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IS B5C73

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Chapter 073: Information on another reincarnated individual and the labyrinth treasure chest

Translator: Tseirp


We were shocked when we climbed up to the 41st floor. Firstly, the temperature in the labyrinth dropped.

Due to that, we no longer needed the heat insulating magic tools that we made yesterday and we could have saved those magic stones.

Considering that we might fall into a situation whereby they have to immediately use the magic stones, I entrusted them to Paula and Dolan just in case, but it seems like the magic stones would be used for Golem-sama.

“Well then, Kefin squad will be my escort. I’ve been wanting to ask this since a long time ago, you disappeared in the Adventurer’s Guild right? How did you do it?”


I was absolutely curious about the body replacement Ninjutsu technique seemingly from the manga world.


” … It is said to be called Ninjutsu?”

Was this also from a reincarnated individual? I’ll investigate further.


“Why did you answer like you are unsure? Is that Ninjutsu a skill?”


“Yes. Previously, a man arrived at Ienith and he was tattered and penniless. However, he could erase the sound of his footsteps, show us illusions that appear at where there wasn’t anything before, and even though he should have been a human male, he could alter his looks to look like a beastman.”

Most likely his skill gradually leveled up.


“I thought that our work would be easier with his ability so my organization hired him. From then on he taught us Ninjutsu, but one day, he died in this labyrinth.”


“?! How did that happen?”


“I’ve told you about those guys on the 30th floor, most likely it was the work of those guys.”


“He may have died in the labyrinth without even his body remaining, but there is also a possibility that he is still alive right?”


“No, among the guys who explored the labyrinth together with him, only 2 came back, but those 2 also died the next day. There’s no doubt that the 2 of them were assassinated when they were on the verge of dying.”


…… It’s not confirmed that he was a reincarnated individual. Calm down. I didn’t think that I would be so unsettled from hearing about a total stranger die.


” … When did this happen? And what was his name?”


“About 2 years ago. He was about the same age as S-rank-sama. I don’t know if he was lying or not but he called himself Hattori.”


… It can’t be helped even if I think about it now. But, Ninjutsu huh … I wonder if I can learn that as well?

“Can I learn that skill as well?”


” … Yes, but I would like to have a request if I am to teach you. I know that this deviates from my slave social standing but …”


“I’ll hear you out for now. So don’t ease your battle posture. It’s dangerous so keep an eye out for your surroundings as you speak.”


” … Sorry. I hope that S-rank-sama could take me with you when you go on a journey. I don’t care even if I remain a slave for life.”

Said Kefin as he bowed once again and faced forward.


” … It’s a distant future before I set off for a journey. Well, I’ll keep it in mind.”

Kefin’s ears perked up with a 『Pin』. I don’t know if he was nervous or happy but he looked like he was pumped.


After that, 2 Fire Bears and a Fire Sabretooth Tiger appeared, but as Paula’s Golem pressed the 2 Fire Bears, 7 criminal slaves performed a cooperation attack towards the Fire Sabretooth Tiger and they defeated it without receiving any injuries.


The Golem manipulated by Paula grabbed the 2 Fire Bears with each of its hand and constricted them with a bear hug, turning them into magic stones.

From that fatherly gag-like action, I felt like I was gradually getting to know Paula’s personality better. However, I’ll first heal and give words of appreciation to Kefin and the others.


“You guys are cooperating well even at the 40th floors.”

I said as I re-applied 「Area Barrier」after completely healing all of them with a 「Area Middle Heal」. They gave me complicated expressions but Kefin replied with a single word.

” … We’ll work hard.”

I had Paula hold on to the 2 magic stones from the Fire Bear while I kept the magic stone from the Fire Sabretooth Tiger in my magic bag.


After that, we finally finished exploring the 500 square meter 41st floor after 2 hours of walking through innumerable branches in the paths.


“How is everyone’s condition? Are you guys able to continue exploring?”

I questioned Lionel, Cathy, and Kefin and they determined that they could.

The exploration party only had minor scratches so they were certainly fine.


Stepping foot onto the 42nd floor, we encountered our first treasure chest.


Just before we finished exploring the 42nd floor, Cathy’s squad discovered the treasure chest and called out.

“Master, there’s a treasure chest nya! I want you to open it nya.”

“Why do you want me to open it?”

Cathy’s squad’s Baderu answered.

“The treasure in a labyrinth changes depending on the person who opens it. Although you must remove the traps, but the contents depend on the luck of the person opening it.”

“That’s something I heard for the first time. Well, let’s do it after we join up with Lionel’s party.”


We joined up with Lionel’s group 10 minutes later and headed to the room where Cathy’s squad found the treasure chest before I opened the treasure chest.


What appeared was …. ?

” … What is this?”


It was a non-transparent scarlet bead.

Just in case, I held it after applying purification magic, but even after channelling magic through it, I had absolutely no idea what it was.


The dwarf-combi stared wide eyed at it stiffly, but I determined that it was not something that could be used at that moment so I stored it in my magic bag.


“Unfortunately, it was not a magic book or equipment. That’s right. Just in time, maybe we should have slightly earlier lunch.”


I announced and we had lunch. During lunch, I enquired Dolan and Paula about what that item was and it was unexpectedly something that made me grin.


Even after moving through the 43rd floor and reaching the 44th floor, we absolutely did not see any signs of people. Lionel muttered a word.


” … This might be bad.”

I picked that up as I was close to him.


“What’s bad? Is it because the labyrinth is difficult to capture? Or are strong enemies going to appear?”

Lionel turned to face me and answered.

” … I was considering the worst. It’s fine if we are merely chasing after them, but if we handle it poorly there is a chance the whole party gets wiped out …”


” … What do you mean?”


“Today is the 3rd day for our labyrinth capture, but we are still advancing too blindly. It’s not recommended to continue pushing into unknown territory like the 40th floors. In addition … we don’t even know about the combat abilities of the entourage including Shaza in the first place.”


“Do you mean that I’ve been led here but Shaza is not present?”

“No, he should be here. At the labyrinth entrance, there were a number of horse footprints. From what I’ve heard from Jasuan-dono, the adventurers do not come to the labyrinth by horse. That’s why I think that he is present but …”


” … Then, let’s return to the 40th floor. It is about an hour’s distance from here right? So it doesn’t make much difference if we rest here or we rest on the 40th floor?”

Certainly, sending for help is a viable choice but that is not of importance to me.

What’s important is my life and their lives.

It feels weird but I think that it’s wrong to put their lives on the balance to go save them. (TL: I take it that the ‘them’ refers to the advance party?)


In the end, they followed me to occupy the 40th floor boss room. There were fewer conversations as we preserved our strength for the exploration tomorrow.


The next day, everyone woke up early.


As I had my breakfast, I was fraught with emotions as they had decided to go to such lengths for the sake of the adventurers.


“We will proceed as a single group until the 45th floor, but stay sharp and advance!”


Within an hour, we arrived at the point we turned back, but we still did not meet anyone.


Even after we finished exploring the 45th, 46th, and 47th floor, we still had not seen any traces of Jasuan-dono and group.


“In the end, today’s only harvest is that bracelet.”

Earlier, when exploring the 47th floor, we discovered a second treasure chest and upon opening it I found a bracelet. But in the end, I had no idea what it was so I stored it in my magic bag.

Previously, I considered taking the 「Appraisal」 skill but it cost 100SP so I quickly gave up on that. (TL: I just realised that the previous Appraisal skill that I translated was supposed to be Proficiency Appraisal instead, I think this Appraisal is the one you guys are more familiar with, for now, it seems like it’s for appraising unknown items.)


“I’d like to discuss with you all. Do we proceed on to another floor? Or do we leave it for tomorrow?”

” … On the whole, they don’t look physically or mentally tired.”

“We’re not hungry yet either nya.”

“S-rank-sama, we are fine even if we don’t sleep for 2 or 3 days. Of course, please spare us from doing so before the 50th floor boss, but we are able to do continue up until that 50th floor boss room.”

Lionel, Cathy, and Kefin continued one after the other and the others didn’t seem to have any problems either.


“Okay. We’ll advance then. However, I’ve said it many times but have safety as your priority.”


Thus, we advanced up to the 48th floor and finally discovered the advance party.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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