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(010) Housemate who did not return

Translator: Tseirp

After Margaret-san spent about an hour and a half teaching me methods to take care of my equipment, he had me help out with the store.

“It helps to have a boy around to carry the heavy items.”


We were working together to move cargo but it was clear that Margaret-san had more strength.


After that, I did some practice swings at the backyard of the clothes shop.

Practice swings are not something that can be taken lightly.


Just 2 hours of practice swings raised my Apprentice Swordsman level by 2.

Well, due to my 400 times easier growth, it’s equal to 800 hours. Even if a person spends 4 hours a day doing practice swings, it would be equal to doing it for 200 days. So it’s not surprising that my level would go up.


“Ichi-kun, that’s enough practice swings for today, wipe your sweat with this and come have food. Also, you can place your laundry in the basket next to the toilet and I’ll wash them for you.”


Margaret said that and left a pail and cloth.

Steam was rising from within the pail … looks like he went out of his way to prepare warm water.


The sun had already set and it was currently night time.

I guess I should end it for today.


I’ll go to the 2nd floor of the labyrinth tomorrow. With my current condition, fighting against kobolds is child’s play.

Oh, but it would also be okay if I defeat around 3 kobolds to level up before I proceed.


While thinking that I’m only getting spoiled by Margaret-san’s affection, I took off my top and squeezed dry the warm water soaked cloth before wiping my sweat.

Ah, it feels great. However, as a Japanese, I really want to use a bath.

I wonder if there is any way to do so.


As I was thinking … a chill ran down my spine.


What … somebody’s watching!?

It was an extremely bad feeling.


Don’t tell me it’s killing intent!?


Within this town?


I slowly looked toward the direction I felt the gaze … and saw Margaret-san snorting as he looked at my direction.

And then, our eyes met.


“Ky … kyaaaa”


Margaret-san covered his eyes and ran.

No, even if you act pure hearted now …


I wonder … I should really look for an inn tomorrow.



The back of the shop had become a dining kitchen and food was already lined up.

I felt nothing but foreboding.


“Erm, what’s the specialty around here?”

“Hmm. The fruit of carob is tasty. The vegetable called genji is also famous.”

” … Ooo, is that so.”


… It’s famous for fruits and vegetable huh.

And yet, why is it a full spread of meat?


Hmm? Is today the 29th? Meat day? (TL: It’s a pun. In Japanese, 2 = ni, 9 = ku, niku = meat)


“Nevertheless, Lun-chan is late. Let’s begin first.”

“Lun-chan? Ah, there are others who use this boarding house?”


I guess it’s to be expected. After seeing the 2nd and 3rd floor, apart from my room and Margaret-san’s room, there are 4 other rooms.

It would be a waste to leave rooms empty.

Apart from the feeling of danger to one’s body, Margaret-san takes good care of others so he would not leave people in trouble alone.


“That’s right. Lun-chan is a cute girl like me but you can’t touch her okay. If it’s aimed at me then you can touch me anytime.”

“Yes, I swear to God that I would not touch (both of you).”


I don’t have the ability (to earn a living) to touch the girl (?) called Lun anyway.

Using a fork, I tried tasting the meat. It had a light taste of seasoning so it was easy to eat but the portion was huge.


“She’s an extremely good girl that Lun-chan. Her name is Norn and she’s a brown-skinned gatekeeper girl.”

“Brown-skinned gatekeeper? By any chance is she a blue-haired Apprentice Spearman about 16 or 17 years old?”

“That’s right. Ara, Ichi-kun, you are acquainted with Lun-chan?”

“Yes, today I met her once at the gate and twice at the labyrinth.”


The world is small.

Which means that Norn-san’s good-natured personality is undeniably influenced by Margaret-san.


“I’m certain that she mentioned when I met her in the labyrinth that she would spend around 3 hours to patrol before returning.”

“That’s right. It should already be about time she returned. I don’t think she is the type to go looking for night life. This is a first.”


At that moment, the report I heard from Norn crossed my mind.

The report about thieves appearing in the labyrinth lately.

No, as might be expected, thieves would not assault gatekeepers or guards.


As I was thinking, a knock came from the shop’s door.

Even though the door has been locked and the sign indicating that the shop was closed should have been hung up.


“Ara, that’s the voice of the Guard Captain. He’s also very dandy but he’s not my type.”


That’s lucky of you, guard captain-san.

Margaret-san told me “I’ll be back shortly” and headed for the entrance.

In the meantime, I slowly ate the meat.


Even though the seasoning was truly the best, it was tough to only have meat.

I want to eat white rice. If that’s impossible then I want hard bread and soup.


As I was having those thoughts …


γ€ŽEh, Norn-chan have not returned from the labyrinth!?』

γ€ŽSo she has not returned here as well after all. Yeah, it has been 6 hours since she entered the labyrinth. It’s hard to imagine that she would be killed by monsters but … we’ll dispatch a search party tomorrow. Well then, I have to quickly make preparations so I’ll be leaving now.』

γ€Ž… I understand, please take care.』


… Norn-san has not returned?

Don’t tell me, it’s really …


When Margaret-san returned, her expression was considerably haggard.


“Norn-san has not returned?”

“Yeah … But if it’s her, she’ll be fine. Well then, Ichi-kun, have some meat.”

“Erm, should I search for her?”

“No. The further down you go in the labyrinth, the stronger the enemies become and the wider the labyrinth become. You would not be able to find her haphazardly. Especially since there might even be thieves.”


Damn it, isn’t there a better way?

Is there no way to track her?


I had an ingenious idea.


“Erm, have you heard that Beastmen have noses that are many times more sensitive than Hume?”


That was merely my image of it but this Otherworld novel-like setting felt like it would be so.

If it is, then there is a high possibility that the Goddess might have subconsciously written down the setting so that the beastmen in this world have equally good noses.


“Yeah, beastmen are several hundred times better than human and I believe they can trackΒ  a person’s scent … Ichi-kun, don’t tell me you are thinking of …”

“Yes, that is exactly what I’m thinking of!”


The instant I’ve decided, I flew out of the shop without stopping to hear if Margaret-san stopped me.

And then, I ran at full speed towards Matthias’s shop.


The receptionist was just about to hang the closed shop sign.

Thank goodness, I’ve just barely made it.


“Please wait a minute! Matthias, is Matthias around!”


After hearing me shout, Matthias appeared from within the shop.


“Oya, Ichinojo-sama. Can I help you?”

“Please lend me Haurvatat-san for a day! I need her strength!”


“Please enter the shop first.”

Under my sincere request, Matthias brought me into the shop.



Author’s Note:

Thanks to you, the novel is now 5th in the day rankings.

To everyone who bookmarked and rated, I am truly thankful.

This will be the last update for the year.

Everyone, please send a happy new year.


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