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IS B5C76

Down we go to the 51st floor! Dragon number 2? Enjoy! 😀

Chapter 076: Criteria to enter the 51st floor

Translator: Tseirp


Upon waking up from my pleasant sleep, there was a magic circle floating in the middle of the boss room. And similar to the Labyrinth of Tribulations, at the back of the boss room, there was a large door.

After stretching and sitting up, Lionel spoke out.


“Are you fine now?”


“Yeah. I’ve completely recovered. How are the other groups?”


“They’ve begun returning to the Adventurer’s Guild a little while earlier. Once they return to the Adventurer’s Guild, they will begin squeezing down on the people involved in this incident, including the Herbalist Guild Gurohara.”


” … I feel sorry for the opponents of Jasuan-dono when he is in that state.”


“That … fu~ indeed.”


We both laughed together.


“This time, it was dangerous as expected. If that Red Dragon did not intend to devour me I would have died.”


“I’m also far from my heyday, as one would expect, I could not stop that.”


“You don’t look like you’re reflecting though.”

“Indeed, allow me to serve as your training opponent when we return.”


“Cathy will also do that nya. I felt master’s considerable strength when confronting the Red Dragon.”

Cathy mixed into our conversation with a sleepy look.

However, the keen look in her eye was untouched by her grogginess.


“There’s only 1 task remaining before we return.”

I said while looking at the large door at the back of the room.


“Don’t we just return with the magic circle?”


“Master, are you still half asleep nya?”

But the 2 of them had no reactions and only had forced smiles.


” … There’s no way we’re not going to open that door after coming all this way right?”

I pointed at the large door but ??? floated above both their heads.


(Don’t tell me I’m the only 1 that sees that? Holy Dragon, you didn’t tell me about this setting!)


” … We will depart after everyone wakes up so please wait a moment.”

He’s embarrassed from being half asleep …

The 2 of them judged that was the case and bowed, returning to where Naria was at.


I walked towards the large door alone and touched the door.


“I wonder what conditions are required for this?”

Unlike the Labyrinth of Tribulations, a shining scarlet emblem appeared.


“Ku, it sucks in magical power after all. However, looks like it’s not related to attribute.”


In the Labyrinth of Tribulations, without drinking MP potions, I would have fallen into the brink of magical power depletion, but this time, I still had more than half of my magical power.


I was honestly pleased as it meant that I had grown stronger.


As might be expected, quietly going up would be a problem, so I left the door for a bit and called out to the person nearest to me, Kefin.


“Kefin! Can you see a large door there?”


” … Isn’t it just a wall?”


Tilting his head as he stared at me, it seems like he can’t see the large door like Lionel and others.


(Is it due to the influence of my blessing that makes it such that I can see it?)


“Is that so … Then please convey to Lionel and the others to quickly transfer to the labyrinth’s entrance using the magic circle after I’ve disappeared. I’ll also add on that this is an order.”


” … May I follow?”


He was half believing and half in disbelief but I guess he chose to believe me. I thought that it was a good tendency of his as I answered.


“No, it seems like I am the only one being called so it’s impossible. Please have everyone observe my orders.”


『Pon pon』 I tapped Kefin’s shoulder before heading for the door.


Right before I open the door, I looked back and saw Lionel and others with sceptical looks, but they nodded and bowed.


I raised my hand and asked them to go in my mind. I opened the door and entered. As I began ascending the stairs, the door behind me slowly closed but I proceeded without regard to it.


“I wonder if my Divine Protection of the Holy Dragon and Blessing of the God of Healing would disappear if I do not release the sealed dragon here despite the fact that stage had been set.”


As I muttered, I finished climbing the stairs and crouched down. Peeping into the 51st floor, similar to the Holy Dragon, there was a dragon waiting obediently.


Although the dragon had flames wrapped around its body, it had black miasma mixed in and was in the process of terribly turning into undead.


“Holy Dragon, it’s been corroded even more into an undead than you were? Is it really okay to release them within 40 years?”

I muttered but there was no reply from the Holy Dragon.


As I channeled magical power into my illusionary cane, I weaved a chant. At the very least, I wish for the Flame Dragon to not suffer any longer.


【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】


Similar to how I did it that time for the Holy Dragon, I remote chanted the magic circle for 「Sanctuary Circle」 and it enveloped the Flame Dragon when it was triggered.


As if the Flame Dragon did not notice the 「Sanctuary Circle」, it did not cry out or trash around, enduring the pain.

A while later, the pale light of the 「Sanctuary Circle」disappeared.


The black miasma disappeared from the Flame Dragon’s body and the previously harsh blood red flames turned into a gentle sunset-like glow.

I took a deep breath as I approached the Flame Dragon when I heard the Flame Dragon’s voice echo in my head.


《Individual who released me from the Evil God’s seal, I thank thee for releasing my curse after thou saved the Holy Dragon.》


” … That telepathy … are you the one doing the telepathic communication?”


《Yes. As long as thou possess the Holy Dragon’s Blessing, my words can reach thee through telepathy. Unfortunately, I no longer have the strength to open my mouth.》


… That 40 year time period the Holy Dragon mentioned, it’s for the hero to be born and not for the remaining survival time of the dragons?


“How many more reincarnation dragons are there? And why am I the only person allowed to enter here?”


《The condition is to have acquired the skill needed to remove the seal. Other than that, if one is not bestowed with a God’s Blessing or Dragon’s Blessing, one will not be able to see the door.》


… So if I did not have the Blessing of the God of Destiny I would not become the liberator? Why was I pinpointed to become the liberator?


As the Flame Dragon scratched his head, I realised that he was not thinking about the number of dragons as I asked. I was about to ask again when the voice once again echoed in my mind.


《As a reward for defeating me on thy own and with just a single strike, I gift thee the treasures here as well as my blessing. I would love to offer my body’s scales and fangs like how the Holy Dragon did, but they would disintegrate when my soul disappears.》


That’s not what I wanted to know.


” … I am thankful for the treasures, but is it normal for an ordinary person to possess several blessings?”


《Fret not, heroes can receive blessings from the gods as well as from us dragons.》


I am slightly reassured but to be compared with heroes … only makes me more anxious.


“I will gratefully receive it.”


《Thou are as interesting a person as how the Holy Dragon mentioned. Kukuku.》

“I really can’t do much more. I only wish to have a peaceful life and someday meet a wife to spend my time with.”


《Oo! I almost forgot. Thou who possess both the Holy Dragon’s Blessing and my blessing will someday be led by fate to meet the priestess holding the Dragon God’s Blessing.》

It looks like he is already absolutely set on passing his blessing on to me. Is it because the Dragon race doesn’t listen to others that the Dragonewts are so heedless as well? … Rather than that …


” … Is the Dragon God Priestess pretty? And how old is she?” (TL: Lol Luciel has his priorities right)


《Kukuku. So thou are those who care about outward appearances. Let fate guide you. As the one who governs love, I guarantee that thy love will have chemistry.》


No, that is exactly what I should be worried about right. Rather than that … there’s such a thing as a destined significant other? Ha!? Wait this is bad. I must decline.


” … I was able to break through the Labyrinth of Tribulations because of good compatibility, but I would not have been able to do so alone this time. I do not believe that a person like me can break through other labyrinths.”


《Thou are still green. Is personal strength everything? If thou can get help from others, that is strength as well. Just like how thou broke through this Labyrinth of Astray, trust in others. Be trusted by others. I pray that thou becomes an admirable sage.》


“Of course, I will … ha? Sage?”

《It is fine as long as thou do what thou can. Please save my brethren.》


“I’ve already promised that to the Holy Dragon so it’s fine, but rather than that, what did you mean by sage?”


“Kukuku. Thou, what is thy name.”

The Flame Dragon suddenly stopped using telepathic communication and talked.


” … It’s Luciel.”

I answered despite being surprised.


“Luciel, hold up the cane that thou made from the Holy Dragon’s fang.”


“Like this?”


Without answering, a scarlet light was sucked into my illusionary cane.


“Good luck Luciel. I have also fulfilled my promise … Fi … ru … na …”


The Flame Dragon laughed. And then his body began to collapse.


“Wait, I still have things … I wish to ask. Holy Dragon and Flame Dragon too, don’t just disappear whenever you wish.”


Like a phoenix from fairy tales, the Flame Dragon’s body caught fire and disappeared without a trace.


Similar to the Holy Dragon, where the Flame Dragon was, a large magic stone and treasure chest appeared, with a small jewel within the chest.



The next moment, the necklace I obtained from the Holy Dragon treasure chest flew out on its own and the jewel attached itself to it.


” … Seriously?”

I did not notice before, but the jewel fit perfectly into the slot. And inferring from the sockets, there are still 7 jewels remaining.


” … I’ve released 2 … is it enough? Haha”

As I made excuses for myself, I was absent minded for a moment before considering the feelings of the others waiting for me, I switched gears and began moving.


To be on the safe side, I applied purification magic and began rapidly storing the items in my magic bag.


“Gold that I’ve never seen before and books that I can’t read again … is this an extremely old labyrinth?”


As I muttered that, apart from the magic stone in the center, I kept everything in my magic bag before jumping into the magic circle.


And similar to when I did so after meeting the Holy Dragon, the magic circle began shining.


『Ping』【Title “Divine Protection of the Flame Dragon” obtained】

『Ping』【Title “Dragon (Japanese Dragon) Slayer” obtained】(TL: Just to clarify, the title he got after defeating the Holy Dragon is “Dragon (Oriental Dragon) Slayer”)

『Ping』【Title “One guided by the Dragon God” obtained】


When the light died down, I found myself at the entrance of the labyrinth.

Reflected in my eyes after I had transferred was the figures of everyone running up towards me.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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