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IS B5C59

Chapter 059: Increased forces and Dolan’s motivation

Translator: Tseirp


Nobody dared to speak up under Lionel’s intimidating voice.

All of the 7 representatives including Shaza, and 3 soldiers.


“It’s fine that you all remain silent, but the ones who will face troubles will be you guys, right? Please tell us how you intend to apologize, to dispose of these ruffians and to compensate us?”

This time, Lionel changed his tone, trimming down on the intimidation and spoke in a placid voice.

Then, Shaza finally began apologizing.

“I, I am truly sorry for this. I couldn’t imagine that healer-sama would get attacked on the very day he arrives. Luciel-sama, the country will atone by sentencing these ruffians to death, as for compensation … I would like to have something to think of one if it is fine with you?”

Shaza was glancing over at me and Lionel also looked over, so I guess he left it up to me to decide.


“Is that so. I was surprised by the attacks so I originally intended to urgently return to my home country to report …”

I placed my hand on my chin.

I knew that Shaza would get anxious, but seeing that Sheila-chan’s father’s expression looked like he was going to weep, I found out that this was not the intention of the whole group.

Thus, I made my decision.


“Okay. Firstly, instead of the death penalty for them, I would like to have their rank lowered to slaves as criminal slaves. Next, in addition to having their expenses fully borne by you and having them work as a labour force for the Healer’s Guild, I would like you to accurately circulate this matter. Next, there are many shops that refuse to sell to us so please make it such that we can buy from every shop. Needless to say, we will still pay for the items. Finally, for the sake of maintaining public security, please allow us to develop the region around the Healer’s Guild. That will be all for my request for this time. I will look forward to the compensations.”


Not only did I not know if they would really be subjected to capital punishment, I could also avoid spreading my forces comprising of my subordinates and Lionel and gang thin if I increase my available force, so this was preferable.

Moreover, if the number of shops we can purchase from increases, not only do I prevent backlash from inhabitants that cannot buy goods from the shops, I might even find good bargains from the shops that I couldn’t buy from before.

If we are allowed to develop the surroundings then there would be no problems if we expand the guild.

I chose my demands according to these train of thoughts.


Lionel looked a bit dissatisfied but it’s not like we are intending to go to war with Ienith, and we would not get blamed as long as they circulate the matter accurately.
Nobody approached Shaza. I felt that he was angered by my demands but since there were no difficult contents within my requests he had no choice but to acknowledge them.

” … I apologize for what happened this time. I will accept all the conditions.”

Shaza said that without lifting his head. He must have been making a sour face.


“This time, Luciel-sama has shown mercy but do not assume that he will do so the next time as well. Also, I hope that somebody from your group will accompany us to the slave dealer now.”

Lionel firmly punctuated on the points that needed punctuation.


Then, Shaza spoke.

” … By the way, you weren’t there when you all arrived at Ienith. Who are you?”

“Me? I am Luciel-sama’s retainer. Kakaka.”

Lionel’s loud laughter resonated throughout the neighbourhood.


The individual who accompanied us to the slave dealer was the nostalgic Guralga-san, the wolf beastman who stabbed my stomach in the Holy City.

When we could no longer see the soldiers that exited the gate of the mansion, he began muttering words of apology quietly like it was to himself while maintaining the posture of moving forward.


“Deviant Saint-sama. Even though you went through such pains to travel here, I am terribly sorry that things became this way.”

Of course, I guessed the circumstances from his appearance so I also talked in a low voice.


“Had the situation changed the past 3 years?”

He began describing as he slowly walked.


The contents were situations that commonly happens.

The representative at that time, Mr. Olga, retired along with the expiration of his term of office 3 months after returning from the Holy City.

The next representative was from the dragon race who had high natural recovery ability so they did not understand the appeal for healers.

It seems like they called for the preferential treatment of Herbalist Guilds that can treat diseases instead of healers.

The following year, the readjustments were carried out. His voice sank deeper as he conveyed that the region where the Healer’s Guild was located became the slums.


And then, the term of office ended and the representatives changed. They were inferior to the dragon race, but the tiger beastmen, with high combat power and natural recovery abilities, became representatives for the country with Shaza as their representative.

Up until a year ago there hasn’t been any allure for the Healer’s Guild, but recently at a distant location from Ienith, an inactive labyrinth reactivated and I heard that there is an overflow of monsters.

For that reason, the Adventurer’s Guild and the country’s army began suppressing the monsters.

Although the Herbalist potions were of high quality, the recovery doesn’t make it in time and if the poison or paralysis effects are just slightly different, a separate drug is needed so they faced difficulties in capturing the labyrinth.

Listening to his explanations … Don’t I still have 40 more years to go? I had an ominous feeling in my mind as we arrived at the slave dealership. (TL: Luciel is referring to his oath with the Holy Dragon to release the seal of trapped dragons.)


“Isn’t this the place that refused us entry citing that they don’t allow first-time customers when we first came here?”

“It’s fine. It is not that they refused you all because they were instructed to do so, they only did so because they do not want to sell their slaves to weird customers.”


Upon knocking on the door, an elderly wolf beastman stuck his face out.


“Old man, long time no see.”


“Oh, it’s Guralga … why are you intruding with such large numbers?”

Needless to say, the shopkeeper remembered us who came here before, after one glance he immediately faced Guralga-san and asked.


“Yeah. This person here is the Deviant Saint-sama who saved our lives when we went to the Holy City. These fellows tied up by a rope are stupid individuals who attacked Deviant Saint-sama, instead of the death penalty, he decided to convert them into slaves and we wish to trouble you for that.”


“Ho … Deviant Saint-sama huh, how do you intend to use them after turning them into slaves?”

I felt like his eyes could see through lies so I honestly spoke.


“The command would be to not harm me and the people involved with the Healer’s Guild and healer clinic, and to not damage the assets and horses of the Healer’s Guild. They will be treated as labourers and act as guards for the Healer’s Guild and healers. As for employment conditions they will be able to take meals and sleep as usual. It will be something like that?”


” … (What a seriously weird guy) Very well. Enter.”


The slave seals for criminal slaves were affixed onto the 13 ruffians.

“That was the last of them.”

“Old man, Ienith will take care of the bill so please claim for it later.”

” … Okay. However, does Deviant Saint-sama not intend to purchase slaves from this shop?”

“Yeah. I would want to purchase them if I looked at them but the Healer’s Guild does not have enough rooms. After rebuilding, I will consider buying from this shop.”

“Uhuh~ I will wait without getting my hopes up.”


Looks like the elderly wolf beastman Guralga-san calls old man is called Reruga-san. It seems like Guralga-san was pleased with me after we left the shop so that was good. He left for the mansion after speaking.


“Slaves, you will be going to the Healer’s Guild after this so I suggest you obey the commands. Your treatment can become better, or it can become worst too. Well then, I’ll be going back.”


We walked with Cathy at the foremost, with me behind her and the slaves sandwiched between me and Lionel at the end. However, the slaves obediently walked from beginning to the end due to the pressure from Lionel.


When we returned to the Healer’s Guild, there were 2 Priest Knights standing at the entrance.


“Thank you for your hard work. Were there any anomalies?”

“No. Many made gestures glancing at us but nobody approached us.”

“Over the course of events we obtained these 13 criminal slaves, so I plan to have them stand guard at night from today on.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

The 2 Priest Knights were elated. That’s because night watch is tough right.


“Sorry but please stand guard for a bit longer.”



We entered the guild in succession and Dolan came over to me.

“Ooh Luciel-dono, that took you long. For the time being, I excavated horizontally slightly in the underground. I forgot to ask you to purchase magic stones to affix the earth but don’t worry the ground is firm so it will not collapse immediately. Also, what about the stuff I requested for?”


“Yeah. I have them in the magic bag. I obtained them from underground, but are these fine as magic stones?”

He nodded when I showed him the magic stones dropped in the Labyrinth of Tribulations.

“If they are Dark attribute magic stones we can use them as long as we soak them in Holy water to purify them but do you have Holy water?”


“Purification? Please give me a moment.”

Upon applying purification magic, the magic stone’s colour turned into pale blue.

“Ooh, anything is possible for you huh. If it’s like this then I can use it immediately.”

He delightedly took the magic stone from me.

“I see.”

I looked back and gave my instructions.


“Lionel and Cathy, thank you for the escort. Please go underground and take out the luggage. After that, you can take a break while monitoring the slaves. For the slaves, give your thanks to Dolan for making your beds and give him a hand.”

I announced and proceeded underground. As I saw that the underground was really wider, I placed the purchased items like the wood down, and lastly cast purification magic on a hundred magic stones like the previous one and left them with Dolan.

“I’ll leave the rest up to you. I’ll give you a call when food is ready. Please work hard until then.”

“Ooh leave it to me.”


Dolan was rotting without his arms.

The man who once again bestowed upon him arms asked of a favour from him.

Dolan had never thought that he would be relied upon once again to manufacture things.

What was requested of him was the expansion of the Healer’s Guild. Everything was left up to his discretion.

Dolan’s profession is blacksmith, but being relied upon once again filled Dolan with motivation.


At this point in time, Luciel did not know that the expansion that he imagined, had instead became remodeling? no, magic-remodeling.



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