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Chapter 058: Who exactly is this person?

Translator: Tseirp


After attempting to persuade them countless times, they finally stopped their prayer posture. While thinking that it is amazing in a sense that some people can immerse themselves in the feeling of being almighty, I laughed bitterly at myself who will forever remain as a cowardly person as I addressed everyone.

“Now that you all have settled down, regarding this building’s structure, it has 3 floors above ground and 1 underground floor. The 3rd floor will be the room for the Healer’s Guild guildmaster. The 2nd floor will be used by the people who came along with me from the church headquarters. So, you all will live in the underground floor. Are there any questions?”


I swept my gaze across everyone once but it looked like there weren’t any objections in particular.


“If so then I’ll continue? The underground has 3 rooms so Dolan and Paula will share a room, Cathy and Naria will share a room and I’m sorry but Lionel you will have the smallest room for yourself. Moving on, Fornoir and the horses are housed within the Healer’s Guild for now but leaving it this way will be bad after all. For that reason, I will allow the remodeling of the Healer’s Guild. I believe we can’t extend the building, but as long as you all inform Dolan-san of your requirements, setting aside the judgement of whether it is feasible or not, I will authorize most of the requests because this is meant to be your castle.”


My subordinates all had wide grins across their faces as they were lost in thought in their own fantasy. At that point, I noticed that Dolan-san had raised his hand and was staring at me with a grin.

“What’s the matter? Dolan-san.”

“Ah, yeah. Regarding the extension that Luciel-sama talked about just now, we can easily extend the underground if we use magic? Well if you intend to extend down into more floors then we would need wood and iron.”

Dolan-san said such a thing.


” … Ha?”

I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.


“Dwarves like me live by borrowing the energy from the spirits of fire and earth. That’s why we are able to move soil and strengthen fire.”

“Grandpa strengthened the fire too much which caused the workshop to explode.”


Paula added in, causing Dolan to scratch his cheek and face towards the direction of tomorrow.


“So you mean it is possible to extend the underground?”

“Yeah. The worst case scenario would be tampering with the ground poorly resulting in a distorted foundation causing the building to collapse, but dwarves like me can hear the voices of spirits so we are able to excavate deep into the earth and expand horizontally as well.”


Had I somehow obtained a cheat-like dwarf? It can’t be helped that my cheeks hardened and twitched due to the shock. (TL: The cheeks on his face okay. What are you thinking about? xD)


” … I understand. Let us gradually work out the details for that. Next, Cathy, Naria, and Paula, can you all cook?”


Cathy and Paula averted their gazes but Naria looked like she could and she nodded.


“Okay. I will cook because I am interested in cooking but I will ask for your assistance.”

“Certainly, master.”


I was troubled for being addressed like that, but I didn’t think of anything else for them to call me. Therefore, I gave it some thought before talking.

“I’ve been troubled by having -sama attached to my name since my time at the church, so from this occasion on until the Healer’s Guild is rebuilt, please call me either master or Luciel-dono.” (TL: the master here is for guildmaster, not the Goshujinsama said just now by Naria, usually used by slaves towards their masters.)


“Okay (Yes!). Luciel-dono (Master).”


With this the living area and cooking staff have been assigned, so next would be shopping for necessities including clothes … but as to be expected it would be bad to do so with this number of people again.


“Now, I plan to purchase clothes, bed, and food etc. Lionel, can you use a sword?”

“I can use most types of swords. My specialized weapons are greatswords and long spears.”


Why did this person’s eyes sparkle when we touched upon the topic of weapons? Am I the only one who thinks that it is scary?

“Well then, I will lend you the sword I received from my Shisho so I will have to trouble you with escorting me.”

I asked my subordinates to do something else.


“We will unload everyone’s personal belongings and magic tools before going so please sort them out.”

I felt a reaction from Paula when magic tools were mentioned but I intentionally ignored that.


“I’ll be worried if you only take the recuperating Lionel-sama along with you for protection nya.”


Cathy declared. We would have to get female undergarments as well so I agreed to let her come along.

Maybe because I never decided to resale my weapons, I still had my Holy silver one-handed sword so I equipped her with that.

I noticed Lionel-san staring at the sword I received from Shisho at the corner of my eyes. He returned the sword to its sheath and said to me.

“It looks like you are cherished by your Shisho, Luciel-dono.”

I smiled and nodded.


After that, Naria offered to cut Lionel’s unkempt hair but there wasn’t enough time so we just tied his hair and only shaved his beard. He transformed from an old man into a dignified boss.


The Priest Knights who saw that stopped their hands and stiffened. I guess it was that surprising. I lent used robes to the 2 of them and we left to shop.

By the way, this time, we walked.


I bought large quantities of vegetables and fruits from the shops that sold to us. That’s right. Even here there were some shops who did not want to do business with us, so I had no choice but to buy in bulk.


Next, Dolan asked me to purchase iron swords (doesn’t matter if they are dull) and iron wares so I bought those in large quantities as well. We did not meet with any interferences at the lumber mill but the price was considerably steep.


Also, regarding the lack of honorifics, Lionel and Dolan strictly cautioned me against using -san when calling them so I complied. Most likely it has something to do with public appearances.


Thus, we had purchased an impressively large quantity of goods that made Cathy’s eye widen.


“Thank you very much.”

After the shop assistant from the last shop led us out, I muttered.

“Looks like we are getting obstructed quite significantly.”

The words weren’t aimed at the 2 of them but they both halted.


“I knew it was about time nya.”

“Bah ridiculous. Not only is their tailing unsatisfactory, to think that they attacked us with this number of small fries.”


I don’t know why, but I intuitively sensed a battle approach when I saw the 2 of them unsheathe their swords and immediately deployed a 「Area Barrier」 before informing them.


“Apart from monsters, please avoid killing as much as possible.”


The 2 of them nodded silently and stood in front and behind me. From the shadows of the building, more than 10 armed men swooped down on us.


I’ll announce the conclusion first. It was a complete victory.


Lionel sheathed his sword while avoiding the attacks, striking them with the sheath or punching them in their belly, causing the assailants to sink to their feet.

“Too easy, seriously too easy.”


That conduct reminded me of a boss character from somewhere, but it’s a secret.


On the other hand, Cathy overwhelmed the assailants using a speed that I could somehow manage to follow.


Punching while avoiding slashes from swords, sending them flying with roundhouse kicks to their faces, and striking them with the flat of her sword. It was a complete victory for this side as well.


“They have only fainted nya. I struck them with the flat of my blade so don’t worry nya.”


She said such a signature phrase, but I completely can’t understand how these people became slaves.


The 2 of them dragged the assailants and gathered them in a single location. They requested for a rope from me so I hurriedly dug some out from my magic bag and passed it to them.


I was immensely curious about who the 2 of them are exactly, more so than the assailants. After gathering the evidence and goods, I wanted to return to the Healer’s Guild but was halted by Lionel.


“Luciel-dono, let us drag these people as they are now to their chief in Ienith. If we bring them to the Healer’s Guild like this, we might be accused of kidnapping them.”


He advised. I decided to follow his advice. Lionel somehow amazingly tied all 13 assailants with a rope and started dragging them.

Just who the heck is he exactly? That question alone spun around in my brain.


I walked beside Lionel as he dragged the assailants while Cathy followed behind remaining vigilant towards the surroundings.

We aimed for the largest mansion as we received dumbfounded looks from the surroundings.


The shop we did our shopping at was located near to the large building where Shaza and his group most likely was. The distance was roughly about 5 minutes away.


The soldier that was guarding the building stiffened at the sight that rarely occurs.

If it was me I would have been unable to stand due to the surprise, so I pitied him and concentrated on clearly explaining ourselves.

“I am the S-rank healer Luciel. I was absent from the banquet held today but I was attacked in the city. I wish to propose some improvements to the public safety, so is it possible for me to have an audience with Shaza-dono?”


After telling him that, the guard ran inside hastily.


“Since he didn’t even say a word about hoping that we wait for a moment, so I guess it is alright that we enter.”

Ha? I doubted the words that I heard from my side, but just like that, he dragged the assailants and entered.

“As expected of Lionel-sama nya. Master, let’s follow nya.”

Similarly, Cathy entered without hesitation. Waiting all on my one at the gate would be scary after all, so I chased after the 2 of them but it’s inevitable that I felt anxious at that moment.


“Isn’t this trespassing?”

I gingerly asked.


“Ha? There wouldn’t be any problems even if you enter. Speaking of S-rank healers, isn’t Luciel-dono the only 1 in the world?”


“Yeah. It is true that I am the only 1 but what has that got to do with this?”

“Normally if the national guest suffers an attack, it will become an international affair and countries would make their move. We are offering to resolve it without making it into a serious problem. Isn’t that a fine proposal for the opposite party? Hahaha.”


I will say it any number of times. Who the hell are you? Why did such a dependable person become a slave?

Although I still did not know the answer to that question, I chased after his back as he steadily advanced.

Cathy was just being Cathy, maybe she was accustomed to these kinds of situations, she was humming carefreely.


Shaza and his group exited the mansion just as we reached the front of the building. They were shocked stiff because they saw us right when they exited the building. Lionel spoke out.


“My master is the sole S-rank healer in this world, Luciel, but we were attacked in the city by these assailants when we were shopping. As a country how will you consider this and how will you apologize and compensate us for this. I will have you tell us now!”


Shaza stiffened and became as meek as a lamb against the overwhelming air of dominance and the people beside Shaza hid their faces.


Looking at that scene, within my heart I was questioning, is this person the main character-type in stories?

I thought carefreely.



Authors Note:

Thank you very much for reading.

It somehow ended up unfolding into Invincible Lionel instead.

As an author, I look forward to overshadowing the main character’s activities. (*^ω^)

As you can see I have tampered around with book 0 to book 4, but the revision has not been completed so please take note.





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