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Finally a boss battle! xD

Chapter 075: Invincible Object X

Translator: Tseirp


The 50th floor boss room was very wide. As if built specifically to house the Red Dragon, it was a 100 meter diameter circular room reminiscent of the Adventurer’s Guild training ground.

“God of Destiny-sama, Kuraiya-sama, God of Healing-sama, ancestors, please protect me.”

As usual, I dedicated my prayers to the gods and confronted the Red Dragon.

The Red Dragon I was confronting was tremendously huge. Apart from that, thoughts of its sharp fangs and claws, as well as the tough hide covering its whole body, floated in my head.


For some reason, taking a close look at it, I did not feel much fear.


With support from the criminal slaves that attacked to distract it, I rushed to the beastmen that were blown away by its tail and applied 「Area High Heal」 and 「High Heal」 on them, healing them and ordering them to head for the exit.

“If you do not wish to die, follow the guides and leave!”


The beastmen were surprised when they saw me, but they obediently followed the criminal slaves direction and headed for the exit.


The Red Dragon was confused due to our sudden appearance, but seeing its prey escape, it was enraged and spat out a breath of fire. Right at that instant, an enormous Golem suddenly appeared and jump kicked the Red Dragon.


Jasuan-dono’s party stiffened as well, but I immediately gave out a command.



However, even though my voice reached Jasuan-dono’s party, they refused.

“If we do not defeat this thing here, this labyrinth’s activity will never stop.”


I cast 「Area Barrier」 via silent remote manipulation.


It may be just a consolation, but I do not wish for them to die so easily.


At that moment, the Golem returned to the soil.


Seems like the damage dealt to it was severe.


I judged that I could not persuade them any further, so I decided to support them from the vicinity of the exit and ran for the exit.



『Don, Dodon』 The Red Dragon manipulated its tail rhythmically and Jasuan-dono and party were send flying to my direction as a fire breath came chasing after them.


I assumed that my body would get roasted, but Lionel held his large shield up and defended against the breath.


Due to the high heat, Lionel’s shield was on the verge of melting and his skin began to stick to it. I immediately healed him with a 「Middle Heal」. As if it saw my actions, the Red Dragon switched its target to me and began moving.


As I was fleeing, Kefin and Cathy flew out from beside me but the Red Dragon rapidly rotated around, sending the 3 of them including Lionel flying with its tail.


The body of the 3 of them were flung towards the vicinity of the exit. Within my sight were only the Red Dragon, Shaza’s dead body and several adventurers with heavy wounds lying around.


Looking towards the exit, I confirmed that Dolan and Paula had finished evacuating everyone.


The 2 of them held on to magic stones and were constructing the Golem, but maybe because they did in too hastily, the Golem did not solidify and quickly turned back into soil. Seeing that, I found out that even the 2 of them get flustered sometimes.


The distance to the exit was … 15 meters and the distance to the Red Dragon was also 15 meters. However, the Red Dragon’s tail had already closed the distance.


“I don’t want to die. I’ll struggle and definitely escape from here.”

I transformed the cane into a sword, took out the Holy Dragon’s spear and confronted it.


“The sword of dragon slaying and the spear of dragon slaying. Regrettably, I do not have the sufficient ability to handle these. But I will try.”

I rapidly circulated magical power within my body, activating body strengthening and glanced at the Red Dragon’s movement.


While slowly but steadily retreating, I waited for its attack. I convinced myself that as long as I have my spear held up, I can receive its tail attack.


And then, the Red Dragon attacked. But instead of the tail attack that I was waiting for, it stepped forward a step and stretched out its arm for an attack.


Ku, I can’t make it. I leaped to my side to avoid a mortal wound against that unexpected attack.

『Bun~』 That sound that sounded like the wind getting sliced apart passed by right beside me.

I don’t know how I dodged that but I slid my illusionary sword across its defenseless arm, slashing it.


I sensed the feeling of tearing through the tough hide covering the Red Dragon’s arm.

As if telling me that it really happened, blood spouted out from the Red Dragon’s right arm.

The next instant, the Red Dragon’s tail swung down towards me and crushed me.



It was such a great impact that it was a wonder that I was not dead. I’ve never been run over by a truck before, but that’s the nearest analogy I could give from my previous life to describe the impact.


It was a state whereby I could not move my body at all.


Without any time to collect my thoughts, I don’t know if it was because of the adrenaline correspondingly pumping through my body, but I didn’t feel any pain.


Perhaps due to survival instinct, my brain invoked 「High Heal」 with no chant.


As a pale light enveloped my body, my sight gradually cleared up and sounds came back to me.


What I saw was a large maw opened wide as it cried out in joy, the figure of the Red Dragon advancing towards me to devour me.


Looking around the boss room, I saw the entrance and exit burning crimson red as Lionel and others were lying right beside me. I might have lost consciousness for a brief moment.

Most likely they entered to aid me …


Did I hang in there considerably well for my second life? Well, I guess I did hang in there well.


I landed a strike on a dragon and I even became an S-rank healer.

Moreover, I received support from a great number of people.


The church will continue functioning without me around and my status was way too over the top in the first place.

I was even promoted … Or was I really?


Is it alright to give up here?

I was promoted but did I live happily?

I did not have the chance to slowly tour the city.

I still had not begun the development of the magic tools.

Above all, is my current life going to end without me getting married once again?


Give up … If I give up …

“Like I’ll die in a place like this~!!”

The instant it almost devoured me, I took out a barrel from my magic bag and threw it into its mouth, as I rolled out with my body and used 「Extra Heal」.


I was attacked by a brief moment of intense pain but it was indeed just an instant of pain as my body completely recovered and I stood up, looking at the figure of the Red Dragon writhing madly.

” … Do monsters really suffer that badly from that?”

I immediately applied 「High Heal」 to Lionel and others and a 『Doshin』 sound echoed through the boss room.


” … Seriously?”

Looking towards the sound, I saw the Red Dragon passed out foaming through its mouth.

“This will do it?”

I immediately channeled magical power through the illusionary sword that was beside me and slashed at its neck, the blade passed through without any resistance. The Red Dragon convulsed and shifted towards the opposite direction but the neck was completely sliced through so the head and body were fully separated.


At that moment, the tremendously large Red Dragon vanished like it was all an illusion.

And on the place the Red Dragon’s head fell on, a single magic book and a large crimson red magic stone appeared and a greatsword was stabbed into the ground.


I stored those items into my magic bag and applied healing magic on the adventurers who were a slightly away from me.


Lionel and Cathy looked at me with eyes of disbelief.

No, not only the 2 of them, everyone else had the same look on their faces.


“He killed the dragon.”

“He killed an invulnerable dragon.”

“It’s a dragon slayer healer.”

Gradually such sprinkling of words could begin to be heard.


“Luciel-dono, how did you kill the Red Dragon?”

So that was why Lionel was looking at me with eyes of disbelief.


“I was crushed by the Red Dragon’s tail right? For a while after that, it seems like I lost consciousness, but when I came to, the maw of the Red Dragon was approaching in front of my eyes. I thought ‘I will not perish here!’, and in a sink or swim moment, I threw a barrel of Object X into its mouth and it fainted from the agony, that was when I beheaded it.”



Lionel’s expression stiffened and Cathy … Cathy and the surrounding beastmen were afraid of Object X.


“Luciel-dono, this time, you saved us. If it was only us we would have definitely faced complete annihilation.”


“I guess. As a penalty to Jasuan-dono exposing us to danger here, shall I have Jasuan-dono drink Object X?”


As I grinned, Jasuan-dono performed a beautiful jumping dogeza and begged for forgiveness.


“Well then, I shall humanely ask why you all followed Shaza. I didn’t imagine that you all would risk your lives to partake in this labyrinth capture. The gods will be angered if you do not cherish your lives.”

I dispassionately continued with an angered expression.


The beastmen all began prostrating on the ground all at once, unanimously speaking the words of promise.



In the past, if there were reincarnated individuals, they definitely taught that to the beastmen.

As I had that thought, I purified the room and healed the injured individuals with healing magic.


In the meantime, Jasuan-dono prayed for the corpse of Shaza before retrieving it, leaving a strong impression on me.


After finishing all that, I got sleepy as expected. I bet that the labyrinth case would not end with that so I left it to my escorts as I went to sleep.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I’ve finally done it, Invincible Object X.

This chapter ended up radiating the brilliance of Object X.

I am reflecting on it, but I do not regret it.

However, I am sorry for getting carried away. (__)


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