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IS B5C65

I’ve been on a translating spree over the weekend cause GC made it interesting again xD. Release 1 of 3. This chapter is thanks to Tan-san :). Enjoy!


Chapter 065: Healer’s Guild assailants

Translator: Tseirp


The healer’s healing magic demonstration ended with great success.

We’ve received high evaluations from the Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Jasuan-dono and the vice-guildmaster Jias-dono. They informed us that, in the future, until the healer clinic is established, they will contact the Healer’s Guild for anything apart from diseases.

“Even so, I didn’t know that you all are so heartless. Especially the Priest Knights Blitz-san and Dotasu-san, please come to my defence okay.”

The both of them didn’t look apologetic at all. Blitz-san was the first to apologize.


“I’m sorry. Although it was the first time I’ve seen dragonewts, I thought that they looked friendly so …”

“I’m sorry too. He was the guildmaster after all, so he wasn’t a target that I could counter …”


The 2 of them blinked multiple times and talked while facing upwards. Hmph~ It doesn’t look like it’s what they’re truly thinking.


” … Is that your true opinion?”

I asked with a grin.


” … Because he was scary.”

” … I was moved seeing Luciel-dono bravely stand up to him.”


This time, the 2 of them told their real feelings.


“You are my escorts after all so do your jobs properly. Also … Lionel and Cathy, even if the temporary healer clinic is built I will not bring you 2 along.”

The grin they had on their faces since just now changed into an expression of shock.


“Luciel-dono, please do not say such barbarous things.”

“That’s, that’s right nya. I don’t wish to expose master to danger like when I was late to respond today so please bring me along nya~”

The 2 of them were most likely not lying.


“Could you explain everything honestly?”

My intuition was telling me to ask that.


“I have no intention of using dulled combat sense as an excuse for the delay in detecting the assailants. However, my muscle strength has decreased throughout my body so I couldn’t react immediately. That’s why I wish to train again.” (Lionel)

” … I wish to enter the labyrinth and have an adventure nya. I’ve longed to do so since long ago nya.”


I have no idea how much time has passed since Lionel last walked, but he most likely knows that his upper body and lower body muscle composition differ and it should be true that he wants to train.

If Cathy is Lionel’s subordinate, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were soldiers from some country.

So it might not be a lie altogether.


” … I don’t know what the future holds, but please work hard such that I can trust the 2 of you.”

“Understood. I will first train the criminal slaves.”

Lionel, please don’t break them?

“I’ll do my best nya.”

I have no idea what Cathy’s going to try her best for, but it’s a good thing that she’s motivated.


And then, I listened to the events from Jordo-san.

“By the way, Jordo-san, those men who threw the black powder did not restrain Jias-dono at all?”

“I don’t know. However, they did announce that they could easily kill the adventurers present. As soon as that man raised his hand, magic appeared on the surrounding men and we were threatened to prioritize healing.”

To be able to take hostages, they were fairly well prepared?


As I thought about that, the conversation changed to leisurely chats as we walked and quickly saw the Healer’s Guild.


This time, the lookouts in front of the Healer’s Guild were criminal slaves.


“Good job, were there any abnormalities?”

The 2 criminal slaves nodded and one raised his voice.


“There was a commotion due to a small fire there, and some men tried to enter the guild using that opportunity, but they have been rendered paralysed and are now in the underground.”

… ? What does he … mean?!

“Did you hear a sound or anything?”

The 2 of them nodded in tandem and answered.

“There was a rumble.”

” … Then it’s Dolan and Paula. When you say underground, do you mean the underground 5th floor prison?”

The 2 of them nodded once again.


“Looks like here was targeted as well.”

“Yeah, let’s go to the underground. Well then, I will leave the lookout to the 2 of you.”

The 2 of them showed surprised expressions when they heard that, but now was not the time for this so I entered the guild.


The interior was the same as this morning.

I felt relieved as I gave out instructions.

“Everybody, thank you for your hard work today. Please use the remaining time from now to do whatever you wish, ah, if possible, please help with dinner. Lionel and Cathy, follow me.”

『Yes!』 “Yes nya.”


The 3 of us rode the magic elevator down to the underground 5th floor. There, we saw Priest Knight Piazza-san together with 8 criminal slaves, and 7 men locked in the prison.


“Well done Piazza-san.”

“Yes! Welcome back Luciel-dono. I’ll give my report. Around 2 hours after you all departed for the Adventurer’s Guild, there was a commotion involving a small fire beside the guild. To fight against the fire, several of us exited the guild. That was when these men took advantage and tried to invade the guild.”


It was the same testimony as the 2 slaves above.


“That was when before they could enter, they were paralysed and you found it suspicious so you brought them down here. Does my deduction match?”


“Yes! I brought their personal belongings to Luciel-dono’s dwarf slaves.”


Well, he has no magic stones now and have nothing to do so it should be fine … but maybe he’ll be angry after a while.


“Thank you for the report. Everyone, please return to your tasks. We will deal with this. Cathy, please call Dolan and Paula.”

“Yes! Let’s go.”



Looking at them follow behind Piazza-san in succession, I think Piazza-san handles them strictly.


Or is it that I’m too soft? As I thought about that, I had a hunch so I looked at the assailants and sure enough.


“Kukuku. With this, the safety of the Healer’s Guild seems to be ensured.” (Lionel)

” … You look happy.”

“Haha. It’s good that you reached your goal. I should quickly begin training again. I will show you that I’ll be useful the next time.”

Lionel declared.


The ones that were caught were the subordinates of the man who threw black powder on us.


“And so? Why did you all come to get caught on your own?”

“It was … U, U … ku …”

The man could not articulate.


“Ah, you can’t articulate properly. However, I’ll leave you guys like that for now. Would it be fine to question them before sending them to the Adventurer’s Guild?”


“Usually, it would be normal to question them after they are made into slaves, but there might be some assailants that become slaves on purpose to die by rebelling against you so you need to ascertain their intentions.”


“I see … you’re here.”


Cathy brought Dolan and Paula over.

The 2 of them had a slightly dissatisfied expression.

They most likely have been toying with most of the belongings from these assailants.


I’ll begin with praising them first.

“Dolan and Paula, the guild barrier worked splendidly this time. However, how did you set it to identify them as assailants?”


Dolan began talking happily.

“It’s amazing right~! Paula installed an electrical shock system to the barrier. And then I adjusted the barrier so that it can be activated successfully.”

“I think it’s amazing, but how did you get the barrier to ascertain individuals?”

“The target is those who holds strong malice and hatred.”

” … Just hypothetically, if they hold strong feelings against an entity apart from the Healer’s Guild, would it trigger as well?”

That instant, the talkative Dolan stopped talking.

” … ”

He remained silent so I looked at Paula.

” … ”

And I looked at Dolan again.

” … ” 『Saa』

Dolan diverted his line of sight from me.

” … ” 『Saa』

Paula hid behind Dolan so that she doesn’t enter my line of sight.


” … Since the 2 of you did not report such an important matter to me, I will punish you. Development works will be prohibited for a week … ”

“Luciel-dono, we will improve ourselves so please do not say such cruel words.”

“Master please don’t be so … mean.”

The 2 of them desperately tried to repeal the punishment. It was really obvious to see.

” … I’ll put it out there, you guys are slaves after all right? It is too late for me to comment on your work tendencies, but I will penalise you if you do not report to me properly in the future. Well then, if you have anything else you’ve forgotten to mention, please say it now.”

“Ah, if placed into the prison, without considerable resistance to magic seal (「Seal Resistance」) one would not be able to use magic, and without 「Weakness Resistance」, one cannot move well.”


I face-palmed and thought.

(Why didn’t I notice that since this dwarf would never build a normal prison.)

I’ll take a deep breath for now and settle down.


” … Whenever you’ve made anything, report to me without fail. I trust and am confident in the skills of the 2 of you. But, I cannot trust and be confident in your actions. That’s why, please modify your actions so that I can trust and be confident in you.”


“Nuu, I’m sorry.”


” … I got carried away.”


“Well then, the 2 of you please work hard to modify the barrier until dinner.”


Dolan nodded and replied while Paula only nodded. It’s good that they did not lose their motivations? Or is it.


After bidding them off, I cast 「Recover」 on one of the assailants. That man stood up and raised his voice.

“The S-rank healer should have been rendered useless! Why are you fine?!”


Maybe there were fake customers at the Adventurer’s Guild? If that’s the case then was it a friendly who instigated them? Well, it doesn’t really matter now, but I’ll need to request for a report of this later.


“Yeah. My 「Seal Resistance」 is high, so it was absolutely ineffective and the demonstration ended successfully.”


The man who clicked his tongue remained silent.


Most likely he decided that talking anymore would not be a good idea. Well then, should I start with the interrogation? I declared after applying 「Recover」 on all the assailants.


“I will begin the interrogation. It’s fine if you don’t wish to reply. I will just have you drink this.”


『Don』 I took out a barrel and opened the lid, filling the underground 5th floor with the smell of Object X.


“I don’t really enjoy seeing blood, so during interrogation, I will give you Object X instead of water and food. You are free to talk whenever you want to.”

Lionel retreated until the staircase leading to the underground 4th floor.

Should I use this as well when preaching to him later?

“Ah, by the way.”

I poured Object X into a mug and drank it clean.

“Pu~. As you can see I can drink this normally and am not fazed by the smell, so I can accompany you all here. I will send those who testify to the Adventurer’s Guild, but I am fine either way.”


After declaring so, I looked at the colour fade from their faces and predicted the amount of time they would persevere, so I spent the time doing some magical power manipulation.


Lionel somehow managed to remain standing at the stairs.


They felt discomfort from just a little whiff of Object X, but I predict that Lionel and they may be able to bear with the smell, so time passed by.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

This will be all for today.

I will write a bit regarding the assailants yesterday from here.




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