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Chapter 055: Rocky road ahead to rebuilding the Healer’s Guild

Translator: Tseirp


During our journey towards the Free City-States of Ienith, we were caught in multiple battles with monsters, but the Ienith beastmen troop including the leader Shaza-san defeated the monsters in a blink of the eye.

I only had to spread out a barrier and heal the wounded soldiers. I was thinking that my level would not be able to go up if I only did that, but it went up.

I asked Jordo-san and was told that I can level up by providing support such as using a barrier. If that’s the case, then power levelling can be done?

As I thought about that, exactly 3 days after entering the territory of the Free City-States of Ienith, we arrived at the capital Ienith.


Shiela-chan often came over to talk with me during breaks, but I mostly conversed with Shaza-san when we were moving so I didn’t have much chance to interact with Sheila-chan.


In my conversations with Shaza-san, he also included some of his requests for the Healer’s Guild.

– He wishes for the healing price to be reduced according to the cost of living.

– To heal in accordance with the law with regards to different races.

– It’s not definite but as a preface, he would like to have us participate in battles with monsters to provide healing.


“Also, it is inexcusable but we leave it to the Saint Schull Church to establish the healer clinic.”

Those were the words he said to me when I first laid eyes on the capital of Ienith. For the points above, I did not give a reply immediately but instead discussed with my subordinates. Therefore, I returned with a smile.


“Is that so. I am sorry if I was misunderstood, but we are not a charitable organization. Besides, we can consider that after things have calmed down. We must first return the Healer’s Guild to an operational state.”

I only said that much before cutting off.

Somehow, I did not have a bad premonition. Because not only was Shiela-chan the weakness of Shaza-san, there was also not any need to raise my voice any more than necessary for the surrounding people that I had already met during that event 2 years ago.

Holding on to my suspicions, we had finally arrived at the capital Ienith.


This is … my subordinates and I were at a loss for words. The reason was the Healer’s Guild.

” … Is this the slums?”

“Yeah. But the truth is that the Healer’s Guild was originally here. We wanted to relocate to somewhere else but there wasn’t any land available.”

Although he said that he is sorry, Shaza-san … or I’ll just call him Shaza from now. This guy’s eyes were laughing as he averted his face.


“Okay. I understand. Well then, for the sake of rebuilding the Healer’s Guild, the treatment prices will remain the same. In cases whereby the patient doesn’t have enough, they will pay with their body.”

“Do you plan to make them into slaves?”

His eyes flashed belligerently but compared to Shisho this cat still have a long way to go. I told myself so before speaking out.


“No, we will have them offset the price of treatment by doing work for us like carpentry work. We will have them pledge to the church. Unlike vowing to God, we can bind them to their pledge by having them do so.”

“How is that different from slavery?”

Even his tone was aggressive?


“I will swear to God. That I will not forcibly command them using their pledge. If the Gods judge that I am unjust, they will likely punish me. I may either lose my ability to use magic or even lose my life. Of course, as the representative, I will have Shaza-san pledge as well.”

Shaza began to show an incredibly flustered expression.


“There is no need to be so afraid. At most the pledge will make your physical level drop to level 1, it would not kill you. If it’s representative Shaza-san, you’ll accept it, right? We will also pour all our efforts into rebuilding the Healer’s Guild.”


“Wa … wait. If you succeed in rebuilding the Healer’s Guild  to that extent, I will try to somehow search for a location to accommodate it.”


“Don’t worry about it. It looks like this city has slave dealers as well, so we can purchase slaves that can act as night watchmen from there, and gradually rebuild the Healer’s Guild. I think that if we don’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to incite a strong desire to establish a healer clinic here.”


I maintained my poker face. To be honest, my speech and conduct do not match, so I was probing my subordinates and deciding on the direction together step-by-step.


“That’s right, there is a welcome party today. Please restore your energy there at the feast.”

“I’m thankful for that.”

I could finally relax my face slightly.

“However, looking at the current situation, it is still … the God of Healing would be saddened if it remained this way. Not only are we healers, we came from the church headquarters so we will not silently overlook this problem. We shall conduct our pledge now, so I look forward to working with you.”

The moment I held out my hand, he began sweating profusely.

“That’s an amazing amount of perspiration?”

“Deviant Saint-sama, I’m really sorry but I am not feeling so well. I will create an opportunity to meet you tomorrow so please allow me to return for today.”

“If it’s healing magic I can immediately use them now you know? 「High Heal」, 「Recover」, 「Purification」, 「Dispel」.”

I cast the spells with 「Chant Termination」, but as expected his condition didn’t change.

“Ooo. That’s excellent. But this is a chronic illness so please excuse me.”

He and his entourage said that and left.


Shiela-chan was the daughter of the previous representative, so she must have been told to not to speak up. She frantically waved at me. And then, as one of the representative, she performed a deep bow before chasing after Shaza’s back.


“I have no idea what to say but our road ahead is difficult.”

“Yeah. Well, for the time being let us proceed after I cast purification magic to clean up. Furthermore, I’ve been having a feeling since earlier that we must visit the slave dealers, so after we have mostly cleaned up, we’ll be going to the slave dealers together. Because I think that it is not good to separate our group now.”


We cleaned up the spider webs from the leaky roof and the floor that looks like it would collapse anytime.


I was wondering if this was a good occasion to modify the Healer’s Guild. When I told that to my subordinates, for some reason their eyes lit up so it looks like it will be done.


After purifying all the rooms, I only had time to decide on the allocation of rooms, because I now had to allocate rooms for the Priest Knights in charge of guarding Fornoir and the horses as well, before we immediately set off to meet the slave dealers.


Once again, I had no idea that Great Luck-sensei would come to greet me again after such a long time.




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  9. Yes and the only waifu. Tere are more husbandos

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  23. Thanks for the chapter!

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