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Chapter 067: Self-awareness towards kindness and easygoing behaviour

Translator: Tseirp


While Lionel and I had our meal with everybody else after we returned to the 1st floor, I informed everyone that we have already captured the people who threw black powder on us in the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Because of that, I hope that you all can rest in ease today. Especially Jordo-san and healers, adventurers may come for treatment from tomorrow onwards so please take your time to rest.”


“Understood. Would you be converting the men who attacked us into slaves to use them as guards as well?”


“No, I will be handing them over to the Adventurer’s Guild after listening to their story. I plan to observe how the Adventurer’s Guild deals with them. There is the possibility of increasing the number of slaves, however, as long as they are here, they would need to be fed but we do not have ample funds for that. Moreover, even if they are slaves, if we do not treat them humanely, the reputation of the church would be damaged, and even though there are many beastmen slaves in this country, if they starve to death, I believe it would negatively affect the sanctity of the Healer’s Guild…”

I mixed my real intentions and official stance together as I stacked up excuses.


” … I see. If that’s the case then what should we do with the criminal slaves obtained yesterday?”


“I truly intend to have them work until the public order is restored and the Healer’s Guild becomes operational, but after that, I might make them pledge once again or I might release them, or maybe even sell them to the slave dealers. I will decide after I properly understand them and this country.”


” … Okay.”


I guess Jordo-san had his own line of thought. Seemed like he was thinking about various things.


After that, there was a question and answer session regarding the magic used in the demonstration today and some leisurely chat. After we’ve finished our meals, Lionel and I returned to the underground.


On the way to the underground 5th floor, Lionel spoke to me.

“Luciel-dono, you are too naive. Are you aware of that?”

I unconsciously stopped walking due to the words that came out of the blue.


“I am. But, I can’t bring myself to ignore human rights just because they are slaves. For example, I can’t accept that the slaves belong to the owner.”

I said that to Lionel who was a slave.


“Fumu. And so, are you able to differentiate between kindness and naivety?”

Lionel placed his hand on his chin and asked calmly.


“Yeah. Naivety is when you act while trying to make people like you or think well of you, kindness is when you sympathise with others.”


Now that I think about it, in my previous life when I first obtained a subordinate, I was too concerned with him, and instead hindered his growth. After that, I remember I was invited for a drink by my section chief and was scolded at the bar.”


” … You should learn to be a little stricter. If you do so, you should be able to make people follow you even though you are young.”


What Lionel had just said was most likely what everyone that I’ve met until now felt.


I understand … but I have no idea if I can change myself just by understanding.

If I am not slightly more conscious of this, I might set a bad example for my subordinates, maybe.


” … Understood. I will try to learn from Lionel little-by-little. When the temporary healer clinic is established at the labyrinth, I’ll be going there with the criminal slaves so I’ll entrust holding the fort to you.”


“This and that are different topics…”


“You sure are quick in changing your attitude … I give you my thanks for the advice, Lionel. For now please think of it that you are lucky to be bought by the naive me.”


“I might have been too impertinent, but I gave the advice because … I feel that Luciel-dono would be in danger if you advance forward while remaining like this.”

Lionel bowed.


I wonder why is it that the uncles that I’ve met know more about me than myself.

I carved the words of Lionel, who is like a Shisho to me, deep into my chest and pledge to change bit-by-bit.


Shortly after that, we arrived at the underground 5th floor.


“So slow nya~”


“Okay, if you speak so frivolously, should I make you drink Object X to tighten your lips?”

After I said that with a smile, Cathy trembled and said while taking a praying pose.


“I beg for your mercy, anything but that nya~”

Her prayer is not bad~ I thought as I gave the command.


“There’s no helping it. If that’s the case then go swap duties with the Priest Knight Piazza.”


“Certainly nya~”

Cathy ran up the stairs in the blink of an eye.


“Was there a need for that? Nevertheless, that’s some great acting.”

I mumbled and Lionel shook his head.


“That expression is one that she makes when she really hates something.”

He said while looking at Cathy run away.


Object X is really such a threat to the beastmen huh~ I thought as we arrived in front of the prisons. The leader-like man called out to me.

“S-rank healer, could you hear me out?”

The strained atmosphere was no longer around.



“What is your opinion regarding beastmen?”

The question was so abrupt that I couldn’t understand him.


” … I don’t know what you mean?”

“Don’t you think that they are different compared to humans?”


Beast race? Like how their gestures are cute? Ah, but men from the beast race are scary so that’s moot. If that’s the case, then their special characteristics?

“They have their characteristic ears and it seems convenient if you can get used to the tail.”


” … That’s enough. I will spit out everything that I know, so swear to me that you will not discriminate against beastmen and half beastmen.”


Even though I answered after much deliberation … I considered him a rude guy who calls off the topic if it doesn’t interest him, but there was no problem with that demand so I accepted it.

“Eh? That’s completely fine. I swear to God. You will say everything as promised right?”


The stunned man remained stiff for a few seconds before spitting out a large sigh.


” … Ha~. Firstly, the reason why Shaza could dominate the vice right? That’s because he and his race, the tiger beastmen and dragonewt beastmen are involved with the Herbalist Guild.”


Those 2 races are involved in this after all. But I didn’t feel that the top echelons of the Adventurer’s Guild were that evil~. I’ll listen to his story for now.


“In what way are they involved?”


“It’s not like they have a hostage. This country did not have a Healer’s Guild. That’s why treatment of injuries and diseases were conducted by the herbalists of the Herbalist Guild.”


They have no other choice if there isn’t a Healer’s Guild.

“Yeah. I understand that.”


“After the decision to invite healers over, the Herbalist Guild approached the leader of Ienith, the dragonewt race, to abolish the invitation. At that time, it was decided because they offered discounts for their medications. Conversely, they began selling to the dog beastmen, cat beastmen, rabbit beastman and fox beastman at 2 to 5 times the price. Disputes occurred countless times, but in the end, strength was used to suppress them. It was decided that if you oppose them then you would not be able to purchase medications in the future.”


… So that was why even though they were in such a sorry state, they could not invite us. Even so … aren’t there other cities? I’ve heard that there are other cities in this country, does only this city have guilds? Eh, then how would the adventurers survive?


” … So the adventurers received the aftermath as well?”


“Yeah. It was different for those guys who have formed teams long ago and adventurers from other countries, but newly registered adventurers involuntarily faced differences that divided them into clear hierarchies.”


“Can you testify that in the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow?”


” … Yeah, I’ll bet my life on testifying. That’s why I entrust that to you.”

I felt his resolution reflected somewhere within his eyes.

“Yeah. Eat this and wait for tomorrow.”

I passed him a bowl of bread and curry before returning to the 1st floor with Lionel while consulting with him what I should do.


“Was it thanks to Cathy that that guy became compliant?”


“I wonder? However, that expression didn’t look like he was lying.”


“Yeah. Tomorrow morning I will have the Priest Knights call over the guildmaster or vice-guildmaster. Also, that guy who is prepared to die might have a trick under his sleeve, so it would be best to maintain a barrier around the Healer’s Guild for the whole day tomorrow.”

I have no idea why there was such a commotion, but as long as we can overcome this obstacle, I have a premonition that the Healer’s Guild will be able to take root in Ienith.


The next morning, 3 Priest Knights carrying my letter left and quickly returned.


“That was fast, aren’t you all tired?”

The 3 of them were exhausted and could not talk about what happened in the 30 minutes they were gone.


Piazza-san replied as he recalled the situation.

“When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, the guildmaster and vice-guildmaster were both present, but after reading Luciel-dono’s letter, they were considerably angry and chased us out from the guildmaster’s room. We have no choice but to return.”


Blitz-san joined the conversation.

“As we were exiting the guild, the beastmen that everyone healed yesterday caught us and told us.”


Dotasu-san summed it up.

“That the vice-guildmaster Jias-dono passed on a message telling us to wait at the Healer’s Guild, so we returned.”


“Thank you for your hard work. You’ve done all that you can, so please remain alert.”




I muttered as I saw the 3 of them exit the Healer’s Guild guildmaster’s room.

“Dragonewt race, you better not come attacking.”


Lionel beside me grasped my shoulder and said.


“At times like this, move your body and don’t think about anything. Well then, I’ll be your opponent at the underground 4th floor.”


“Lionel just wants to fight right?”


“Because I’ve understood the reason why Whirlwind took a disciple.”

I became weak at the mention of Shisho’s name. It is true that with nothing I can do, it’s more efficient to train. I thought as I said to Lionel.


“Today will be the day I overcome your iron-clad shield.”


“Being reckless is the privilege of the young.”

Lionel replied with a laugh.


I decided to absolutely have my attack penetrate his defence and headed for the training ground.


It was a few hours later, around noon, that many beastmen approached and drew near to the Healer’s Guild.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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