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Volume 5 comes to an end :) Thank you for sticking with me until here and I’ll be in your care for volume 6 as well :) On a side note, I will be away from Friday to Monday so there will not be any releases on Friday and Sunday, I will try to get IS and GC out on Monday if possible. Thank you!

Chapter 078: Is this what they call middle management?

Translator: Tseirp


Returning to the Healer’s Guild, I told nobody to enter the master’s room as I collapsed on the table and wished for a place to escape to …

That was what I truly felt as I recounted the contents of the previous conversation to the Pope.

《You are certainly as competent as Father, to be able to produce results so quickly.》

She spoke happily but getting equated to that flawless superman Sir Rainstar is nothing but a nuisance.


“I have been blessed with interpersonal luck since arriving here and defeating the dragon was also totally because I had good luck.”

I didn’t just keep it in my mind, I also spilled out my real feelings.


《Luciel, with regards to your Holy attribute magic, there might not be any that can stand side-by-side you. However with regards to guild management, there should be many that are more excellent than you.》

I had a sense of discomfort from that cutting words but it is a fact that I do not know many things about the management of the guild so I could only respond with a nod.


“The subordinates that I brought along are certainly competent.”

I only have fragments of knowledge regarding this world.

There may have been proper chances made for me to understand more but, more than anything, I placed my own life as top priority so I sacrificed other aspects but …


《Originally, you intended to remain in Ienith for a couple of years right?》

?! … Why is it? That I have a terribly bad premonition.


“That is true but I am a healer?”


《With this incident, the connection within Ienith would strengthen and the backing of the connections would become more powerful right?》

I think so … but, I really don’t want to stand out any more than this.


“I don’t want to stand out any more than this. S-rank healer, dragon-slayer? That’s not normal. And I’ve also been attached the title of Ienith’s representative…”


《That doesn’t change anything. You were flown to the Church Headquarters originally precisely because you stood out. You can drink the God’s Grief liquefied product, Object X, perfectly fine, you perfectly heal any wounds for just 1 silver coin, you became the Healer’s Guild’s only S-rank healer and you’ve even made the guidelines and legislations. Does that change if dragon-slayer and Ienith representative are added to that list?》


I only wished for my safety.

Thanks to my encounter luck from Great Luck-sensei, I met Shisho and received training.

Is there nowhere for me to live quietly?


“Is it possible for me to apply for long term rest?”


《Of course. Just by travelling you spread the church’s prestige and provide healing. But those are not behaviours that we impose on you. Which is why it is fine to be at ease and rest when you can.》

I was relieved when I heard those words.


“If that’s the case, can I take a break from now onwards?”

I happily raised my voice. However, reality is uncertain after all.


《Very well. That burden will fall on your subordinates but if that is the path you choose then it’s fine.》 (TL: Ouch blackmailing him with his sense of responsibility. Well, you can say that she is training his management skills but she is kind of a ***** today lol.)

That was said with a tone that did not change at all but I felt a gouging sharp pain in my heart. Is this what you mean by middle management, senpai?


” … I understand. However, I can only do what I can do myself. Moreover, even if I am called an S-rank, my core occupation is a healer. Once I tidy up this incident, I will set off on a journey.”

《Of course, there has been such plans all along.》

With a voice that sounded like she was resisting from laughing out from astonishment, I told her that I would contact her again and cut the connection from the magic communication bead.


” … It’s fine if I obtain some skills right? Broad-shisho.”


After saying that, I began to view the skills acquirable with my SP.


Broad-shisho was furious when I consulted him.


“Idiot! The skills you can acquire using SP depends on your own disposition. If you can’t decide, then nobody can. Luciel, you should not forcibly acquire skills when you are lost. The skills that you truly need changes according to the path you take. Which is why there is no need to be impatient.”


Which is why, although I have been checking them as I leveled up, I have not acquired any due to my indecisiveness.


” … Eh?”

The moment I operate my SP, I notice something different from usual.


” … Don’t tell me I’ve obtained aptitude in Fire?”

My tension rose past the ceiling from the unexpected windfall but after pondering for a bit, my tension rapidly deflated.

“I don’t think there’s a Magician’s Guild in this city.”


After my fleeting moment of joy, I looked at the skills 「Appraisal」 and 「Supreme Luck」 as I thought. (TL: I changed Absolute Luck to Supreme Luck because Supreme fits the kanji used better. For reference it is the 2nd highest tier of luck, with Heaven’s Luck above it.)

“For skills that I really need … Paula can handle magic tools and Dolan blacksmithing. Monster Handling will allow one to raise a monster from its baby stage, giving it chance to foster attachment but I don’t need it in my current lifestyle … or do I?” (TL: 従魔The kanji for Monster Handling uses the kanji for monster subordination/dependency)

With that troubled last sentence, I once again closed the status screen without acquiring any skills.


As soon as I left the room, a nice smell entered my nose.

“Even though she isn’t a cook, Naria can really cook well~”

While having that thought, I walked down to the first floor.


“Everyone, although you all have been celebrating after returning, I would like to apologize.”

I entered with an apology. I was having quite a temper so after I took out a large amount of ingredients for lunch and asked for Naria’s aid, I shut myself in the guildmaster’s room.


“I’ve roughly heard about it. That’s rough.”

“Yeah. The Pope said that by becoming the representative, our talks would advance quicker. She would also like Jordo-san and everyone else to focus on the Healing District.”

” … Does that mean we will take over the Healer’s Guild from Luciel-dono’s responsibility?”

“I would like that but after talking with the Pope, I’ve decided to do so only after I finish my meeting with the Herbalist Guild guildmaster. Which is why, until this incident settle down, you will all still be my subordinates.”

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

I had a feeling that Jordo-san felt relieved.

” … Is there something?”

” … To be honest, aren’t the beastmen adventurers and Dragonewt guildmaster and vice-guildmaster quite scary when seen up close? Seems like it would be a hard time working out the details with them too so thank you in advance.”

He said that and relied on me.

“Yeah. For about 10 days we will proceed with the current organization but once the talks are official, please lend me your strength.”

“Yes. Likewise.”


“Master, Jordo-sama, the preparation for food is complete.”

Naria called out and we headed for the dining table.


Currently present were the subordinates that came with me from the church and the slaves. Even though I can’t even manage this organization well as the top, it is insane for me to become Ienith’s representative.

I began speaking.


“Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for protecting the Healer’s Guild. Even though we had help from the adventurers and Dragonewts from the Adventurer’s Guild, I can imagine that you all have accumulated a lot of stress under the gaze of many beastmen in an unfamiliar land. Thank you.”

When I said that, everyone responded with a nod.

“Next, for the slaves, thanks to you all giving your best to fight, we safely completed our goal for going to the labyrinth and even successfully broke through the labyrinth. That is, without a doubt, thanks to you all. Later, I will interview every one of you individually, so please come to the master room after your meals.”



“And to celebrate your safe return and your protection of the Healer’s Guild without issue, please eat your fill.”


While enjoying Naria’s especially luxurious cooking, I thought about what I plan to do from now on.



I heard a knock.


The person who entered was Lionel.


“Lionel. Going by your achievements this time, I am even willing to remove your slave contract. Moreover, could you still lend me a hand?”

Generally, the conditions for removal of slave contract are stipulated. He would need to commit effort a multitude of the 5 gold coin he was purchased for and as long as he himself wishes for it, it can be done.

I was taught the slave contract removal conditions by the first-visit-refusal slave dealer Reruga.

” … I refuse.”

As expected, it would be hard to get such an accomplished warrior to aid me …

” … I understand. I will then cast 「Dispel」 to remove the slave contract. Please confirm that the contract has been removed after I have cast.”

Lionel put out his hand and I paused.

“The favour I received for your healing is the favour of a lifetime. Please allow me to accompany Luciel-sama on your journey as a slave.”

Lionel said so with a smile.


It wasn’t only Lionel. Cathy, Naria, Dolan, Paula, and Kefin rejected my offer to remove their slave contract.


The slaves apart from Kefin told me that they wish to accompany me as slaves for as long as I stay in this city.

They told me that they have learnt various things as slaves of the Healer’s Guild.

Using that acquired knowledge not for ill, but to relive their lives in Ienith with the others from the slums.


They all said the same thing. They wish to create a self-sustainable environment and rebuilt the slums, different from the slums that was the bottom of the society.

I had given out a command to not speak any lies, but I could immediately tell that they were not lying even if I did not give the command. The expressions they had as they talked about their dreams had plenty of persuasiveness.


“Aspirations huh. If surviving is my goal and objective, then I have not aspired for anything since coming to this world.”

Thus, I thought about what dreams I desire late until the night.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

The 5th book ends here.

We will enter the 6th book after this, but I believe the story will proceed to the internal affairs that deviate from the simple approach/noble path after all.

I appreciate your viewership.


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