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Chapter 068: The first step towards becoming a supervisor from an individual

Translator: Tseirp


I was lying ungracefully on the underground 4th floor of the Healer’s Guild.


” … What happened? Just when I thought that my attack reached, I was blown away. Although I do know that I was done in by that large shield …”


Lionel lowered his large shield and shouldered his greatsword as he replied with a joyful smile.

“Until Luciel-dono’s attack, I kept the shield close to my body. The moment you closed the distance to attack, I instantly thrust the shield, together with some footwork, towards Luciel-dono’s direction, once again creating distance between us.”


” … But how is it possible to throw a person 5 meters just relying on a shield bash and footwork?”

Even though I was approximately near the center of the training ground … I was blown about that distance away.


“It is all achievable with reading your opponent, timing and concentration.”


The battle between Broad-shisho and Lionel must have been terrific. As I had regrets about not being able to watch that fight, it felt like I had a concussion from the hit to my head since my feet were feeling shaky, so I applied 「Heal」 to my head before pointing my sword towards Lionel again … but the Priest Knight Piazza’s face appeared.


“What’s the matter? Is there an attack?”

I asked, seeing the anxious expression on Piazza-san’s face.


“It is not an attack, but many beastmen … the Adventurer’s Guild guildmasters are present as well, have gathered at the Healer’s Guild.”

I could imagine that a considerable number of beastmen have congregated here judging from his anxious expression.


” … It’s pointless if I don’t go address it huh.”

I muttered and Lionel nodded wordlessly. Although I didn’t want to go, I hoped that this would be the conclusion of this matter as I rode the magic elevator.


The moment I stepped onto the 1st floor, I saw the figures of the brothers Jasuan and Jias as well as the beastmen.


The healers were inside the reception counter and expressions of relief floated across their faces when they saw me arrive. I was delighted knowing that they relied on my slightly.


Blitz-san, Dotasu-san and the criminal slaves were not holding on to weapons, but they formed a human barricade so that the beastmen could not enter the Healer’s Guild in large numbers.


“Jasuan-dono and Jias-dono, what is the meaning of this?”

There was a single human and multiple beastmen forced to sit in front of them. There was one from each beast race among the beastmen sitting in front of them.


“You’ve come Luciel-dono. These guys are the culprits for this incident. This human is the person who handed out the bribes, the vice guildmaster of the Herbalist Guild, Gurohara.”


The man bound by rope appeared kind, it really is impossible to understand a person from just their outer appearances~. I thought as I listened to Jasuan-dono.


“From their lengthy dealings, the number of the Dragonewt and Tiger beastmen accomplices who received bribes is high. They were all tempted by these guys here. We will have the people who received bribes pay back the money stolen at a later date and we hope that the Healer’s Guild accept that for compensation.”

… It’s fine for me to tsukkomi right?


“Erm, that kind of content should only be decided after gathering the representatives right? Why is it that Jasuan-dono can make the decisions?”


“It is the custom of us Dragonewts to devote our loyalty to Luciel-dono who obtained the blessing of the Dragon-sama race. Therefore, as compensation for the inconvenience the Dragonewt race has caused, we pledge to commit ourselves to make it such that the Ienith Healer’s Guild and healers can operate safely.”


… Is that the dragon’s oath that appears in Fantasy settings? Rather than that, was it due to the guidance from Great Luck-sensei that the Blessing from the Holy Dragon is useful here? … The surrounding people were staring dumbfounded at me but I ignored them and asked how he found out about my blessing.


” … How did you know that I possess the blessing?”


“The Dragonewt worships the Dragon-sama race. It is said that we Dragonewts were born from the Dragon-sama race, so all Dragonewts are capable of detecting the presence of the Dragon-sama race. That is why this guy is trembling at the thought of harming his own brethren.”


The Dragonewt kneeling on the ground was indeed trembling.


“So, we have caught all the men who caused the disturbance yesterday, but what are your plans for them?”


“Under Ienith’s laws, the mastermind will be executed as an example, and the accomplices will be converted into slaves. If the punishment is set to be light, they can be made to pay for the compensation, but I hope that this time, the Adventurer’s Guild can purchase the accomplices as personnel to advance the labyrinth capture.”


” … Use and discard. Is that what you mean?”

I wasn’t exactly hoping to rehabilitate everybody, but I guess it can’t be done since this is the law of this country.


“I intend to lighten their charges if they capture the labyrinth and live. We will provide treatment when they dive into the labyrinth, but I predict that there will be unavoidable sacrifices due to them fighting at the forefront and disarming traps.”

Jasuan-dono asserted.


” … I have a few conditions before handing them over to you, but I don’t see the Ienith representative Shaza, where is he?”


” … Including him, the present representatives from various races and their close aides are missing.”


Jasuan-dono said heavily, but I felt like I’ve actually heard those words somewhere before.

As I was thinking about that, I heard a voice from among the men that were forced to sit.


“I could give you some information regarding that? Could you loosen these ropes?”




Jasuan-dono reacted to the request by the grinning Gurohara that said that.

However, looking at Gurohara, I was reminded that it is the common pattern in novels that there are not only 3 choices to choose from.

That reaction could either be from him hitting the nail on the head or that he was wrong.

I did not look at him pretending to be calm. I looked at Jasuan-dono and said.


“No, there is no need for that Jasuan-dono. His choices are, capturing the labyrinth, fleeing to other countries or hiding in nearby villages or caves and becoming thieves. That would happen eventually. Well, with his close aides gone as well, his choice would most likely be the labyrinth. This time, with his hired assailants not returning and most likely caught, he would surely be afraid of the truth coming to light and head there.”


“But it’s a labyrinth? It isn’t a place that he can break through easily.”


“I have no clue about the actual strength of the monsters in the labyrinth, so I can’t comment about that, but Shaza-dono is confident in his own combat abilities. So isn’t it possible that he thinks that he can break through the labyrinth? Maybe he intends to write off his crimes by being the hero that protected Ienith by breaking through the labyrinth or maybe he intends to bring whatever he obtains as a souvenir to another country. Right?”


Upon saying that, Gurohara’s smile froze.

Looks like somehow I made a lucky guess.


“What? If that’s the case, then it’s imperative that we immediately head for the labyrinth.”

Said Jasuan-dono as he turned to leave but he was stopped by Jias-dono.

“Wait, brother. Nothing will be resolved by just dragging the ringleader here. That will just cause an inconvenience to the Healer’s Guild.”

“Ununu, that’s right.”

Luckily Jias-dono was calm and composed.


“Brother please head to the labyrinth with Luciel-dono. I will settle this matter with the healers here.”

“Ooo! As expected of my little brother. The right man for the job.”

“In exchange, do your best to catch him.”

“Leave it to me! Luciel-dono, let’s hurry.”


… I personally experience the fact that these 2 are brothers. Firstly, they don’t consider other people’s opinions. Next, they excitedly decide on the course of action. … Seems like the Ienith Adventurer’s Guild have it rough. I clapped my hands together as the situation became noisy.


『Paan~』 The interior of the guild became quiet as the sound resonated within the guild.

I seized hold of the atmosphere during that momentary pause in the air, immediately began giving instructions to bring matters into my flow.


“That matter does take precedence, but I have no information about that labyrinth. Moreover, you wish to pass judgement onto them but are you capable of doing so immediately? Impossible right? Let us work on our priorities. Firstly, I entrust Jordo-san with taking the testimony of these criminals, slaves and the assailants housed underground.”

” … Are you sure?” (Jordo-san)

“Yeah. Please convince me with a satisfactory job. You can do it right?”


He replied after correcting his posture and holding his right hand to his chest. I observed him and spoke to Jias-dono.

“He will be in charge of handling the assailants and criminals. Please discuss it with him.”

“Ye, yes!”

Jias-dono bowed reverently.


“We will hold a strategy meeting on the 3rd floor, including examining the map of the labyrinth and listening to detailed reports of the monsters that appear in the labyrinth. The others, please purchase items that will come in handy for the labyrinth capture, such as food and MP potions, together with my Priest Knights. I leave this to you Blitz-san.”


I passed him 3 white gold coins and instructed him to put a note on the large quantity of magic bags we bought when we departed from the Holy City so that we know what is contained in each bag.


“Healers please remain in the Healer’s Guild and maintain operations. Dotasu-san will be in charge of their safety while I leave the guild’s defence to Piazza-san and the criminal slaves as usual.”



“Please tell Naria, Dolan and Paula to come to the guildmaster’s room.”

“Certainly, master.”


“Lionel and Cathy please come along.”

“Yes!” “Yes nya.”

“And individuals who are knowledgeable regarding the labyrinth mentioned by Jasuan-dono earlier please come along too.”


I said all of that before moving to the guildmaster’s room on the 3rd floor.


I snatched the atmosphere all at one go without giving the dragonewt brothers and beastmen time to make a buzz.

However, the fact that it was settled that we had to head to the labyrinth was because I was too naive in dealing with the issues up until now.


It would be excusable for me to refrain from speaking out against a more senior party as an individual. But, I saw the expressions of relief on my subordinates faces when I came out from underground.


I reflected on my actions and was determined to act as a person in charge instead of an individual. I felt that it was not too late yet, which was why I performed that clap.


I didn’t even listen to Jordo-san and other’s opinion on the matter of slaves. However, if I acted naively as pointed out by Lionel there, I felt that they would no longer have faith in me.


Upon doing so, somehow my energy surged forth. I had to do what I have not been able to do up until now.


Although reports, communications and discussions gradually strengthened, I could not convey those feelings through commands and explanations. Without me understanding their feelings, they are only my subordinates in paper.


After knowing how they feel, I must show them how I handle this.


“However, maybe it is true that clapping your hands to pray to god does have the effect of driving away misfortune.”


I muttered as I opened the door to the guildmaster’s room.


TL: Sadly it wasn’t the conflict I expected … but labyrinth dive soon!! Yay!


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