Leadership」 skill was going up but I didn’t realise it for several days.


“We’ll be entering Ienith tomorrow, but how does Luciel-sama plan to rebuild the Healer’s Guild?”

The person who asked that was Jordo-san.

“Truthfully, I have not thought of anything yet. I have no idea why the Healer’s Guild disappeared and it would be bad to make a decision from hearsay. This time, we were dispatched due to their request, but please by no means act conceited. I think that there would definitely be problems due to the various races. If there are any problems, even if they are small matters, please inform me. We should be able to solve the problems if we share such reports. I might have to discuss with you all as well so please assist me.”


Magical power manipulation training ended shortly after.


The next day, we left the village that aided us and travelled towards Ienith. As the number of trees gradually decreased and grasslands changed into wilderness, we came across a valley between two mountains.

“That is the border. We will rendezvous with the welcome party from Ienith after we cross that valley.”

“Thank you. It’s only a bit more so hang in there guys.”

After casting 「Area High Heal」 and 「Area Barrier」 on my subordinates and the purification magic that Fornoir loves every once in a while, we’ve finally arrived at the border.


Diving through the gate between the mountains? or more precisely cliffs, I felt that the ambient temperature suddenly rose. But maybe due to the effect of my equipment, I wasn’t really bothered by it.

“Healer oniichan~”

A single young girl ran over from the group that should be our welcome party from Ienith. Oh? That girl is … Shi-chan … ah, Sheila-chan.

“That’s definitely the welcome party from Ienith. I see some acquaintances so everyone please stand-down.”

Just after I dismounted from Fornoir, she leaped over so I had to catch her.  … But the momentum was so strong that I was almost blown off my feet. I somehow endured it but the shock made me unconsciously cast 「Area Heal」 with 「Chant Termination」. The acceleration speed of a beastman is really abnormal.

“Sheila-chan right. I see that you’ve recovered your voice.”

“Yup. I became able to speak the day I bid farewell to healer oniichan.”

“I see. Maybe the Gods rewarded Shiela-chan for the hard work you did on that day.”

When I parted with her I chanted 「Extra Heal」 but my proficiency was slightly insufficient. The one who healed her might have really been God.


While thinking about Shiela-chan who had a wide grin on her face, I led Fornoir and walked together with Shiela-chan towards the group that came from Ienith to welcome us.


“Deviant Saint-sama, as well as everyone from the church, I am very grateful that you all came to Ienith. I am Shaza, a tiger beastman and the representative this time around.”

“Thank you for welcoming us. I am the S-rank healer Luciel. Including me, the 9 of us will be the first to take up our new post in Ienith.”

“Ooo. We’re grateful. Although we are called the Free City-State of Ienith, in the capital there are only Herbalist Guilds everywhere and no healers around. We are thankful that you are willing to do something about it.”

“I intend to achieve that, but I wish to slowly understand the situation in Ienith by observing the site and asking around.”

“Thank you. There is still a 3-day distance from here to the capital, so we would have to trouble you all to continue travelling for a bit more. We’ll be in your care.”

… There’s still such a long distance? Ha~ Even though I had such feelings, it didn’t show through my poker face as I held out my hand in response to Shaza-san.

“We’ll be in your care too.”

During my handshake with Shaza-san, I had a feeling … that he is considerably strong. Is martial prowess required to be a representative?

We entered the country of Ienith and set off towards the capital of Ienith.


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