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IS B5C61

Chapter 061: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild

Translator: Tseirp


After breakfast, the only person who wasn’t shocked by the underground transformation, Lionel, visited me in the guildmaster’s room to ask if he could have Dolan manufacture weapons for him.


“Before talking about the manufacture of weapons, why did you ask for the training ground on your own accord? Even though it is only about half the size of the one in the Adventurer’s Guild, considering that magic circles were carved into the walls, isn’t it strange that you did not report to me first?”

I didn’t yell. That’s because yelling would use up my stamina.

Especially since I would be left with the worst result if I yelled at someone more senior than me.

There’s also the danger of his trust and faith in me becoming zero.

That’s why it would be more effective to ask about the mistakes when angered, solving them one at a time.

Of course, in cases where it doesn’t get through no matter how many times it is said, the level of anger will gradually rise, but this was the first time so I talked calmly.


“It is as you have said. I have overstepped my boundaries.”

Lionel admitted to his mistake and lowered his head. Blaming him any further would only be for my self-satisfaction so I stopped there.


“Hereafter, please exercise more caution. Certainly, you may think that I am unreliable because I am young but I will give it some serious thought if you propose it. And so, do you have anything to report regarding the night security?”

My senpai told me that it is counterproductive to assign a penalty on a first offense because it would cause them shrink away. That’s why I changed the topic and asked for the report.


“I do. There were zero attacks but I did feel their presence. I believe they retreated due to the large number of guards on duty. The criminal slaves seem like they would be an asset if we train them and they did not raise any dissatisfaction with regards to their treatment. Also … apparently they were not sent by Shaza and gang, but were instead interference sent from the Herbalist Guild.”


Now that he mentioned it, I didn’t gather information from the assailants … I’ve been way too absentminded.


“Thank you, Lionel. I forgot to have a talk with them. … I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday but, who are you exactly?”

I finally asked.


“Fu~ … I was only in a slightly high up position in a certain country. I am now a slave, and I have set my heart to be Luciel-dono’s retainer.”

From the looks of his eyes, those were his genuine intentions. It certainly seemed like he would not speak any further. I gave up on knowing his true identity this time.


“Ha~. Very well. Please tell me when you judge that it is fine to do so. Regarding the manufacture of equipment, it involves the raw materials as well so discuss it with Dolan. Well, it is impossible to have it done immediately, so you can just hold on to my Shisho’s sword for now. I leave the defense of the Healer’s Guild to Lionel together with the slaves. In addition to the task of escorting me when I go out.”


“Yes! Certainly.”

He placed his hand on his chest and made a bow, before turning his heel and walking out of the room.


I took out a large stack of parchment and summarized all the things that I had to do.

– Rebuilding the Healer’s Guild

– Maintaining the public order in the Healer’s Guild

– Accepting patients and establishing the healers clinic

– Food

– The issue with the Herbalist Guild

– Investigation of Ienith including Shaza


“To turn to the Adventurer’s Guild when I’m troubled huh … I’ll try sending Shisho a letter as well. I have a method to increase the value of my name in one go, but I absolutely do not want to use it.”

In the morning, I wrote the letter for Shisho and made the signboard for the Healer’s Guild together with my healer subordinates.

Lionel had woken up by the time I finished making lunch, so we all ate together.

In the afternoon, I left the criminal slaves to Jordo-san. Similar to yesterday, I headed to the Adventurer’s Guild with Lionel and Cathy, with the addition of the Priest Knight Piazza.


“I plan to visit the Adventurer’s Guild to perform a demonstration. My healing magic does not appear to be typical and they would not intentionally come to the Healer’s Guild as long as they do not know about the effects.”

“That’s a good train of thought nya.”

“If we can separate ourselves from the Herbalist Guild’s area of expertise then there wouldn’t be any disputes so I think that it is a good idea as well.”

” … I will escort you regardless of how you advance.”

“I will first have them know about healers. Next, we will investigate the Herbalist Guild and shop for goods on our way back.”


Each of the 3 of them gave their replies and we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.


The adventurers in Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild were, unlike the one in the Holy City and in Meratoni, predominantly made up of races other than humans.


“As expected, the layout of the guild are all the same. Well then, I’m heading to the counter so follow me.”

I walked towards the counter after saying that. No matter how you look at me, I’m no different from adventurers.


“Nice to meet you. I am the person in charge of the Healer’s Guild, S-rank healer and adventurer Luciel. Is it possible for me to meet the guildmaster?”

I presented my healer card and adventurer card to the receptionist. The receptionist was a cat beastwoman, but she differed from Cathy.

“Luciel-sama right? … I will convey the message to the guildmaster so please wait for a moment.”

She left her post after saying that and performing a bow.


” … Cathy, why do you end your sentences with nya or nyan?”

I asked a silly question and Cathy replied with a laugh.

“I was told that this way is cuter nya.”

” … I see.”

The line of sight was gathering on us but, especially since I wasn’t alone, I did not felt anything close to bloodthirst.


“The guildmaster would like to meet you, this way please.”

The returning receptionist informed us and we followed her to the guildmaster’s room.

“So the guildmaster here has a proper guildmaster room.”

When I said that while walking, she was clearly shaken.

“It doesn’t really matter, but if I am lied to I may dump this Object X onto receptionist-san. About 10 barrels worth…”

When I said that while laughing, she stopped on the staircase landing.

” … We are now heading to the guildmaster’s room but the person you are meeting is the vice-guildmaster Jias-sama.”

I’ve obtained new common knowledge that Object X can be used as a threatening tool for beastmen as I questioned further.

“What is the whereabouts of the guildmaster and what is the reason the vice-guildmaster wants to meet me?”


“I do not know the whereabouts of the guildmaster. As well as the reason why he wants to meet you …”

She shook her head. When I glanced at Lionel, he shook his head as well so it doesn’t seem like she was lying.

“I understand. I will not dump it on you so don’t worry.”

She looked extremely relieved and once again began ascending the steps.


After knocking and obtaining permission to enter, receptionist-san opened the door and we entered the guildmaster’s room.

The ones there was the first dragon race I’ve seen and Shaza.

Shaza stiffened when he saw Lionel but for some reason, the dragon individual stiffened when he saw me.


“Nice to meet you. I am the person in charge of the Healer’s Guild, S-rank healer and adventurer Luciel. Guildmaster, thank you for meeting me. Shaza as well, we’ve met yesterday.”

I called out while smiling amicably.

“I, I am not the guildmaster. I am the vice-guildmaster Jias. It is an honor to meet you.”

He immediately stood up from his chair and bowed. His voice sounded nervous.

It looked like Shaza was also surprised at the vice-guildmaster’s actions.


“I see. And so Jias-sama, where is the guildmaster?”

“Yes. He is currently at the activated labyrinth. I believe he is currently fighting.”

“No matter how strong the guildmaster is, isn’t it weird that he took action personally?”

“Yes. But if brother doesn’t go, capturing would not be possible …”

So the top brass for the guild here was a duo of dragon brothers.


“I see. This time we, the Healer’s Guild, wanted to perform a demonstration for the Adventurer’s Guild, but this is really regretable.”




“Even though the existence of healing magic is known in Ienith, I believe many do not know the actual effects of it. That is why we intend to demonstrate healing magic once, to inform people about the healing magic at the Healer’s Guild.”


” … And what would you like to have the Adventurer’s Guild do?”


“Please gather the injured to the training ground below. We will let them experience the treatment by the Healer’s Guild for free. Ah, this is the original price list.”

I handed a booklet with the guidelines and terms to Jias-dono.

“As you already know, the healing magic by healers do not treat diseases. Even so, I wish to let the adventurers who make a living by fighting as well as this country of Ienith know the reason for having a Healer’s Guild.”

After listening to my talk, Jias-dono was staring at the price column in the guidelines.

I’ve already said what I wanted to say. Saying any more would have an opposite effect so I waited for his reply.


Shaza simply couldn’t speak under Lionel’s gaze. No, was it because he wanted to verify Jias-dono’s true intentions but he don’t know if he should ask or not?

“Okay. … Would tomorrow at this time be fine?”

“Yeah. Thank you. I’ve been thinking of decreasing the mortality rate of adventurers as much as possible so it benefits me to have it so soon.”

“By the way, can anybody use this magic that can cure petrification and neurotoxin?”

“No, even for healers only a handful can perform it. Among us, nobody else other than me is capable of using it. But there are multiple healers that are likely to be able to use it soon.”

That’s right. I have had Jordo-san and others perform magic as much as possible. That’s why it wouldn’t be strange that their Holy attribute magic levels up.

” … Well then, I will await your arrival tomorrow at the underground training field.”

“Thank you very much.”

I exchanged handshakes with Jias-dono.


And then, right before exiting the guildmaster’s room, Lionel spoke.

“Shaza-dono, the mastermind for yesterday’s incident was the Herbalist Guild. I’ll report it just in case.”

We left the guildmaster’s room without waiting for a reply.

Within my heart, I was wondering why was Jias-dono that friendly? My heart was caught up in that as we left the guild and headed out to shop for goods.


On the other hand, around the same time in the guildmaster’s room, Shaza was asking Jias about what that was all about.


“Jias-dono wasn’t that different from what we discussed! Why the heck did you act that way to that Healer’s Guild youngster?! …”

Shaza held his tongue from surprise when Jias’s eyes tinged with bloodthirst.

“Shaza, you called that person a mere brat? Are you thinking of showing disrespect to the our humanized dragon race, we, who worships the dragon race-sama and possess the divine protection of the dragon race!”

Jias was infuriated.


To the humanized dragon race, the divine protection of the dragon race was equivalent to one from the Chief God Kuraiya, no, they strongly believed that it was above that.

For the humanized dragon race who holds the divine protection from the dragons, they can sense for example what kind of race the other person is.

Since birth, of all the people Jias seen with the 「One who possess divine protection」title, Luciel is the 5th.

And he was the first individual apart from humanized dragons that he’s seen possessing divine protection.

It was a hand of salvation from the dragon race-sama for us brothers driven to a corner due to the crisis of the labyrinth activation.

That was the cryptic premonition he had.

I had no idea that it was, once again, the manifestation of 「Great Luck」.


While Shaza was frightened by Jias, he was angered by the Herbalist Guild for taking actions on their own accord.

(Each and every one of them is a hindrance! Look at the situation now.)

The frustration from things not going his way gradually dyed Shaza’s heart with hatred.


Author’s Note:
Thank you for reading.



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