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(012) Searching the 3rd floor of the labyrinth, Defeating goblins

Translator: Tseirp

In the 2nd floor of the labyrinth, bat-type monsters appeared.

The Chihuahua-sized bats were way too large compared to regular bats. They were so big that it made one wonder how they fly. However, Haru used 2 swords to slice off the bat wings and ran through.

Amazing~ She was not merely using 2 swords but it felt like real dual-wielding.

It seemed like I was watching skills named Cross Cut or X Slash.


“Master, please deal the final blow.”


“Experience points only go to the individual who deals the last blow.”


Last attack only, so it’s a last hit-take-all system.

Ah, so that’s why she only cut the wings, to avoid dealing the final blow.

Most likely this was the correct form of power-leveling using slaves and Haru was showing her loyalty.


“No, Haru will defeat this one.”

“Is that okay?”

“I am happy for the thought but Haru should receive the experience points for those that are defeated by Haru. Please steadily defeat them from now on! Instead of my growth, I would like to prioritise saving Norn-san first.”



Haru nodded before stabbing the bat whose wings were already beginning to regenerate in the torso, dissecting it.

After that, following the scent, we advanced through the labyrinth.

The opponents on the 2nd floor were a cinch for her.

There was no need for me to step up, she overwhelmed the 2nd floor enemies.

It would have been good if she handed over at least 1 creature to me though.


And then, we quickly arrived at the 3rd floor.


“Haru, does the scent continue on?”

“Yes, the scent still lingers. It’s the same on the floor leading to the 2nd floor, there isn’t a new scent that leads up the stairs. For this Beginner’s Labyrinth, except for the final floor, there is only 1 location for the ascending and descending stairs so she has not climbed up this stair.”


For the time being, I was relieved that Norn was unharmed when she descended but I was also anxious because there is a high chance that something happened.

Was she indeed attacked by the thieves that target beginners?


“I see … By the way, it’s a little late to ask now but why do the thieves commit crimes within the labyrinth? Since there is only 1 entrance and stairs, if it is held down then they would not be able to escape so there isn’t a place more inconvenient than here.”


My image of thieves and bandits was that they attack peddler carriages and pirates attack trade ships and transport vessels.


“There are various reasons. If a person dies within the labyrinth, it will engulf the dead body so there wouldn’t be a need to erase the evidence. If there is no body, it can’t be judged if they were killed by the thieves or by the monsters. Moreover, if they attack peddlers then the Knight Corps would be dispatched but if adventurers die the Knight Corps would not move. Because the Adventurers Guild and the country have agreed on mutual non-interference.”

“I see. So there are merits. However, there has been a rumour going around about thieves that target beginners.”

“Most likely it was because the weapons and armour that the supposedly dead adventurers appeared in the market. Because if they died and were engulfed by the labyrinth, their equipment would not remain.”


They didn’t think that through. Even though they successfully stole expensive antiques, looks like they did not secure a fence to sell the items and were traced.

We proceeded to the back of the labyrinth. In the midst of a crossroad, a slightly small man with an ugly face appeared. He was holding a club.

I considered if he was part of those races, but Haru readied her sword … so it looks like it’s a monster.


I stopped Haru.


“Haru, is that a goblin?”


Goblins that frequently appear in games and such. They appear in many fantasy works and in Final Fantasy they are treated as the weakest monsters. If games were made using the information from this world, then goblins should be weak…

But looks like kobolds are weaker.


“Yes, the 3rd floor is the den of goblins.”

“Is that so, let me give it a try here!”


I said as I ran forward and swung my sword.




I released my swordplay. A shock wave flew out from my steel sword and deeply gouged the goblin’s torso, spraying purple blood.

However …


“I couldn’t defeat it in 1 hit as expected.”


The goblin held its belly as it stood up.


“「Slash」! What … it didn’t come out!”

“You need to wait 10 seconds before you can use 「Slash」 again!”

“Ku, 10 seconds appears short but it’s long!”


I complained as I stopped the club with my sword … it was a heavy blow but I was able to adequately receive it.


And then, as I caught the club, I kicked towards the goblin’s important bits with all my strength.


” … How is it, we might be of a different race but we are both men! This will … eh, there isn’t much effect?”


He does look hurt but it doesn’t look as if it was so painful that he jumped up in pain.

Rather, due to my kick my balance broke and I was about to fall over.


“Master! That goblin is a female! She doesn’t have a horn.”


Eh, it’s not a he but a she!?

Shocked by Haru’s words, my balance completely broke and I fell on my back with my sword falling to the ground.


This is bad, the goblin looks like it’s going to deal the final blow as it held it’s club towards me.


“Master, 10 seconds has passed! You can use 「Slash」 now. Not with the sword but with a hand chop.”


I see …




I swung my right hand with all my might.


That single attack greatly gouged out the goblin’s wound … the next instant, the goblin’s body disappeared, leaving behind the club and magic stone.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Hunter skill: 「Presence Detection」 obtained】


Skill Description: 「Presence Detection」【Hunter Lv15】

Detects the presence of nearby living organisms.

However, it cannot detect individuals holding concealment skills.


This is a convenient skill.

Also, I’ll confirm my status.


Job:Jobless Lv41 (4↑)Apprentice Swordsman Lv17  (4↑)Hunter Lv15 (4↑)
HP:93/94 (10+59+25) (20↑)MP:32/36 (8+16+12) (6↑)
Phy Atk:100 (9+60+31) (25↑)Phy Def:79 (7+42+30) (9↑)
Mag Atk:25 (4+12+9) (6↑)Mag Def:29 (3+14+12) (17↑)
Speed:65 (4+28+41) (6↑)Luck:40 (10+10+20)
Cotton ClothesHide ShoesIron Light ArmorSteel Sword
「Job Modification」 「3rd Job Setting」 「Stone Throw」「Sword Equip」「Slash」「Job Appraisal」「Rotational Slash」「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Dismantling」 「Skill Description」 「Presence Detection」
【Acquired Titles】
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv15Farmer Lv1Hunter Lv15Lumberjack Lv1
Apprentice Swordsman Lv17Apprentice Magician Lv1Peddler Lv1Apprentice Spearman Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points


My number of skills have become much larger.

Jobless, Apprentice Swordsman, and Hunter levels increased by 1 each.

Ugh … however, this battle was kind of tough.


It felt like my status exceeded the goblin but I did not have enough corresponding combat experience.


“I’m proud of you, master.”

“No, Haru’s advice saved me. Thanks.”


I stood up, bowed down and said my thanks.

I wondered if I had become stronger than Haru but it would be a long time before I reach there if this continues.


“Master, about Norn-sama’s scent … ”

“Ah, you can tell?”

” … It continues that way.”


She pointed to the right bend at the crossroads.

Located there was, without any path and without a doubt, a dead end.


” … What does that mean? She walked towards the dead end and walked back?”

“No, there’s no scent to indicate that she walked back. I don’t want to consider it but the only possibility I can only imagine is that she stopped breathing there for some reason and was absorbed into the labyrinth …”

” … No way … tell me that’s a lie.”


I fell to my knees on the spot and lifelessly hung my head.


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