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Chapter 057: Purchasing slaves and God’s miracle

Translator: Tseirp


I cast purification magic on the dull-haired youth.

I prayed that at least some kind-hearted owner would purchase this youth soon.

The youth thanked me before leaving the room.

I stared at the door he left by and muttered.

“It didn’t go as planned.”

I thought about the youth that had just left the room as I shook my head.

“Please do not buy me.”

Within his eyes that were saying so, I felt his will to cling on to the slight possibility. I believed that he would certainly be saddled with Darkness if I bought him so I decided to respect his decision.


“So mortifying. Even though I can’t achieve something to the extent of an Archbishop, to think that I can’t even relieve him of his Darkness … ”


When I exited the reception room, the slave dealer was waiting while rubbing his hands.


“I will purchase the wisdom of a dwarf and the knowledge of a warrior. Also, I intend to purchase slaves to take care of them so let me see the female slaves once again.”

“Kukuku. Thank you for your patronage, young master.”

The slave dealer and I headed to the female slave floor.


The truth was that I had already asked the dwarf and old man if they had any slaves that they wished for me to purchase, and it looked like they both do, so I intend to buy them. Of course, they wouldn’t be the slaves of slaves.


It is up to others how they might see it, but I decided that the slaves that they requested for would become something that will tie them down. Of course, I do not plan to treat them badly. I intend to humanely connect with them and earn their trust.


When we arrived at the female floor, I recalled the exchange I had during the interview and looked for the slaves.


“What is your name, dwarf-san?”

“It’s Dolan.”

“Dolan-san, do you have anybody you wish to be purchased along with you?”

” … Why?”

He was fidgeting nervously when he knew that he would be bought, looking at the female slave floor multiple times, so I think it’s normal that I would have guessed.


“If you pledge to use your expertise to rebuilt the Healer’s Guild and freely produce weapons for us, I plan to create an environment whereby you can exhibit your fullest potential.”

I gave him a smile.


” … Boy, you said that you’re an S-rank healer right? Do you have gold?”

“I have a decent amount. I earned it in an extremely smelly place in Saint Schull Allied Nations by enduring and enduring and defeating undead …”

Dolan-san felt uneasy from the sorrowful expression that was shown on my face and he shut his eyes and said in a small voice.

” … I see.”


“That’s why please don’t be reserved. Dolan-san, is there anyone that you wish to be purchased?”

“There is a human and dwarf half-breed girl, but is she still around? She’s my granddaughter. Her name is Paula, she has hazel coloured hair and is a reticent child. She’s only 16 years old but if possible, I would like you to purchase her as well.”

What happened to his previous dignified mannerism? It felt like his pent up feelings burst out but it was out of concern for his family so I was convinced.

“I understand. I will go to the female floor after the interview so I promise that I will buy her if she is there.”


After that, I posed the same question to the old man.

“My name is Lionel. I ask of you to purchase the human and beast race Naria and Cathy if possible. Their ages are 33 and 23.”



I spotted the 3 individuals whose features I heard from the other 2 and called out to the slave dealer.

“Do you mind if I question the slaves a little?”

“Yeah. No problem.”

I felt that he had totally seen through me but they are a necessary expense so I intend to purchase them even if he pushed for an unreasonable price.


First, I quietly spoke to the hazel-haired girl whose height was only up until my chest height.

“Are you Paula? Give me a nod if you are.”

The girl immediately nodded.

“Firstly, I am Luciel. Dolan-san asked me to buy you as well so I plan to do so. There will be no need to submit your body. I will have Paula-san assist Dolan-san and perform chores for him.”

“Together with grandpa?”

Her facial expression wasn’t changing much, but I felt the air soften.

“Yeah. And I will also heal his arms.”

“Kamisama?” (TL: Kamisama = God)

She did the classic head tilt gesture. Is that in fashion now?

“I am not God. And so would you pledge you efforts to rebuild the Healer’s Guild just like how Dolan-san did?”

I smiled bitterly as I asked her.

“Okay. If it is the same as grandpa then I’ll pledge to do so.”

I felt that she gave a slight smile.


After that, I said the same to Naria and Cathy.

“Firstly, I am Luciel. Lionel-san asked me to purchase the 2 of you so I plan to do so. There will be no need to submit your body. Do you have any questions?”

“Is Lionel-sama safe?”

“Yeah. He is currently unable to walk but I intend to treat the poison that damaged the nerves and tendon in both his feet.”

“I have sworn allegiance to Lionel-sama nya. I will comply with whatever Lionel-sama says nya.” (TL: The staple cat character is here!)

“As long as I can be beside Lionel-sama, I will do anything.”

… Just who the hell is Lionel-san? Well, it looks like there’re no problems here as well. I will leave these 2 girls to Lionel-san.


“Shopkeeper, I will buy the dwarf and old man earlier together with these girls. How much would it be for all of them?”

“Just 1 white gold coin would be sufficient.”

” … Why is the price cheaper compared to when you first told me?”

“Young master, no, master, it is because it looks like fate ties the two of us together hehehe. For you to purchase so many slaves at one go, I believe you have a plan and budget for many more?”


As usual, the slave dealer maintained a self-depreciating smile and hand rubbing gesture as he inquired. It looked like he was skilled at calculating for future profits but the truth was that I had no such plans so I was troubled as to how to respond …


“Certainly, I have planned the budget for it. I had no intention to purchase the girls but if I can buy the slave’s motivation with gold then it’s all good.”


“Hehehe. As I suspected. Master, it is still a couple of months away, but there will be a slave auction coming up. Here is the referral letter that will allow you to participate in it, please accept it.”

The man’s tension increased.

” … There’s such a thing? But why did you hand me the referral letter? Do you give it to anybody?”

I had more and more doubts.


“No no usually I would not hand over the invitation to the auction so easily. However, I offer it to individuals who have financial power like master.”

“How does it benefit you?”

I thought that if it was done without any merit to himself then it can only either be abnormal or a trap.


“If you purchase slaves while holding on to my referral letter, I will be paid a whopping 10 percent reward. Even if master successfully bids for a slave and I, in turn, purchase the slave from you, I will not face any losses.”

I didn’t really get it, but it didn’t felt like he was lying. However, I believe he also didn’t tell the whole truth either.


After purchasing the 5 slaves, I called out to and approached my subordinates waiting outside. We carried Dolan-san and Lionel-san and set off towards the Healer’s Guild building.


All those who witnessed the convincing spectacle of a miracle of God, and those who actually received the miracle of God, everyone simply dedicated their prayer of thanks.


“No, erm. Why is everybody worshiping me?”


I was flustered. Upon casting 「Extra Heal」 on Dolan-san and Lionel-san, both Dolan-san’s arms emerged and the tendon in both Lionel-san’s feet was restored.


In addition, I completed his treatment by applying 「Recover」 on Lionel-san. Dolan-san rotated and grasped his arms, verifying their sense of touch, while Lionel-san stood up and walked slightly, recovering his sense of movement.


Witnessing that spectacle, Dolan-san’s granddaughter wept and clung on to her grandfather. Similarly for Lionel-san, he was hugged by the slaves that were purchased together with him.


The Priest Knights and Healers that came along from the church had never actually seen「Extra Heal」before. For some time, they knelt on one knee with their hands in front of them, maintaining the pose for dedicating a prayer.


The slaves who saw that ended up mimicking the same pose for dedicating a prayer, I was greatly flustered and asked them to stop but they maintained that pose for some time.



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