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IS B5C64

I’ll change the humanized dragon term I use to dragonewt until there’s any further mention about dragonewts since humanized dragon sounds very awkward. >.<


Chapter 064: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster is a muscle-brain

Translator: Tseirp


Even without using 「Dispel」, my subordinate healers who successfully used 「Recover」 healed the adventurers suffering from abnormal statuses.

Patients suffering from petrification or were in a mess with collapsed arms and eyes were all treated by me.

After treatment, they erupted with joyous expressions, embracing me or linking their arms with me and spinning me round and round.

But there was 1 thing on my mind. That was that nobody was leaving.


(Normally one would go home, right? Should I warn the others to stay vigilant against something happening again?)


I allowed my subordinates on the verge of magic depletion to rest, while I asked about the symptoms of the patients and healed them one-by-one.


【By the hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, I wish to get rid of all that is hidden in the body, return to your normal state. Recover】”Fu~ with this, everyone is alright now.”


I surveyed the surrounding area, calling out to make sure that there weren’t any more patients around.

“Are there any patients left? Please sound out if there are anybody around you with a pained expression or have not received treatment.”


… It appears that nobody is calling out, so I guess we’ve completed our task.


“Adventurers, what happened earlier was a mistake by the Adventurer’s Guild and have caused inconvenience to the people from the Healer’s Guild. There were people who verbally abused the healers who gave us treatment for free although it is not originally free right? The ones we should be blaming are those men that perpetrated the incident.”


Under Jias-dono’s words, the beastmen’s expressions showed regret. Jias-dono continued.


“Certainly, they said that the treatment, this time, would be free of charge. However, is it fine this way? No, it is absolutely not. We, are beastman adventurers. We will repay favor with favor!”

The very next instant, the underground training ground shook with the shouts from each and every one of the beastmen.


“Find those men and the mastermind! They should definitely be in this city. We, including myself, will make up for our blunder!”


The beastmen lowered their heads and ran up the stairs.


“Luciel-dono, healers, I am terribly sorry.”

Jias-dono said and lowered his head.


“Please raise your head Jias-dono. Their aim was most likely to cause an interference. If our magic remained sealed and could not provide healing, rumours such as “The healers gave false hope and abandoned many patients.” would circulate. Instead of news of their act of sabotage, our bad reputation will spread and the position of the Healer’s Guild would worsen.”

” … That’s … right.”

I asked Jias-dono who looked like he had an idea.

“Are they criminals close to Jias-dono’s Ienith representative, or are they criminals from the Herbalist Guild?”

All of the healers and Priest Knights were shocked. Well, that’s because I didn’t tell them that we are now at ends with the Herbalist Guild.


“I cannot determine where they are from this time. The black powder that was thrown onto you all is touted as “Throw it on monsters to seal their magic.”, and has been sold by the Ienith Herbalist Guild since a long time ago.”


” … So it’s something that can be obtained easily … Well, I’ll leave this incident to Jias-dono and the adventurers who are more familiar with Ienith.”

To be honest, since they struck first, we have no choice but to stir up the hornet’s nest. I believe that it is best to leave all the decision-making to others for such things. I also can’t afford to expose my subordinates to any further danger.


” … To immediately trust me despite my blunder … too naive … but, I will definitely track down the root of this incident.”

Jias-dono said so but I wasn’t actually trusting him. I merely thought that it was fine to rely on him.

“We will be returning to the Healer’s Guild now, but please let me know if you find anything.”


He once again lowered his head and sent us off at the entrance.


“Well then, we’ll be going off.”

As I was saying that, Lionel who was leading in front suddenly stopped at the entrance of the Adventurer’s Guild.

“What’s …”

The matter. Just as I was about to complete my sentence, adventurers suffering from severe injuries were carried over.


The ones shaken by that was not us but Jias-dono instead.


The guildmaster was among the injured so I issued instructions.

“I will be using 「Area High Heal」 so patients please come within 3 meters from me. Everyone else please treat their poison or paralysis after that.”


Right after I instructed my subordinates, the dragonewt with a discoloured body that was supposed to be asleep stood up before glaring at us and screaming.

“You bastards are healers~! Speak! Just how much do you intend to rip us off!”

With an appearance that was more brutal than Jias-dono, I was seized by those ferocious eyes and rage.

But for some reason, I was totally unafraid. I was shocked by my own heart that felt sadness instead.


“It will be free of charge this time. As an injured person please calm down!!”

I unconsciously yelled with a loud voice, surprising even myself. However, thanks to that the dragonewt calmed down. I confirmed that he entered my range of 「Area High Heal」 and began chanting.


There were many heavily injured individuals including the dragonewt, but it didn’t look like there were any problems apart from the abnormal statuses, so I first applied 「Purification」, 「Dispel」 and 「Recover」 in sequence to the dragonewt that had the most severe injuries, resulting in his discoloured body returning to his original state.

As I saw, at the corner of my eye, the dragonewt had a dumbfounded expression as he touched his own body, I helped my subordinates as there were many patients with abnormal statuses. It took us only a few minutes to finish treating the 10 plus individuals.


After I finished treating everybody, I went over to greet the dragonewt and guildmaster that I treated first.


“I am sorry for yelling at you just now. I am Luciel, S-rank healer from Ienith’s branch Healer’s Guild. Yesterday, I asked Jias-dono to let us conduct treatment today for free to let people know about the healing capabilities of the Healer’s Guild and our healers.”


The dragonewt looked at me in a daze, before turning to look at Jias-dono and Jias-dono nodded. And then, for some reason he knelt (seiza) and began speaking with his head bowed down.


“Please forgive me for my rudeness previously.”

He remained in the dogeza posture as he said that and I realized that he planned to continue talking in that pose so I hurriedly asked him to stand.

I have no idea why he suddenly performed a dogeza, but weird rumours will definitely circulate about if he stays like that any longer. Although it may already be too late …

While my head was hurting thinking about that, I somehow got him to stand up before saying.


“As the Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster, please do not abruptly dogeza at the entrance of the Adventurer’s Guild! I’ll be troubled if weird rumours surface.”

“Ooo! I am terribly sorry … ” “An apology is enough. Please do not dogeza again.” ” … ?! I am grateful.”

Because I avoided the development of a loop, he began speaking. But in my mind, (The impression he gives off is way too different from when I first saw him!), I thought as I listened to him speak.


“I am Jasuan, the guildmaster for the Adventurer’s Guild. I had secluded myself in the labyrinth and I had also not thought that I would be able to meet the S-rank healer-sama so …”

I was curious about the rage-filled eyes just now so I tried asking.


“I’ve mentioned earlier that I wanted to educate people about healers and their abilites, but does Jasuan-dono not have a good impression of healers?”

A shadow fell on his face when he heard that.

” … Yeah. When I was young, I was denied treatment multiple times and was confronted with exorbitant prices so I don’t have any good impressions. However, few years back S-rank healer Luciel-dono was discussed in the meeting at the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters.”

Broad-shisho was a former adventurer and Jasuan-dono should be an adventurer as well. If that’s the case, then it’s not strange for them to dislike healers after travelling the world? Anyway, who was it? The one who spread rumours about me?


” … That’s news to me.”


“Is that so? I heard that even though he is a new healer who began living in the Meratoni Guild Headquarters, he doesn’t consider race or gender and uses healing magic the best he can, in addition to saying that he is still in training so he only charges 1 silver coin for it.”


For some reason, it had been altered into a moving tale.


” … Is there a continuation to that?”


“Yes. In just 2 years, he was transferred to the Saint Schull Church Headquarters and rose to the top in one go as the S-rank healer in less than 2 years, a healer brought up by the Adventurer’s Guild.”

… There was some truth mixed in so it’s hard for me to deny it.


“According to the reports that I heard, your race of dragonewts opposed to inviting the Healer’s Guild right?”


“… Yeah. I am the guildmaster for Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild so I can’t become the representative for the tribe, but that’s what I heard too. However, I had thought that it was fine like that too.”

Hmm? Past tense?

“What do you mean by ‘had’?”


“I didn’t expect to be able to receive this kind of amazing power without paying any compensations. Not to mention it was for injuries that the Herbalist Guild had given up on.”

Jasuan-dono’s expression changed from that of a smile to rage as he thought about the Herbalist Guild, but I had to correct him there.


“Unfortunately, it is only free for today. This is the guidelines and there’s a price chart within.”

I passed him the same one I gave to Jias-dono the other day from within my magic bag.


” … These are the charges?”

“Yeah. If Jasuan-dono had to actually pay this time, 「High Heal」 would cost 3 gold coins, 「Purification」 50 silver coins, 「Dispel」 2 gold coins, 「Recover」 1 gold coin, in total it would be 6 gold coins and 50 silver coins. Is it too expensive?”

It was written in the guideline that the price could vary from 1 to 1.5 times the stated value, but I calculated it with the base value.


” … No, it’s too cheap! High-quality potions cost 5 gold coins and expensive medicine used to treat poison and paralysis cost 1 gold coin, but they do not possess effects as good as these.”


“I’m glad to hear that. Since I struggled considerably to set the prices.”


I did market research repeatedly to decide on the prices.


Not only the adventurers, I also surveyed the healers working in the healer clinics.


In addition, as a trial conducted solely in the Saint Schull Allied Nations, for healers with low skill levels for Holy magic attribute, they can practice their 「Heal」 by charging at half price in addition to meals and lodging provided for them in the Healer’s Guild and Adventurer’s Guild.


I believe it was due to the hard work by the Archbishops.


If the price I decided on was too low, it would spark another dispute. As I was worried about that, Archbishop Munera with his unscrupulous merchant’s face said a few words to me that made me entrust it all to him.

“Do not make enemies in places you do not know about when you haven’t even reached 20! We old timers with few remaining years to live can convince others better, and even if we are blamed for it, it would only be for a short time. Moreover, if we create this, we could leave our names behind for the future generations. Please share some of that honour with us as well.”


At that moment, I apologized with a dogeza in my heart for thinking that he had an unscrupulous merchant’s face.


The ones that should truly be praised for creating all of the prices in 2 years should be them, but the ones who stood on the podium were the Pope and me.


Their achievements and names were only recorded in the guidelines, but they were delighted with just that.

I made an oath to work harder as a healer for their sakes and am truly glad that I have their support to come to Ienith.


“If that’s the case … Luciel-dono is also an adventurer right?”


” … Yeah. That’s right.”

Hmm? I have a bad feeling about this.


“In that case, I wish to submit a nomination request!”


“I am not a B-rank adventurer, so I have no obligation to accept nomination requests.”

I knew it. However, there wouldn’t be any problems even if I turn him down.


“Ku. Then, if possible, I wish to establish a temporary healer clinic outside the labyrinth. Of course, we will bear all of the expenses.”

… No limits at all? But, this was also out of the question.


“That’s impossible. Today, in the midst of healing there was an interference, and the day before yesterday I was attacked in the city as well. Until the Healer’s Guild is safe and operational, I will not leave the Healer’s Guild. Furthermore, I am responsible for the Healer’s Guild.”

” … I see.”

He gave up. I breathed a sigh of relief.


” … Then if everything is cleared, I will be able to have you establish the healer clinic?”


Eh? He didn’t give up? Rather than that, isn’t he proceeding in a different direction?

“As I’ve mentioned, I am the person in charge for the Healer’s Guild though?”


“I am also the guildmaster for the Adventurer’s Guild. I swear to give my all to ensure the safety of the Healer’s Guild and the establishment of its status in this city.”


My words did not reach him.

And when I sought help from my subordinates, they all averted their eyes.

Even the Priest Knights too.


Moreover, I felt that the 2 slaves were happy with the proposal made by the guildmaster.


Thus, the Healer’s Guild demonstration ended without problems?, and I was caught in a new problem with a hidden mastermind.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

It ended up slightly long but it was a good separator for the chapters so I wrote until the end of the demonstration.







IS B5C65


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