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Chapter 069: Strategy meeting and onward to the labyrinth

Translator: Tseirp


Gathered within the Healer’s Guild guildmaster’s room were me, Lionel and my purchased slaves, and 3 beastmen including Jasuan-dono.

“We will now begin the strategy meeting for the labyrinth capture led by the Adventurer’s Guild. The goal of this meeting is not to discuss the capture of the labyrinth, but to capture Shaza promptly without incurring any injury. Well then, is there a map for the labyrinth?”

The bird beastman took out a bundle of parchments, but the maps were not drawn well so I had to verify the contents.


“Firstly, how wide is the labyrinth?”

“It begins with a 100 meter squared width. Every 10 floors the width expands by 50 meters squared and the monsters become stronger.”

It might even be larger than the Labyrinth of Tribulations. … Ah, I forgot.

“Is there miasma and how is the food condition?”

“We have mantles that can protect against the miasma. If you don’t have equipment like that, you can purchase medicine from the Herbalist Guild that can prevent the effects of miasma for a whole day. There is a supply of portable food rations for the labyrinth capture so there’s no problem there.”

That tasteless and flaky food huh … I would cry eating that.


I continued drafting the plan after listening to the location of the traps from the vague maps.


After completing that section, I opened a monster encyclopedia and checked with them what monsters appear in the labyrinth. My tension dropped and a look of joy appeared on the faces of Lionel and Cathy.


Dolan and Paula were pretending to be standing by obediently at one side … but I somehow knew that the 2 of them were thinking about how best to utilize the fire attribute magic stones dropped by the fire attribute monsters.


It seems like it might be a flame dragon this time~. Jasuan-dono opened his mouth to speak as I was thinking about that.


” … Could we have Luciel-dono enter the labyrinth along with us?”


My thought process paused for a second, before restarting.

“Eh? Didn’t I mention it to Jasuan-dono previously?”


“I thought for sure that you would only be following until the exterior of the labyrinth to establish the temporary healer clinic.”


“Why did you think so?”


” … I imagined that those dwarves there are the construction personnel and these here are the escort slaves.”


” … I am fine with that as well, or rather, I welcome that instead.”

It seemed like it would be fine even if I didn’t enter? Nevertheless, I had a feeling that I must enter, so in the end, I planned to level up at upper floors.


“Please don’t say that, we’ll be in your care.”

While getting Jasuan who lowered his head once again to rise, I began choosing the personnel from the Healer’s Guild to bring along to the labyrinth. An unexpected person voiced out.

“Master, please take me along with you.”

That’s right, Naria curtsied by holding up her skirt slightly and bowed.


“I am fine with letting you come along, but as long as Lionel and Cathy permit it. The 2 of them are strong but how about Naria?”

I asked Lionel and Cathy.

“No problems.”

“I’m in favor as long she has throwing daggers and a long whip.”

It seemed like there were no other problems. I originally wanted to assign her as the waitress for the Healer’s Guild, but it’s not like there would be any problems if I don’t do so.

“I’ll allow it. However, please protect yourself and I forbid you from entering the vanguard. You will act as the crowd controller.” (TL: I used an online gaming term here. Crowd controller or CC is basically a role whereby the person controls or restricts the movements or attacks of enemies to relieve the burden on the front lines.)

“Thank you.”

As she bowed deeply this time, the dwarf-combi spoke out as well.

“Me too.” “Me too.”


Said the 2 of them as they leaned forward. I had intended to bring the 2 of them along from the start. I had a feeling that the Healer’s Guild would collapse if I left the 2 of them behind here.


” … These are my orders. Don’t move about as you please, don’t make items of your own accord, don’t cause any troubles. Protect yourself. Ha~”


In the end, the members present were the ones chosen to go, forming a 6 member party huh.


Lionel will be the shield, Cathy the attacker, I will be the healer and support, Naria will be the crowd control and cook, and also the lookout if her perception is good. So what will Dolan and Paula be?


“How do the 2 of you fight?”


“I send monsters flying with a swing of my maul.”

Dolan crossed his arm and laughed.

“I’ll be fine because I have golems.”

Paula showed me her left arm, on it was a bracelet.


Hmm? Golem as in that golem?


“Golem as in those you can command and move?”


“Yup. Made from magic stones, they can be controlled by the magical power they recognize.”


In addition, upon asking for further details, it appears that Paula’s golem can be remote controlled using the bracelet and although only 1 golem can be controlled, it is apparently abnormally strong. I assigned Dolan to be the rearguard while Paula will operate the golem beside me.


We would only reach the labyrinth around evening if we had set off then since it takes about an hour to reach the labyrinth located in the mountains, so we decided to head for the labyrinth early tomorrow morning instead.


“Well then, we will head for the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow morning. The people below should have come to a settlement by now.”


“Yup. Even if they are to be carried to the slave dealer, rest assured, we will bear all the costs.”


I won’t have a peace of mind, but I’ll leave it in your hands.


I thought in my heart.


Something beyond our expectations was happening when we reached the first floor.

The beastmen were all missing. Only the criminal slaves and Jias-dono were present.

Jordo-san reported to the surprised me when I returned.


“Luciel-dono, we have decided to rent out the criminal slaves present here and the assailants as our Healer’s Guild’s slaves.”


That response was completely out of my expectations so, genuinely surprised, I immediately replied.




He showed a slight smile as he said.

“Thinking that since they are slaves, it would be fine even if they died, would damage the name of the Healer’s Guild Church. In addition, apart from assigning the criminal slaves and assailants to protect the Healer’s Guild, we let them resolve the troubles faced by this country using the Healer’s Guild name. Doing so ought to raise the prestige and fame of the Healer’s Guild. This time, we had all of them head for the labyrinth. The fees paid by the Adventurer’s Guild for renting them is able to cover their meals and such. There was only 1 command. They must risk their life to protect Luciel-dono.”


It would have been better to discuss this with them since the beginning. Looks like the one lacking the most in reporting, communicating and discussing is me.

“… Thank you. Tomorrow morning I, my slaves and the criminal slaves will visit the labyrinth. I’ve already informed the Pope, but I will be leaving the guild under Jordo-san’s care when I’m absent.”


“Yes! I will do my best.”


“The security looks like it can kind of hold up with the 3 priest knights present, but do you want me to put in an escort request?”


“There is no need for that. The Dragonewts will defend this place to the death.”

Jias-dono said from the side.


“Is that okay?”


“Yes. I believe that the Dragon-sama race definitely anticipated today’s events. Please leave the defense of this place to me.”

I bowed to Jias-dono who hit his chest and said.


“Please protect the Healer’s Guild and its inhabitants.”


It was interesting to see Jias-dono get flustered with that, but for the sake of tomorrow’s preparations, we invited a slave dealer over to complete the procedure of converting the assailants locked underground into slaves.


It was the shop that refused to work with the Healer’s Guild before, but this time, the procedure was conducted for us at a bargain price.


And then, after everyone else had returned, I prepared the equipment required for the labyrinth dive from tomorrow onward.


Since he even properly constructed the weapons for the slaves, they were extremely grateful towards Dolan. However, the leader of the assailants spoke out during dinner.


“I’ve fallen into slavery. But, I never imagined that I can live a life of slavery with such good treatment. Thank you.”


The man only said that before keeping quiet.


I did not feel sorry for the man. However, to make sure that they do not perish in the labyrinth, I’ve decided to work hard.


The next morning, the large family of all 27 members of team Healer’s Guild headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild, linking up with the close to 50 adventurers before proceeding onwards to the labyrinth.


When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, I asked for a certain something.

The dragonewt brothers gave it to me politely while saying “Here, here, feel free to take it.”


As such, I was no longer feeling gloomy and sat on the back of Fornoir, enjoying horse riding after such a long time.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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