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IS B5C70

Chapter 070: Dwarf-combi combat strength

Translator: Tseirp


The squad swelled up to about 80 members and we decided to act separately in different groups.


Firstly, Jasuan’s attack group will advance forward,

a group will make a base right before the boss room on the 30th floor,

a group will stand by outside,

and my group will advance from the first floor in sequence.

It’s not because I don’t trust the map drawn by the bird beastman yesterday, I just thought that they may have overlooked some things … only about 30 percent.


I searched the Labyrinth of Tribulations alone and it took quite some time to investigate a single floor.

This time, our goal was to use a human wave formation to check the map’s accuracy and to secure magic stones.


That’s because when I asked Paula and Dolan about the amount of magic stones required for the item I wish to be constructed, I found out that even just for fire attribute magic stone, I would need a considerable number of it.


“That’s the entrance to the labyrinth.”

Jasuan’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Looking forward, the entrance was located below the cliff of a mountain. I noticed something at that point in time.


“This labyrinth extends upwards instead of downwards?”


“That’s right. The fact that the heat increases as you climb upwards is another troublesome detail.”


” …. There wasn’t … any reports on that yesterday?”


“Is that so? Rather than that, is it really okay for us to advance ahead?”

Getting angry now would damage the atmosphere and would be detrimental.

I considered that and continued the conversation.


“It is fine for you to go on ahead. I’ll leave it up to Jasuan-dono if you want to rest at the 40th floor boss room, to advance carefully to not fall into any traps or to grind levels before and after the 40th floor.”


“Understood. I look forward to Luciel-dono and group catching up to us.”


“Well, we’ll try our best.”


Immediately after that conversation, we arrived at the installation location for the base camp at the labyrinth entrance.


“Men, this time, Luciel-dono will be chasing after us from below. There is a possibility you will survive if you are afflicted by petrification, deadly poison or confusion. The goal will be to capture Shaza and his group, but if we have the chance, we will try to capture the labyrinth as well.”

Jasuan-dono announced and punched his fist into the sky.

The next moment, 『Oooooh!』 a wild roar resounded around the area.

I was also asked to say a few words but I respectfully declined.


“Well then, we will be proceeding ahead. See you later.”

“Yes. I wish you the fortunes of war.”

I sent them off and headed to the area where Fornoir and the horses were kept, casting purification magic on them.


I gently stroked Fornoir’s neck and his eyes felt like it was telling me “Good luck!”

“I’ll try my best.”

I said before handing the Fornoir and the horses to the beastmen staying behind to look after them.


Apart from my party, all the other parties were made up by the slaves.

It’s like parties commonly found in the other world novels … But something is different! I thought as I declared to everyone.


“I will definitely save you if you have healable injuries or abnormal statuses. Hence, do not act excessively or recklessly! This is an order!”

I surveyed everybody’s faces as I enforced my motto on to them.


“I will convey the priorities. 1. Don’t die. 2. Secure magic stones. 3. Secure Shaza. 4. … It’s fine if it can’t be done but try to capture the labyrinth. Everyone come back alive, okay?”


“Ooh!” “Nya.” “Yes!” “Yes.” I smiled bitterly at the disorganized replies before entering the labyrinth.


“It’s quite bright after all.”

I murmured and Dolan spoke out.


“I heard that if you take the labyrinth’s core, the activity will stop and the ambient light will dim. It’s like the labyrinth’s heart.”


“If we don’t retrieve the labyrinth’s core?”


“After defeating the final boss for the labyrinth? According to literature, it will return after a long time.”


So the Labyrinth of Tribulations would return to how it was someday? That was not something I should consider now so I switched gears and gave out instructions.


“Lionel and gang will standby around me. Kefin squad, Yarubo squad, and Baderu squad will advance according to the routes in the map, annihilating monsters and verifying the map’s completeness, before gathering in front of the ascending stairs.”




They all replied after I finished giving my commands. I copied the maps drawn yesterday before handing those to them.

After making 4 sets including one for myself, my arm … was fine but it was tired.


After I applied 「Area Barrier」 on the 3 squads, they advanced along the routes that were decided on yesterday.


“Luciel-dono, when would it be our turn?”

Lionel asked worriedly so I answered properly.


“You guys will have a chance to enter combat when the number of monsters increases and there are many empty spaces before the 30th floor so your turn will come soon. Well then, let’s go. I’ll leave the monsters to you all.”



Seeing the sight of Lionel walking off ahead looking happy, I sympathized with the trouble the subordinates of this combat maniac have to go through.


It’s a secret that I had to stifle my laughter looking at Lionel’s disappointed expression when he realized that the monsters were already annihilated by the group that went down the path we were on before us.


After spending less than 10 minutes, we joined up with the 3 squads without anything significant happening. As we ascended to the 2nd floor, I asked about the monsters that appeared.


“Is it according to the reports?”


“Yes. There are no problems with the map and the monsters are Red Rats.”

The ex-assailant leader Kefin replied. He was more outstanding that I had expected.


I wondered why they … Those kinds of thoughts floated in my mind, but I knew that it was due to the environment they grew up in and the reality of unequal rights, so I held my tongue.


It looked like 「Area Barrier」 lasted for a whole level without a problem, so from then on, I applied 「Area Barrier」 on the party at each level as we advanced, finally arriving at the 10th floor boss room after about 90 minutes.


“According to the reports, Red Lizardmen should have appeared as well, but this time, it looks like there are only Red Snakes, Red Bats and Red Rats so let’s breakthrough in one go.”


When the Kefin squad opened the door and we passed through, we saw a group of monsters centered around Red Snakes, but we opened the opposite door within minutes.


Each of their combat potential was strong, their annihilating speed was fast and Naria threw daggers at the Red Bats dangling from the ceiling, dropping them one after another. It was impressive.


“Naria, are your main attacks centered around middle range distance?”


“No, the insignificant me is only throwing the daggers. I have plenty of better attacks.”

Naria laughed.


After that, we didn’t face any struggles as we advanced. In front of the 20th floor boss room, I announced to them.


“We will be having a meal and rest break after annihilating the enemies in this boss room so psyche yourselves up.”




The atmosphere became a great deal better. Lionel and Cathy had gradually more combat with monsters so they looked like they were having fun.


However, the 2 member dwarf-combi were instead discussing various things.

There was no telling what would happen, so I told them to prepare for battle and they acknowledged.


What appeared when we opened the door were Red Orcs and Red Wolves, but Dolan touched the ground and Paula made a stance, causing a 5 meter Golem to appear.


The golem that totally looked like a super robot shocked all of us. The golem surprisingly flew towards the Red Orc and kicked it, before chasing after the prone Red Orc and releasing a jumping elbow, causing it to turn into magic stones.


The Red Wolves were defeated by Cathy without me being aware of it, but we could only stare dumbfounded at the strong impact caused by the golem.


The dwarf-combi high-fived and looked satisfied.


” … Is that normal?”


” … I have never seen a golem move so smoothly before.”


Lionel was extremely surprised.


“Dolan, Paula, how do you … no, is that a golem?”


“It’s a collaboration with grandfather.”


“I can’t control it so I make an imitation of it and Paula controls it. However, the size of the golem changes depending on the magical power within the bracelet Paula is wearing.”

He said as he repeatedly glanced at me, hinting at asking for more magic stones.


” … How many magic stones do you need to summon that? Answer me honestly. That’s an order.”

The dwarf-combi had looks of regret as Paula replied.


“Putting together the magic stones that we’ve obtained here, we can easily build 20 of them. But they would be useless unless slightly more stones are used to extend their time limit.”


Although they always cause problems, when it comes to production and combat with their strengths combined, this dwarf-combi is outrageous.


I thought as I passed my instructions to them for the use of magic stones for golems.


The 2 of them looked unsatisfied, but they were brimming with motivation after the next sentence.


“This is not a playground. If you 2 do what I tell you to do and once the labyrinth search is over, I promise to give you the secured magic stones for production use. Which is why, work hard and strictly adhere to my commands.”

“Leave it to me.”

“I’ll do my best.”


I nodded as I purified the room before I began preparations for our meal together with Naria.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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