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Chapter 063: Object X is a Cheat item

Translator: Tseirp


After completing a tougher than usual training session, I found that the criminal slaves were gathering at the training ground.


“Ah~ Good work with the night guard duty. Get some proper rest after having your breakfast.”

For some reason, they were surprised by what I had said, but their stomachs were empty so they rode the long-awaited magic elevator and returned to the surface.


We found no problems with it when we checked the operation of the magic elevator yesterday.


When I arrived at the dining hall, I saw that all my subordinates had not touched their food.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.”

I apologized as I took my seat, saying a prayer to God before starting my meal.


“Luciel-dono, would you also be providing treatment today at the Adventurer’s Guild?”

A subordinate asked.


“Yes. However, I’ll leave the basic treatment to you all. I will examine those that can’t be treated with regular 「High Heal」 such as poison or petrification, but you all are the leading roles in rebuilding the Healer’s Guild in Ienith.”


“Do you mind if we observe when Luciel-dono is giving treatment?”


“Sure. During treatment, I would not be able to commentate on what I’m thinking about or what image I visualise for treatment, but I will answer your questions when we return so please ask questions later.”

While having such conversations, our breakfast ended.


Today’s meal by Naria was tasty too. I wish to entrust the task of cooking to her but she’ll most likely need an assistant.


I placed that thought in the corner of my mind as I drew the layout of the Adventurer’s Guild and the place I will position myself so as to visualise the image better while everyone listened to me seriously.


(To think that they don’t oppose me even though I’m still young, I have to thank the Pope and Granhart-san who selected my subordinates for me.)


“We will definitely make it a success!”



From then until noon, I secluded myself in the guildmaster’s room, until I heard a knock on the door.

“Yes. Please enter.”

The ones who opened the door and entered were Dolan and Paula. In their hands was a bundle? of parchments bound together.


” By any chance, did the 2 of you not sleep at all?”

The 2 of them with bloodshot eyes didn’t say a word as they placed the bundle of parchments on the desk.


” … Don’t tell me this is everything you want to make?”

The person who replied was Dolan.


“Half are what we want to make, the other half are what can be sold.”

Paula spoke next.


“They can definitely sell for a lot. That’s why please convert half of that revenue to magic stones.”


It’s going to be incredibly troublesome to read all of these … I thought and decided to use the magic word.


“I will let you know after I read them later so please have your breakfast and go to sleep.”

However, my magic word was completely buried by a single reply.


“We will eat and sleep here until you read them.”

Paula’s bloodshot eyes had already accumulated a lot of tears.


“Ka~. Luciel-dono, as a man, you can’t make women and children cry!”

“Ha~ … Dolan your acting is way too poor. And so, which should I began reading from?”


“”Mine” of course!”

Paula glared at Dolan as she pointed at the parchments that she wrote.


“I’ll read them alright, so the 2 of you please relax on that sofa there.”


I finished reading just as the call for lunch came.

“Paula will adopt 2 of the works and keep 4 of them on hold. Dolan will adopt 5 of the works and keep 1 on hold. Also, I want the 2 of you to make these by all means but I do not have the money now. I promise to work my skills such that I would be able to purchase the magic stones sometime soon.”


Dolan and Paula exchanged a high five and had lunch together with me after they had calmed down. It was impressive that both of them could eat while looking so sleepy.


“Okay. Let’s go!”


The members going to the Adventurer’s Guild shouted to psyche themselves up.

『Take care.』

“We’ll do our best!”


Those who saw us off prayed for our safety as well as for us to achieve our goal.


Nobody talked during the journey to the Adventurer’s Guild that took roughly 10 minutes.

Which was why, at the entrance, I looked at everybody and spoke.


“Let us show the Ienith’s citizens how amazing we healers are.”


The healers all had high tension.


“Capable Priest Knights protecting the healers, demonstrate your skills if anything happens.”




“Lionel, Cathy, I entrust my defence to you.”

“Yes!” “Yes nya!”


I opened the door to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“So you’ve arrived.”

Even before heading to the underground 1st floor, there were injured individuals already gathered. And it was not only injuries, the adventurers suffered from abnormal statuses like poison and petrification.


“We’ll go with Plan C. We’ll go to the reception before heading underground. Everyone, please do not stop your feet. I will help those that look like they are going to die.”


I announced loudly before heading to the reception. The fact was that we had decided on a pattern beforehand.


Pattern A which assumes that there would be interference, Pattern B whereby there are no individuals to treat at all and Pattern C where they all have injuries that the Herbalist Guild couldn’t treat. There were others but I’ll omit them.


“As promised yesterday to Jias-dono, I am S-rank healer Luciel, in-charge of the branch in Ienith. Please act as our intermediary.”


“Un, understood.”


As the receptionist ran to notify Jias-dono, I declared.


“This time, the Healer’s Guild will apply healing magic free of charge. As long as everyone obediently want for their turn, we will definitely treat them. We will decide on the treatment order. We will reject anybody who cannot accept that. In addition, if an attack is mounted or any violence is taken, we will immediately cancel the treatment. We are not as merciful as the Gods. Only, the feeling of wanting to treat, of wanting to provide treatment is real. Thank you.”


『Thank you very much.』


It was really reassuring to have the healers that accompanied me here.

Jias-dono finally came over and I called out to him first.


“Jias-dono, we will apply magic on patients with greater emergencies first. I will treat only those that are seriously ill on the 1st floor. Their conditions might take a turn for the worst but I have to inform you ahead of time that I am not omnipotent like a God.”


“Okay, Luciel-dono. Well then, everyone this way please.”


The healers descended underground, leaving only Lionel and Cathy as my escort.


I immediately moved into action.

A half-petrified young man was nearby.


“Does he suffer from any poison or paralysis? It’s fine even if you don’t know, please explain the situation to me.”

The friend supporting him spoke, sounding like he was going to cry.


“It … it’s from a trap in the labyrinth, pl … please save him.”


Lionel stopped the man who looked like he was going to cling on to me. As I began chanting, the man supported his companion instead and began praying.


Firstly, I chanted 「Dispel」. The petrified man emitted light before returning to his original body the next instant.


Following that, I applied 「Middle Heal」 and he looked like he recovered completely, but his face was still pale so I applied 「Recover」. This time, the colour returned to his face.


“With this he will make a full recovery. If he lost any blood … ha~.”

I applied 「Recover」on the man that was stopped by Lionel just now.


“It’s great that you worry about your companion, but you yourself were inflicted with weakness by some poison so I advise you take care of your own life as well.”


I treated people who had faint consciousness, pertification or poison, looking like they were going to die.


“It would be quicker if you all lined up you know.”

As I said that while advancing, at the underground, instead of sounds of gratitude, there was a commotion.


“Never mind that, heal me first! Who do you think I am.”

The 2 Priest Knights couldn’t stop him. Jias-dono was also desperately trying to soothe him but to no avail.


“If that’s the case, we are fine with immediately ceasing treatment!”


I said it in a loud voice such that the man could hear it.


“I have no idea who you are. However this time, the treatment is a demonstration offered by the Healer’s Guild. We do not ask for anything in return so you have no right to complain.”


I approached the arena.


“If you are a hindrance, I will formally file a complaint against you through the Adventurer’s Guild!”


“Who the heck is this brat.”

“I am the S-rank healer Luciel. The person in charge of the Healer’s Guild in Ienith. If you interfere with our treatment, I will hold you responsible for all the adventurers here not getting any treatment from us. If you wish to be treated then obediently wait for your turn. You have 2 choices.”


Lionel was in front of me while Cathy and the adventurers hoping to get treated were behind me.


I thought that it would be fine no matter who the opponent was but the man laughed and commanded.


“So you are S-rank? If that’s the case then eat this! Get him!”

At that moment, he tossed some black powder towards me.



The instant after I heard that click of the tongue, Lionel moved and readied his large shield in front of me to defend against the black powder, while Cathy pressed down to cover me but even Lionel and Cathy couldn’t deal with the powder that was thrown from multiple directions.


Because of that, I was also hit by the black powder.


“Kukuku, that’s magic sealing powder. Struggle as much as possible. Let’s go.”

The man made sure that I was covered by it before announcing and escaping.

“I won’t let you escape!”

Maybe because Lionel couldn’t protect me, he threw his greatsword towards the man that was going to get away.

“Che, it’s fine even if you hit me.”

The man said that as his body became thinner, transforming into a log with a tag stuck on it.




As that thought crossed my mind, Lionel muttered before yelling out.

“This is Darkness magic, furthermore, it’s an illusion … If that’s the case, somebody stop those men!”

Lionel shouted towards a different flight of stairs from the one we descended down from. The guards most likely heard Lionel’s voice but the men weaved through the training ground laden with severely ill patients and ran up the stairs.


“To think that we received such an attack … those who can move go out and look for those guys.”


Upon shouting that, Jias-dono slumped his shoulders looking extremely disappointed.


“I’m sorry Luciel-dono.”

“I truly had not expected that nya~.”

Lionel and Cathy slumped their shoulders as well.


“Oioi are you all not going to treat us?”

“Are healers such people? Help us.”

“I dragged my body over here through the pain okay.”


The adventurers vented their anger on the healers.

It seemed like the healers were hit by the powder as well. It looked like they couldn’t use magic.


I slowly walked as I began chanting.


【By the hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, I wish for no harm onto my body and myself, return the unclean existence to its original path. Purification】


My body radiated light, leaving no trace of the black powder behind. In addition, I walked towards my subordinates and began chanting.


【By the hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, I wish to get rid of all that is hidden in the body, return to your normal state. Recover】


I applied 「Recover」 on all 5 of my members.


The area around where I used magic was wrapped in silence.


“Well then, we’ve had some problems but those who wish for treatment please obediently wait for your turn. From now on, it is fine to restrain those who wish to kick up a fuss. Right? Jias-dono.”


He had a stunned expression but he immediately recovered himself and announced while nodding.


“I will not forgive any more commotions!”


“Well then, let us continue working hard to treat them!”


I said to my subordinates and began treatment once again.


Object X is a cheat item for me after all.

Even though there was the demerit of not levelling up, the 「Seal Resistance」 helped me this time as well.


I went about healing people as I thought about that.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.




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